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DYM Chapter 462

Han Yan was a late Yellow-ranked martial artist, while the man was already at the peak of Yellow-ranked cultivation, and it was a surprise that Han Yan did not dodge.

“With a snap, Han Yan was hit squarely in the face.

The fire in Han Yan’s heart could no longer be contained, when had she ever suffered such a loss. Without thinking, she immediately pulled out a sword from her backpack and stabbed it directly.

“Want to fight? Very well, brother will fight with you.” The man wiped at his waist, and a soft sword appeared in his hand.

“Ding ding ……” Only two rings, the long sword in Han Yan’s hand was unexpectedly cut into several pieces, this man was unforgiving in his momentum, and did not show any mercy because Han Yan was a female, lifting his foot and giving Han Yan a kick.

If Han Yan had been in a rational state, this kick might not have hit her. But she was so angry that she had almost lost her senses, and wanted to kill the man who had insulted her with a sword, but the more she did so, the more she fell behind.

The man kicked Han Yan squarely in the leg, and without the slightest resistance, Han Yan was kicked several metres away and fell to the ground with a dull expression.

Having kicked Han Yan, the man took a few steps forward and came to Han Yan’s face and said with a cold smile, “If I step on it again, your other leg will be broken as usual, do you believe it or not?”

Han Yan gritted her teeth and stared angrily at the man, not saying a word.

“I don’t believe it.” An icy voice replaced Han Yan’s reply.

The man froze for a moment before he saw Ye Mo, whose face was full of ice, but he quickly reacted, “And who are you? How dare you go against me?”

The people around him became even more excited, there was another one, there was something to see again.

Ye Mo ignored the man, and directly reached out to help Han Yan fix her broken leg, and stuffed a pill for Han Yan to eat, before helping Han Yan up, and said with some shame, “I’m sorry, I’m a little late.”

When Han Yan saw Ye Mo come over, she could no longer hold back the aggression in her heart and flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms and cried. She knew that the Grand Competition was chaotic, but she didn’t expect it to be this chaotic, this was simply a world where fists spoke without the slightest bit of sympathy.

Ye Mo held Han Yan up and looked at the palm marks on her face again, and said in a cold tone, “Who hit your face?”

Before Han Yan could answer, the man immediately said arrogantly, “It was grandpa who hit me. If you don’t have the guts, slap yourself and get out. It’s “get out”, not “walk out”.

There was some more laughter around, but it was obvious that there was much less of it. Many people fell silent when they saw the way Ye Mo had helped Han Yan to receive her broken leg. Han Yan’s leg was obviously kicked off, even in a hospital, it would take a month before she could barely get off the ground, but this young man simply helped her get up after helping her connect it, and then took a pill for her to eat.

Ye Mo sneered and suddenly took a step forward, surprisingly, he arrived in front of this man in the blink of an eye, after slapping him twice, then lifted his foot and kicked the man in the chest.

Without anyone being able to react, Ye Mo’s foot had already kicked the man in the small of his stomach at the peak of the late Yellow level.

The man took a dozen steps back, spurted out a mouthful of blood and sat down on the ground. His face was full of blood, and it was obvious that his face had been beaten badly.

Ye Mo slowly walked over, stood in front of the man, and suddenly lifted his foot and stepped down again, a sound of breaking bones that made people’s scalps tingle rang out, Ye Mo had actually crushed one of the man’s legs alive.

The surrounding area was silent at this point, when this man was bullying Han Yan just now, they all watched with amusement and thought it was an entertainment. But now when Ye Mo trampled on this man’s leg bone, none of the people around felt amused, they all had a somewhat gloomy feeling. They were all thinking who was this man? His hands were so vicious.

Not a single person came out to speak when this man hit Han Yan just now, and similarly not a single person came out to speak now. The difference was that just now many people were laughing and watching the hilarity, but now there was a silence.

“Ah ……” the man whose leg bone was crushed by Ye Mo finally screamed out, the sound could be heard even by Wang Xiyue who was still upstairs, but he still didn’t dare to come out to take a look for fear of getting into trouble. He understood that anyone who lived inside the hotel now was not someone he, Wang Xiyue, could afford to mess with.

“I am the participating disciple of the Yi Jian Sect, Feng Nan, you can’t make a move on me ……” The man’s words leaked a little, but before he could finish speaking, Ye Mo stepped on his other leg again. Then Ye Mo stepped on his chest again, and a sound of bones breaking made people feel that this young man had struck so viciously.

Feng Nan only spoke half a sentence before he no longer had the strength to say the following words, instead, he softened his head and fell to the ground, not knowing whether he was alive or dead. Yet not a single person dared to help him for a moment.

Han Yan had calmed down by now and hurriedly called Ye Mo over to pull him up. Ye Mo didn’t know about the Yi Jian Sect, but she did, a sect no less than the Hidden Sect Xia Clan. This kind of sect they, like the Guang Han Clan, could not afford to mess with, offending this kind of sect was simply no different from exterminating their family.

