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DYM Chapter 49-50

Chapter 49

Zhuo Aiguo had already gone down, and Ye Mo and the driver less than also got out of the car. Ye Mo looked at the four sides, apart from the man who shouted just now and the two men with guns next to him, there were two more people behind them blocking the way, together with the two people who blocked the way in front, these robbers who blocked the way were seven in total, six of the seven people had guns in their hands.

“Pay 50,000 yuan and go over.” The big man with the horn continued to shout.

“Didn’t it originally cost only 10,000 yuan? Why does it suddenly cost fifty thousand?” The driver, less than the usual, seemed to know the market and said in a hurry.

“What? If you keep talking, I’ll shoot you. How much to charge, I’ll decide.” The man who originally stopped the BMW SUV in front of him heard what Lesser said, raised the gun in his hand and chided arrogantly.

“Okay, okay, I have money, fifty thousand yuan, I will get it to you immediately.” The young man, who was a little white with fear, seemed to listen to the voice of immortals and immediately turned around and got into his car and took out 50,000 yuan.

The man in front of him took the money, swung the gun in his hand and said, “You go now.”

The tall young man immediately got into the car and said, “Xiao Lei, let’s hurry up and go. Don’t go to the snake, let’s go back immediately.”

The woman called Xiao Lei looked back at Ye Mo a few people and said with some worry, “They ……”

But her words were only two subs, when she was interrupted by this tall youth, “They drive such a nice car, they definitely have money to give, we don’t need to worry.”

But his words had only just fallen out of his mouth when he was similarly interrupted, “Kid, you can just go by yourself. We’ll use this woman for a few days, and you can come back for her in a few days. The woman, you come over here ……”

The man with the gun in front of him finished speaking and pointed his hand at the taller woman, Xiao Lei. Hearing the words of the man with the gun, and the fact that his finger was pointing at herself, Xiao Lei’s face immediately became a bit stuck white.

“That, I’ve already paid you guys, just please be noble and let us go ……” When the tall young man heard that he was going to leave Xiao Lei behind, his face, which had recovered a little, became ugly again.

“I’m going to count to five, if you still stay here anymore, don’t blame me for being ungracious.” The man who told the woman to stay interrupted the young man, picked up the gun in his hand and said in a cold voice, and began to count.

“No, I’m leaving.” The young man suddenly rushed inside the Mercedes, dropped a small bag, and then quickly started the car, while the car made a big turn and actually drove back, at this time the man with the gun was only counting to four. The man with the gun had only reached the count of four. Fortunately, the depression here was relatively open, otherwise it would have been difficult for him to keep up his speed.

The kidnappers kept their word and laughed when they saw that the man had escaped, but instead they let go of the way they had come and let him pa*s.

The woman named Xiao Lei who stayed behind turned paler and paler, her lips trembled and she did not say a word for half a day. She kept backing up, until she reached the side of Ye Mo’s Audi.

“It’s your turn, get the money fast, don’t delay the enjoyment time of the old men.” The seven people surrounding Ye Mo and his group had already gathered.

“Xiao Lei? You are reporter Xiao?” Zhuo Aiguo saw the woman named Xiao Lei clearly at this moment, and he suddenly called out, it was obvious that he knew this woman.

Xiao Lei suddenly turned around and saw Zhuo Aiguo. The person in front of her looked familiar but she didn’t recognise him, but someone knew her and she immediately retreated behind Ye Mo as if she had found organisation. Facing these few strong men who were leering at her, she chilled from the inside of her heart.

“You are ……” Xiao Lei looked at Zhuo Aiguo somewhat nervously, no matter what, Zhuo Aiguo was countless times more good-faced than these robbers.

“I am Zhuo Aiguo, the Blue Industry Group’s ……” Zhuo Aiguo’s words were interrupted by Xiao Lei’s surprise, “You are the Blue Industry’s General Manager Zhuo? Zhuo Yingqing’s third uncle, I really didn’t expect to see you here ……”

Xiao Lei’s words suddenly stopped, she remembered her situation, although Zhuo Aiguo was also considered an acquaintance, but even if Zhuo Aiguo did not leave her behind, she could not save her from the robbers. Her heart sank again, no longer the surprise of having just met Zhuo Aiguo in a foreign land.

