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DYM Chapter 464

Ye Mo smiled slightly, he didn’t want to make things difficult for Wang Xiyue. Instead, he said directly, “Boss Wang is right, this pavilion is now my property, I’m really sorry.”

“That’s fine, give it up, it’s just for a few days, when these few days pa*s, this place will still be yours. Of course, that friend of mine will certainly not let you suffer, don’t worry about that, they are both worldly people.” Wu Yingyuan immediately said indistinctly, he naturally thought that this solution of his was the best. Besides, if he, a deputy mayor, made this request, these two young people would not immediately agree.

In Wu Yingyuan’s opinion, Ye Mo looked ordinary and although Han Yan had a good temperament, she wasn’t really a beauty either. He should be an ordinary relative of Wang Xiyue’s. If he, a mayor, came over and asked these two people to give way and then promised some remuneration, it was reasonable to say that Ye Mo should be very happy and honoured to agree.

But to his surprise, the young man in front of him just swept him a cold glance and said indifferently, “Sorry Mayor Wu, please do. Boss Wang and I still have some things to talk about, so I won’t keep you much longer.”

Surprisingly, he had given an order of expulsion directly, Wu Yingyuan felt his anger bubbling up, he had been suffocating enough in the past few days, he did not expect that even a young man in his twenties would dare not give face in the slightest.

“Wang Dong, there are some powerful young people in here who can’t see clearly, I want to ……” Wu Yingyuan held back from seething, but turned to Wang Xiyue. He thought that Wang Xiyue was also considered an eight-faced figure in Ghost City, he should know what kind of people he was talking about and know the powerful relationship in between.

Wang Xiyue had a difficult look on his face, of course he knew what Wu Yingyuan meant, Ye Mo would leave after his stay, not only did he want to stay here for a long time, but he also knew what the high ranking person that Wu Yingyuan was talking about meant. Either way, he didn’t want to offend, but this Wu Yingyuan seemed to have taken the wrong medicine and just wanted to wait for him to speak.

Ye Mo’s face sank and he said in a light voice, “Didn’t you hear what I said? I don’t want to rent out my house, don’t I? Are you representing the government or the bandits?”

“You ……” Wu Yingyuan was choked by Ye Mo’s words and almost didn’t breathe through his mouth, he was a deputy mayor and came to find a room personally, but he was said to represent the bandits.

“Good, the young man has the courage, Boss Wang I will pa*s the original words back, as for the result I think I don’t say Boss Wang should know.” After saying that this big belly actually turned around and left, obviously angry with Ye Mo.

According to Wang Xiyue’s idea was to try to get him to back off without offending Wu Yingyuan. It was just that Ye Mo’s tone and the way he acted had directly offended this Mayor Wu into a corner, although Wang Xiyue knew that Ye Mo was also a high ranking person and should not be afraid of the high ranking person that Wu Yingyuan said he was. But after this matter was over, Wu Yingyuan would definitely give small shoes to him, Wang Xiyue, which made him a little worried.

Ye Mo knew Wang Xiyue’s worry and patted his fat shoulder again and said: “Boss Wang, you don’t need to worry, this matter will definitely not involve you. It’s just that I’m wondering how come none of the elders who brought these people here can be seen when there are so many people living here who are participating in the Grand Competition?”

When Wang Xiyue heard Ye Mo’s words, although he was not particularly convinced, he still put his mind down for the time being, and now that Ye Mo asked about the people here, he immediately said, “I heard the waiter say that they were going to an exchange meeting. To exchange some things with each other or something, I’m not really sure about the details because even the surveillance has been turned off since these people stayed in.”

So that was the case, Ye Mo immediately understood, these people in the Hidden Sect had gathered together so easily, but they were actually going to attend an exchange meeting, I wonder if there was an auction or something like that. If there was, he could go and take a look. These hidden sects were deep and still had some good things, last time he had gotten two good things from the auction at Qixia Temple.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo took out a black bracelet and handed it to Wang Xiyue and said, “Thank you, Old Wang, I’ve made you a friend, I made this defensive magic weapon when I had nothing to do, so I’ll give it to you.”

Wang Xiyue took it with a surprised and happy face, he knew that what Ye Mo gave out was something that could not be found, there was no need for him to be polite. With the bracelet on, Wang Xiyue immediately felt a sense of solidity and could not help but thank him repeatedly. The most important thing was that Ye Mo had changed his address to him, indicating that he had already considered himself a friend in the first place. Now even the matter of Wu Yingyuan was left aside by him, the big deal was just to leave the Ghost City and change to another place.

Only after seeing Wang Xiyue leave did Han Yan ask with some concern, “Big brother Ye, the man you beat up was from the Yi Jian Clan, and the man who knelt down was from the Xia Clan, both of these forces are not comparable to our Guang Han Clan, I’m afraid that at night ……”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and did not directly answer Han Yan’s words, but said, “Your cultivation level is really a bit too low, late yellow level, and you have not even consolidated it completely yet. I think it’s a bit difficult for you to go to the Hidden Sect Competition like this.”

