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DYM Chapter 474

The distance of a dozen meters seemed to be non-existent to Wang Leng Chan, and in almost the time it took to breathe, the icy cold that Wang Leng Chan’s blade swept up had already arrived at the back of Ye Mo’s neck.

Ye Mo’s entire body was blown away as if by the blade’s Qi, like a falling leaf floating to the side with the blade, no trace of human evasion could be seen at all.

Wang Leng Chan didn’t continue to chase after him, but just stared coldly at Ye Mo with his sword, “No wonder he is so arrogant, he really has a few strokes. But if these are your few strokes, today the Broken Top Mountain in Ghost City is where your bones will be buried.”

The white moonlight shining on the long knife in Wang Leng Chan’s hand looked a bit odd, and the cold wind from Broken Peak Mountain added a bit of eeriness to Wang Leng Chan who was carrying the knife.

Ye Mo’s expression was flat, he could not see any expression, what he was thinking was another problem. Wang Leng Chan had obviously not advanced to Xiantian, so why was he more powerful than Tan Jiao who had advanced to Xiantian? He once again thought of Monk Wudao, who had heard that he had not advanced to Xiantian either, but his fight at Immeasurable Mountain was no less powerful than his. Could it be that Tan Jiao had not advanced to Xiantian? This is impossible, Tanjiao is at the peak of the Earth level, how could he not know that he had advanced to the Ascendant?

Even if Tan Jiao had just advanced to Xiantian and his cultivation was unstable, he wouldn’t be inferior to a half-step Xiantian, could there be another reason for this?

“Ye Mo, do you know why I haven’t killed you now?” Wang Leng Chan’s icy tone interrupted Ye Mo’s thoughts.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Do you want the ancient martial heritage I found? Or do you want to introduce your match to me? Unfortunately, I don’t want broken shoes.”

“You’re looking for uh… …” Wang Leng Chan sneered, Ye Mo was so ji him, yet he still didn’t make a move.

“I, Wang Leng Chan, have been running around for decades and have killed countless people, how can I understand you, a milquetoast junior. Although you have some little smarts, there is no need for these little smarts to be played in front of me. But you are finally right about one thing, that is, take out what you have obtained among the ancient martial heritage, and I can spare your Yanjing Ye family. But your base in the Flowing Serpent I accept down, and I heard that you have a wife who looks like a flower I can also stay with without killing her. Of course, you can also refuse, but even if you refuse I have a way to make you talk, and all those who are involved with you will be killed by me.” Wang Leng Chan’s voice was cold and he spoke in a tone that seemed to be taken for granted.

Ye Mo’s body suddenly emitted a cold and stern killing aura originally he only wanted to kill Wang Leng Chan and the few people he brought with him, but now he had to destroy this Wang family of Nanshan. His principle was that if you want to offend me as much as you can, I will return it intact.

“What, do you still want to resist?” Wang Leng Chan let out a cold laugh, “You think you can talk to me, Wang Leng Chan, just because you killed a few trash from the Hop School? Young man I can only say that you are ignorant and fearless.”

Ye Mo suddenly appeared a foot-long short sword in his hand and said in a calm tone, “Surnamed Wang, I have underestimated you. You should have known at the venue that the things in my bag were fake, right? You were the only one who could see it in the entire venue I really didn’t expect. If I don’t kill people like you, I can’t sleep at night.”

Ye Mo thought about Dongfang Qiu, this Wang Leng Chan gave him a feeling surprisingly as uncomfortable as that Dongfang Qiu, as if it was a poisonous snake. He knew from Wang Leng Chan’s words and his expression just now that this man had actually seen that the things in his bag were fake on top of the exchange meeting.

And even though he knew that his things were fake, he did not move at all to take his things out. If he hadn’t just said that he was somewhat clever, up to now, Ye Mo wouldn’t have known that he had been recognized by Wang Leng Chan.

At this moment, Ye Mo already understood Wang Leng Chan’s purpose, he wanted people to understand that he was moved to anger, afterwards he killed Ye Mo others just thought it was his anger. He said that he took away the flowing snake to spare the Yanjing Ye family, that was because it was the flowing snake that had the benefits he needed and Yanjing did not. Since he had been cheated out of everything by Ye Mo, and even at the top of the exchange conference most people probably took what his Wang family took out, then it was only natural for him to hog the Flowing Serpent. Even if there were people with red eyes, it was justifiable that he, Wang Leng Chan, had lost before robbing Ye Mo of the Flowing Snake.

Ye Mo did not expect this Wang Leng Chan’s heart to be so deep that Xiang Ming Wang was simply a dolt compared to him.

Wang Leng Chan said expressionlessly, “Ye Mo, you are wrong, you are still too young. I can see from your expression that you are pretending to be good, but I am sure the whole venue can see that you are pretending to be not me alone. It’s just that my success was that I didn’t let anyone else see that I already knew you were pretending, and that was enough. Ye Mo, I’ll give you three more seconds, if you don’t say anything, I’ll have to force a confession.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved and he immediately understood, his expression had been calm when he entered the venue, and even when he faced Xiang Ming Wang, his expression didn’t fluctuate in the slightest. With the fact that he could take out a ‘Qi cultivation pellet, in exchange for the worthless ‘Spirit Sensing Stone,’ performance, it was clear that he didn’t regard the ‘Qi cultivation pellet, as heavy.

