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DYM Chapter 475

“I have underestimated you.” For the first time, a cautious expression appeared on Wang Leng Chan’s face, he couldn’t lose this battle, if he lost, it would mean that the Wang family would be completely wiped out.

If he, Wang Leng Chan, had known that Ye Mo was surprisingly powerful to this extent, he would have rather lost the packet than come to fight him. Even if Ye Mo hadn’t killed several members of his Wang family at this point, he would have rather retreated. He, Wang Leng Chan, had never done anything that he was not sure of. Even if he wanted to kill Ye Mo, he would have to wait until he had a foolproof plan. But today there was not the slightest doubt that he was unsure of something.

If someone had said to him before this that Ye Mo’s skill was close to that of a Xiantian, he would never have believed it. A young man in his twenties, even if he was qualified, would never be able to advance to the Xiantian level at that age. However, the strength Ye Mo displayed made him completely lose his composure, and it was the first time he felt that the situation was out of his control.

“Wang Leng Chan, since you’ve messed with me, take a sword from me, Ye Mo, too.” As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, the flying sword in his hand had once again turned into several white trails and slashed towards Wang Leng Chan. It was surprisingly even faster than the speed he had just used to sneak attack the other five members of the Wang Clan.

Wang Leng Chan had been thinking about making a move, but now that Ye Mo’s sword trains were slashed, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of panic. He knew that since Ye Mo could send out one white practice-like sword mane, he could send out several, and now it was just as he had expected. Although he didn’t understand how Ye Mo could slash” such a long sword mane with such a short sword, he knew that it was definitely extraordinary.

“Boom boom ……” Wang Leng Chan exploded out more than 90% of his internal qi, and his long sword turned into a curtain of swords and Ye Mo’s sword practice clashed together. However, the sound was no longer the sound of swords clashing with each other, but a booming thunderous sound erupted.

Ye Mo, however, knew that this was because the swords did not actually meet each other, but the result of the internal qi colliding. It was probably because Wang Leng Chan knew that his sword was inferior to his own flying sword, which was why he fought against Ye Mo with his deep hou internal qi.

After a loud sound, a several-metre-long gully was struck at the place where their internal qi had collided.

Ye Mo and Wang Leng Chan both fell back several metres at the same time, and Wang Leng Chan looked at the gully between them with scorn, his heart and soul trembling. He had already overestimated Ye Mo as much as he could, but he didn’t expect Ye Mo’s internal qi cultivation to be so deep, not even inferior to his, or even better.

It was only a moment of surprise before Wang Leng Chan lunged up again, his long blade turning into a thin line as he coldly snorted, “Take another slash from me”.

The flying sword in Ye Mo’s hand was never sacrificed, he knew that when facing an expert like Wang Leng Chan, in case his flying sword was sacrificed and did not kill him, then the bottom card would be known to him. Who knew if this Wang Leng Chan had any other cards?

Flying sword control against an enemy was already very draining of true qi, once he controlled his flying sword and fought Wang Leng Chan for half a day to no avail, another expert like Xiang Ming Wang or Feng Wu, he would be in danger. These people could even make him suffer serious injuries before he could step on his sword and fly away.

Although Wang Leng Chan’s long blade only turned into a thin line this time, in Ye Mo’s eyes the threat of this thin line was not even the slightest bit worse than the blade curtain just now. Wang Leng Chan’s blade technique was indeed at the top of his game, and he could also combine his blade technique with his internal qi to fight. It was Ye Mo who had never seen a secular sabre technique with Wang Leng Chan’s level of cultivation in the Luo Yue Continent.

Ye Mo knew what Wang Leng Chan meant, that he wanted to fight with himself in internal qi cultivation. However, Ye Mo was not afraid, and the flying sword in his hand gathered his true qi and slammed into the thin line. However, at the same time, Ye Mo continuously stroked his palm, seemingly bringing up a faint killing aura with each stroke.

Wang Leng Chan didn’t understand why Ye Mo was slashing his palm when he was competing with him for internal qi, but he didn’t want to understand either, he just needed to hold Ye Mo back. Because at this moment, the middle-aged man who was with Wang Leng Chan had already quietly come behind Ye Mo, he was going to take advantage of the fact that Ye Mo and Wang Leng Chan were fighting against each other to make a sneak attack on Ye Mo as well. Even if Ye Mo knew that, but he was held back by the sword qi, he couldn’t dodge it.

It was just a pity that Ye Mo, a cultivator if he could let someone who practiced ancient martial arts somehow touch his back and sneak attack, he was a bit too much of a rookie.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

The thin line from the long blade in Wang Leng Chan’s hand suddenly burst open, bringing up several powerful rushes of internal qi, and Ye Mo sneered. He knew Wang Leng Chan’s aim was to use his internal qi to force himself back and then send it to the middle-aged man for a sneak attack.

Although Wang Leng Chan was once again cut with a bloodstain on his body by Ye Mo’s sword qi, Ye Mo was also driven back by his internal qi, and he felt that he had achieved his purpose.

“Ding dang ……” Wang Leng Chan seemed to hear the sound of swords colliding with swords and was surprised.

“Poof,”.” The sound of two swords entering flesh and blood caused Wang Leng Chan’s surprise to rise, but his surprise was immediately frozen.

The middle-aged man who had sneaked up on Ye Mo was unexpectedly cleaved through the shoulder without any sign of resistance.

Ye Mo, however, knew very well that the first heave when, it was his wind blade that was discovered by the middle-aged man who had sneaked up on him and then blocked it with his blade qi. However, he had originally sneaked up on him, and after blocking the first wind blade, he could no longer dodge the second and third wind blades, and as a result, he was cut into two halves.

