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DYM Chapter 468

“We firmly support Elder Xiang of Huludao Valley, if there is anything Elder Xiang can command.” Immediately, someone stood out to support the old man who spoke.

“Yes, with senior Xiang, senior Feng and senior Wang in charge, who else would dare to disobey the rules?”

“That’s natural, I came here just because of the presence of the three seniors, the last auction at Qixia Temple was quite a lot of good things, but that was too chaotic.”

“Brother Liang is right, I also went to the auction at Qixia Temple last time, I heard that the people who bought the ‘Taiyi Divine Sword, and the top-tier earth level technique were all killed, oh yes, there was also the masked man who bought the ‘Liu Qingluo, I heard that there were no dead bodies.”

Looking at the chatter below, this long-bearded old man Xiang Ming Wang waved his hand with some satisfaction and said, “This Hidden Sect Ancient Martial Arts Exchange will be hosted by me, along with Brother Scrape from the Nine Ming School and Brother Wang from Southern Mountain. I hope that everyone will be able to exchange something to their satisfaction and make the trip worthwhile.

Good, I will not delay everyone’s exchange, the trade meeting will now begin, those who need to trade please first raise the jade token beside you to say what you have and what you need to exchange.”

Xiang Ming Wang sat down after he finished speaking and once again gave Ye Mo a deliberate stare, as if Ye Mo was likely to commit a crime at any moment and he needed to keep an eye on him in general.

The short middle-aged man sitting beside Ye Mo, Guyang He, whispered in Ye Mo’s ear, “Brother Ye, this long bearded man is called Xiang Ming Wang, he is the deputy sect master of Hulou Valley, half-step Xiantian cultivation, very powerful. Huludao Valley is ranked number one among the six Outer Hidden Sects, far from being comparable to the Hop School it can be said that he alone can wipe out the entire Hop School. Moreover, this old man looks very kind, but his temper is one of the most irascible, the kind that really kills immediately at the slightest …… disagreement.”

Seemingly sensing Xiang Ming Wang’s sweeping gaze over, Gu Yang and his head shrank a little and his voice got even smaller.

“Surprisingly so powerful? Wouldn’t that Hulu Valley’s positive valley master be even more powerful?” Ye Mo subconsciously muttered in a small voice, although he didn’t know how many earth level experts the Hop School actually had but this Xiang Ming Wang could destroy the Hop School, obviously the level of power was somewhat more than Ye Mo’s estimation.

Although Ye Mo had almost destroyed the Cang Clan, he had almost lost his life under the Cang Clan’s ‘Seven Kill Formation’ and was injured in the end and forced to leave by Monk Wudao. If this famous king could really destroy the Hopeful School easily, wouldn’t he be no worse than him? Or even as good as Monk Wudao?

However, Gu Yanghe nodded and said in an even smaller voice, “Of course but I heard that the valley master of Huludao Valley has been in seclusion for more than ten years, and it is said that he is in seclusion to shock the Ascended Masters, he is in seclusion to the death, and his life or death is unknown now. It can be said that the Huludao Valley is the king of the Xiang name for the big one.”

“Then what about the Nine Ming Academy?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked, but in his heart he was thinking, if the master of the Nine Brightness School was also as powerful as Xiang Ming Wang, and these two people were surrounding him alone, that would be a bit troublesome.

The six great sects of the Outer Crypt, apart from the closed mountain school and the Point Cang Sect, the other four sects have all come this time. The first one is the Huludao Valley that I just mentioned, and the second one is the Nine Brightness Academy. The reason why Jiu Ming Academy is ranked second is not because they are not as strong as Huludao Valley. In terms of strength, the Nine Brightness Academy is probably even more powerful than the Hulu Valley it’s just that they rarely come out to fight. Unlike Xiang Ming Wang, who has an outgoing and somewhat flamboyant personality, that’s why Jiu Ming Academy’s reputation isn’t as loud as Hulu Valley.”

Ye Mo nodded his head his own prediction was indeed correct, this Jiu Ming Academy was not a simple place either.

However, Gu Yang He continued, “The remaining third in the ranking is the Wang Family of South Mountain This time, the Wang Family of South Mountain is here is the family head Wang Leng Chan, I heard that once he fought with Xiang Ming Wang for a whole day before losing half a move. They have secular properties, but the real Wang Family ancient martial arts disciples are definitely not allowed to get involved in secular properties, so the Wang Family is not well known outside. The fourth in the ranking was the Feng Shan’s Point Cang Sect, whose master, Bian Shuai Hai, was also heard to be at the late Earth level. But the Grand Elder of the Point Cang Sect, Liu Rushan, and Bian Shuaihai don’t get along, and I guess because of this they have sealed the mountain.”

Ye Mo, however, knew that although the Point Cang Sect was at odds with Liu Rushan because of Bian Shuai Hai, the real reason for the mountain closure was caused by himself killing up the Point Cang and taking out Bian Shuai Hai.

At this moment a very rugged looking man at the top of the meeting hall took out a wooden box and said, “Since no one has started, I, Zeng Zhen Man, will throw in the towel. I have here a three hundred year old yellow essence, if you are an expert alchemist you can refine the Essence Pill, I don’t have to tell you all the effects of the Essence Pill. I hope it can preferably be exchanged for something like a divine weapon or a rare ore.”

Ye Mo was immediately a little moved when he heard that the first replacement was a piece of three hundred year old yellow essence, there really was something good here. He took a look at the yellow essence in Zeng Zhen Man’s hand, and indeed he found that the disc scars on it were densely packed, and at a glance he could tell that it was indeed several hundred years old.

