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DYM Chapter 478

“Brother Xiang, I think it’s likely that Sect Master Wang won’t come back?” Feng Wu’s tone was a little low, and when he finished saying this, his eyes narrowed into a thin line mouth it was obvious that he was not at peace in his heart at this moment.

Xiang Ming Wang was stunned and subconsciously said, “This Grand Competition is a major event in my Hidden Sect once every five years. Even if Sect Master Wang is too much, he won’t not come, right? And doesn’t he want the geniuses under his sect to enter the Spirit Pool? Even if he is indifferent to this, could it be that he doesn’t even want that crystal stone?”

That was what was said, but what was going through Xiang Ming Wang’s mind was, could it be that the inheritance Ye Mo had received was really so valuable? To the extent that it made Wang Leng Chan go back privately in spite of the Hidden Sect Grand Competition? He even let go of the chance to advance to the Ascendant.

“Because Ye Mo has already brought someone to the Grand Competition and is now sitting in the ‘Thirty-six Rivers,’ area.” Feng Wu said indifferently, but didn’t directly say why Wang Leng Chan hadn’t come over. However, his meaning was understood by all present, since Ye Mo had come and Wang Leng Chan had not, it was worth thinking deeply.

Feng Wu certainly understood that Wang Leng Chan should have gone to find Ye Mo last night, and he also knew what Wang Leng Chan meant when he went to find Ye Mo.

With Wang Leng Chan’s tactics, he would never let any survivors exist in his hands, and even the little girl who was with Ye Mo would have no way to survive.

In fact Feng Wu was not wrong in thinking that last night Wang Leng Chan not only went after Ye Mo, but also sent someone to go after Han Yan at the same time. He just didn’t expect that Gai Cheng, who had laid hands on Han Yan, was driven away by Zeng Zhen Man, whom Ye Mo had asked to come, and ended up being killed by Ye Mo who had returned overnight.

“What? Ye Mo actually came too?” Xiang Ming Wang’s face changed and he immediately stood up. The man who had been following Xiang Ming Wang also changed his face and immediately hurriedly walked out of the mouth just a moment later, he came back, only his face looked just as ugly as Xiang Ming Wang’s, it was obvious that he had seen Ye Mo.

Zeng Zhenman, however, stood up at this moment and said, “Originally, there were four of us presiding over the a*sembly this time, but now that Sect Master Wang has not come, there is one less person, and I think Ye Mo is considered a new rising sect. I think Ye Mo is also considered a new sect. Flowing Serpent’s pills are famous, so why don’t we let Ye Mo add to the list and serve as the ruling half of our a*sembly, what do the two Sect Masters think?”

Feng Wu glanced at Zeng Zhen Man in surprise, with a hint of thought in his eyes.

“No, how can Ye Mo, a milquetoast junior, be the judge of this grand competition? This will definitely not do.” Xiang Ming Wang vetoed it in one breath almost without even thinking.

“Yes, Sect Master Zeng, Ye Mo is only in his twenties, and at best, his cultivation is only at the early stage of the Earth Grade. I agree with what Sect Master Xiang said, he is definitely not qualified to be the judge half of this a*sembly.” A middle-aged man behind Feng Wu however stood up and said.

Feng Wu’s face was cold, “Zheng Chao, we are discussing something big here, there is no need for you to interfere.”

“Master Ghost ……” Zheng Chao glanced at Feng Wu a little strangely, he couldn’t imagine that his senior brother would use such a harsh tone to talk to him.

However, when he wanted to continue speaking, he was stopped by the middle-aged woman, who shook her head at him. In the end, Zheng Chao held back.

“What do you mean, Brother Feng?” Wang Leng Chan was not here now, and although Xiang Ming Wang could forcefully disagree with Zeng Zhen Man’s words, he still had to seek Feng Wu’s opinion. After all, the ‘Nine Brightness School, would not be in the least bit inferior to his ‘Hulu Valley,’ in terms of strength.

Even though Wang Leng Chan had not come, Xiang Ming Wang did not think that Ye Mo could kill Wang Leng Chan. This was because in his opinion, such a thing was absolutely impossible.

Feng Wu originally did not intend to comment, but now that Xiang Ming Wang had asked at his door, it would obviously not be appropriate to play dead anymore, so he had to say, “Originally, our Hidden Sect Competition was that the higher the cultivation level, the more people knew about it, the better. However, it is a time of peace and prosperity, and the government supports our competition, so there will be no changes in between. So then, the issue of cultivation can be put aside for now. Ye Mo, as proposed by Sect Master Zeng, is able to cultivate to this level at a young age, it is clear that he belongs to a genius mouth I personally agree with Brother Xiang’s words in principle, only that Sect Master Zeng’s proposal also has a certain amount of truth, so this matter is however difficult to make a decision on the spur of the moment ……”

A clear-eyed person will know that Feng Wu is making mud.

Once he heard Feng Wu’s words, for the first time, Xiang Ming Wang did not show his impatience, but lowered his head and pondered. Zeng Zhenman was only the fifth ranked Outer Hidden Sect, so it could be said that his strength was far from that of Huludao Valley. It was already strange that he dared to offer this opinion, and what was even stranger was that Feng Wu had not obviously spoken in his favour, what was going on?

There were more than a dozen people from the Jiu Ming Academy who had come to participate in the Grand Competition this time, but at this moment the middle-aged woman who had attended the exchange meeting walked up behind Feng Wu and said in a small voice, “Senior Brother Feng, I think it is better for us to agree with what Sect Master Zeng said.”