Han Yan blushed, of course she knew that what Ye Mo said was true, when she first met Ye Mo, she still wanted to fight him, but now she knew that even ten of herself combined were not Ye Mo’s match.

But the opportunity of this Grand Competition was very valuable to her and to their Hidden Sect, and there were very few people in the Guang Han Clan who could cultivate to the late Yellow Level before they were thirty, so it could be said that she was already a genius of the Guang Han Clan.

Ye Mo took one look at Han Yan’s face and knew what she was thinking, he said with a smile, “When you gave me a thousand year old snow lotus seed, I said I would return a pill to you sometime. Now I’m giving you two options, one is to return a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ made from the snow chain seeds, and the other is to give you a ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’.”

Seeing that Han Yan’s face seemed a little confused, Ye Mo hurriedly explained, “‘Lotus Life Pill’ can recover anyone who is seriously injured, and can even be said to bring back the dead, but of course brain injuries depend on the situation.”

“There’s such a precious elixir?” Han Yan was different from ordinary people, and although she was skeptical of what Ye Mo said, she wasn’t sure that such a dan didn’t exist.

“If there is such a precious elixir, I definitely want it, if this were cancer could it be cured as well?” Han Yan immediately reacted and immediately said again.

Ye Mo nodded, “In theory, there is no problem with cancer as well. Don’t you want to know what the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ does anymore?”

Han Yan immediately replied, “Even if the ‘qi cultivation dan’ is powerful, it can’t be as powerful as the ‘lotus life dan’ that can cure any injury as you said, right, of course I want the ‘lotus life dan ‘.”

Of course, Han Yan knew that Ye Mo owed her a snow lotus seed, and that Ye Mo had also said that he would give her a pill in the first place, but she didn’t take it to heart. This was because she thought that Ye Mo would not be able to find where the ‘Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed’ was located, but she didn’t expect that now Ye Mo would really say that he could take it out, didn’t this mean that he had already found it?

Ye Mo smiled as he took out two porcelain bottles and placed them on the table and said: ”The one on the left is the ‘Lotus Life Dan’ and the one on the right is the ‘Qi Cultivation Dan’, the ‘Cultivation Dan’ effect is to allow ancient martial cultivators to raise at least one to three levels, depending on one’s qualifications.”

“What? Doesn’t this mean that the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ is even more powerful than the ‘Xuan Ascension Pill’?” Han Yan froze for half a day before asking, how could there be such a heaven defying pill in this world, if there was such a pill, wouldn’t there be more ancient martial cultivators than dogs? Where else would there be such a difficult thing to do?

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he just waited for Han Yan to make up his mind.

Without saying a word, Han Yan picked up the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, “Of course I want the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, just does it really have the kind of effects you’re talking about?”

Ye Mo also knew that Han Yan was definitely going to take the ‘Qi Cultivation Dan’, now that Han Yan asked, he said with a faint smile, “You’ll know if you eat it.”

After a pause Ye Mo asked again, “Do you know how strong the people who are participating in the Grand Competition this time are?”

Han Yan shook her head and said with little confidence, “I don’t know, but I heard that there are at least a dozen geniuses with Xuan level cultivation among the people who participate each time. The rest of them are all at least at the late Yellow level, or even at the peak.”

Ye Mo nodded, he reckoned that with Han Yan’s qualifications, this ‘Qi cultivation pill’ should be able to allow her to advance to the Xuan level, meaning that there was still a chance of achieving a top thirty ranking. If he didn’t give this ‘Qi cultivation pill’, with Han Yan’s current battle power, the chance of being eliminated would be almost ninety percent or more.

When Han Yan finished speaking, he looked at the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ in his hand and was clearly a little excited. If this pill was real, she would barely need to participate in the Grand Competition, and her purpose for participating in the Grand Competition was just for a ‘Qi Ascension Pill’. As for the several hundred million dollars, it really didn’t matter much to her.

Seeing that Han Yan was silent with the pill, Ye Mo had no choice but to say, “You take the pill first, then start cultivating, I’ll go get you a weapon.”

Han Yan obviously didn’t hear how Ye Mo was helping her get a weapon, she just listened to Ye Mo’s words and poured out the pill and swallowed it.

The ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ immediately melted away in her mouth, turning into pure and strong Yuan Qi that began to hit the meridians in Han Yan’s body. Without waiting for Ye Mo to remind her, Han Yan had already consciously sat down and began to run the ancient martial arts technique she cultivated, slowly refining the medicinal effects of the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’.

Three hours later, Han Yan stood up in surprise, she had surprisingly made a breakthrough in just three hours, and was now at the peak of the early Xuan level, and could break through to the middle Xuan level with just one opportunity. This elixir given by Ye Mo was too outrageous, how much would such a thing be worth? Han Yan hardly dared to imagine.

“Not bad, already at the peak of the early Xuan level, it looks like you will definitely have no problem taking a top thirty within this grand competition, if you play well, you might even be able to enter the top ten.” When Ye Mo walked out, he immediately saw that Han Yan had broken through to the Xuan level.