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DYM Chapter 473

Ye Mo sat down seemingly powerlessly, and even more so, he grabbed the bag in his hand and said, “Since that’s the case, do I have a first right of choice?”

Feng Wu interjected at this time and said, “Since all three of you have contributed something, all three of you have a first right of choice.”

Feng Wu was also secretly worried, he was afraid that Ye Mo would bite around and point them out to the Nine Brightness School as well. Luckily, although this man Ye Mo was arrogant, he was clear about the target of his revenge, and only pointed out the two sects that were against him. So when he saw that the matter was settled, he hurriedly said that all three had the first choice.

At this point, not to mention Feng Wu was worried, even the other ancient martial sects present were also very worried and did not dare to say anything more. Afraid that Ye Mo would also point out his own sect, which one of them did not have their own heritage again.

Even the Huludao Valley and the Nanshan Wang Family were forced by him to take out something, and other sects should not even say anything. Once Ye Mo was forced to come over, he would definitely have to take out something. The current Ye Mo was a biting mad dog in their eyes, and no one was willing to offend Ye Mo at this time.

“It’s settled, now the three of us will all hand over our packs to Brother Feng, please, when Brother Feng has finished distributing the contents of one packet, then distribute the second packet, what you take out yourself cannot be taken back.” Wang Leng Chan said immediately with a cold smile.

He would not be at a disadvantage as long as he got one of the things in Ye Mo’s packet, he did not need to bother with the rest.

Ye Mo sank his face and took out the Yellow Essence and ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ from his bag before handing it to Feng Wu. Everyone present knew that these two items were exchanged by Ye Mo and that neither of them was worth much, so no one said anything more.

The matter had been settled and all the martial artists present could receive the extremely good items for free, there was not a single person who was not happy, but most of the people present were counting on Ye Mo’s bag. After all, Ye Mo’s stuff should be the most precious, and there was also the fact that in case they took something from Huludao Valley or something from the Wang family, they were afraid that these two families would hold a grudge.

Xiang Ming Wang’s bag was opened and the contents were taken out by Feng Wu and placed on top of the table. There were actually three bottles of ‘Earth Spirit Pills’, which looked like three, and two very nice looking swords. There was an Earth Grade Elementary Grade Technique and another Earth Grade Middle Grade Technique, and a wooden box containing a fiery red coloured ore.

Seeing this ore, Ye Mo immediately felt happy in his heart, this was surprisingly an ‘Earth Fire Essence Stone’, although it was of no use to Ye Mo now, he could definitely use it in the future. Apart from these few items, there were also some medicinal herbs, but none of them were spirit herbs. At least in Ye Mo’s eyes, they were all very ordinary things. Even if it was a hundred year old ginseng, Ye Mo didn’t think it was worth much.

Ye Mo honestly walked up and took the ‘Earth Fire Essence Stone’ into his hand and said, “This stone can come out with a nice big splash if you throw it into the water.”

Xiang Ming Wang was gloomy, as if he had not heard Ye Mo’s words.

After the next round, apart from Wang Leng Chan who took a bottle of ‘Earth Spirit Pill’, no one else dared to take something from Huludao Valley. When it was Ye Mo’s turn again, Ye Mo did not hesitate to go up and take another bottle of ‘Earth Spirit Pill’ and cooed, “This pill is almost good, but it should be fine to take back to feed the birds.”

What Ye Mo said was to take it back and feed it to the silver, but these words made Xiang Ming Wang almost vomit blood in anger. His own extremely fine ore was used by him to smash the water “The Earth Spirit Dan’ was used by him to feed the birds.

Seeing that no one dared to take his things and it was about to be Ye Mo’s turn again, Xiang Ming Wang suddenly stood up and cupped his fist and said, “Everyone, please feel free to take these things, as long as you need them, I, Xiang Ming Wang, will definitely not mind.”

When King Xiang Ming said this, all those present were no longer polite and went forward one after another, and all the things that were already here were quickly taken.

Wang Leng Chan’s bag was opened and Ye Mo just took an earth level gongfa before standing up and saying, “I’ll take my leave, today was not a vain trip.”

Xiang Ming Wang smiled coldly, “Ye Mo your bag hasn’t even started yet? Don’t you want to know who took the stuff?” He was eager to see what Ye Mo’s face looked like when his stuff was taken away.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “There’s nothing, I told you a long time ago, it’s just some pots and pans, whoever likes it will take it.”

After saying this Ye Mo turned around without stopping and left, behind him came Feng Wu’s voice, “Ye Mo, if you want to bring people to the Hidden Sect Competition, meet at Broken Top Mountain in Ghost City at nine tomorrow morning.”

Looking at Ye Mo’s already disappearing back, not even asking for the bag, many people shook their heads and said darkly, Ye Mo was kind of unlucky, such a bag of goodies, all forced out for no reason. Even so, he didn’t dare to say much.

The things in Wang Leng Chan’s bag were quickly taken out, and Feng Wu took out Ye Mo’s bag and said, “The things inside this bag, please ask Sect Master Wang and Lord Xiang Gu to take them first. I, Feng Wu, will also get a glimpse this time.”

After saying that Feng Wu took out all the things in Ye Mo’s bag, there was a tinkling and crisp sound, and then there was a silence in the whole venue.

What Ye Mo said was not wrong in the slightest, there were no pills or magic weapons inside his bag. If I had to say there was a knife, it was a kitchen knife, in addition to a spatula, stainless steel soup spoon. There was a whole bunch of them.

