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DYM Chapter 466

However, this old man and the man behind him who was in his fifties seemed not to see him, but walked directly to Ye Mo and bowed, “Xia Changtian and Xia Pun of the Xia Clan meet senior Ye.”

Ye Mo just nodded, this Xia Changtian he had met before, he had a deal with him at the top of the auction at the Qixia Temple back then. His own ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ was traded from him, but at that time he, Ye Mo, was no match for Xia Changtian. It was just that things in the world were unpredictable, and in this turn of events he was already an existence that Xia Changtian had to look up to.

Ye Mo didn’t speak to Xia Changtian, but looked at the already frozen Pei Shao and said with a cold laugh, “I’d like to see how you don’t give me face, I’ll be here to see how you make my friend live again.”

“I ……” At this moment, Pei Shao was already frozen, where could he have thought that Xia Changtian, the patriarch of the Xia Clan who he needed to look up to in his heart, would have to be so respectful to this young man, if he knew that, even if he was given a hundred guts, he would not have done so ah. Although he still didn’t know who this young man was, he already knew that he had kicked the iron board.

If Pei Shao was already dumbfounded, Wu Yingyuan was even more covered in cold sweat. He was so experienced in the official world that he was much older than Pei Shao, but even with his worldly sophistication, he could not have imagined that a friend of Wang Xiyue would be so unbelievable.

“Yu Tao of the Yi Jian Sect meets Senior Ye, the disciple under his disciple is unworthy, Yu Tao has come to ask for forgiveness.” Before Pei Shao’s sentence could be uttered, another lean old man hurriedly ran in from outside, apologizing and singing a fat promise before he even entered.

Another sect master had come to see this young man with such respect, which told Pei Shao’s that he could no longer contain his inner fear. He almost collapsed, oh my God, what had he gotten himself into? He felt his legs shaking, but deep inside he was terrified and afraid, and already hated Wu Ying Yuan so much that he wanted to eat his flesh.

“You’re a disciple of the Pingjiang Sect?” When Xia Pun heard Ye Mo’s words and saw Yu Tao of the Yi Jian Sect arrive, he suddenly turned his head to Pei Shao and asked in a cold voice. He knew that if the Xia family did not behave, perhaps the opportunity to behave would immediately be snatched away by Yu Tao.

This Pei Shao hit a jolt and stuttered, “Yes, senior Xia, it …… wasn’t me, it was Wu Yingyuan who said that Boss Wang had a place that wouldn’t let me stay …… so, I came to find Boss Wang ……”

Just before he could finish his words, he felt a big foot kick him in the chest and Pei Shao was directly kicked out of the room, spurting out a mouthful of blood in the air and falling to the ground not knowing whether he was dead or alive.

Ye Mo’s however knew through his divine sense that this Pei Shao’s dantian had shattered and could be said to be completely ruined.

“Even you, Liang Qisheng and Huo Daiming of the Pingjiang Sect, don’t dare to be rude in front of senior Ye, you’re not too bold.” Although Xia Pun had kicked Pei Shao out, this credit still had to be given.

Ye Mo looked at Xia Pun coldly for a moment and did not deny it. In his heart, however, he felt that the name Huo Daoming was somewhat familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before, and Ye Mo quickly remembered who Huo Daoming was. When he had accompanied Lok Hustle to search for the ‘Our Luo Scripture’, it was that Huo Daoming that he had met, a member of the Chun’an Huo family, he just didn’t expect him to be a disciple of a hidden sect.

Yu Tao had by now thoroughly understood looking over, it should be that Wu Yingyuan brought this Pei Shao to provoke Ye Mo, only to be curried favor with the Xia family who had rushed in. Yu Tao immediately thought of another Wu Yingyuan, and without even thinking, he walked up to Wu Yingyuan and raised his hand and slapped him.

Poor Wu Yingyuan, who was at least a deputy mayor, was slapped by someone.

Just as Yu Tao was about to hit, the elder behind Yu Tao interjected, “Sect Master, this person should be one of Gui Cheng’s deputy mayors.”

Although Wu Yingyuan was holding his anger in his heart, he also knew that he had been beaten for nothing. He was also secretly regretting in his heart now, how could he have thought that an ordinary friend of Wang Xiyue’s would be so unbelievable.

“Oh, so it’s still a mayor, I am really sorry for Yu Tao, but how can someone like you become a mayor? Senior Brother Yan, you go and take care of this matter, this Wu Yingyuan I think is really not suitable to be the mayor.” After Yu Tao heard that this Wu Yingyuan was the mayor, he immediately stopped his hands, there were still some rules that had to be followed. Although he did not put a mayor in his eyes, it was not acceptable to just hit like this.

“Count my Xia family in as well, Xia Pun, you and Brother Yan go together to deal with this matter.” Xia Changtian saw that Yu Tao had already made his move, where would he be left behind.

Wu Yingyuan was completely dumbfounded, he did not expect that even his own black hat would be taken away in the end. He was aware of the energy of these bigwigs in the Hidden Sect, if they said that they were going to take away their ooze, it was absolutely no joke.