“I didn’t think it was an acquaintance, f*cking hurry up and pay up and get out, this woman come over or I’ll sweep all of you guys off your feet. Don’t blame me for not talking about the righteousness of the jianghu, grandmother ……” the man whose eyes had been fixed on Xiao Lei continued to shout.

The man who had been watching the man’s eyes continued to shout. Not to mention that she sounded like she also knew her niece Ying Qing, even if she didn’t, Zhuo Aiguo couldn’t watch a woman he knew being pulled away and ravaged by these bandits.

“Ye Mo, what do you mean?” Zhuo Aiguo knew that Ye Mo was very capable of fighting, but facing seven desperadoes with guns, these were not people who were thieves inside a shopping mall.

“Who are these people?” Ye Mo asked indifferently, as if he didn’t even see the guns pointed at him.

“They are all outlaws from the country and Vietnam and other countries, these people have been roaming the border between China and Vietnam and several other countries for years, killing people at the drop of a hat. But mainly, they robbed people of their money.” Zhuo Aiguo knew some of them, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked Ye Mo to help him come along.

“How many of them are there in total?” Ye Mo asked again.

“It is said that there are thirteen in total, called the Thirteen Tai Bao, but I heard that six died in a firefight with another gang last time, so now it should be these seven. Usually they want money, but if they don’t cooperate, they will kill immediately. Robbing women is rare, but it’s also rare for decent women to come here ……” This time it was the driver, Xiao Yu, who answered, who had been here several times and was more familiar with it than Zhuo Aiguo.

When Xiao Yu said about women, he subconsciously looked at Xiao Lei and did not continue. What was going on in his heart, I guess everyone guessed, what is a woman like you doing here?

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Boss Zhuo, I’ll take care of this place, you three get in first.”

“F*ck, dilly-dallying, sheepskin shot and killed one first, these few people since ……” the only person who did not hold a gun, holding a horn in his hand, saw Ye Mo several people discussed half a day, immediately some impatience.

“The only person who didn’t have a gun was the man beside him.

It was obvious that the man who fired the gun and the man with the horn had the same idea, to kill one person first, but he chose Ye Mo.

At the same time as his gun went off, Ye Mo had already leapt up and kicked him in the face with a big foot, and the guy fell down without even grunting. The two people next to him including the guy with the horn fell down together, but Ye Mo was not shot.

Ye Mo kicked the three men with a series of kicks and before he even hit the ground, he followed Wen Dong’s example and kicked the two men with the guns twice on the grab handles, the two guns had already flown out and actually went over the heads of several of Zhuo Aiguo’s men, there were two more muffled grunts and the two men behind Zhuo Aiguo had already been hit in the head by the two guns that Ye Mo kicked out and immediately fainted.

The remaining two men immediately reacted and raised the guns in their hands to shoot.

“Bang, bang” two shots rang out.

There were two more “clicks”. Only then did Zhuo Aiguo and the others, who were in a state of shock, see clearly that the two shots were fired by Ye Mo, who had grabbed his wrist and shot up into the sky. The latter ‘click’ should have been Ye Mo breaking the wrists of the two men.

Ye Mo didn’t want to kill in front of a reporter, lest the woman didn’t know the importance of going around and talking nonsense, that’s why he didn’t use iron nails, otherwise, he would have solved the problem with just a few iron nails.

Zhuo Aiguo looked at Ye Mo dumbfounded, he knew that Ye Mo was powerful, but he didn’t expect that he was actually powerful to this extent, he seemed to have dodged the first shot and started to make his move. Facing six guns he actually knocked down these people as if he was strolling idly, this was simply not a fight, but a performance.

The driver’s mouth was also wide open, he couldn’t even believe what he was seeing. This harmless young man who had come with the boss was actually so powerful.

After her shock, Xiao Lei immediately watched with her eyebrows raised, this was the first time she had met someone with such martial arts skills, it was almost like filming an action movie, it was just a pity that she hadn’t actually filmed it just now. She had forgotten the situation she was in not so long ago. However, she then remembered what had just happened and couldn’t help but be grateful to Ye Mo in her heart, if it wasn’t for his hand, she might have ended up worse than dead, and it looked like she couldn’t be so capricious in the future.

