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DYM Chapter 477

“Wang Leng Chan even sought you out already? You killed him?” Although Zeng Zhenman believed that this was impossible, his mind was not as brash as his appearance. He had already thought that Ye Mo had probably killed Wang Leng Chan, or even all of the Wang family, and this was to ask about the Wang family’s lair.

This was not unusual, the people of the Hidden Sect preached to cut off the gra*s and eliminate the roots, either they did not move, if they were to do it, they would kill all of them.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Not bad, he wanted to kill me, I had to kill this old man first, but didn’t leave a single living soul. If he wanted to touch the people around me, don’t blame me for making the first move. It’s just that I’ve never heard of where the South Mountain is, and I thought that since we’re all from the Hidden Sect, someone must know where it is.”

Although Zeng Zhenman had guessed that it might have been Ye Mo who killed Wang Leng Chan, but guessing was one thing and reality was another. Now that Ye Mo had personally admitted to killing Wang Leng Chan, the shock to Zeng Zhen Man was unparalleled. It seemed that the rumour that Ye Mo had exterminated the fourth of the Six Outer Hidden Sects, the Point Cang Sect, was definitely not an empty rumour.

Originally, he had thought that although Ye Mo was not bad, he was still inferior to himself. But now he definitely did not dare to think so. He knew that although he was already at the late Earth level cultivation, to compare with Wang Leng Chan, perhaps they could kill him in a few moves. And Ye Mo could actually kill Wang Leng Chan and the few people he brought with him, could it be that he had really advanced to the rumoured Innate?

“You are an Innate expert now?” Although Zeng Zhenman was a brash and straightforward person, he was not a fool. At this moment, these words were asked in absolute shock and disbelief, an Innate expert in his twenties was something that could not exist in legends.

Ye Mo pondered for a moment, he thought of Tan Jiao, he could defeat Tan Jiao should be considered an innate expert, right? But then he thought of Wang Leng Chan and Wudao. If an innate expert was only so much stronger than a half-step innate, then what was the point of calling it an innate? Not to mention that Tanjiao was simply not as good as these two people he had met.

Thinking about this Ye Mo shook his head, “I should still be some distance away from the Innate now, exactly how much difference, I don’t know yet, but I won’t be afraid of the Innate experts.”

Ye Mo wasn’t bragging with these words, he could fly on his sword and he could also imperial sword against his enemies, even if he faced an Innate expert, as long as he was careful. Even if he couldn’t beat them, he should still be able to escape. But he hadn’t met any truly formidable Innate experts, so he didn’t know what the exact difference was.

Zeng Zhenman took a long breath, gradually calming down his shocked mood, and said after a long time: “No wonder you are not afraid of Xiang Ming Wang, whose cultivation level is at most the same as Wang Leng Chan’s, and that Feng Wu is even slightly inferior. Brother Ye, you are truly the first genius in the cultivation of ancient martial arts in a thousand ages.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly as he did not interfere. He knew about himself, if he had been allowed to cultivate Ancient Martial Arts, perhaps he would still be below Xuan level now. The reason why he was so powerful was because he was a cultivator of the Immortals, or to put it in a bigger way, a cultivator of the Immortals. What ancient martial art could be more powerful than cultivating immortality?

Zeng Zhenman, however, continued, “Actually, it’s absolutely impossible to find the Wang family if you want to, I reckon even the Wang family’s own children shouldn’t know where the mountain gate is, let alone others. I don’t know, and I reckon even Xiang Ming Wang and the others wouldn’t know. Moreover, their Wang family has always kept a low profile, even this big competition only brought two disciples to participate, while there were four people escorting them. I reckon if Brother Ye hadn’t taken out something heaven defying, Wang Leng Chan wouldn’t have chosen to make a move.”

Ye Mo gave a secret sigh, he reckoned it should be difficult to find Nan Shan, if it was really easy to ask, that Wang Leng Chan wouldn’t have silenced him.

“Brother Zeng doesn’t live here?” Ye Mo’s divine sense didn’t find Zeng Zhen Man when he returned at night, so he asked casually.

Zeng Zhenman nodded and said, “None of the six Outer Hidden Sects live here, they live in the accommodation provided by the government. Brother Ye, the competition starts at nine o’clock. I’ve come to see you and then I have to go back and prepare. It is also an honour for me, Zeng, to know a good man like you, Brother Ye.”

Ye Mo immediately said, “Brother Zeng is the true character, no one dared to speak up for me on top of the trade fair, while Brother Zeng stood up, so it is clear that Brother Zeng is the true character. I have made this friend of Brother Zeng, I, Ye Mo.”

“Good, I, ‘Thirty-six Rivers’, am in the Hengduan area, and welcome Brother Ye to be a guest.” Zeng Zhenman was also very happy to say.

Ye Mo, however, nodded and said, “However, I invited Brother Zeng here today because of your internal injuries. If I am not wrong, Brother Zeng’s internal injuries are very serious. If it is not treated, it is estimated that it will only last for three to five years at most.”

“Brother Ye, you can tell that I have internal injuries?” Zeng Zhenman stood up with a surprised look on his face. It wasn’t that he was afraid of dying, but because there was no one to succeed him in the ‘Thirty-Six Rivers’, if he were to die, this Outer Hidden Fifth Sect would probably not be saved.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and took out a pill and said, “This is a ‘Lotus Life Pill’, you should be able to completely heal your internal injuries after taking it.” ?

