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DYM Chapter 467

When Yu Tao saw Ye Mo accept the jade token, he was secretly chagrined, why hadn’t he thought of this matter? However, he was quick to see the opportunity and then also took out a jade token and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “I also have a jade token here, if senior Ye has any disciples who want to go to the exchange meeting it would be just the thing to use.”

Ye Mo thought of Han Yan, it would be good to take her to this exchange meeting, as she was also from the Hidden Sect anyway. Besides, this Yu Tao of the Yi Jian Sect seemed to be a bit worried that he had not forgiven him, and taking his jade token would instead appease him.

Ye Mo originally wanted to go out and ask how he could participate in this Hidden Sect’s exchange meeting, but now he didn’t have to go out because he had the jade token.

Seeing that Ye Mo had accepted the jade token, Xia Changtian and Yu Tao consciously said goodbye and left.

Ye Mo also said hello to Wang Xiyue and went back to find Han Yan. Originally, Ye Mo intended to let Han Yan go with him to see the world, but Han Yan said she wanted to practice those three sword strokes. Ye Mo thought about it, the ranking in the competition was nothing to him, but to Han Yan it should be a top priority. Moreover, she wouldn’t be able to buy anything if she went to the exchange.

The roof of the building was very empty, so it was convenient for Han Yan to practice her sword. Ye Mo instructed Han Yan on some moves and went to the exchange meeting alone.

Ever since he attended the last Qixia Temple auction, Ye Mo no longer underestimated the depths of these hidden sects. Even the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, this kind of thing was available, who dared to say that he would not be able to find what he needed here.

”Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, wild ones are the most effective, once artificially planted the second generation basically won’t bloom Last time Lu Ying Ying’s planted ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, it just won’t bloom. That kind of spiritual gra*s is of no use to Ye Mo, while the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ that Ye Mo bought at Qixia Temple is truly wild.

It was just that there was only one flower now, and Ye Mo still wanted to wait for this ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s, when it matured, to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill.

He had now reached a bottleneck in his cultivation, and without external help, it would be difficult to advance through the thin Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi here. ‘Silver Heart Gra*s, useful for early Qi cultivation Now that he was already in the middle stage of Qi cultivation, its usefulness was already very limited. And even the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was the only one he had now. This was still the one planted by Ning Qingxue. The Purple Heart Vine, Ye Mo did have a small section but under Tang Beiwei’s cultivation, it had just sprouted. In this kind of place, if he wanted to wait for the Purple Heart Vine to mature to make medicine, Ye Mo was not going to count on it.

The reason why the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ was still planted there was purely a psychological trust. Besides that, his ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, up to now, had not even collected a single spiritual herb that he needed, and all that he had collected were ordinary medicinal herbs that would not be of great help to his mid-stage Qi cultivation.

Even if he ate all the ‘Qi cultivation pills’ he had, he would only be able to raise his Qi cultivation to the middle of the fourth level at most, so he might as well cultivate some competent men. Moreover, the effect of the same pill was only the greatest the first time he took it, and the later it was, the less effective it was.

Therefore, Ye Mo was still looking forward to this Hidden Sect Exchange Meeting. He knew that the really good stuff was all taken away by these people in the Hidden Sect.

The hall was tall and lofty, from the appearance it seemed to be a bit old and there was a fragrance around, so it was obvious that the place was full of incense.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept inside, there were many statues of various Bodhisattvas inside, in the back hall upstairs there was a not small hall with a banner hanging on it ‘Ancient Martial Exchange Meeting’. He was not the only one.

Ye Mo had just walked to the entrance when a welcoming lady came over and politely looked at Ye Mo’s jade tag before leading him into the first floor hall of the back hall. Ye Mo saw a hint of surprise in the eyes of the welcoming lady, as if she felt that Ye Mo was really too young, but her face did not show it in the slightest, showing good professionalism.

Those who could attend the exchange meeting were all bigwigs of some sects, or people who could wield power, and apart from some core disciples who could be brought by their elders to see the world, most of them were towards the upper forties.

As Ye Mo entered, almost all eyes looked at him, the fact that Ye Mo was so young and qualified to participate in the exchange meeting made many of those present wonder about Ye Mo’s identity.

Although Dan almost none of the people present had seen Ye Mo before, some of them still recognised him. They had seen Ye Mo’s photo long ago, and now that they compared it, they immediately recognised it.

A small number of people who recognised Ye Mo nodded to him, although some wanted to stand up and say a few words to Ye Mo, but everyone was from the Hidden Sect and they all wanted to save face. If they were to be too respectful to Ye Mo, this might cause other sects to look down on him, after all, Ye Mo was too young. The more important point was that several of the great sects here had not yet spoken.

These people were in a different mood from Xia Changtian and Yu Tao, the Xia family and the Yi Jian Sect had offended Ye Mo and there was no way to go and bow down to make amends. Moreover, in Wang Xiyue’s office, there were no outsiders around.

Ye Mo did not care much about this, it was normal for people in the Hidden Sect to have some arrogance. He never used his own ability to bully others, the prerequisite was not to mess with him.

