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DYM Chapter 479

Both of these women had crossed paths with Ye Mo, one was the woman who had his arm cut off just after Ye Mo had left the desert. Moreover, this woman had attended the last auction at Qixia Temple with her master. But Ye Mo knew that her arm had been repaired last time.

She had a master, a beautiful Daoist nun. Last time, I heard that Daoist nun seemed to call her Zi Shuo, but I didn’t expect her to come to the Grand Competition this time, and she was already at the late Yellow rank. A woman with a broken arm that was later repaired could come to the Hidden Sect Grand Competition, so it was clear that she still had some perseverance. In Ye Mo’s memory, that Zi Shuo made a good flying dagger, I wonder which hand she is now using to make her flying dagger.

The other woman Ye Mo hadn’t seen for long was the cold woman he had met when he went to the Xiang Yun Military Special Regiment. It seemed to have some ill intentions towards himself, as for what her name was, Ye Mo did not know it yet. It was just that both of these women had some small gaps with him, and even that Zi Shuo had a grudge against him for breaking her arm.

In the second round of the afternoon, Han Yan similarly defeated a late peak Yellow rank martial artist with ease, and then returned to the ‘Thirty-six Rivers’ area to watch the competition. She already knew that Ye Mo had become a judge, so she wasn’t worried that these people would come up with something underhanded.

That Zi Shuo’s opponent was a middle yellow ranked competitor, relatively speaking already the lowest cultivation level among the Grand Competition. The woman did not use her flying daggers, but only her long sword to knock her opponent out of the ring, easily winning the second match. The cold woman also easily defeated her opponent, but Ye Mo felt that she stared at his side after the match, and her gaze seemed a bit cold.

Ye Mo subconsciously rubbed his chin, thinking, “I’ve never seen you before, how come you have such a big opinion of me?

The afternoon’s competition was only half of the morning’s, but it took even more time than the morning. It was already six o’clock in the evening when the final eighty players were decided.

The rest of the competition would have to wait until the next day. There would be no one staying at Broken Peak at night, so when the competition was over, all the people went back to their respective residences.

When Ye Mo was invited by Wang Xiyue to have dinner and returned to the roof, he found that there were already many people waiting on the roof.

It could be said that almost all the members of the Hidden Sect who were staying at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ had sent representatives to greet them. Han Yan did not know that Ye Mo had already killed Wang Leng Chan, so she was shocked to see so many people coming here, and only when she realised that these people had come to pay Ye Mo a special visit did she put her mind at ease.

Whether it was because he had become a judge or the fact that he had killed Wang Leng Chan had gotten out, Ye Mo did not have any desire to befriend these people who saw the wind and the rudder. He simply entertained them and let these people go back. Ye Mo also knew that these people’s selfish and self-serving character was not simply developed, but was caused by the accumulation of the Hidden Sect over a long period of time, coupled with the current lack of resources.

What was very little, everyone wanted, which caused snatching and even mutual distrust. People such as Zeng Zhenman are already extremely rare among the Hidden Sect.

This was also the reason why China had experienced several foreign invasions, yet no expert from the Hidden Sect had come out to speak. Ye Mo reckoned that the reason why there was now a ‘Heavenly Group’ was probably still because the society was now more stable, allowing people in the Hidden Sect to smell the opportunities in it. For example, providing rare ores and medicinal materials to the Hidden Sect was a very realistic example.

After Ye Mo sent these people away, leaving Han Yan alone to cultivate his second sword move, he once again headed to Broken Top Mountain. Unlike yesterday when he came in a big way, Ye Mo stepped onto his flying sword this time to go.


If someone came to Broken Top Mountain at this time, they would not believe that the place, which was still so lively during the day, was now a desolate place, and there was even some gloomy wind blowing from time to time.

Just as Ye Mo landed, he saw two men sneaking in and already entering the foot of Broken Top Mountain. Ye Mo was stunned for a moment, as long as the people of Ghost City knew that Broken Top Mountain was haunted, how could there be people coming to Broken Top Mountain in the middle of the night when they knew that it was haunted?

After a moment of confusion, Ye Mo found that apart from these two people, there was another person behind them. Soon Ye Mo knew that the two men in front of him did not have any cultivation skills, or had not cultivated, and from the bags they were carrying Ye Mo probably knew that these two men should be tomb robbers.

Ye Mo shook his head, tomb robbing had even come to Broken Top Mountain. These two tomb robbers simply didn’t know how to live or die.

