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DYM Chapter 469

It is not that no one has ever seen a magic weapon, but they are all blessed magic weapons or defensive magic weapons, while true attack magic weapons are rare and scarce, or the occasional such low-level attack magic weapon is treated as a treasure by the sects. Although people in the Hidden Sect also sold attack magic weapons, they were all just under the guise of magic weapons.

The short blade that Ye Mo took out was actually an attack magic weapon, which immediately caused the people present to clamour. This was not a magic weapon with a name on it, this was definitely a real attack magic weapon.

Looking at most of the shocked eyes in the venue, Ye Mo could only smile bitterly, where was this short blade a magic weapon. It wasn’t even a low-level magic weapon, it was just a sharp blade he usually made, with two randomly engraved formations.

A magic weapon was not that easy to obtain, even his flying sword, after collecting so many precious materials, was barely a top grade magic weapon. Without the Star Jade, Ye Mo was sure that his flying sword would only be a good lower grade magic weapon at most.

However, such things as Star Jade could not be found, so it was not that easy to obtain. Even in the Luo Yue Continent, Ye Mo had only heard of it and had never seen a real Star Jade.

However, Ye Mo also knew that these ancient martial cultivators did not have any concept of lower, middle or upper grade magic weapons. Or rather their understanding of magic weapons was simply different from their own understanding of magic weapons. When Ye Mo fought against Daoist Idle last time, that whip of Daoist Idle was also considered an attack magic weapon, but it was a magic weapon without an engraved formation and could only be called a magic weapon here, if it were in the real cultivation world it could only be considered a high grade weapon.

This caused the short knife that Ye Mo gave to Zeng Zhen Man, which was not even considered a magic weapon, to be considered an attack magic weapon by many people. Of course, Ye Mo would certainly not bother to explain such things, as no one here knew what was a real magic weapon anyway. His flying sword would not be taken out for people to observe.

After Zeng Zhenman injected his internal qi, he pulled out the three-sectioned whip at his waist and gently slashed it with the short blade in his hand. With a ‘clang’ sound, his carefully crafted three-sectioned whip was surprisingly cut off.

“It’s really an attack magic weapon, a good blade, a really good blade.” Zeng Zhenman stroked the short blade in his hand lovingly, he was lacking a good weapon right now, and this blade was like a gift from the snow. With this knife, his combat power had increased by more than one layer.

At this moment, Zeng Zhen Man no longer cared about the envious eyes around him, picked up his own yellow essence and said to Ye Mo somewhat awkwardly, “I’m really too satisfied with this knife, only I’m afraid that this yellow essence of mine is nowhere near as good as this knife of my friend.”

Ye Mo was a bit surprised to look at Zeng Zhen Man, the people in the Hidden Sect Ye Mo knew no better, they were no worse than the kind of weakness and selfishness in the cultivation world. He didn’t expect Zeng Zhenqiang to say such things, he could see that Zeng Zhenqiang was very fond of this knife, ordinary people would not hesitate to exchange the item, where would they think about the other party.

This was a bright and open-minded man, a good person. Thinking of this Ye Mo smiled faintly, “This kind of knife is nothing to me, I still have a few more, please just give me your yellow essence, Brother Zeng.”

“Good, good, this time I’ve been blessed by Brother Ye, haha.”

Zeng Zhenman picked up the yellow essence and tossed it to Ye Mo after he finished speaking, still lovingly stroking the short sword in his hand.

Ye Mo put away the yellow essence and looked at Zeng Zhen Man and said, “Brother Zeng is a man of integrity, Ye Mo greatly admires him. I live on top of the roof loft of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’.”

Ye Mo’s purpose in saying this was his appreciation for Zeng Zhen Man, his divine sense had long since seen that Zeng Zhen Man had an extremely heavy internal injury, and if this internal injury did not go away, he would not have a few years to live. If Zeng Zhenman was willing to go to the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ in the evening, for this kind of lethal man, Ye Mo didn’t mind helping him with his treatment, if he didn’t go, then forget it.

“Good, I will definitely go to hara*s Brother Ye in the evening, haha.” Zeng Zhenman sat down with his short sword, he was deeply convinced that this trip was not in vain.

The consequence of this trade was that many people looked directly at Ye Mo after they took out something, all hoping that Ye Mo also had a knife to exchange with them. It was just that none of these things Ye Mo could look at, either some ordinary pills that offered to cultivate ancient martial arts, or some Xuan or early Earth level gong methods or something like that.

As the trade progressed, most of the people gradually lost hope that Ye Mo would come up with another magic weapon short sword. Just at this time, Xiang Ming Wang of Huludao Valley suddenly took out a jade bottle and said, “I have an ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ here that can allow anyone with a cultivation level below Xiantian to advance at least one level …… ”

Before Xiang Ming Wang could finish these words, the scene was immediately stirred up, it could be said that the deal up to now was this ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ was the most precious, even the short sword that Ye Mo took out was not even comparable.