Although yellow essence that was less than a hundred years old had the effect of nourishing qi and tonifying the kidneys, it was not of much use to ancient martial arts practitioners, but yellow essence that was more than a hundred years old was a rare thing. As this Zeng Zhenman said, the Essence Pill could not only quickly restore a martial artist’s internal qi, but it was also great for purifying internal qi, the downside was that it could not raise cultivation.

However, Ye Mo also knew that the Essence Pill that this Zeng Zhen Man said was just a bluff, now he did not believe that there was anyone else who could refine the Essence Pill mouth the Essence Pill was slightly more advanced than the Pei Qi Pill that he had refined, it could definitely not be refined without divine sense. The martial artists here only cultivated internal qi, but not true qi, and it was even more impossible for them to have divine sense. So this Essence Pill, apart from him, it was estimated that it would be difficult for anyone to refine it. This Zeng Zhen Man knew about the Essence Pill, so perhaps it was also rumoured down.

If Huang Jing could not refine the Essence Pill, taking it back would only serve an ordinary purpose, although it could also be boiled to make a soup, but the effect was too much worse.

As soon as Zeng Zhenman’s words fell, someone immediately said, “Master Zeng, there is no need to mention this Essence Pill, I have never heard of anyone being able to refine an Essence Pill. I have a piece of fine ink jade here, if Sect Master Zeng has the will, he can exchange it instead.”

Ye Mo shook his head, if it was a very high quality ink jade there was still a possibility that it could barely be worth this three hundred year old yellow essence, but a top quality ink jade, I guess the value was much different.

However, Gu Yang He said next to Ye Mo, “This Zeng Zhen Man is the Sect Master of the Thirty-Six Rivers. The Thirty-Six Rivers is ranked fifth among the Six Outer Hidden Sects, second only to the Pointing Cang Sect. This Zeng Sect Master is also at the late stage of earth level cultivation, but he is very righteous.”

Although Ye Mo did not know how Zeng Zhen Man was as a person, he was at least not a villain. When he came in just now, this Zeng Zhenman did not have hatred for him because he had killed several people from the Hopeful School, even though he knew he was Ye Mo. He still greeted him from afar, and even after King Xiang Ming purposely targeted him, this Zeng Zhenman did not react in a particular way. It was evident that this man was an extremely opinionated person.

Zeng Zhenman, however, knew that the superior ink jade was no match for his yellow essence and shook his head to refuse the exchange.

Seemingly knowing that the man had a point, no one else came forward to exchange Zeng Zhenman’s yellow essence. Zeng Zhenman closed his wooden box with some disappointment after looking at the fact that no one else had continued to get up to exchange.

Just as Zeng Zhenman was about to put away his wooden box, Ye Mo suddenly spoke up and said, “I’ll take this yellow essence, and this is a short knife, can Brother Zeng see if it will fit in?”

After saying that, Ye Mo took out a short knife he had made and threw it out. The short knife seemed to be held by someone’s hand and landed lightly in front of Zeng Zhenman.

The meeting room was silent for a few seconds, not to mention this short blade of Ye Mo’s, just this blade delivery by Ye Mo, not many of those present could do it.

“It’s just internal qi controlling things, what’s there to show off, what I did was much better than this.” The senior disciple surnamed Zheng from the Jiu Ming Academy saw many people at the venue showing some envy towards Ye Mo’s hand and immediately spoke uncomfortably.

Feng Wu smiled lightly, “Senior brother Zheng, this is not internal qi control, he just threw it over at random, only the force hair was controlled very precisely. Even an ordinary person can do the same if they have better control of their force.”

Many people around the room who heard Feng Wu’s words suddenly realized that this was the case, it was just like the oil seller who poured oil from a copper coin into a pot. There was nothing else, but a familiar hand.

“It seems that I have overestimated him.” Zheng Chao smiled coldly.

Ye Mo swept a glance at many people in the venue who seemed to have dawned on him, and laughed coldly in his heart as well, this hand of his is what you will never learn in your lifetime, it was truly controlled with divine sense.

The reason why Ye Mo used this hand was to know if someone could see it, but now it seems he was overly worried.

The late stage cultivation of Zeng Zhen Man at the earth level, of course, also saw that Ye Mo’s hand was not some kind of inner hair control. He nodded, his head, and picked up the short knife in front of him.

The unsheathed short knife had just been picked up when it let out a brittle, chirp. Zeng Zhenman was startled and immediately took a closer look at the short blade in his hand.

“Brother Zeng might as well use his internal qi to inject into the short blade and try it out.” Ye Mo smiled faintly and said in a light voice.

Zeng Zhenman subconsciously raised the short blade and injected his own internal qi, and with an even crisper chirp, the entire body of the short blade emitted a hint of a white aura with a chill out.

“How ugly.” Zeng Zhenman said aloud immediately in surprise.

“This is actually a magic weapon?” A moment later the people inside the venue were talking.

In the Hidden Sect, although there were many magic weapons, and some of them were sold to the public, they all just bore the name of magic weapons. In fact, most people knew that those could not actually be considered magic weapons, and were at best just a name. There are also many weapons that claim to be attacking magic weapons, but at best they only emit a sword or blade aura under the martial artist’s internal qi ji hair and qi momentum.

The short blade in Zeng Zhenman’s hand, however, had a blade aura before it even emitted killing qi, which was undoubtedly a real magic weapon, and was even infinitely close to the category of magic weapons.