Thinking of the fleeing Wang Qianjun, she secretly sighed, people can only see their true character when they are in danger. Even Zhuo Aiguo was countless times better than that handsome looking Wang Qianjun.

“Boom, Ye Mo kicked another robber on top of his stomach, sending the man several meters away and falling to the ground and pa*sing out.


Chapter 50

After Ye Mo knocked the last one unconscious, he turned back to the driver less than and said, “Come over here and do me a favour and drag these scum with me.”

“I’ll help you.” Xiao Lei rushed up in a hurry, her face red, obviously the excitement inside her hadn’t gone down yet. It was as if she had met the legendary bridge of Prince Charming suddenly descending to save her, like a dream, the scenario had changed too quickly.

Zhuo Aiguo had already calmed down, and in his heart, he felt grateful for his wise choice, and was determined that people like Ye Mo should be befriended no matter what. He might even be a disciple of the legendary ancient martial heritage down the line, although he had also heard that there were some ancient martial families in Yanjing, but these families were generally very mysterious, they wouldn’t come out and walk around in the secular world, nor would they go as athletes.

However, he also knew that among these ancient martial arts families, there were also some families that would select some of the elites among the family to join some special departments of the state, these departments only served the state, even the leaders could not enjoy the escort of such talents.

Ye Mo looked at Xiao Lei, who had rushed over, and shook his head speechlessly, thinking that this woman was really changing fast. He also ignored her and directly carried the two robbers, who had been knocked unconscious, into the woods by the roadside.

The driver, Xiao Lei, also dragged the two men with him. Ye Mo threw the two men into the woods and carried them in again. Xiao Lei saw that Ye Mo ignored her and was a little angry, but with a lot of strength, she could not drag the last one to follow Ye Mo, and in the end, it was the driver, Xiao Xiao, who helped pull them away.

After seeing all seven people pulled in, Ye Mo said to the driver, “You guys get in and wait for a while, I’ll be here later.”

When the driver was less than went out, Ye Mo then kicked one of them awake. These people were stopping and robbing here, and they were mostly Vietnamese, so Ye Mo was moved to kill. After kicking each of the seven people awake, Ye Mo asked about their lair. The lair was actually inside a private manor not far from Flowing Snake Town, and it was similar to what Lesser had said, there were indeed thirteen people, and now there were only seven of them.

Originally, Ye Mo’s intention was to end their lair after arriving at Flowing Snake, he did not like to leave a trail behind. But since there was no one left, Ye Mo didn’t plan to go either.

Ye Mo threw all these people’s bodies into the mountain stream, and only searched some Vietnamese banknotes from a few people, Ye Mo didn’t ask for any of them. He knew that these banknotes were similar to plutonium, or even not as valuable as plutonium.

He didn’t understand how these people could be so poor when they spent all day stopping and robbing. Or maybe they didn’t have anything of value with them.

When Ye Mo returned to the mountain road, Xiao and Zhuo Aiguo had already cleared the roadblock and all three had gotten into the car and were waiting for him. To Ye Mo’s surprise, when he got into the car, no one asked him where he had gotten those thugs.

“I can’t take this money, the thugs were driven away by you, so I’ll leave it to you.” Xiao Lei took the 50,000 yuan that Zhuo Aiguo handed to her and handed it to Ye Mo again.

Ye Mo pushed it away and said, “No, it’s better for you to keep this money. I was hired by Boss Zhuo, someone else pays for the work. Besides, that companion of yours abandoned you, so this money should be considered as his compensation for you.”

“Humph, I don’t know him, that beast ……” Xiao Lei still wanted to say something, but Ye Mo directly told less than to drive.

“Mr. Ye, it’s really lucky for you this time, if it wasn’t for you, I guess I would have been really miserable this time.” Zhuo Aiguo hurriedly thanked Ye Mo.

What Zhuo Aiguo said was practical, if he hadn’t met Xiao Lei, he might have only lost a few tens of thousands of dollars, but having met Xiao Lei, with Zhuo Aiguo’s heart, of course he couldn’t stand by and watch her being taken away. Once there was a conflict, the result could be imagined.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Boss Zhuo is polite, it’s nothing, besides this is what we agreed on in the first place, otherwise there would be no need for you to invite me.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Zhuo Aiguo was in a good mood and said with a smile, “I’m a few years older, if Mr. Ye doesn’t mind, just call me Old Brother Zhuo, and I won’t be polite enough to call you Brother Ye directly.”