“Big brother Ye, let’s go.” Han Yan pulled on Ye Mo’s arm and said with some worry. After saying that, she also subconsciously glanced at Feng Nan who was lying on the ground, guessing that he was more dead than alive. Although the police would not come to the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ and no one here would go to the police, but in case Ye Mo killed someone, it still made Han Yan very worried.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “We’re staying here, how could we possibly leave? Tell me, who else bullied you.”

As soon as Ye Mo’s words were spoken, Xia Sen subconsciously shrank his head, with Ye Mo’s skill it must have been above Xuan level. Moreover, Ye Mo’s hands were very spicy and did not show the slightest bit of mercy, since he could beat Feng Nan into this, it meant that he could beat him up just as much.

Xia Sen had the intention to call the elders of his division to come over, but none of them were there now.

Han Yan didn’t say anything, but Ye Mo had already looked at Xia Sen as everyone present turned their eyes towards him.

Ye Mo took a few steps up and coldly surveyed Xia Sen before saying, “Did you make a move just now too?”

Xia Sen winced as he similarly subconsciously looked at Feng Nan, who was still lying motionless, and no longer had the calm and light-hearted manner in which he had sneered and teased Han Yan, but said with a panicked expression, “No, senior, I didn’t hit her just now.”

Looking at Ye Mo’s increasingly cold and stern gaze, Xia Sen could no longer bear it and kneeled down in a ‘flutter’, “Senior, spare my life, I really didn’t hit her. I just mocked her a few times, I, I ……”

Xia Sen only said a few words before raising his hand and slapping himself repeatedly on the face, until after his face was beaten with blood, Ye Mo said coldly, “Get lost, don’t let me see you next time.”

“Yes, yes, senior, I will roll immediately ……” Although Xia Sen was holding his anger, he knew that now was not the time to get angry, he had to save his life before he could go to his elders.

Xia Sen could no longer care about the shame of others, he hurriedly took several steps back with his head bowed, hurriedly entered the lift, and went straight back to his room. However, in his heart, he already saw Ye Mo as a dead man, a mere Xuan-level martial artist dared to make a move against his Xia family’s people, and he even beat Feng Nan of the Yi Jian Sect to death.

The disciples of the various sects who were still clamouring inside the hall, now consciously quieted down. The other two disciples of the Yi Jian Clan carefully lifted Feng Nan, who was unconscious, and went back to their room, as they had to tell the elders of their school about the incident today.

A table near the window, however, was occupied by three people, a man and two women. The two women were surprisingly dressed as women’s crowns, while the man was also very handsome and had a noble aura when he held up his hands, and they watched the event from beginning to end.

“This man is ruthless and decisive, and his cultivation level is at least late Xuan level, I don’t know if he is a disciple of that sect. But he knows someone from the Guang Han Sect, so he shouldn’t be from any big sect. It’s just a pity that when the people from the Yi Jian Sect and the Xia Family come back, I guess ……” the young man said with a sigh and shook his head. In his heart, just like the others, he saw Ye Mo as someone who would soon die.

“Senior sister, have we seen this man before? Why do I feel that he looks like that person?” The younger Daoist nun suddenly interjected.

The older Daoist nun nodded and whispered, “Yu’er, you’re right, he’s the masked man who went to the auction at Qixia Temple on the Immeasurable Mountain last time, remember never to mess with him.”

“Two senior sisters, you know this man?” The handsome man asked in confusion.

The older Daoist nodded and said, “Well, if I’m not mistaken, this man attended the auction at the Immeasurable Mountain Qixia Temple back then, and you weren’t there that time, senior brother. At that time, he killed the Long brothers by himself, and I heard that the earth level expert Lone Wolf also died by his hand, a very powerful person who is decisive in killing. Senior Brother Shi, you should try not to come into contact with him, he is very murderous.”

“Oh, it’s surprising that you can kill the Long brothers? And can kill the Lone Wolf? Could it be that he is an earth level expert? But how is that possible, looking at his age he’s only in his twenties, an earth level expert in his twenties, not to mention I’ve never seen it, I’ve never even heard of it.” This Senior Brother Shi’s eyes twitched as he said with some surprise.

He, Shi Zhongzhi, was already a late Xuan level cultivator at the age of twenty-six, and it could be said that there were no other people who could reach his level. But today he had heard that someone even younger than him had killed the Long brothers, not to mention killing Lone Wolf, so he could see that his cultivation level was at least at the Earth level.

Because the difference between Earth level cultivation and Xuan level cultivation was too great, Shi Zhongzhi did not think that Ye Mo could have killed Lone Wolf with his Xuan level cultivation.

“Something interesting.” After knowing Ye Mo’s battle record, Shi Zhongzhi did not have any scruples because of the two Daoist nuns’ words, but looked at Ye Mo with some interest.

Although Han Yan was eager to leave, Ye Mo led her to the front desk.

“Sorry, sir, the room is no longer available ……” This young lady at the front desk saw Ye Mo’s great power with her own eyes and spoke with some trepidation, she was afraid that Ye Mo would be unreasonable.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Tell your boss Wang Xiyue to come down and say that an old friend is here.”