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DYM Chapter 465

Han Yan looked at some impurities seeping out of her body, forcibly holding back the joy in her heart, she hurriedly said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

People who cultivate martial arts really do things much faster, Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long, Han Yan had already finished taking a bath and came out. She walked up to Ye Mo and said with a feeling of ji, “Brother Ye Mo, I really thank you this time, I know this elixir must be very expensive, if I make it into the top thirty, then the prize money will be…”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “This elixir was originally what I promised to give you, no need to thank you. Here I have refined a sword for you, try it out. Here are three sword moves that I got by chance, see if you can familiarize yourself with them before the competition, that’s all I can help you with. I’m going out for the night, just call my number if you need anything.”

Ye Mo had just handed the stuff to Han Yan when his face just changed, his divine sense was already completely able to view any part of this hotel, when he saw Wang Xiyue on the third floor being slapped by someone holding his neck.

“You practice on the roof first, I’ll go out for a while.” Ye Mo immediately rushed down the stairs after saying that.

The ji-motivated Han Yan still hadn’t reacted to the fact that Ye Mo was gone. She looked carefully at the long sword in her hand and gently slashed on top of the table, only to find that it was like cutting tofu, the table had already been cut off at one corner.

Han Yan was dumbfounded, what kind of sword was this? Was it a famous sword from ancient China? This sword was far more advanced than the longsword she had selected in the ‘Extreme Armament Warehouse’.

Meanwhile, in a large suite on the fifth floor, Xia Changtian, the head of the Xia family, was sitting at the top of the room with an iron face, listening to Xia Sen kneeling on the ground and adding to his complaint. He and a few elders of the Xia Family had just returned from an exchange meeting and were supposed to go again in the evening, but they had not expected such a thing to happen.

“How dare you, a mere Guang Han Clan and an ordinary Xuan level ant dare to bully my Xia Family.

The originally sturdy nan wood coffee table was split apart by this slap, Xia Sen knelt on the ground with his head bowed, but the corners of his eyes flashed with a cold smile. He knew that the family head was indeed furious that the one surnamed Ye was dead after hearing his words.

“Xia Sen, you have simply disgraced my Xia family, this time go back and you face the wall for a year.” After Xia Changtian finished speaking, he turned the topic again and chided Xia Sen in a cold voice.

At this moment, an old man sitting next to Xia Changtian jacked in and asked, “Xia Sen, you said that young man was only in his twenties and had a late Xuan level cultivation?”

Xia Sen was still hating Ye Mo in his heart, as he had somehow been face-faced for a year because of him. At this time when the Foreign Elder asked the question, he almost didn’t react. However, he quickly understood that this was a question to himself and hastily replied, “Yes, Elder Pun, from what Shi Zhongzhi of the ‘Nine Brightness Academy,’ said, that Ye surnamed should be at a late Xuan level cultivation.”

“A late Xuan level expert in his twenties? Surnamed Ye.” Hearing Xia Sen’s words, Xia Changtian muttered a sentence to himself. Suddenly he stood up with a drastic change of expression and looked at the Foreign Affairs Elder next to him, and his face instantly turned ugly.

“Ye Mo.” Xia Changtian and Foreign Affairs Elder Xia Pun shouted out the name almost simultaneously.

After saying this name, Xia Changtian and Xia Pun were almost certain that the young man was Ye Mo. Apart from Ye Mo who had such a high cultivation level that even the disciples of the Hidden Sect didn’t know? This was not the main thing, the main thing was who other than Ye Mo dared to beat the disciple of the Yi Jian Sect to death or life?

A chill rose from behind Xia Changtian and Xia Pun, although the matter of Ye Mo beating up the Point Cang Sect to seal the mountain had not been spread out, but there were occasional rumours among the Hidden Sect. Even if this was false but Ye Mo had beaten and almost crippled the Hop School in the end this sect, one of the six great hidden sects, could only choose to seal the mountain to avoid the disaster.

Two consecutive sects of the Six Great Hidden Sects had had mountain closures with Ye Mo. This kind of person even got the Xia family’s foolishness into trouble.

I heard that Ye Mo’s favourite thing was to exterminate sects, even if their Xia Family was powerful, it was not as powerful as the Six Great Hidden Sects, right? Moreover, his Xia family knew something that others didn’t know, that his Xia family’s son-in-law, one of the three great experts of the Hongwu Hall, Zhang Fengzhi, who was in the middle stage of the earth level, was killed by Ye Mo.

After killing Zhang Fengzhi, Ye Mo helped his friend Mo Kang snatch his niece Xia Rou. Even so, the top and bottom of the Hongwu Hall did not even dare to say a word or even help Ye Mo make an announcement after he returned with a letter, and then contacted some sects to compensate Ye Mo for his losses.

The most important thing was that the reason for the compensation was ridiculous, that these people had been to the Flowing Serpent and had hit his property ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ under his name. Despite this, most of the Hidden Sects that had been to the Flowing Serpent chose to take out something to apologise, and his Xia family was one of them.

This shows how arrogant and recklessly strong Ye Mo was in the face of the Hidden Sects, and it can be said that the name Ye Mo is now taboo for the Hidden Sects. He did not know the attitude of the remaining four sects of the Six Great Sects to Ye Mo, but sects such as his Xia Changtian and the ordinary Hidden Clan were definitely not willing to offend Ye Mo.