“That’s very good.” Ye Mo nodded his head in agreement, Zhuo Aiguo was not a bad person, a person to befriend.

Xiao Lei asked Zhuo Aiguo for Ye Mo’s name, but felt that the name Ye Mo was somewhat familiar, as if she had heard it somewhere, but she couldn’t recall it for a while.

“Reporter Xiao, the flowing snake is a border town, the management is one of the most chaotic places, here three countries meet, why did you come here?” Zhuo Aiguo turned his head and asked.

Xiao Lei’s thoughts were interrupted and she said helplessly, “I came because I heard that many tourists who come to Guilin go missing in the surrounding attractions, so I wanted to come over to cover the story. After I came here, I realized that most of the missing people went missing at Flowing Snake, so I got the idea to go to Flowing Snake, no, if I hadn’t met you guys, I don’t know what would have happened, thank you so much.”

Ye Mo secretly laughed, this female reporter should be too naive, she was used to staying in big cities, she thought that by showing her press card, all those robbers would be caught with their hands tied, truly speechless.

Zhuo Aiguo was also speechless, Xiao Lei he knew, a famous reporter who had risen in the last two years. But he was not familiar with her, so of course he could not tell her what to do in front of her.

Xiao Lei took a look at several people’s expressions and knew what the others were thinking in their hearts, yet she could not refute them. After experiencing this incident, she realised that she was indeed a bit naive. When she was coming to Guilin, Wang Qianjun insisted on accompanying her, accompanying her all the way to Guilin, and even got a BMW car in Guilin to send her to Flowing Snake.

Wang Qianjun’s handsome appearance is indeed pleasing to the eye, she is also very fond of Wang Qianjun, it is estimated that before long, she will agree to Wang Qianjun to be his girlfriend. But when the time came when it was critical, Xiao Lei realized that appearance is handsome and something else is completely irrelevant.

Ye Mo stopped talking, he carefully checked out the four sides and liked it in his heart. This place was full of deserted mountains and jungles, and it was also sparsely populated, which was perfect for him to cultivate. In case he was chased by the Song family’s people, he would have a way to escape. Ye Mo did not think that he was invincible now, there were many people who were more powerful than him, and besides, thermal weapons were not something he could resist with his current cultivation level.

But Zhuo Aiguo and Xiao Lei were chatting enthusiastically, only that Xiao Lei glanced at Ye Mo with her eyes from time to time, and seeing that Ye Mo did not look like he wanted to talk at all, and seemed to be closing his eyes, she dismissed the idea of looking for Ye Mo to talk.

This place was actually not far from the flowing snake, and thirty minutes later, the Audi drove into a place where the fortress did not look like a fortress and the town did not look like a town.

“This is the Flowing Snake, we’re going to run some errands, I guess we can only leave here tomorrow. Reporter Xiao, what about you? Are you coming with us, or are you moving on your own?” After the car entered the flowing snake, Zhuo Aiguo looked at Xiao Lei and said.

Before Xiao Lei could answer, she saw two gangs of people fighting in front of her, all of them with sticks and even knives slashing randomly.

In a short while several people fell to the ground bleeding, and it was only after a while that a team of people resembling the vigilantes came over, and these fighters dispersed in a flurry, even those who had fallen to the ground injured were carried away. However, the policemen did not follow them, but simply turned around and left.

Xiao Lei watched in horror, she didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen quite so openly, which made her completely understand how naive she had been in her initial thoughts.

“The Flowing Serpent is basically in a state of anarchy, and this was originally a wilderness. In the late seventies, because of the war, some stragglers slowly gathered here, from several surrounding countries, creating a place where a town doesn’t look like a town and a fortress doesn’t look like a fortress. The vigilante groups you see here are all organised on an ad hoc basis, so there is no place more chaotic than here.” Seeming to see Ye Mo and Xiao Lei’s surprise, Zhuo Aiguo took the initiative to explain that although it was also the first time he had come to Flowing Snake, he had learned a lot about it beforehand.

“I think I’d better join Uncle Zhuo.” Xiao Lei no longer dared to be that lonely hero reporter and chose to stay without hesitation.