”Master, that’s this young man, he taught a lesson to the disciples of the Yi Shao Sect and the Xia Family, I heard that his surname is Ye, I wonder if it’s the legendary Ye Mo.” Seeing Ye Mo enter, a handsome young man in his twenties sitting inside whispered to an old man in his sixties next to him.

This old man nodded, “He should be right, he has a good collection of internal qi, he is a good fighter, he should be that Ye Mo. Although our sect is not afraid of him, but for this kind of person with too much hostility, Zhongzhi you should not make more contact.”

“Senior brother, I’ve also heard of this Ye Mo, and it seems that some sects have even taken his photo back to identify him. But this arrogant person is only bullying weaklings like the Yi Jian Sect and the Xia Family, if he dares to provoke to my ‘Jiu Ming Academy’ he will find out that there are mountains outside this mountain and people outside.” Another middle-aged man next to this old man said disdainfully.

“Senior Brother Zheng, this Ye Mo is somewhat unusual, the Hop School is a lesson from the past, he could kill several Earth Grade martial artists from the Hop School, which means he is already at least an Earth Grade cultivator. At his age to cultivate to the earth level, he is already a demon among demons, if you don’t mess with our sect, try not to touch him.” Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, this old man immediately said with a frown.

The middle-aged man, however, did not dare to retort, and replied in a low voice, “Senior brother’s lesson is right, it’s just that even though the Hopeful School is called the Outer Hidden Six Sects, I think it doesn’t live up to its name, and it’s not a little bit different from the top three ranked six sects. Even if it were me, I could easily kill and destroy them.”

Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, the old man shook his head without continuing to speak, but a middle-aged woman next to him said with a smile, “Senior brother Zheng, do you have to say a reason? Just listen to senior brother of the Sect Leader.”

“Yes, senior sister.” This senior brother Zheng finally did not continue to refute.

Ye Mo swept a bit, but he didn’t find anyone from the Jing Yi Sect, it looked like Master Mrs. Jing Xian was not participating in this Hidden Sect Competition.

Ye Mo’s reputation did not seem to be good in the Hidden Sect, after he sat down, until the exchange session started, the seat next to him was empty, it seemed that no one dared to sit near him, as if they were afraid of touching the bad luck.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, not taking this matter seriously, he had no friends with the people in the Hidden Sect apart from some interactions over interests, and at the same time, he didn’t need these people as friends. Although it was not 100%, most people from the Hidden Sect did not think much of people from the secular world outside, they always felt they had to be superior to others. Moreover, I heard that Ye Mo had a violent temperament and would kill at the drop of a hat. Especially when it came to the people of the Hidden Sect, he did not show any mercy and almost killed them all, which made the people of the Hidden Sect have no good feelings towards him.

Apart from the 36 rivers, which ranked next to the six major sects, the other three major sects were obviously not very friendly to Ye Mo, and even their sect master did not have the slightest colour towards Ye Mo. This made it even more so that no one was willing to approach Ye Mo, even the few Hidden Sect martial artists that Ye Mo had just come in and nodded to, no one continued to dare to show goodwill to Ye Mo because of the other four sects.

But not all of them cared about the faces of those four sects. A short middle-aged man made a point of walking up to sit next to Zi Ye Mo and took the initiative to ask: “This friend, may I ask if your name is Ye Mo? Did you really destroy the Hop School?”

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “My name is Ye Mo, but I didn’t go to destroy the Hop School, I just swatted a few flies that went to Yanjing to scream.”

“Good, Brother Ye has good guts, let me introduce myself, my name is Gu Yang He, not that I’m here to participate in the Grand Competition, I’m here on purpose to participate in this exchange.” The short middle-aged man gave a thumbs up in praise.

Ye Mo glanced at Gu Yanghe, a middle Earth level cultivator, considered a good expert. He nodded and didn’t say anything.

At this moment, an old man with a long beard stood up, gave a careless glance at Gu Yanghe, cupped his fist and said: “Friends, we are usually from the south and the north, and it is rare to have a chance to sit together. Nowadays, ancient martial arts are in decline and their prosperity is not as good as before. The reason for this is also that there are too few resources, which has caused the decline of the ancient martial arts. But how to make use of these limited resources and find what you need from them is not easy for everyone.

It is by taking the opportunity of this five-yearly Hidden Sect Competition that we can gather together. I hope that we can all exchange what we need in this exchange. As one of the initiators, I am responsible for the fairness and impartiality of this exchange, so if there are people who do not follow the rules, don’t blame me, Xiang Ming Wang, for being ungracious.”

After saying this, this old man also gave Ye Mo a special glance, as if in his eyes Ye Mo was the main molecule of injustice, because his antecedents against the Hidden Sect were a little too bad. In his eyes, it didn’t matter at all if someone from the Hidden Sect killed a few mundane people from the secular world, but this Ye Mo actually killed all the people from the Hopeful School who went to Yanjing.

Ye Mo coldly! Smiling, he didn’t care about this long-bearded old man’s words, to him as long as he didn’t mess with him, don’t blame him for doing it if he did.

Even if this old man was already at the peak of the earth level, or even at the half-step Xiantian realm, Ye Mo didn’t care.

As for what others thought of him, he didn’t care. He was here to exchange things, not to cause trouble.