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DYM Chapter 472

Ye Mo knew that with such a fiery temper like Xiang Ming Wang, questioning him about the number one outer hidden sect that he was so proud of would definitely arouse his anger.

As expected, Xiang Ming Wang immediately stood up angrily and loudly rebuked, “How dare you, my Huludao Valley heritage comes from Daoist Master Zuo Ci at the end of the Han Dynasty, with a Daoist heritage of nearly two thousand years, is it comparable to ordinary sects?”

An elder of Huludao Valley next to Xiang Mingwang knew that Xiang Mingwang had a violent temper, so he quickly stood up and said, “Our Lord Xiang only meant to say that the year of our heritage is indeed nearly two thousand years old, there is no intention to discriminate against other sects, please appreciate this.”

Xiang Minggui also seemed to know that what he had just said had offended people a little, and he gave Ye Mo an even more hateful stare.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and continued, “But old man Xiang, you just said that your Huludao Valley was only founded a hundred years ago, and now it has become almost two thousand years. I see that you are fooling me, or all the fellow daoists here?”

“You …….” Xiang Ming Wang pointed at Ye Mo in anger, “I, Xiang Ming Wang, never speak in vain, my Huludao Valley’s heritage is good for eighteen hundred years ago, but what I said was that my Huludao Valley was only founded about one hundred years ago, what’s wrong with that?”

Ye Mo shook his head, “I don’t know if it’s right, at least I can’t understand it.”

Knowing that Ye Mo had deliberately misinterpreted, Xiang Ming Wang smiled back in anger and said, “Fine, I will let you understand, one hundred and twenty years ago, the first ancestor of my Hulou Valley found the ancient martial relics pa*sed down from Zuo Ci Tai Shi Ancestor inside the Hulou Valley. Because the Great Master Ancestor said that the inheritance of my sect could only be hidden, so the first ancestor of my sect chose to establish the Hidden Sect Huludao Valley in the place of inheritance, this matter is clear to many fellow disciples in the Hidden Sect, could I still be telling lies?”

The elder who had just spoken with Xiang Ming Wang suddenly thought of a question after hearing Xiang Ming Wang’s words, that is, why did Ye Mo ask this thing that everyone knew?

But without waiting for him to continue thinking, Ye Mo asked again, “That Zuo Ci should have pa*sed down quite a lot of things, right?”

King Xiang Ming sneered, “This is a matter for my Huludao Valley, don’t bother you.”

When Ye Mo asked about this place, there were already some people here who knew what Ye Mo meant, only that King Xiang Ming was in the middle of the situation and had a fiery temper, so he didn’t even notice, but even if he did now, it was all said and done.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, it was really like this, none of these hidden sects were probably not made famous because of something left behind by their predecessors, with these people wanting to deduce a gong method on their own, this was absolutely impossible.

“Good, I am now deeply ashamed after listening to the words of Sect Master Xiang. At the same time, I have deep admiration for his generosity and selflessness. There is indeed some truth in what his old man said, once we cultivators of ancient lice have discovered the relics of our ancient martial predecessors, we should really bring them out and share them with everyone. It’s a good thing that I didn’t understand it too late, otherwise I would really be ashamed, of my Chinese ancient martial yoke…”

Before Ye Mo finished his words, there was an uproar, many people were overjoyed, this Ye Mo had really given in. Not only did he change his title, but he also knew that he had something to hand over. He must have known that in the face of so many people, he was no match at all, and that was why he had given in. Of course there were many people who understood Ye Mo’s mind, but these people were silent. This was because they knew that Ye Mo had this kind of situation no matter what sect he asked.

Without some inheritance, these sects would have disappeared into the long history long ago.

Ye Mo stood up and pressed his hand, “Although I have already exchanged a short sword and an elixir that I got, unfortunately the inheritance I got is too little and far inferior to Huludao Valley. Now Sect Master Xiang has surprisingly said that his Huludao Valley inheritance is nearly two thousand years old, so what he will share with all of us later will definitely be more and better, I am very grateful and looking forward to it, and at the same time, I also give it my deep respect, I think most of the people here should be in the same mood as me.”

Speaking here, Ye Mo turned his head to Xiang Ming Wang and said indifferently, “Sect Master Xiang, now it’s your turn to contribute the inheritance you have received. I didn’t expect that I could get the benefit of Sect Master Xiang by coming here for the exchange today, Ye Mo thanks in advance.”

“You …… Ye Mo, you are amusing old me, could it be that you think that old me’s sword is unfavorable?” Xiang Ming Wang certainly understood at this point, he once again drew his long sword and was about to make a move.

Ye Mo also stood up and coldly stared at Xiang Ming Wang and said, “What Sect Master Xiang means is that the inheritance obtained by others should be handed over to the public and shared by everyone, and you, Huludao Valley, obtained the inheritance and want to keep it to yourself, is that right? Is there such a reason under the heavens? I, Ye Mo, am going to ask you all here today to judge, if everyone thinks that what Sect Master Xiang got should not be taken out and shared, what I, Ye Mo, got should be taken out and shared, I have nothing to say.”

At this moment, all those present understood Ye Mo’s meaning, and each had their own little calculations in their hearts. Although these people were all very selfish and self-interested, none of them really dared to stand out and say so.

Ye Mo laughed: “Since everyone is not saying anything, that means that what you have taken out of Huludao Valley, Sect Master Xiang, should also be taken out and shared? You claim to be the boss, I hope you keep your word and don’t add a word to the middle of your boss.”

“Add a word to what?” Although the atmosphere was tense, a young Daoist nun from the Lotus Voyage Retreat actually unintentionally asked out of curiosity.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Of course it’s a ‘pi,’ character.”