“Senior Ye, I, Wu Yingyuan, am blind, please let me go once ……” Wu Yingyuan was a veteran of the official world and immediately knew that the person to plead for mercy in this matter should be Ye Mo, not Yu Tao who was going to teach him a lesson.

Ye Mo looked at Wu Yingyuan coldly and said indifferently, “Get lost, if you continue to stay here, you don’t have to leave anymore.”

Wu Yingyuan’s heart chilled as he immediately knew that Ye Mo’s words should not be a threat to him. Although he didn’t know who Ye Mo was, he was definitely a very impressive person. It was better to lose one’s official than one’s life, and just because these people were already lawless, it didn’t mean that they didn’t dare to kill him, the deputy mayor. Thinking of this, where did he dare to nag anymore and hurriedly retreated, he wanted to look for his backstage to see if there was still a turnaround.

If Wu Yingyuan knew that kissing Pei Shao’s a*s would have such a serious consequence, he would rather stay in the hospital on sick leave than come looking for any opportunities at this time.

After Wang Xiyue climbed up, his whole body was already confused. He knew that Ye Mo was a reclusive person, but he didn’t expect him to be so prestigious. Even those bigwigs who lived here had to come to fawn over him, he was a bit too bullish, wasn’t he? Watching the young man who had beaten him being kicked away and Vice Mayor Wu who had berated him fleeing like a good grandson, Wang Xiyue only felt a sense of pleasure. He had always been acting like a grandson in front of these people, and today he was finally being a grandfather.

Ye Mo looked at Wang Xiyue who had already stood up, knowing that he didn’t have any internal injuries, and looking at his empty wrist, he couldn’t help but ask speechlessly, “Old Wang, where is the bracelet I gave you?”

Wang Xiyue said with some shame, “I went back and tried it, and that bracelet really does have a defensive function, and I gave it to my son. I didn’t expect Wu Yingyuan to be so unconcerned about the rules, he is a vice mayor who brought hooligans to beat people up, I thought he would just get some tricks behind his back at most.”

It turned out that he had given his son what he had given him, and Ye Mo had no way to blame him. He could only say, “I’ll get you another one when I have time, I don’t have any more on me now.”

“Senior Ye ……,” Yu Tao saw that Ye Mo had finally turned back to him and called out again with some embarra*sment.

Ye Mo nodded his head, although he knew that they were acting to please themselves, but that was how it was inside their world, whoever had the biggest fist was the boss.

The Xia family must have come here because of that Xia Sen, and this Yu Tao should be Feng Nande’s divisional elder. There was nothing to be grateful for when they beat up his people and they still came to their door like grandsons to curry favour just because they were stronger than them. In case he didn’t have strength or was an ordinary person, what was waiting for him now, Ye Mo, would not be this kind of respectful courtesy, it would be a coffin.

“Yu Tao came here this time to specifically ask for apologies from senior, my disciple Feng Nan offended senior, Yu Tao was not strict in his discipline ……” When Yu Tao saw that Ye Mo was willing to talk to him calmly, he was a little relieved. Only before he finished his words, he was interrupted by Ye Mo, and he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious in his heart.

Ye Mo glanced at Yu Tao and Xia Changtian and said flatly, “I already know the purpose of your visit, so this matter is closed. Wang Xiyue is my friend, I hope your people staying here won’t cause any trouble.”

Ye Mo didn’t say anything like don’t bully people by force, he knew that was nonsense. It wasn’t their two families that bullied the good and the bad in this world, it was everywhere, this kind of thing was all too normal whether it was the Hidden Sect or in the outside world. For Ye Mo, the only way to not let others bully him was to make himself stronger than others.

This was an iron law no matter where or in what world.

“Yes, please don’t worry, senior Ye. We will definitely restrain the disciples under our disciples and strive to satisfy Boss Wang.” Yu Tao immediately interfaced and said, only then did he completely put his heart down. To him, Ye Mo said that this matter was over this was the best thing that could happen. He had heard too much about Ye Mo’s decisive killing and ruthlessness.

Wang Xiyue froze on the side and listened, feeling a lot of emotions in his heart, it was because he had made a friend like Ye Mo, and as a result, these big men from unknown origins had to discipline the disciples under his disciples to his satisfaction. He had to know that yesterday, he, Wang Xiyue, was still the lowest ranking person in this hotel, and only one day later, he had turned over a salted fish.

It is true that people have no distant worries, he himself thought of helping Ye Mo build a loft here half a year ago, and it seems that this move is really too right. Because of his own move, he gained Ye Mo’s friendship and the respect of these bigwigs.

“Senior Ye, this is the jade token for the Hidden Sect Exchange Meeting this evening, if Senior Ye is free, you can also go and take a look, the address is at the ‘Qin Guang Wang Hall’ in Ghost City.” Xia Changtian knew that now was the best time to ingratiate himself with Ye Mo, he did not hesitate to take out his jade token, their sect had three of these jade tokens anyway.

“Oh, then, thanks a lot, Sect Master Xia.” Ye Mo took the jade token, he was planning to visit the Hidden Sect’s exchange in the evening, Xia Changtian took out a jade token, yet it was exactly useful to him.