If he hadn’t sneaked up on him, Ye Mo’s wind blades wouldn’t have had any effect on him.

Ye Mo knew the drawback of his fireballs and wind blades was that they could easily be detected by someone with a high cultivation level. The heat would be felt before the fireball was even sent out, and even if his own fireball was sent out, others could still dodge it with ease and just waste their true qi. The higher the cultivation level, the easier it was to dodge. The middle-aged man who had sneaked up on him was already at a late Earth level cultivation. If he did not sneak attack Ye Mo, then it would have been equally difficult for Ye Mo’s wind blade to hurt him.

Of course if Ye Mo had the Essence Pill, he could also keep sending out wind blades or fireballs, in which case, even if the opponent’s cultivation level was high, he would eventually be decapitated. But now he could not use this move on Wang Leng Chan, once his true essence was depleted and he had not been able to kill Wang Leng Chan, that would be the moment he would suffer death. Besides, even if he had an Essence Pill, he didn’t want to waste it like this. The Essence Pill was a life-saving item in times of emergency, so how could he just use it up?

“Internal qi gathering blade? You’ve actually cultivated to this stage, you’re an Innate?” Wang Leng Chan couldn’t keep his cool anymore as he watched another expert of the Wang Clan being killed by Ye Mo, and under his own control, by Ye Mo using such a bizarre means.

At this moment, his face was somewhat stuck white, and his hand holding the long knife was bruised, seeing that Ye Mo did not have the slightest intention to answer him, he even stared at Ye Mo with a deadly stare without blinking, “Is this your bottom card? Why don’t you use it against me?”

In Wang Leng Chan’s opinion, this wind blade of Ye Mo’s was very difficult to dodge, if Ye Mo was to use this against him, perhaps he would have been defeated already.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, he knew that this thing only looked powerful to the onlookers. Wang Leng Chan could definitely dodge his own wind blade, and once it consumed his true qi, then Wang Leng Chan might actually be able to escape.

Seeing that Ye Mo only sneered and didn’t say a word, Wang Leng Chan didn’t continue to ask, he slowly raised the long blade in his hand, “Ye Mo I’ve underestimated you for the third time, I won’t underestimate and underestimate you again, come to my death.”

The long blade cleaved out, a curtain of swords with several thin lines of sabre mangles in it. This slash caused Wang Leng Chan to spurt out several mouthfuls of blood at the same time, it looked like this slash was made by his Ji’s potential, and it did not hurt him lightly.

Ye Mo was sure that if he didn’t have his divine sense, there was no way for these thin lines of blade mangles to be detected.

“Boom, boom ……” Wang Leng Chan’s blade mane burst open after it came into contact with Ye Mo’s true qi, creating several streams of air made up of internal qi.

If it was an ordinary ancient martial arts practitioner under such a curtain of swords only dodged so that they would be pushed into the curtain of swords by the saber mane that was entrapped with internal qi and finally be strangled by the curtain of swords.

Under such an environment where the sword qi was bursting, it was absolutely impossible for Ye Mo to fly. At this moment, Ye Mo realised that he had likewise underestimated this Wang Leng Chan. Wang Leng Chan’s cultivation level was definitely not lower than that of Wudao, and even among Xiang Ming Wang and Feng Wu, he was the highest. This man was really deep in concealment.

If he hadn’t underestimated Wang Leng Chan, Ye Mo would have been able to fly up without having to fall under such an explosion of saber qi. Only then his bottom card would be known by Wang Leng Chan, and once Wang Leng Chan knew that he could fly up he would definitely choose to flee. With an expert like Wang Leng Chan, if he chose to flee, even if he could follow him, it would not be a matter of a moment to kill him. If he escaped to where he would meet up with Xiang Ming Wang, Feng Wu and the others, he would not have the chance to kill him again.

Ye Mo also transferred 90% of his true qi, and the long sword in his hand turned into a white mane like a door slab and blasted out.


Under the loud internal qi impact, Ye Mo was knocked out more than ten meters away before he stopped.

Ye Mo wiped away a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, clearly already injured, and he knew that his strategy was not right today. Although he tried to overestimate Wang Leng Chan as much as he could, he still underestimated how powerful he was. His internal qi cultivation was in no way inferior to that of Monk Wudao.

If he had known that Wang Leng Chan had such a powerful internal qi cultivation, Ye Mo would definitely not have used this tactic and gotten hurt for nothing. However, Ye Mo also knew his own business, although he was fighting with Wang Leng Chan, his divine sense was always paying attention to the cold, insidious wind that had started to attack him. This also caused him to be distracted, allowing Wang Leng Chan to take advantage of it.

But even so, the injury Wang Leng Chan received was still much more powerful than him, and Ye Mo was certain that there was no way he could deliver such a powerful move a second time.

“Ye Mo, I admit that you are very powerful and I am no match for you, but it is not that easy for you to kill me, I, Wang Leng Chan, swear that this revenge will be avenged.” When Wang Leng Chan saw that Ye Mo was only slightly injured by this blow from himself, the shock in his heart was definitely not as easy as what he said out of his mouth.

“Is that so?” Ye Mo smiled coldly as the long sword in his hand was suddenly offered up, turning into a white rainbow and stabbing directly at Wang Leng Chan’s throat.

“Carved insects and small tricks, I’ll see how much fighting power you have after losing your sword.” When Wang Leng Chan saw Ye Mo throw the short sword, a hint of disdain appeared at the corner of his mouth, what he was concerned about was only this short sword of Ye Mo’s, now Ye Mo actually destroyed his own long wall. If he was stabbed by the thrown sword, he would not be Wang Leng Chan anymore.

But Wang Leng Chan’s smile froze completely after only a moment.