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DYM Chapter 476

Ye Mo’s flying sword suddenly turned when his long sword was about to block it, and stabbed through his temple in an unbelievable manner.

The long blade in Wang Leng Chan’s hand fell to the ground, he looked at Ye Mo in disbelief, “So this is your killer move, I underestimated …… it for the fourth time” Wang Leng Chan’s gaze gradually lost its color, he was very upset, the Wang family members he brought to the Hidden Sect Grand Tournament Surprisingly, they were all wiped out in this place.

Suddenly, as if he remembered something, he opened his eyes again as if he were returning to the light. He took out a triangular shaped object from his pocket and spoke eagerly into it, “The Wang family instantly closed the mountain for fifty years ……”

From his eager tone of voice, he knew that what he was holding should be a communicator.

Just after these words, he threw the communicator in his hand, which penetrated through the brow of that Cang’er who was saved by the middle-aged man as if it had grown eyes. Only then did Wang Leng Chan spit out several mouthfuls of blood and fell to the ground dead.

Even Ye Mo did not expect Wang Leng Chan to be so decisive, not even leaving a single living soul behind before he died. Since he had killed this youth, he could be sure that all the people from the Wang Family who had come to the Grand Tournament were here.

The youth called Cang’er would have been even more surprised that the family head would kill him. He had to know that he was the first genius of the Wang Clan and was already a late Xuan level cultivator at just under twenty-five years old, but he couldn’t say these words anymore, his eyes were as dazed as Wang Leng Chan’s, and he finally fell to the ground and died.

Ye Mo understood Wang Leng Chan’s meaning, he swallowed a healing pill and briefly recovered from his injuries before standing up.

From the beginning to the end of the fight with Wang Leng Chan, he hadn’t found that gloomy aura. It seemed that that attack had missed and that gloomy aura had disappeared.

In the entire foot of Broken Peak Mountain, apart from the six corpses, Ye Mo was the only one standing here. That gloomy cold aura seemed to be a little heavier, but Ye Mo had already dismissed the idea of continuing to investigate Broken Peak Mountain tonight.

He felt that he had somewhat underestimated the world’s experts, not to mention the battle with Wang Leng Chan, if he had really fought with Xiang Ming Wang at the top of the exchange meeting a few hours ago. Once Wang Leng Chan and Feng Wu came forward to help, coupled with the many ancient martial arts experts, it was still unclear who would die in the end.

The same Six Great Sects, Wang Leng Chan’s cultivation level was so high, while the difference between the Point Cang and Hop School was also a bit too big. Although Ye Mo knew that the Southern Mountain Wang Clan was only one person at most, Wang Leng Chan, it was impossible for everyone to be this powerful. But this also gave Ye Mo a wake-up call, Wang Leng Chan’s Wang family was still the third ranked sect among the Six Outer Hidden Sects, what if it was the first Hulou Valley and the second Jiu Ming Academy? There was still that valley master of Huludao Valley who had not come out of seclusion, and the Nine Brightness Academy had a main dean.

It could be imagined that the Taiyi Sect of the Inner Hidden Sect was definitely too powerful than the several sects of this Outer Hidden Sect. If he went to the Inner Hidden Sect to seek revenge on the Taiyi Sect with his current cultivation level, he would definitely be in a bad way.

For the first time, Ye Mo began to look squarely at his own strength. China had a long heritage and there were many capable people. It was just that they were bent on pursuing a higher realm and would not stray into the mundane. No wonder the government was so scornful of the Hidden Sect, their strength did have a reason to make people scornful.

The Hidden Sect really wouldn’t let the number one expert sit in the ‘Heavenly Group’, Tan Jiao had advanced to the Ascendant and was still no match for Wang Leng Chan, there must be a reason in between. But whatever the reason was, Ye Mo didn’t want to ask, it had nothing to do with him.

A few fireballs burned a few corpses, Ye Mo rolled up the weapons on the ground and threw them into a large pit, lifting his feet and pushing some dirt to bury them completely. If Wang Leng Chan’s long sword had not been mutilated, perhaps Ye Mo would have put it away, but for a mutilated long sword, Ye Mo had little interest. Ye Mo also knew that the material of this long knife was certainly not ordinary, if a few formations were added to it it was hard to say that it would not become a top grade magic weapon, just that it definitely would not work now.

After doing this, Ye Mo stepped onto his flying sword and flew directly to the roof of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’.

It was already three o’clock in the morning, but Ye Mo found that Han Yan inside the small loft was still not asleep, just sitting in the middle of the courtyard outside the loft with a worried look on her face.

“Han Yan, you have a competition today, why aren’t you sleeping now?” Ye Mo asked as he walked into the courtyard.

“Big brother Ye, you’re alright? That’s great.” Han Yan immediately stood up in surprise, she had already planned to go out to look for Ye Mo as soon as it was light. Before Ye Mo came, she would definitely not go to any big competition alone, at this point she already knew that to the Hidden Sect, human lives were not worth anything at all, besides, what she wanted Ye Mo had already given her.

Ye Mo asked curiously, “What would I have to do?”

Han Yan said in a low voice with red eyes, “In the early hours of the morning, a man called Gai Cheng came up and asked me to give the loft to him and his apprentice to live in. When I refused, he was about to make a move and said you wouldn’t be coming back and that I might be able to collect your body in the morning. Just as he was about to move in force, Master Zeng Zhen-Man of the ‘Thirty-Six Rivers’ also arrived. Sect Master Zeng drank off Gai Cheng and waited here for two hours before you left. Sect Master Zeng told me that you had offended Lord Xiang Gu and Sect Master Wang, and told me to leave Ghost City immediately if you hadn’t returned by midnight.”