“Lotus Life Pill? Could it be that the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ that was sold at the Qixia Temple auction back then is the same pill that cured Miao Quan’s internal injuries?” Zeng Zhenman said with a shocked expression.

Ye Mo nodded, “Not bad, it’s that elixir.”

Zeng Zhenman cautiously accepted the elixir and slowly said, “Brother Ye, it is indeed lucky for me, Zeng Zhenman, to be friends with you. After I learned that Miao Quan’s internal injuries were gone, I searched around for the source of the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, but the people of the ‘Yu Society’ did not dare to say anything. I never imagined that this elixir would come from your hands. I know that this elixir is not only very expensive, but there is no market for it, so I, Zeng Zhenman, will accept it without any pretense. In the future, if Brother Ye has anything to say, I will do whatever I can.”

Ye Mo patted Zeng Zhenman and said, “Since we are friends now, why do we need to say such things. Brother Zeng has to take his disciples to Broken Peak Mountain in the morning, so I won’t stop you, we’ll meet up again at Broken Peak Mountain.”

Originally, Ye Mo didn’t need to take out the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ to help Zeng Zhenman treat his internal injuries, but one would be too delaying and consume his true qi, now that he had become friends, he didn’t care about this one pill.

After Zeng Zhenman left, Han Yan had already washed up and changed her clothes and walked over. The two of them went down the stairs and entered the eighth floor when there were already many sects coming out one after another, led by elders or sect masters.

It was obvious that most of them were surprised to see Ye Mo walking down intact. However, those who knew Ye Mo, all still came forward to greet him. Xia Changtian and Yu Tao were even more surprised, but as old foxes like them, the surprise and astonishment in their hearts would not show. They still faced Ye Mo with respect.

Han Yan secretly sighed in her heart, this was the difference, if it was just her, or if she and her master came over, where would they have a place to talk here? Even entering the lift would require them to let others in first. Following Ye Mo was different, when Ye Mo walked to the lift door, surprisingly none of them dared to go up and enter first, even that trip to the lift was only her and Ye Mo. Even when the lift door opened downstairs, the people waiting at the door saw it was Ye Mo, they all nodded their heads and didn’t dare to enter.

This is strength, this f*cked up circle where strength is paramount.

Ye Mo, however, did not care, this was too normal for him, back when he was cultivating in Luo Yue he had to look at others the same way.

When Ye Mo and Han Yan walked to the hall, Wang Xiyue had already been waiting for a long time, and when he saw Ye Mo coming down, he quickly took him and Han Yan to the special dining room for dinner. Only after finishing the meal did he tell Ye Mo that he had already prepared the car.

Wang Xiyue knew that Ye Mo and Han Yan were also participating in the Grand Competition, so he deliberately drove over and personally transported them.


If there was still a chilly and gloomy atmosphere in the Broken Top Mountain area last night, the place was bustling with activity during the day today. Cars were constantly pulling up at the foot of Broken Peak Mountain, and people from all different hidden sects were dressed in different costumes heading to Broken Peak Mountain.

Apart from some people with special connections who could come and watch the Hidden Sect’s Grand Competition on site, most people had no way of entering the place.

The top of Broken Top Mountain is about a mile in circumference and has long been cleared out. In the middle were the two rings for the great competition, and on all sides were seats that had been arranged. Together with the people from the Hidden Sect, there were surprisingly as many as seven to eight thousand people from all walks of life. Ye Mo reckoned that most of these people were those who helped the Hidden Sect with their business or were some old qualified people.

Although there was a team from the Hidden Sect that specialized in maintaining law and order, the quality of these guests was obviously very good, or perhaps they were not qualified to pick and choose in this place, and the entire hilltop venue was surprisingly not the least bit cluttered, and they all took their seats.

The status of the Guang Han Clan was very low, there were only two seats this time, and they were very far back. Ye Mo had just arrived at the venue with Han Yan and was brought to their ‘Thirty-six Rivers’ area by the long-awaited Zeng Zhenman.

“Brother Ye, just sit here, Miss Han we have someone here to take her to sign up. I’ll try to get you a spot to host the a*sembly later.” As soon as Zeng Zhenman saw Ye Mo arrive, he had someone take Han Yan to sign up.

Ye Mo laughed and said, “I’m going to host the a*sembly, I guess that old pipsqueak Xiang Ming Wang won’t agree to it. Besides, I’m not interested in that, so I’ll just sit here. Han Yan, you go ahead and register, I’ll watch from here.”

After Han Yan left, Zeng Zhen Man also left first as he had to preside over the a*sembly. However, Ye Mo was clearly treated at a high level in the ‘Thirty-six Rivers’ area, with a waiter waiting on one side specifically.

Ye Mo looked at the place where the registration for the cards was a bit chaotic, and estimated that he could not manage this without an hour. However, he was not in a hurry, he came for two main purposes, one was to bring Han Yan to the competition, and the second was to see where the spirit pool was when the competition was over.

In order not to make things difficult for Zeng Zhenman, so Ye Mo did not ask Zeng Zhenman about the spirit pond.

Meanwhile, inside the temporary hall where the a*sembly was being hosted, Xiang Ming Wang asked with a gloomy face, “Why hasn’t Sect Master Wang come by now?”

The tone of his voice was obviously a little unhappy, as it was clear that Wang Leng Chan had eaten alone last night, causing a bit of a lump in Wang Ming Wang’s heart. Even though he knew that Wang Leng Chan had come today and would take some out, he was still not very happy.