Although Feng Wu had guessed something, he was not sure, and now that someone from his own sect was saying this, he looked at the woman who had spoken with some confusion, “Senior sister Caiji, why do you say that?”

The woman named Caiji said in a very low tone very cautiously, “Last night Sect Master Wang must have gone to look for Ye Mo, and with what Dean said about this person’s character, he would definitely not let Ye Mo get away with it. But now Ye Mo has come to the a*sembly, while none of the Wang family can be seen, and we haven’t even seen them at the residence since the morning.

There is only one explanation for this, and that is that all the people Wang Leng Chan took out with him last night were wiped out. And the person who caused them to be wiped out should be that Ye Mo, whom we had not offended at the exchange meeting last night. At this moment, judging from Zeng Zhen Man’s tone, he must have already befriended Ye Mo, otherwise he wouldn’t have said this.

Moreover, there were only four crystals in the Spirit Pool originally, even if we didn’t agree, we wouldn’t get an extra one, so we might as well sell Sect Master Zeng a good one.”

Feng Wu nodded, he hadn’t thought of this point, he was just afraid that this would offend Xiang Ming Wang again.

Seeming to see Feng Wu’s meaning, Cai Qi said with a faint smile, “Senior Brother Feng, if that Ye Mo can kill Wang Leng Chan, he definitely won’t be an idle person. Whether it was him who killed him or the person behind him, it’s better for us not to cross paths with such people. I don’t think Sect Master Xiang would cross paths with our Nine Brightness Academy because of a mere quota.”

Hearing his senior sister’s words, Feng Wu immediately made up his mind he suddenly broke the dull situation with a faint smile and said, “I think time is very tight now, why don’t we follow Sect Master Zeng’s wishes. Let that Ye Mo supplement Sect Master Wang’s absence, after all, there are four crystal stones, if there is one less person, the extra one won’t be good for distribution.”

Feng Wu surprisingly agreed to Zeng Zhen Man’s words, and although there was great doubt, Xiang Ming Wang had to agree. After all, it was now a two to one vote.

When Ye Mo was pulled out by Zeng Zhen Man, he realised that he had been listed as one of the four judges presiding over the a*sembly. At this point Ye Mo couldn’t help but cry and laugh as he helplessly looked at Zeng Zhen Man and said, “Brother Zeng I really don’t want to be this judge and a half ah, it’s really a waste of time.”

Zeng Zhenman smiled mysteriously, “Brother Ye Mo, I won’t harm you, do you think this big competition is a waste of time? You should know that the top three are allowed to cultivate in the Spirit Pool for three months, right? Four crystals are produced inside that Spirit Pool every five years or so, and these four crystals are the rewards of our four presiding sects this time. Hey, hey, you certainly don’t know the effects of this crystal stone until you’ve seen it, and when you do, you’ll understand that you won’t be at a disadvantage.”

The crystals inside the Spirit Pool? Ye Mo’s heart twitched could it be a spirit stone? Thinking of this Ye Mo immediately nodded his head and said, “Okay, I agree.”

The total number of disciples who came to participate in the Heavenly Competition was three hundred and twenty, if the top three could enter the Spirit Pool, then it was only one out of every hundred, so the competition could not be considered too fierce. But the good thing is that the top thirty are rewarded, which gives those who take part in the competition some more hope. After all, not everyone expected to be able to enter the Spirit Pool, and most of them probably only needed a ‘Ascension Pill’ to do so. Besides, a large portion of people were still running for that prize money.

Although it was easy for people in the hidden sects to make money, it also referred to some of the larger hidden sects that had the heritage to come up with their own products. Some small sects, such as Han Yan’s Guanghan Sect, might not even be able to come up with five million, not to mention five hundred million. So this prize money is still attractive to many sects.

The rules of the tournament were simple, the first four rounds were simple elimination rounds, three hundred and twenty people faced each other two by two, the winner went to the next round, the loser was directly eliminated, the tournament system was very cruel.

In order to avoid early encounters between Xuan level cultivators, eleven Xuan level ancient martial arts practitioners were seeded in the first round their numbers were number one to eleven. But after the first round, there would be no more seeded contestants.

Han Yan, with her Xuan level cultivation, was among the seeded contestants and the lot she drew was number ten, her first match was against the contestant who had drawn to number three hundred and eleven.

Although these were all elite disciples from various sects who had come to participate in the Grand Tournament, they were flawed in Ye Mo’s eyes and there was really nothing to see. Apart from a few Xuan level cultivation martial artists who had some decent moves, the rest of the Yellow level martial artists were basically nothing special.

Han Yan was now at the peak of the early Xuan level, and her opponent was a late Yellow level. Even though Han Yan didn’t have any powerful moves, a Xuan level faced a Yellow level and still knocked her opponent off the stage in just a few moves.

The first round of the Heavenly Section was a quick one, except for a very few matches that were balanced and took a long time to fight. By around 1pm, during the noon break, the first round of matches had all been completed and the 160 players entered the second round of matches in the afternoon.

The afternoon matches started at two o’clock, and Ye Mo, as the judge, basically had nothing to do, as there were executive judges and a half at the tournament site. Only when it was impossible to judge, or when there was an accident, would the four judging halves come out to deal with it.

And the morning matches were all very moderate, with the exception of one minor injury and one serious injury, there was no major disagreement with the rest.

The afternoon match of one hundred and sixty people was obviously a bit more intense than the morning one, after all, these people had already broken through one round and were relatively more powerful.

The eighty matches were divided into two rings, that is, forty matches in each ring. Because half of the participants in the afternoon were going to be less, Ye Mo easily noticed the two women who were competing. He was made to notice because he knew both of them.