If one were to take this pill, one would have a 90 percent chance of advancing to the later stages of the earth level. If he took it at the late Earth level, he would have an 80 percent chance of advancing to the peak of the Earth level, or even a 50 percent chance of advancing to half-step Xiantian directly. If you take the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ at the late Xuan level, you have an 80% chance of advancing to the Earth level, knowing that breaking through to the Earth level is many times more difficult than advancing to the Intermediate level at the Elementary level.

However, Xiang Ming Wang did not care about the eyes of the people around him, instead he looked directly at Ye Mo and said, “Ye Mo, if you still have that kind of sword from earlier, I wouldn’t mind exchanging this ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ with you.”

Ye Mo’s divine sense had long since swept the pellet and it was indeed good, a real pellet. Ye Mo’s heart was also secretly amazed, there was someone here who could refine real pills? Could it be that someone here also had divine sense? However, Ye Mo immediately thought of the divine Nong Cauldron, since he could obtain the divine Nong Cauldron, it meant that this cauldron had been used by someone before, which meant that someone here had refined pills.

Ye Mo had just thought of this when he heard Xiang Ming Wang’s words, and he couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. This old thing relied on the old man, although this ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ was also of interest to Ye Mo and he wanted to exchange it to see what it was all about, but Ye Mo did not have the slightest good feeling towards this Xiang Ming Wang. Besides, this ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ was only equivalent to his ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ at best, or even worse. If it wasn’t for research purposes, he wouldn’t even need this kind of pills.

As expected, many people inside the meeting hall extinguished their intention to exchange the ‘Earth Spirit Dan’, Ye Mo’s short knife was a real magic weapon, even if someone had something more precious than this knife, no one was willing to take it out. It looked like this elixir must have been obtained by Ye Mo without a doubt.

Just what all of them didn’t expect was that Ye Mo just swept a glance at the pill bottle in front of Xiang Ming Wang and said in a light voice, “Not interested.”

“You ……” Xiang Ming Wang was instantly furious, he didn’t expect that when he took out such a precious item, Ye Mo would say that he had no interest, this was simply a slap in his face. Could it be that this elixir of his was not a hundred times more valuable than that yellow essence just now? And this young man was actually insensitive.

Xiang Ming Wang’s face turned gloomy, although he didn’t continue to speak, but those who sat closer to him could feel the faint murderous aura on his body.

Ye Mo secretly despised it, this old thing had just said that he wanted everyone to be fair and just, but now it was just that he was unwilling to exchange with him and immediately moved to kill. This old thing is really an extremely shameless guy, but to mess with me Ye Mo, you Xiang Ming Wang are not qualified enough.

Of course Ye Mo was not the only one who saw Xiang Ming Wang’s killing intent, many of the people present felt that killing intent, but these people were only secretly happy. To them, the sooner Ye Mo, the a*sa*sin of the Hidden Sect, was killed, the better.

Gu Yanghe had exchanged a fist technique and was being happy in his heart. Hearing Xiang Ming Wang’s words, he couldn’t help but sigh and said to Ye Mo in a very low voice, “Brother Ye you really shouldn’t have angered Xiang Ming Wang just now, he is a vengeful man and has an amazing cultivation, it can be said that no one present is his opponent except for Feng Wu of the Nine Ming Academy.”

Ye Mo smiled unconcernedly, “I’m just afraid that he won’t come.”

Gu Yanghe gave a bitter laugh and shook his head without saying anything else. Secretly, he said that he was still young and vigorous, in his heart he certainly would not think that Ye Mo was Xiang Ming Wang’s opponent. No matter how high Ye Mo’s cultivation was, he was only about twenty years old to be placed here, there was no way he could be as profound as Xiang Ming Wang’s cultivation.

The reason why he had a good feeling towards Ye Mo was because he had a deep hatred with the Hop School, and Ye Mo killed the Hop School’s people, so he was even his benefactor. Besides, he also liked Ye Mo’s character of not being afraid to be strong.

There was also the fact that he was faced with many experts whose lowest cultivation level was above Xuan level, and most of them were still hostile to him, Ye Mo still looked calm, which showed that his courage and connotation were not ordinary.

The reason why Ye Mo was still calm when he came to the venue and faced so many experts who were hostile to him was because he simply did not care. Even if all of them were to unite to surround him, he still had a way to escape. Besides, it was absolutely impossible for so many people to surround and kill him.

Xiang Ming Wang’s face was gloomy as he was about to put away the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ in his hand, but at this moment, someone with a little bit of energy picked up a stone and said, “Senior Xiang, junior is Qi Shi Heng of Wuyi, I have a ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’ here , if ……”

Xiang Ming Wang did not wait for Qi Shiheng to finish his words before he directly waved his hand and said, “This thing is of no use to me.” After saying this, he did not hesitate to put away the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ in his hand.

Ye Mo heard the ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’ but his heart moved, this is a good thing, this is the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’. Something to refine storage devices, two years ago he still stole a ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ by chance, he didn’t expect to meet it again here today.

“I’ll take this stone.” Ye Mo’s words once again drew all eyes inside the venue.