“Old Pitiful ……” This little daoist nun had just uttered these three words when her senior sister covered her mouth and pressed it down.

Ye Mo secretly laughed, he knew this little Daoist nun, I think her name was Xiao Yu, he had met her once at the Qixia Temple auction, he didn’t expect to be brought out by her elders this time.

The face of Xiang Ming Wang iron Jin only he did not expect that Ye Mo had let him move such a crying Si stone, this put down will not hit his own feet. He was tempted to say that his division’s heritage was many years old, but he knew that if he said that, Ye Mo would definitely say that his heritage was also many years old.

But now saying that he didn’t want what Ye Mo had gotten, that was something he couldn’t say. Once the words were said, it would mean that he had no face at all in Huludao Valley.

This little b*****d was hard and cunning. King Xiang Ming had already made up his mind that he would never spare Ye Mo.

Seeing Xiang Ming Wang’s face changing constantly, he was unable to find the right words to say. At this moment, the scene also became weird and no one was willing to speak at this time. Ye Mo had already cornered Xiang Ming Wang, and it was definitely impossible to have another siege at this time. At this moment, neither offending Ye Mo nor offending Xiang Ming Wang was a good idea.

The man who had been sitting beside King Xiang Ming whispered a few words in King Xiang Ming’s ear, and suddenly King Xiang Ming’s face loosened up and had soothed.

He sneered at Ye Mo and suddenly took out a cloth bag he had with him and threw it on top of the table and said, “You are right, these things pa*sed down from the previous generations do need to be taken out to contribute to the ancient martial arts of China originally, we at Huludao Valley had all planned to do so, so I have brought all the things I want to exchange. I wonder if Ye Mo has brought your things over as well?”

Ye Mo’s divine sense had long swept into this bag beside Xiang Ming Wang, he knew that the things inside this bag should be the items that Huludao Valley was going to bring out for exchange this time, although some were exchanged but there were still many more, his last thought was to make this old man bring out this bag mouth now his purpose had really been achieved.

At this moment, Xiang Ming Wang looked at the cloth bag beside him, Ye Mo grabbed the bag in some panic and said, “I have finished exchanging all my things, now the things inside this bag are some ordinary pots and pans.”

But the kind of sound of weapons clashing that Ye Mo accidentally made out of the bag had long been heard by all the people present, Xiang Ming Wang coldly smiled, “Pots and pans might also be liked by some people, after all, this is something left behind by the ancient martial predecessors ah mouth this way let’s all take out the things and put them on top of the table, then exchange them with the ones here. ”

Although he took out something that he didn’t want to exchange, but the thought of getting Ye Mo to take out the weapons and pills in his bag made Xiang Ming Wang feel that it was worth it. He wouldn’t believe that Ye Mo would carry a bag of pots and pans to the trade fair site, unless he was crazy. Moreover, one look at Ye Mo’s sullen face and he knew that Ye Mo’s bag must contain the short swords and pills he had just exchanged, and quite a few of them. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been so generous when he traded just now.

A bitter look appeared on Ye Mo’s face, but he turned to Wang Leng Chan and said, “That, I won’t tell you the origin of your Wang family surnamed Wang, I think many people here must know it too. As for the heritage of your Wang family I won’t explain it to everyone are you also going to do something for the ancient martial arts of China like me and Sect Master Xiang?”

Ye Mo was completely blinded by this he had no idea if the Wang family was inherited from some relic, but he thought most of these ancient martial arts sects should be.

Sure enough after hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wang Leng Chan’s face immediately changed, there were still two thirds of the Dong Re in his bag that he hadn’t exchanged for what he needed, wouldn’t this be a big loss to take out.

Xiang Ming Wang decided that Ye Mo didn’t want to take out anything and wanted to find someone who also didn’t want to take out anything so that he could talk. Thinking of this, Xiang Ming Wang looked at Wang Leng Chan and said, “Brother Wang, when the time comes, perhaps a short sword will be enough for the capital.”

Wang Leng Chan immediately understood what Xiang Ming Wang had in mind and his heart crossed, as long as there was a short knife and a ‘qi cultivation pellet, he would be able to recover the cost or even make a big profit. Thinking of this, he also threw the bag beside him on top of the table.

The look on Ye Mo’s face became even more bitter, letting people know at first glance that his heart was not willing. His hand moved a few times in his bag, as if he was carefully trying to put something away, but there was nothing more than the clatter of weapons and porcelain bottles.

There was even a clear sound similar to that of the short knife from earlier. And with so many people in the scene staring at him, he couldn’t do anything about it.

The scene all of a sudden heated up again, not expecting Ye Mo to end up lifting a stone and smashing his own feet, one by one, they all wanted to see Ye Mo’s joke, and at the same time, they also thought if they could get one good thing in his bag.

Wang Leng Chan, however, was not the fiery temper of Xiang Ming Wang, he cleared his throat and said: “We have taken out the item, but what if someone raises the price of his item and does not allow others to buy it? That way what we say will amount to nothing more than empty words.”

Immediately, Ye Mo stood up and said, “This own thing, of course the price is set by oneself.”

“No, this way our saying that Su Huaxia Ancient Martial Arts Lineage is doing its best is tantamount to saying nothing. I think the price is still the same as…” Wang Leng Chan immediately retorted, as soon as he took a look at Ye Mo’s ugly face, he knew that Ye Mo was definitely going to raise the price of his stuff.

“Or what, why don’t you say that you don’t want the money and whoever sees it can take it?” Ye Mo sneered.

“Good, let’s do it, since it’s for the development of Chinese ancient martial arts, we should support it for free, asking for money or exchanging things is not support.” Immediately, Wang Leng Chan intervened and said.