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DYM Chapter 471

Qi Shiheng had just put the pill into his mouth when he felt that the ‘Peiyuan Dan’ had melted away and a hot and spicy heat surged up from his dantian, yet it was not very unpleasant. Could it be that this medicine was actually real? Qi Shiheng’s face changed, and without thinking, he sat on the side and began to refine the pill.

He was already at the earth level cultivation and had a lot of experience. As soon as he sat down and started to refine it, he felt the medicinal liquid in his dantian turn into bubbling internal qi that filled up the meridians of his body.

Feng Wu had been watching Qi Shiheng, and now when he saw him sitting down and refining the medicinal liquid, and with surprise on his face, he knew that the medicine was probably really a pill that could be used to advance to the next level.

The fact that Ye Mo, a young man in his twenties, could come up with such a precious pill made Feng Wu’s opinion of him instantly cautious. Not to mention such precious pills, even if they were ordinary pills, ordinary people would not be able to take them out. Although he, Feng Wu, did not know where Xiang Ming Wang’s elixir came from, he was certain that it was not something that Xiang Ming Wang had refined himself.

Those who could refine pills were said to be of Innate cultivation, could it be that this Ye Mo was an Innate? Or was there an Innate expert behind him? Even if there was an Innate expert, it could only be that Gautama, or that valley master who was in seclusion in Huludao Valley. If this elixir was not something he got by chance from somewhere, then there was an Innate expert behind him.

If it really was a pill that could raise Earth level cultivation, even if he had gotten it by chance or someone behind him had refined it, it would still be precious. How could Ye Mo possibly take it out in exchange for a ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’ that wasn’t of much use? The reason why he did this was probably because he was disgusted with Xiang Ming Wang’s mind for the most part, and he was still young in the end. Even if that was the case, this Ye Mo was not an idle person.

Thinking about this Feng Wu’s mind surprisingly slowly changed a little.

Because Tan Jiao had just advanced to the Ascendant and lost to Ye Mo, he didn’t have the heart to announce it, but chose to continue to close down and stabilize his realm. So for the matter of Tan Jiao’s advancement to Xiantian, it was not spread out except for a few people.

Feng Wu coughed, stood up and said, “Since Sect Leader Qi is refining the effects of the medicine, let’s continue our exchange session.”

Because of Feng Wu’s words, the originally competitive atmosphere loosened up and many people continued to start trading, after all, this was a rare deal and if they missed this opportunity they would have to wait until five years later.

King Xiang Ming frowned a little at Feng Wu’s words, but he looked at Qi Shiheng who was sitting on the side refining the effects of the medicine but didn’t say anything else, instead he sat down with a gloomy face.

Ye Mo swept a glance at King Xiang Ming, he guessed that all the people present thought that he was provoking King Xiang Ming by exchanging the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’, only he himself knew otherwise. It was just that he was not afraid of this Xiang Ming King at all, he could fight if he wanted to, was he still afraid of him.

It was just that although the next deal was not ordinary for everyone here, it was a little too ordinary for Ye Mo, none of which he could see in his eyes.

The Jiu Ming Academy was so deep-rooted that it had brought out an ancient martial arts technique of high earth level. However, Ye Mo knew that at the auction at the Qixia Temple, it was also an earth level top grade gong method that ended up selling for a sky high price.

Although Feng Wu kept looking at Ye Mo after he took out the gong method, Ye Mo really didn’t have any interest in this kind of gong method. If he had to say that the best gongfa he had ever seen here was the sheepskin booklet from the September View. It was that sheepskin pamphlet that Ye Mo didn’t even ask for, leaving it to Nie Shuang Shuang. How could Ye Mo possibly look at such an earth-level gong method for cultivating ancient martial arts?

An hour quickly pa*sed and the trade fair was nearing its end when Qi Shiheng let out a loud shout and stood up. He seemed to forget that this was a trade fair and waved his arms one after another, shouting repeatedly, “A good elixir, to have advanced to the middle Earth Grade so easily ……”

Without finishing a sentence, Qi Shiheng seemed to react and hastily cupped his fist towards Xiang Ming Wang and Feng Wu’s side and said carefully, “A few seniors, junior has just broken through and has unintentionally been reckless ……”

“You have now broken through to the middle Earth Grade?” Feng Wu looked at Qi Shiheng in confusion, he did not have Ye Mo’s kind of divine sense to identify the internal qi of martial artists of the same level, so he could only ask about it.

“Yes, senior Feng, junior has indeed broken through to the middle Earth level.”

The joy on Qi Shiheng’s face had not yet disappeared.

Wang Leng Chan said blandly, “So that ‘Qi cultivation pill’ is true?”

Only then did Qi Shiheng react and his tone became cautious, this ‘Qi cultivation pellet’ was the key point in the fight between Ye Mo and Xiang Ming Wang. Now it was that everyone knew that he had broken through to the middle earth level, and even if others didn’t know, he didn’t dare to lie.

“Yes, the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ given by Brother Ye is indeed true.” After Qi Shiheng finished, he turned back to Ye Mo and cupped his fist again, “Thank you, Brother Ye, for making this possible, I can’t thank you enough, Qi.”

Xiang Ming Wang’s face changed, he knew that he had lost this encounter, if he didn’t stand up and say a word, his prestige would definitely take a big hit.