Plus, for someone who could not even move in the face of King Xiang Ming and could even sneer outright, how could he keep changing his face because a few bottles of pills and a few swords had to be exchanged out? Moreover, in the eyes of others, since these things were brought to the venue, they must be used for exchange, which was all the more reason why they would not keep changing their faces.

It turned out that he had gone too far, Ye Mo figured this out and laughed: “Good, Wang Leng Chan, today you have taught me another lesson.

But even so, I won’t let you off the hook. I said that I would exterminate all existences that threaten me. Your Nanshan Wang Clan is no different, and I don’t need to ask you which nooks and crannies the Nanshan Wang Clan is hiding in, I’m sure I’ll find them.”

“Since you have made your own mistakes, I will not be polite, Ye Mo, you have missed the best opportunity for the Yanjing Ye Family to live. What I, Wang Leng Chan, say is a spit and a nail, the rest of the words begging for mercy will come after I capture you.” After Wang Leng Chan finished speaking, the long knife in his hand brought up a slice of blade shadow and slashed directly towards Ye Mo’s legs.

It looked like what he said was true, he really did not want to take Ye Mo’s life now, but wanted to break Ye Mo’s legs first.

Ye Mo did not offer the flying sword in his hand, but directly blocked Wang Leng Chan’s slash.

“A crisp clang echoed at the foot of Broken Peak Mountain, and Ye Mo was unexpectedly sent flying by this blow, once again flying far away as if he were a leaf.

Wang Leng Chan was caught in a brief daze, his own long knife was cutting off Ye Mo’s legs, how could it have sent him flying so far away.

But without waiting for Wang Leng Chan to react, Ye Mo had already fallen, the long sword in his hand turned into a long bright white practice, as if it was falling in mid-air, slashing towards a gra*s bush a dozen meters away.

“Ye Mo, you dare to ……” Wang Leng Chan’s eyes were splitting with anger, while he rushed up again like a whirlwind, no longer caring about leaving Ye Mo’s life behind to force him to ask questions, the long sword in his hand rolled up a curtain of light-like white Qi and wrapped directly towards Ye Mo who had not yet landed on the ground.

But as fast as he was, he was still a few breaths behind Ye Mo.

“Ah… ……” several miserable screams later, several tents of blood spurted out from the gra*s, reflected by Wang Leng Chan’s roiling sword mane in a bloody and miserable manner.

“Ding ding dang …….” After several more impacts, Ye Mo landed on the ground and secretly praised Wang Leng Chan in his heart for indeed surpa*sing Tanjiao.

Two staggering figures scurried out of the gra*s, and a middle-aged man covered in blood landed beside Wang Leng Chan carrying a youth in his twenties.

The middle-aged man stared at Ye Mo with a sad face, seemingly wanting to turn Ye Mo into flying ashes with his gaze, before he turned back and wailed, “Family head …….”

Wang Leng Chan’s face was ironic as he swept a glance at Ye Mo, but looked towards the place where Ye Mo’s flying sword had just cut through.

“Family head, he a*sa*sinated five of us with his sword, Xian Lin, Xian Zha and Wang Xi were all killed by him. Only I escaped with Cang’er, and I was hit by a sword in my chest.” This middle-aged man put down the youth in his hand and said in grief and anger.

When Wang Leng Chan heard the middle-aged man’s words, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood, how did Ye Mo know that there were people from his Wang family hiding on the side?

“Ye Mo, you’ve managed to anger me, if I don’t kill your Ye family to death, I, Wang Leng Chan, will be an animal.” Wang Leng Chan forcibly curbed the surge of Qi and blood within him and crossed the long sword in his hand.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, although Wang Leng Chan was powerful, it was absolutely impossible for him to escape from his own hands today. Since Wang Leng Chan was paying attention to the people behind him, don’t blame him, Ye Mo, for being merciless.

Seemingly not seeing Wang Leng Chan’s grief and anger, Ye Mo still said unhurriedly, “Wang Leng Chan, do you think that your Wang family’s people can still get away today? You don’t need to hit on my Flowing Serpent either, because tonight I will exterminate your Nanshan Wang Family. But speaking of which, this blade of yours is really good, I can’t believe it hasn’t broken by now.”

Wang Leng Chan winced, he only thought that he was going to exterminate Ye Mo, he didn’t think of what the outcome would be once he lost? If at the beginning Ye Mo had said that, he would definitely not have taken it seriously, but now, not only had Ye Mo dodged his unbelievably harsh slash, he had also used it to sneak attack the five people from his Wang Clan who were hiding on the side, and three were even still dead and one was injured.

He had to know that among the three Wang Clan members that Ye Mo had just killed, two of them were at mid-Earth level cultivation and one was at late Xuan level cultivation, could it be that Ye Mo was actually at innate cultivation? Or was he also a half-step Xiantian like himself, about to cross over into Xiantian?

Only then did Wang Leng Chan realise that he had far underestimated Ye Mo’s power. He subconsciously looked down at the long knife in his hand, and under the cold moonlight, several rice-sized openings were clearly visible.

Wang Leng Chan’s mind was suddenly ‘buzzed’, this long knife he had inherited was not even afraid of magic weapons, how could it be cut by Ye Mo’s insignificant little sword with several openings?

No, Wang Leng Chan suddenly remembered the sword of Ye Mo just now, how could this short sword send out a long sword aura like a white train? Even if it was a magic weapon, it wouldn’t work.