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DYM Chapter 463

Although the receptionist did not want to make this call for Ye Mo, she did not dare to have the slightest disobedience and picked up the phone and called Wang Xiyue’s office directly.

When Wang Xiyue heard the sound from downstairs seemed to have decreased, he put his mind at ease, but at this time the phone on his desk rang.

Usually, he could not answer such calls, even if he had to answer, it would be his little honey. He didn’t even dare to stay here at this time, and he didn’t even dare to leave the hotel himself, just in case there was any dissatisfaction from the gentlemen staying there. As much as he didn’t want to answer the phone, he still picked up the phone the first time, while asking Bodhisattva to bless that it wasn’t one of the room’s great gods who was looking for him.

“Wang Dong, there’s a man downstairs, no, there’s a man at the front desk who says he’s an old friend of yours and asks you to come down ……” Although she stumbled a bit, the front desk lady still relayed Ye Mo’s meaning to her boss, Wang Xiyue.

“Oh, okay, okay I’ll be right down.” Wang Xiyue looked at the phone in his hand with a bitter look on his face, how could he dare to excuse himself when someone was looking for him at this time.

Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long before Wang Xiyue’s round body rushed out from inside the lift, “Excuse me, that senior is looking for me, I am Wang Xiyue, huh ……”

Wang Xiyue people have not yet arrived, the sound of laughter has already come, even the eyes are laughing to close. No one knew whether he was really happy or pretending to be happy, or at least it was impossible to tell from his face that it was pretending.

“Boss Wang, you don’t recognize me so soon.” Ye Mo said with a faint smile.

“Ah, it’s you, Brother Ye, it’s really you, I look forward to it every day, finally I see you again …… haha ……” Wang Xiyue’s heart was completely put at ease, not in the slightest because of calling the older The younger brother Ye Mo was not embarra*sed at all for calling the younger brother Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had lived in his hotel for over a week and he knew it well. A body of skills not to mention the fact that he was not arrogant. Wang Xiyue, however, did not know how many people would spit on him if his views were put into those hidden sects. When his hotel was about to open because of the haunting, it was Ye Mo who helped him make a Bagua Disc spell. He set this magic artefact on top of the front door and as a result, the whole hotel was never haunted again.

Therefore, he was not only grateful to Ye Mo, but also did not have that kind of fear, he knew that Ye Mo was a very good person to get along with. He also knew that Ye Mo was a true worldly man, so he was not lying when he said that he had been looking forward to seeing Ye Mo again.

Seeing that Wang Xiyue was really happy, Ye Mo patted his shoulder and said with a smile, “I came to find you today just to find a place to stay, I don’t know if there are any more.”

“Yes, there is ……,” Wang Xiyue said with barely the slightest hesitation, “Brother Ye, you can follow me up first.”

The front desk lady looked at their chairman in surprise and asked, “Chairman, our hotel no longer has any rooms ah ……” she was afraid that the chairman had accidentally forgotten.

“Oh, no one else has one, but Brother Ye has a private penthouse in my hotel. This is not a hotel property, it’s private, yes, Brother Ye’s private, no need to register ……” Wang Xiyue was already pulling Ye Mo into the lift as he spoke, one sentence was emphasized many times by him, as if he had forgotten that he was the owner of the place.

The ancient martial arts disciples who stayed inside the lobby to eat, or to relax and drink coffee all looked dumbfounded at Ye Mo who had already gone upstairs, how could the rooms here be so easy to get, even the owner of his hotel could not make the decision, right? How come there was a private penthouse? This young man was so cowardly, he had a place to live just by mentioning it, or a loft.

When Ye Mo disappeared, there was once again chatter inside the hall.

“Boss Wang, when did I have a private loft in your place?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Wang Xiyue said with a sly smile, “If in normal times, you came to stay in a room, it would be as much as you wanted. But now the rooms here are simply not mine to decide. Fortunately, I had the foresight to build an upstairs building at the top of the eight-storey building after you left last time, and this upstairs building is specially prepared for you. So it doesn’t count inside the hotel. Come on, I’ll take you up there and see if you’re happy with it. I thought it would be hard for you to come and stay, I didn’t expect you to actually come over, it’s an honour for me.”

So that’s how it is, Ye Mo said with a smile, “Boss Wang, you’re kind of thoughtful. If you have any difficulties, just ask me for help directly, no need to be polite, I accept this favour from you today.”

Wang Xiyue smiled heatedly, “Brother Ye, look, last time you already solved my biggest problem, and my hotel rose to five stars within half a year, this is simply because of you. I just built a small loft, it’s a small thing.”

Wang Xiyue took Ye Mo up to the top floor, and indeed there was a small villa-like loft on the top floor. Not only was the outside filled with various potted plants, but the inside of the loft was also clean and bright, and a glance showed that someone cleaned it every day.