And at this moment, Ye Mo, whom they couldn’t even afford to flatter, had been offended by Xia Sen, a fool. In case they provoked Ye Mo’s anger, his Xia family ……

“Family head, I wonder if I can contact Zuo’er and ask him to ask Mo Kang to beg for an invitation.” Xia Changtian knew what was at stake, and Xia Pun of course also knew. At this moment, they were no longer in the mood to care about Xia Sen, even if Ye Mo immediately wanted Xia Sen’s life, they would not hesitate to send him to kill him.

“Family head …….” Xia Sen still didn’t see the opportunity to call out at this point.

“Get lost, beast, sooner or later my Xia family will be killed by trash like you.” Not waiting for Xia Sen to finish his words, Xia Pun just kicked over.

Xia Sen was kicked as far as he could spit out a mouthful of blood, but didn’t dare to speak a word. Born in the Xia family, of course he had vaguely heard of Ye Mo’s might. He did not expect that the person he had offended was Ye Mo, this was the end, Xia Sen’s heart had sunk to the bottom. He felt that his luck was just too bad, coming out to mess with a random person was Ye Mo.

“Immediately go and see if that Ye Mo who was brought up by the hotel owner is at the hotel, if he is, inform me immediately.” Xia Changtian said dryly and decisively, he had to go and gain Ye Mo’s understanding at the first opportunity.

“Family Master, the Sect Master and the Transmission Elder of the Yi Jian Sect are visiting.” Xia Changtian had just sent someone out and then was looking for a countermeasure with Xia Pun after meeting Ye Mo when the Xia disciples who were on guard outside the door came to report that the Yi Jian Sect’s people had arrived.

Xia Changtian and Xia Pun immediately knew what the Yi Jian Clan’s people were doing at this time, they should be trying to unite with his Xia Clan to deal with Ye Mo.

Xia Pun sneered, of course he understood the meaning of the Yi Jian Sect’s Sect Master. With the strength of his Yi Jian Sect, there was no need for the Xia Family to come forward to deal with a mere Xuan level martial artist. One reason for them to do so was that they didn’t know Ye Mo’s background, and they were afraid that if Ye Mo came to be a big deal, they could pull the Xia family down. Another was to sell a good deal to the Xia Family, he, the Yi Jian Clan, now had a common enemy with the Xia Family, so as to bring relations closer.

“Please come in.” The Yi Jian Sect was no less powerful than the Xia Family, and Xia Changtian did not want to cross paths with them.

“Brother Xia, you’ve gained a lot today.” The first person to come in was a slim man, who said with a fist clasp and a smile as soon as he entered.

It seemed that he had not come today at all for Feng Nan, the disciple under his disciple who had an accident, but had come specifically to congratulate Xia Changtian on his harvest.

Xia Changtian similarly clasped his fist and smiled, “Sect Master Yu’s harvest today is not small either.”

Only a few people had just sat down when the disciple sent out by Xia Changtian hurried in and said, “Ye Mo has just gone to the third floor, in this hotel owner Wang Xiyue’s office.”

Xia Changtian stood up almost as soon as the disciple finished speaking, and he hurriedly walked out with Xia Pun, just in time to say, “Sect Master Yu, I have some urgent business, let’s talk later.”

Looking at Xia Changtian and Xia Pun’s hurriedly walking out, the sect master and elders of the Yi Jian Sect were baffled, this was too rude. A mere Xia family had dared to be so bold, they had come to pay a visit and not only did they not stay, they even ran away in a hurry, what was the meaning of this? Was it possible that a sect master like himself was not worthy of him sitting down and saying a few words? Even if one were to meet the Patriarchs of the six great sects, it would not be possible to do so.

“Sect Master, is he talking about Ye Mo?” The one who followed the sect master of the Italic Sect was also an old man, and he immediately heard the meaning of Ye Mo in the Xia family disciple’s mouth.

The one who beat Feng Nan was also an ancient martial cultivator surnamed Ye, and the two men from the Yi Jian Sect thought of the powerful relationship almost simultaneously, as well as the possibility that Ye Mo was the one surnamed Ye who beat Feng Nan.

When Ye Mo rushed to the third floor, Wang Xiyue had already been left in the corner of the room, and the one who had beaten him was a man of about thirty with a late Yellow level cultivation.

When Ye Mo saw Wu Yingyuan standing at the side, he knew that the one who had beaten him was the hidden high ranking man that Wu Yingyuan had spoken of. However, at this moment, this bird mayor did not have the official authority that he had a few hours ago, but appeared to be respectful. He stood behind the youth who had beaten him up and his face looked calm, as if he had not brought the man here and he had not seen who had beaten up Wang Xiyue.

“You’re a bully, Boss Wang, right? How dare you give a room to those rubbish casually, I think you’re really impatient to live.” This youth threw Wang Xiyue to the corner of the room, still cursing. In his opinion, Wang Xiyue should have given the room to him, a person from the Hidden Sect, at the first opportunity, and the fact that Wang Xiyue did not was looking down on him.

“Young Pei, the person living on the roof is him.” Although Wu Yingyuan’s pretended to be unconcerned, he was close to the door and was surprisingly the first to see Ye Mo.

The young man stared at Ye Mo with an icy face and cursed coldly, “Idiot, give you face ……”

Only Pei Shao’s words were only halfway through before he suddenly stopped, and his face, which was just cold and murderous, immediately turned white with shock.

“Xia, Sect Master Xia …….” This Pei Shao’s tone became stammered, and he bowed and called out respectfully to the old man who had hurriedly walked in, as if the person who had just struck and lashed out was not him at all.