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DYM Chapter 470

He knew that people who practiced ancient martial arts here called this kind of stone ‘Spiritual Sensing Stone’ to enhance their strength by sensing the mysteries within it, but it was only below the Earth level, or it could be helpful for the promotion of the Xuan level to the Earth level. In this respect alone, the value of the Empyrean Stone is indeed not as high as that of the Earth Spirit Pill.

But what these people didn’t know was that the true value of the Empyrean Stone was countless times greater than the Earth Spirit Pill that King Xiang Ming had taken out.

“Ah ……” The Qi Shiheng who took out the ‘Empty Meditation Cunning’ was a martial artist with an early Earth Grade cultivation, and did not look like a big sect either. He seemed to be smashed by this big pie, although Ye Mo’s short blade was not something he needed urgently, he also knew that the value of this short blade was far more advanced than his ‘Spiritual Sense Stone’.

Even if he didn’t need it, he could still exchange the short blade for Xiang Ming Wang’s ‘Earth Spirit Pill’.

All the people in the meeting hall only froze and rushed for a moment before immediately reacting. In their minds, this should be Ye Mo’s disguised attempt to curry favour towards King Xiang Ming. Almost all of them were certain that Qi Shiheng would immediately replace the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ with King Xiang Ming after using the ‘Spirit Sensing Stone and exchanging it for the short sword”

That young man called Ye Mo must have known this too, that’s why he exchanged the ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’, only he woke up too late and didn’t exchange it for the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ but only for a ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’ that wasn’t of much use It was a waste of time for Qi Shiheng, and offended Xiang Ming Wang.

Gu Yanghe was relieved to see Ye Mo see the opportunity, and was slightly disappointed.

Xiang Ming Wang also let out a cold hum when he heard Ye Mo’s words Now he knew it was too late to please, after he got the short sword, this ungrateful thing also had to be taught a lesson. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know the sky is high, are the people in the Hidden Sect that easy to bully? He, Xiang Ming Wang, was not one of those soft eggs from the Hop School.

Xiang Ming Wang reckoned that the reason why Ye Mo had changed his mind should have something to do with Gu Yanghe. It was probably because Guyang He had told Ye Mo about the greatness of Huludao Valley and the rumours about himself however even if that was the case, this Guyang He needed to be taught a lesson. The internal conflicts within the Hidden Sect were an internal matter, Ye Mo was an outsider who had ma*sacred the people of the Hidden Sect this had offended the authority of the Hidden Sect.


” Qi Shiheng was afraid that Ye Mo would back out and without thinking, he threw the ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’ he was holding to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, how could this gap between people be so big? Just now Zeng Zhen Man was embarra*sed that his yellow essence was no match for Ye Mo’s short sword, now this Qi Shi Heng was knowing that his stuff was not as good as Ye Mo’s short sword, but he could not wait for this advantage to be taken as fast as possible.

Ye Mo put away the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’, but did not take out an attack weapon as all the people expected, instead he took out a porcelain bottle and threw it over and said, “This is a ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ that will allow you to advance to the middle stage of the earth level 100% and have a solid realm without without any worries.”

Qi Shiheng was at a loss for words as he took Ye Mo’s ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, his original intention was to use Ye Mo’s short blade magic weapon to exchange for the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ from Xiang Ming Wang, but he did not expect Ye Mo to give him a ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ directly. ”

“This…” Qi Shiheng reacted and looked at Ye Mo with some concern as he held the porcelain bottle. What ‘Qi cultivation pills, he had never heard of them before… what if he was fooled?

“With a snap, Xiang Ming Wang slapped the table with a blue face and suddenly stood up, “Ye Mo, the trade fair is about fairness and justice. Do you think I dare not do anything to you after you took something from someone else and brought out such useless pills?”

Qi Shiheng looked at Ye Mo and Xiang Ming Wang in panic, if he had known this, he would not have taken out the ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’. He couldn’t afford to mess with Ye Mo, and he could not afford to mess with Xiang Ming Wang. If it was just Ye Mo alone, he would rather give up and give this ‘Spiritual Sensing Stone’ to Ye Mo.

However, he knew very well that once he said this, he would be crossing Xiang Ming Wang. From the looks of the scene, Xiang Ming Wang must have wanted to find an opportunity to send a crush on Ye Mo for a long time, and once he did so, he would be giving Xiang Ming Wang one less chance.

The people in the audience all started to get excited, as Xiang Ming Wang was facing Ye Mo, there was something hilarious to watch. Although there were many people who wanted to call out in support of King Xiang Ming, this time was different from the time earlier, when King Xiang Ming said he was fair and impartial and did not nominate anyone, but this time he directly mentioned Ye Mo’s name. If someone rose up now and said they supported King Xiang Ming, they would be clearly disagreeing with him, Ye Mo. The people here had all heard of Ye Mo’s decisive killing.

In case they angered Ye Mo and he went on a killing spree in his own sect, they would be finished.

If Ye Mo knew what was going through these people’s minds he must have laughed bitterly, he never liked to exterminate sects, the reason he wanted to exterminate the Hop School was because he thought they were going to Yanjing to exterminate the Ye family. The reason for exterminating the Point and Cang was because the people of the Point and Cang had offended his scales.