“What a beautiful little loft.” Han Yan said in awe, one look at this two-storey small loft and she knew that Wang Xiyue had put a lot of thought into it.

“Not bad ……” Ye Mo also casually praised it, the main thing was that this Wang Xiyue was very good at what he did. Although he didn’t know when he would come, or even if he wasn’t coming, he did it all first. Although this was simple for him, this care was rare. No wonder his hotel could stand out in the ghost town. It certainly had something to do with his own help, but it was also not unrelated to his shrewdness in being a good cook.

Han Yan was delighted to go around inside the small building, she didn’t expect that Ye Mo would really find a place in the ‘Xiyue Hotel’, even a place with a single door that no one had ever lived in before. Ye Mo’s energy instantly increased a lot again in Han Yan’s heart.

“Brother Ye, if you’re satisfied, you can stay here. The waiters are at your beck and call twenty-four hours a day, and as for meals, feel free to go down for your own meals or have them brought up by the waiters.” Seeing that Ye Mo was also more than satisfied with the place, Wang Xiyue felt even more satisfied with what he had done a few months ago. When Ye Mo had been gone for just under a month, he had started building this small loft, and today it had really come in handy.

In his heart Ye was secretly glad that without this little loft, he really wouldn’t be able to transfer out rooms for Ye Mo now. He had to know that the hotel was now full of masters, none of whom he could afford to offend. Even with this loft, it was estimated that no one knew about it, and if someone knew about it, he, Wang Xiyue, wouldn’t dare to keep it.

“Boss Wang, hehe, I’ve come to ask for your help on purpose.” Just as the three were still talking, a man with a huge beer belly once again came at the stairway up to the top floor.

“Aiyo, Mayor Wu, what wind has blown you here. If there’s anything, you can just give me a call, where’s the need for you to make a personal trip?” As soon as Wang Xiyue saw this pot-bellied man, he immediately threw another smile over and was full of politeness.

This big-bellied man, of course, Wang Xiyue knew, was called Wu Yingyuan. A deputy mayor of Gui Cheng City, I heard that the background was not small. Wang Xiyue was not a fool, he already knew what this mayor Wu had come to do.

If it was usual, how would a mayor need to come here personally, and even climb up to the roof of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ on purpose. But now, not to mention a mayor, even a hand of the municipal party committee couldn’t say anything in the ghost town, he must have come here for the matter of the room.

Big-bellied eyes swept Ye Mo and Han Yan for a moment, then said with an official voice: “Ah Wang Dong, your ‘Xiyue Hotel’ is considered to have done our city proud, not bad. However, I really need your help today, a friend of mine, you should know, is here to participate in the Grand Competition. He is a dignified person, and if he stays somewhere else, he will look a bit weak. So please ask Boss Wang to help get a room at your ‘Xiyue Hotel’ ……”

This was something that no one else understood, but Han Yan did. There was only one five-star hotel in Ghost City, and that was the ‘Xiyue Hotel’. Most of the people in the Hidden Sect Grand Competition stayed here, if they stayed anywhere else, as this Mayor Wu said, as soon as they came out, they were short of others.

But the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ only had these rooms, and there were quite a few people participating in the Grand Competition, so how could they fit in, it could only be some prestigious families and sects staying in. This was what Han Yan meant when she initially doubted that Ye Mo could find a place to stay at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’.

When Wang Xiyue saw that it was really not what he had expected, he had to say with a difficult face, “I’m really sorry, Mayor Wu, you know that I can’t make any decisions about the rooms at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ now, I don’t think you don’t know the specific situation… …”

This potbelly didn’t feel the slightest bit disappointed by Wang Xiyue’s words and still said with a smile, “Boss Wang, of course I know this, I don’t want you to vacate a room either, but I know you still have this attic. How about letting that friend of mine stay here, Mr. Wang Dong, you see ……”

Surprisingly, he was hitting on this loft, Ye Mo’s face remained unchanged as he waited for how Wang Xiyue would reply. While Han Yan’s face changed, since he had come to participate in the grand competition, it meant that he was from the Hidden Sect. Just now Ye Mo had also offended the Yi Jian Sect and the Hidden Sect Xia Family, and now there was another one. If Ye Mo does not let the place, it is to offend another one, so many rivals, Ye Mo alone ……

Thinking of this Han Yan’s face showed a worried look, had she known this, she would have advised Ye Mo to find a random place to stay, otherwise where would have been so many things. Although big brother Ye is powerful, but a good man can’t resist a lot of people.

Wang Xiyue did not have any difficult look on his face, but said with a smile, “No wonder Mayor Wu said that, alas, if this small pavilion was my property, it wouldn’t matter who Mayor Wu took it to live with. It’s just that this small loft is Brother Ye’s property, and I just helped build it.”

“Brother Ye?” Wu Yingyuan looked at Ye Mo and Han Yan at the entrance of the pavilion somewhat strangely.