“Hmph, it was just an unintentional acquisition of an Ancient Martial Relic, these Ancient Martial Relics are all riches left behind to us by our previous Ancient Martial Cultivators. Ye Mo, if I were you, I should contribute to the declining ancient martial cultivators of China. Even if you don’t take out what you have gained for free, you should still take out some of it in exchange for a fee and make some contribution to the development of the Ancient Martial Arts of China.” Xiang Ming Wang said with a cold snort, although he knew that it was impossible, he absolutely could not let all the people continue to have an opinion of himself over the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’.

Ye Mo was furious and his eyes immediately went cold, he had seen shameless people, but this was the first time he had seen someone as shameless as Xiang Ming Wang. This old thing could even say such things, there were so many sects here, and he was allowed to contribute his own stuff out.

Of course Ye Mo knew what Xiang Ming Wang meant, he said this out, the first was to make all the people present shift the target of their suspicion away from him, so that this old face of his could retain a few shades of colour. The second was to point all the fingers at Ye Mo. He made it very clear that the reason why Ye Mo had obtained this heaven-defying pill was because he had found a relic left behind by an ancient martial predecessor.

And this kind of relic was originally common to all cultivators of ancient martial arts, Ye Mo should bring out the things in this relic for everyone to share, and of course there was a loud slogan to develop the declining ancient martial arts of China.

“Yes, I heard that things unearthed by private individuals in the secular world cannot be owned by themselves, this ancient martial unearthed things should likewise be owned by the Hidden Sect ah.”

“Yes, I firmly support what senior Xiang said, this stuff should be everyone’s ……”

There were many people who even acted as if they had a sudden realization, no wonder Ye Mo not only had this heaven defying pills and attack magic weapons, it turned out that he had found the relics of the ancient martial predecessors.

If there were still some people who had scruples and didn’t dare to offend Ye Mo directly, now there was Xiang Ming Wang to take the lead, and there were good things for everyone to share once they had moved Ye Mo down. This instantly made some people who did not dare to offend Ye Mo turn to King Xiang Ming, all wanting to reap the benefits.

Ye Mo smiled coldly as he sat still and swept his gaze around, anyone who was swept by Ye Mo’s gaze subconsciously shrank their heads.

“Xiang Ming Wang, to be honest, I, Ye Mo, have seen many shameless people, but this is the first time I have seen a shameless old thing like you. If you want my Ye Mo’s stuff, it’s easy, just come and take it if you have the guts.” Ye Mo didn’t bother to nag Xiang Ming Wang anymore and directly issued a challenge.

“Ye Mo, I am Wang Leng Chan of the Southern Mountain Wang Clan. Although what Sect Master Xiang said was a bit direct, there is no denying that he has a point. What that friend said just now makes sense, anything you dig out here yourself is to be handed over. Likewise, I also consider it great luck that you, a martial artist who cultivates ancient martial arts, have found the relics of your predecessors in ancient martial arts cultivation. However, these things should still belong to the Ancient Martial Arts Sect. What Brother Xiang said is also reasonable, you are not asked to take them out for free, you can choose to exchange them or ask for payment.” Among the three people who hosted the exchange, Wang Leng Chan, the only one who did not speak, stood up at this moment and said.

Seeing the situation, Zeng Zhenman sighed and did not say anything, knowing that it was inappropriate to say anything at this time.

Although Ye Mo didn’t mind a big killing spree, but a big killing spree here would be like making an enemy of the whole Hidden Sect, although he wasn’t afraid, it was just that now he still had his territory and his worries. To these shameless people, Ye Mo was not much angry. This kind of thing was normal, and it was the same in the cultivation world. The weak and the strong just eat the strong, and what they have makes people’s eyes red. If it wasn’t for King Xiang Ming, these eye-catchers could only do it in secret, but with King Xiang Ming standing out, they would have a core bone.

Thinking about this Ye Mo instead calmed down, he stared at Xiang Ming Wang plainly and asked: “Xiang Ming Wang, since you are the host of this trade fair, you must have lived for a long time. Or rather know quite a lot about it. Before I take out something of my own, I would love to ask you a few questions.”

“I, King Xiang Ming, act openly, there is nothing that I cannot say to others.” King Xiang Ming said with a cold smile, but in his heart he was a little smug, he had pulled back from disadvantaging himself hard.

“Good, crisp, since you have nothing to say to others, I do have a few questions to ask. You are the deputy valley master of the Hulu Valley, right, I am curious to know how many years the Hulu Valley has been established, that it is so prestigious.” Ye Mo asked indifferently.

Xiang Ming Wang smiled proudly, “Although my Huludao Valley was only established a hundred years ago, it has a deep heritage hou, and has been honoured by fellow members of the Hidden Sect to look up to it and push it as the number one outer hidden sect.”

The first of these is the “Huludao”. According to you, aren’t these sects even more profound and more qualified to be the number one sect in the Outer Crypt? Even if we don’t mention the few sects I’m referring to, aren’t there any sects here that are more than a hundred years old? With so many sects with deep hou heritage here, why should the number one Outer Hidden Sect be given to you, Huludao Valley?”

Ye Mo had been to these several sects, and with his cultivation experience, he knew at a glance that he had been to the buildings of those sects for more than a hundred years, and the Broken Fist Hall even had the time written on the stone monument at the entrance.

The people next to him didn’t know what Ye Mo meant, and no one spoke up, just waiting for Xiang Ming Wang’s answer.