King Xiang Ming was dumbfounded and Wang Leng Chan was equally dumbfounded. Feng Wu and all the people present were staring dumbfounded at the pile of pots and pans, saying in their hearts that Ye Mo this person is a madman, this ancient martial arts exchange conference, he actually carried a bag of pots and pans to, this person simply can’t be deduced by common sense.

Xiao Yu who had just let out a laugh at the Lotus Voyage Jingzai was once again covered by her senior sister’s hand over her mouth, would laughing at this time not be ridiculing the Huludao Valley’s Xiang Gu Master and the Southern Mountain Wang Family’s Sect Master.

“What a treacherous and shameless junior ……,” Xiang Ming Wang’s angry face was like the bottom of a black pot. He had taken out so much and it had gone down the drain, returning a bag of pots and pans in exchange.

Wang Leng Chan, however, had a calm face and wondered what he was thinking.

Feng Wu secretly sighed, this Ye Mo had gone too far, he knew that Wang Leng Chan had moved to kill Ye Mo, perhaps tonight, the Ghost City was the place where Ye Mo was buried.

Gu Yang and as well as Zeng Zhen Man and some others who knew Wang Leng Chan knew that Wang Leng Chan was going to kill someone. However, they all knew that Wang Leng Chan was going to kill, and there was no one who could stop it. Even Feng Wu probably couldn’t, not to mention that Feng Wu wouldn’t be able to stop it. Wang Leng Chan had fought Xiang Ming Wang many years ago and lost by only half a move in one day.

The Ancient Martial Arts Exchange Conference, which was held once every few years, ended under such a bizarre and extremely strange situation.

Ye Mo walked out of the ‘Qin Guang Wang Hall’, he knew that tonight would definitely not be a peaceful night, looking at the sky it was estimated to be after twelve o’clock at night.

“It’s really a dark moon and high wind killing night ……” Ye Mo muttered to himself and walked faithfully towards Broken Top Mountain.


There were not many mountains in China that had mountains inside the city, and Broken Top Mountain was one of them.

The Broken Top Mountain, at the edge of Gui Cheng City, is 900 meters above sea level. A few years ago, it was the liveliest place in the ghost town, because Broken Top Mountain had no top, as if a pyramid had been cut in half from the middle with a knife. So people who like to have a good time usually gather at this flat top of the mountain for activities.

But later on, Broken Peak became inexplicably haunted, and not only were people possessed by ghosts and eventually died, but not just one or two. One after another, people died, and it was even rumoured that once they reached the top of the mountain, they would inexplicably get a disease and slowly die.

Later on, the number of people on Broken Peak decreased so much that the government fenced it off and asked bricklayers to find the cause. In the end, the bricklayers came up with the reason that there is a weird magnetic field here, which can make people’s minds go into a kind of hallucination. The bricklayer’s words were not believed by many people, but nowadays they are worthless.

As time went on, many people discovered that the haunting was not only at Broken Hill, but also in the whole city of Guiqing, only that it was much rarer than at Broken Hill, and only then did the bricklayers put out their voices and started to research. After a few years of research, there was no conclusion.

The ghost thing is somewhat vague and ethereal, but many ordinary citizens of ghost towns are somewhat fearful of it. However, for those who practise ancient martial arts in the Hidden Sect, it is not something they would take to heart in the slightest. So this time, the Hidden Sect Competition was chosen to be held at Broken Peak Mountain, and the government did not say anything in particular.

The reason why Ye Mo came to Broken Peak so late was that he knew someone was going to make a move against him tonight, and he wanted to find a place where no one would disturb him to kill someone. Another thing was that he also wanted to see what kind of ghost this Broken Top Mountain was that he had to be cooped up here.

Ye Mo was not going to believe in any of the bricklayer’s bullsh*t about magnetic fields and so on.

Probably because the Hidden Sect was going to have a big competition here, the foot of Broken Top Mountain, which was originally full of weeds, had all been sentimentalized, and even the road to the top had been purposely built up.

Just as he approached the vicinity of Broken Top Mountain, Ye Mo felt a cold, gloomy wind blowing over, something was really not right here. He didn’t take out his flying sword, one of his reasons was to attract the people who killed him to come over, and the second one was to know what was really here.

For ghosts Ye Mo had also come into contact with, most of the ghosts he had come into contact with were made by some folk martial arts cultivators. September View was a typical representative, if there was no specific environment, Ye Mo believed that the Yin Soul could never grow alone.

In Shennongjia the reason why there were Yin spirits was because of the Heavenly Pit. And the haunted building in Chun’an was because the woman in red from that September View was deliberately raising ghosts. Here in Broken Top Mountain, there were no conditions for any ghosts to survive, so how could ghosts appear?

As soon as Ye Mo thought of this, a cold and harsh wind came from the back of his neck, like a cold stream on a winter night, not only swiftly but also with a strange and gloomy aura in it.

He was amazed that his divine sense had not discovered where this cold wind was coming from.

Just as Ye Mo was trying to find out the source of this gloomy wind, his divine sense swept up to Wang Leng Chan who was coming swiftly. Wang Leng Chan said nothing with a cold face, lifted the knife in his hand and slashed directly behind Ye Mo, his speed was even a line faster than the cold, harsh wind just now, and he crossed a distance of more than ten meters in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo, however, knew that the cold wind that had just attacked him was not at all from Wang Leng Chan.