Even so, he hadn’t exterminated a single sect so far, not the Hop School, not the Point and Cang, and even the Song family he had only killed a few key figures. If he really wanted to exterminate the Song family, with his ability, Ye Mo could kill them all even if they hid anywhere.

The only thing that could be considered extermination was the Amphibian Gang, the people inside that gang were no longer considered human, they were a bunch of animals, and that’s what aroused Ye Mo’s killing desire.

The two of them were not considered human, they were a bunch of animals. Although they wanted Ye Mo to be killed by Xiang Ming Wang, they did not dare to show any face to be seen by Ye Mo.

“Xiang Ming Wang, which of your eyes saw me, Ye Mo, take useless pills to this friend? You didn’t even see my pills, and you know they are useless. It seems that you are either a god or a blind fortune teller?” Ye Mo sneered and sneered, even if Xiang Ming Wang was as powerful as Wudao, he wouldn’t care.

As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, the scene was in an uproar who was Xiang Ming Wang? It could be said that apart from Monk Wudao, he was the one with the biggest reputation. Even if they had the guts to go against him, they would still have to call him Sect Master Xiang.

But this Ye Mo, surprisingly, called Xiang by his name, King, without a trace of respect. Moreover, no one did not know the meaning of his words, either he was a god or a blind man, was this not a clear statement that Xiang Ming Wang was blind. Because it is impossible for a god to be a god, then only a blind man.

Gu Yanghe secretly praised Ye Mo for his courage, but there was no way to stand up and speak for Ye Mo.

“Good, good, old man has seen arrogant ones, but an arrogant descendant like you, old man has never seen. Today the Boss would like to learn from you, a ruthless person who killed six Earth Grade experts from the Hopeful School, I hope your body skills are as powerful as your mouth …….” The king of Xiang Ming could not hold back his anger any longer, and with a clear sound, he drew a long sword.

The vice master of Jiu Ming Academy, Feng Wu, who was sitting next to Xiang Ming Wang, immediately stood up and stopped him, “Brother Xiang, don’t be angry, wait until you have a clear answer before you take action. Besides, this is an exchange meeting, so it is not good to make a scene. If you want to fight, you can’t do it in the ‘Qin Guang Wang Hall’, it’s a sign of respect to Qin Guang Wang.”

“What else is there to ask, is a pill that raises the earth level by one rank also something he can take out? Other than the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ I don’t know of any other elixir that can raise the Earth level cultivation by one rank. And the preciousness of the ‘Earth Spirit Pill’, I don’t need to say that everyone understands that it is something that can’t be found. Coupled with this person’s poor behaviour in the past, it is clear that he must be cheating.” Xiang Ming Wang said without hesitation, but did not immediately step forward to make another move, not knowing which of Feng Wu’s words had worked.

Instead, the crowd present knew from the murderous aura emanating from Hua that he had moved against Ye Mo.

Feng Wu nodded, expressing his agreement with Xiang Ming Wang’s words, but he looked at Ye Mo and said in a light voice: “Ye Mo, you said that your ‘Qi Cultivation Pill, which can raise your Earth level cultivation by one level, now it can be said that no one can tell if it is true or not. Even if it is an ‘Earth Spirit Pill, after eating it, you still need half a dan to cultivate before you can raise it. Moreover, the current pills are difficult to refine, as everyone here knows. So for the time being, regardless of whether your ‘Qi cultivation pills, are real or fake, I suggest that you return the ‘Spirit Sensing Stone, to Sect Leader Qi, or that you take out the same sword from earlier and replace an ‘Earth Spirit Pill, to Sect Leader Qi with Brother Xiang.”

Ye Mo nodded, although what this Feng Wu of the Jiu Ming School said was still somewhat biased towards Xiang Ming Wang, but in general it was fair. He said that the pills were difficult to refine, although he didn’t directly state it, he also indirectly pointed out that his own ‘Qi cultivation pills, were fake now.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “My ‘Qi cultivation pills, are not comparable to a mere ‘Earth Spirit Pill, there are still one or two hours left before the end of the exchange meeting, right, this friend, you can take my pills now. If there is no effect within an hour, I will definitely return your ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’ to you, and at the same time give you a short sword like the one I just exchanged to Brother Zeng. But whether my elixir is real or fake, it has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Ye Mo’s words instantly silenced the scene, did he mean that this ‘Qi cultivation pill, really had this kind of heaven defying effect? If there really was such a pill, how come they had never heard of it before? Ye Mo’s words were so sure that he could say that in an hour’s time, he would know the result of the matter, could he still lie knowing it was false?

One should know that even if he, Ye Mo, was powerful, he wouldn’t be a match for so many people besieging him, right?

“I think we should let Brother Qi try it first before we say anything, after all, no one knows if the elixir is real or fake until there is a result.” Zeng Zhenman suddenly interjected at this time and said.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, this Zeng Zhen Man was really a good man, he dared to help him speak for Ye Mo in this situation, he obviously did not care about Xiang Ming Wang’s revenge. One should know that no matter if his pills were true or not, saying this was the same as directly making enemies of Xiang Ming Wang.

Qi Shiheng was just the head of a small sect, and now that he saw that this matter was getting bigger and bigger because of himself and was close to a fight, his heart was even more anxious.

When he heard Ye Mo say that he would know the result in just one hour, he did not even think about it and immediately poured out the pill inside the bottle and swallowed it, his thought was that the sooner this matter was over, the better.