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DYM Chapter 461

Ye Mo said in his heart that this elixir was not only expensive, it was beyond expensive. However, in order not to burden Tang Beiwei’s heart, Ye Mo had to pat her hand and said, “It’s not expensive, I have plenty of this stuff, but don’t say it to her face in the future.”

“Oh.” Tang Beiwei glanced at Ye Mo, but knew that the words were a bit false, the ‘Face Residing Pill’ was definitely very expensive.

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei chatted for a long time before Su Jingwen changed her clothes and walked out. She stood in the doorway still unable to believe that the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ was so heavenly, she had also taken some ‘Beauty Pills’ but they were simply too far from the ‘Face Preserving Pill’.

This kind of elixir directly made her skin as smooth as jade, and even a small grey spot that was on her face disappeared, and the skin on her body was even smoother as if it was gelatinous. If this kind of elixir was not worth much money as Ye Mo had said, she would never believe it. No wonder Bei Wei’s skin made her so jealous, it was actually because she had eaten the ‘Face Preserving Pill’.

“Sister Jingwen, you were already beautiful, now you are simply like a fairy descending from the earth.” Tang Beiwei walked up and said in an exaggerated manner.

Su Jingwen glanced at Ye Mo and didn’t say anything to thank him. She knew that this elixir must be of high value, and since there was nothing for sale on the market, it meant that this elixir would not be ma*s produced.

“Ye Mo, have you been up to something lately? My mother wants to see you once, she just hasn’t seen you.” Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo with some expectation and asked.

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment and said, “I’ll be staying here for two days, so I can make a trip to your house. I guess I’ll have things for the ten or so days after the two days, so I shouldn’t have anything for next month.”

“That’s good, I’ll wait for you at home at the beginning of next month, okay?” Su Jingwen said hurriedly.

“I’m free tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, why do I have to wait until the beginning of next month?” Ye Mo asked strangely.

As soon as Tang Beiwei took Ye Mo’s hand, she said, “If Sister Jingwen said that, it must be because her mother is not at home. Brother, you are now a wealthy man, let’s hit the dirt tonight and go to the biggest hotel in Ninghai and treat ourselves to dinner. Unfortunately, Sister Yun Bing has gone to Yanjing, otherwise we could still ask Sister Yun Bing to come along.”

Su Jingwen blushed and did not refute Tang Beiwei’s words.

Ye Mo also didn’t care and immediately said, “Sure, let’s go.”


For two consecutive days, Ye Mo spent time with Tang Beiwei and didn’t bring up the matter of going to the flowing snake again, since Su Jingwen lived with Tang Beiwei, she was allowed to go. During these two days, Ye Mo not only taught Tang Beiwei the Fireball Technique, but also taught her the simple Royal Wind Technique.

During the two days, Ye Mo accompanied Tang Beiwei and Su Jingwen to play almost all over Ninghai, and these two days were the happiest days Tang Beiwei had ever spent. Apart from the last time at Jing Yi Sect where Ye Mo accompanied her, Ye Mo rarely had this kind of time to go out and play with her.

Two days later, under the fond eyes of Tang Beiwei and Su Jingwen, Ye Mo left Ninghai.

“Beiwei, you are so happy, your brother is a man of ability, his character is very real. Not vain, not pompous, he is a real man.” Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo’s disappearing back and surprisingly said what was on her mind. Only after she finished speaking did Su Jingwen realise that her words were a bit wrong, she blushed and immediately had to explain something to Tang Beiwei.

Just the same Tang Beiwei was somewhat lost in thought as she looked into the distance and subconsciously replied, “The happiest and happiest thing about me is that Ye Mo is my brother, and the unhappiest thing about me is that he is my brother ……”

Su Jingwen looked at Tang Beiwei who was somewhat lost in thought for a moment in her heart, but she immediately understood. She knew about Tang Beiwei and Ye Mo, and it was Beiwei who told her about it. Tang Beiwei had never met Ye Mo, and only after she grew up did she suddenly learn that Ye Mo was her brother, and with Ye Mo’s love and care for her, it was only natural for her to rely on Ye Mo.

Thinking of this Su Jingwen sighed, even if Ye Mo wasn’t Beiwei’s brother, there was still no possibility for him and Tang Beiwei. There was nothing else, it was because of Ning Qingxue. She had seen with her own eyes how outstanding Ning Qingxue was, the beauty of a hibiscus out of water, naturally unadorned.

Perhaps neither she nor Tang Beiwei were much worse than her, but Ning Qingxue was the one who married Ye Mo, and Ye Mo had already approved of her.

Early next month? Su Jingwen sighed in her heart, did she really have the right idea? Maybe it was time to let go of what was right.

Su Jingwen and Tang Beiwei stood by the roadside and never moved, looking from afar, like a beautiful scenery.