Ye Mo snorted coldly, it seemed that there were quite a few people who knew that Wang Leng Chan was going to kill himself tonight. He, Ye Mo, hadn’t even died yet, and these people were here. If anything happened to him, where would the people who followed him, Ye Mo, end up. Thinking of this, Ye Mo was instantly moved to kill.

“Who is that Gai Cheng? What place does he live in?” Ye Mo asked.

Seeming to know what Ye Mo meant, Han Yan said directly, “Sect Master Zeng said that he was originally a jianghu groom, but only by chance got involved in ancient martial arts. Because of chance he met someone from the Wang family, this time he could bring his only disciple to the big competition because of the Wang family’s efforts, he said that now he is staying at the Yuanzheng Hotel ……”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Okay, I know, you wait for me here, I’ll be right there.”

Han Yan just saw Ye Mo leave and disappeared in a few moments. Of course she knew that Ye Mo had gone to find trouble with Gai Cheng, but she wasn’t too worried about this, she had heard from Sect Master Zeng that that Gai Cheng was only at most at an early earth level cultivation.

Han Yan guessed correctly, Ye Mo had indeed gone to kill Gai Cheng, of course Ye Mo knew about the Yuancheng Hotel, he had lived in Ghost City for more than a week. He was still very clear about the place.


After Han Yan knew that Ye Mo was fine, her heart relaxed a lot. After Ye Mo went out, she estimated that it would be dawn when she came back again, but she didn’t feel the slightest bit sleepy. But to Han Yan’s surprise it was only less than twenty minutes before Ye Mo reappeared on the roof of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’.

“Brother Ye, I thought you had gone to find that Gai Cheng.” Even though Han Yan knew that Gai Cheng was definitely not Ye Mo’s opponent, she was still relieved to see that Ye Mo had returned alright.

Ye Mo smiled slightly and didn’t say that he had killed Gai Cheng and that disciple of his, but only asked, “How did you learn those sword stances today?”

“I learned the first move today, and I can only say that I can barely perform it now.” Han Yan immediately perked up when she heard Ye Mo ask about her sword technique. The more she practiced this sword technique that Ye Mo taught her, the more she felt that it was extraordinary, and she could even drive the internal flow of air.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Well, you have a competition tomorrow, go to bed first, I still have something to do.”

Han Yan didn’t retort this time, Ye Mo had returned, she had a competition tomorrow, it was already early in the morning, it was still necessary to go and rest for a while.

After Han Yan went to bed, Ye Mo then sat down and started to heal his wounds. Although the injury he received in the battle with Wang Leng Chan was not a serious injury, Ye Mo did not dare to be careless at all. Although Ye Mo wanted to go and destroy the Wang family in Nanshan right now, he didn’t even know what Nanshan was.


At seven in the morning, Ye Mo stood up refreshed, the night had pa*sed, his internal injuries were gone, and he had comprehended a sword technique in Wang Leng Chan’s sword technique. It was to explode out sword qi by wrapping true qi around the sword mane, and then wound the enemy through the sword qi. But this sword technique consumes too much and cannot be used easily.

When Han Yan got up and saw Ye Mo standing on the roof of the building with his back turned, she suddenly had a feeling in her heart. Ye Mo was a hundred thousand miles away from her, and although he was standing where he could be seen, it gave her a feeling as if Ye Mo could fly into the clouds at any time, a very strange feeling.

“You’re up, you go wash up, we’ll go to Broken Top Mountain together later.” Ye Mo looked back and smiled faintly.

Han Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and when Ye Mo turned back, that feeling suddenly disappeared. Ye Mo had once again turned back into that ordinary Brother Ye, without that weirdness of being about to fly up.

“Brother Ye, haha, I knew you were alright.” A gruff voice came, Ye Mo didn’t need to turn around to know that it was Zeng Zhen Man who had arrived. He had come last night and didn’t find him, but he didn’t expect him to come here again early in the morning.

Ye Mo brought Zeng Zhen Man inside the courtyard of the pavilion and sat down before he cupped his fist and said, “Thank you for what happened last night, if it wasn’t for Brother Zeng’s hand, Han Yan would definitely have suffered a loss.”

Zeng Zhenman waved his hand indifferently and said, “It was just a matter of raising a hand. I thought Wang Leng Chan wouldn’t let you go, but I didn’t expect him not to look for you last night, which was indeed out of my expectation.”

In Zeng Zhen Man’s opinion, if Wang Leng Chan had gone looking for trouble with Ye Mo, Ye Mo would definitely not have had the chance to sit in front of him and talk to him.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and casually asked, “I wonder if Brother Zeng has heard of where the South Mountain Wang Family actually is?”

Zeng Zhenman didn’t catch Ye Mo’s meaning and said with a sigh, “Actually, the most secretive and impenetrable hidden sect is not the Huludao Valley and Jiu Ming Academy, but the South Mountain Wang Family. I heard that the inheritance they received from the Wang Family was called ‘South Mountain is underneath your feet’, which was very impressive. ‘South Mountain is just below their feet’ means that no one knows where South Mountain is, maybe it’s right in front of them, maybe it’s still in the sky, and no one knows how strong they really are ……”

Speaking here Zeng Zhen Man seemed to remember what Ye Mo meant when he asked this, he stood up haughtily and looked at Ye Mo with a look of disbelief.