The ‘Xiyue Hotel’ is the only five-star hotel in Gui Ding City, as this hotel has never been haunted for most of the recent year. This is rarely seen in the ghost town of Gui Qing, the general hotel is always haunted once or twice a year, serious will die, not serious will also make people stay in hospital for ten days and a half months.

So while many hoteliers started to move away from this ghost town, the business of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ grew more and more prosperous. Others didn’t know what the reason was, but of course the owner of this hotel, Wang Xiyue, couldn’t be clearer, it was because of the eight trigrams disc magic artifact that Ye Mo had given him at the beginning.

Wang Xiyue was different from other bosses, he knew that there were still many hermits and experts in this world. This time, although the government had only subtly informed him of the Hidden Sect Competition, he knew that this competition was by no means unusual.

And it was evident from the fact that celebrities from all walks of life, as well as some masters of the national arts who often appeared on television, and even business tycoons, had come here. What’s more, even these people who used to be high and mighty did not have the chance to stay at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’, so Wang Xiyue knew that this Grand Competition was definitely not ordinary.

Another thing was that these socialites would respectfully come to visit the people staying at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ every day, and sometimes wait for the whole day without the slightest hint of impatience. Of course, Wang Xiyue knew that this had nothing to do with him, it was all because of the people staying in his hotel.

So he had instructed all the waiters in the hotel a long time ago that anyone who stayed at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ must not be offended, even if it was just a small and insignificant person, they must use the most considerate service. If anyone offended anyone, the consequences were on their own.

But now Wang Xiyue was in great distress, he did not want to, nor did he dare to offend anyone. But if the people staying in his hotel want to get into trouble with each other, he can’t do anything about it. At this moment, he had already learned that someone wanted to stay in the hotel, but because there was no room left, this person did not leave, and as a result, offended the guests staying in the hotel, and both sides have now fought.

Because he knew that this big competition was certainly extraordinary, both the bullied and the bully were not to be messed with, so he had to stay out of the way.


Han Yan couldn’t be more depressed in her heart now, she followed Ye Mo’s words to the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ and told the waiter that she had already booked a room and that the person who booked the room was Ye Mo. However, the waiter checked for half a day and told her that there was no one named Ye Mo who had booked a room, which made Han Yan feel very humiliated.

It was also true, although she had no status among the Hidden Sect, but in Yanjing, when had she, Han Yan, ever lost face like this. Although she was politely refused by the waiter, many people looked at her strangely, as if she was pretending to be here to save face. You know that people who can stay at the Xiyue Hotel are definitely from the big sects, or people of extraordinary strength.

She, Han Yan, came to the Xiyue Hotel alone and said that she had booked a room, but when she checked, there was no one who had booked a room as she had said. And at this time there were many people watching her, how could she not be ashamed of herself.

“You’re from the Guang Han Clan?” Just as Han Yan was unable to get off the stage, a young man in his twenties walked over seemingly unconcerned and asked.

Han Yan breathed a sigh of relief, relieved from the awkward situation she had just been in; it was not unusual for this man to know her as a member of the Guang Han Clan, as the clothes she was wearing had the markings of the Clan.

“Yes.” Han Yan replied politely.

The man, however, said in a very serious manner, “I say, little girl, do you think that a puny little thing like the Guang Han Clan can get a room at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’? I see that you haven’t woken up yet. Alas, in fact, it’s the same whether your sect comes or not, so why bother to live with your face?”

The people around looked at the man’s serious expression and laughed together after hearing his words. Only then did they understand that this man was deliberately teasing the girl who said she had already booked a room.

Han Yan’s face turned red, and at this moment, she did not know that she had been teased. However, she did not dare to make a move, the person who pretended to be serious and mocked her was from the Xia family, although she did not go out often, she could still recognize a few of these people’s clothes. Although the Xia family was not one of the six great sects, it was one of the few great hidden clan powers second only to the six great sects

The Guang Han Clan was indeed a small dot compared to the Hidden Family Xia Family. Han Yan knew that once she became angry, she would not be the only one involved, not only would her division be involved, but there was even a possibility that her Han family would be involved.

“Brother Xia is right, why don’t you go and stay in my room sister, my room is huge, hey, although you don’t look good, but I don’t mind ……” said another person from the onlookers in a jab.

Another burst of laughter, these people are always in the door cultivation, rarely come out once, in their eyes there is no sympathy or not. They had been taught that the strongest were the most important, and no one would care about a weakling like the Guang Han Clan.

“Put your mother’s fart, why don’t you go back and sleep with your old mother.” Han Yan finally couldn’t help but burst out, the people around her had always been polite and courteous, where was this kind of insult. What’s more, who would dare to say such things to her.

“B*tch, don’t want to live.” The man who spoke had a cold look on his face, and with a single step, he stepped in front of Han Yan and raised his hand to slap her.