However, when Ye Mo saw the person behind these two tomb robbers, he was even more surprised, that person turned out to be the clear and cold woman who had a problem with him, I wonder what she was doing here at Broken Peak Mountain so late at night? She was even following two tomb robbers who had not cultivated.

Ye Mo landed next to him with a stealth spell, the two tomb robbers were being followed by the cool woman but did not know it at all, but carefully and slowly entered the depths of Broken Top Mountain’s waist by the foot of the mountain.

Ye Mo was very puzzled, since he chose to rob the tomb, he shouldn’t have chosen these days, ah, these days were the great competition of the Hidden Sect, there were many people. It could be said that if one normally came here to rob a tomb, the chances of being discovered would definitely be smaller.

“Two Teeth, why do I feel that this place is more gloomy than the others? It’s not very comfortable all over. There’s not something wrong, is there?” The shorter man winced and said subconsciously.

The man called Two Teeth was slightly taller, but looked significantly more shrewd than the shorter man who had just spoken. Hearing the short man’s words, he immediately replied in a low voice, “Gang Hu, we only have these few days of opportunity. You must know that Broken Top Mountain is no ordinary place, do you think we are the only ones who know about this piece of meat here? I am sure there are others who know about it. But why they don’t dare to come is because the Yin energy here is too heavy.

These days the government seems to be holding an event of some kind at the top of the mountain, so there are a lot of people. As you can see during the day, nearly 10,000 people went up the mountain. With so many people going up the mountain, the yang energy is strong and dilutes the yin energy here, so you can say that this is our best chance. Once this event has pa*sed, and no one comes here again, the Yin Qi will converge and we won’t have any chance at all. But there aren’t many people who dare to come to a place of deadly yin like this.”

Gang Hu nodded and said in a small voice, “If this is really the grave of Yuan Tiangang’s descendants, we might be able to go into feng shui instead in the future.”

It turned out to be such an intention, although Ye Mo knew that this intention of theirs was of little use on Broken Top Mountain, but he had to say that what this Two Teeth said made sense. Once there were more people on the mountain, the Yin Qi here would definitely be washed away a lot. However, this Second Tooth did not understand that the Yin Qi here was not the natural Yin Qi that he thought it was, Ye Mo had made a trip last night and he was sure that someone was acting strange.

But what good things had been stolen from Broken Peak Mountain, Ye Mo originally had no interest in it, but when he heard about the descendants of Yuan Tiangang he became a little interested, Yuan Tiangang was a master of predicting feng shui, maybe there was really something useful here. He had also planned to go to Mui Ne Snow Mountain, also because he knew from the Fu brothers that there was an ancient tomb in Mui Ne Snow Mountain. It just so happened that Mui Ne Snow Mountain was within Yun Zhong Province, which was the same province as Ghost City.

It was just that Ye Mo was likewise not very eager to go to the Meinei Snow Mountain, as he was not very interested after learning that the Fu brothers had already obtained a gongfa there. This ancient tomb, no matter how bullish it was, was only the remains of an ancient martial cultivator. It might be an opportunity for ancient martial cultivation this, but it really didn’t hold much appeal to Ye Mo. The reason why Ye Mo wanted to make a trip was rather that the few night pearls attracted him.

The cold woman was already at the peak of yellow level cultivation, and there was obviously no pressure to track down two ordinary grave robbers. And Ye Mo came here to this place, the body just wanted to come and see what the mystery of this Broken Top Mountain was, why last night his divine sense didn’t even detect what was trying to sneak up on him. So after hearing that this was the tomb of Yuan Tiangang’s descendants, Ye Mo also quietly followed behind these three.

Broken Top Mountain had not been visited for several years, so except for a main road leading to the top of the mountain, the rest of the place was desolate. The two tomb robbing men walked for almost an hour, but entered the only canyon at Broken Top Mountain. Ye Mo knew from the familiarity of the two men that these two men should have stepped on the plate.

Two Teeth walked to a sloping place, took out a detection thing and looked around for a long time before stopping at a place.

“Is this the place?” Gangtiger asked in a whisper when he saw Two-Tooth stop.

“That’s right, this should be the place.” Two Teeth put down his backpack and took out a Luoyang shovel, a*sembling one in just three or five strokes.

“Two Tooth, I always feel a bit scared, why do I have a bad feeling this time.” Gang Hu shrank his neck and said with some concern.

Second Tooth scolded, “No good, it’s not the first time we’ve done this, if this is really the One’s residence, maybe we just need to do this one job. Remember the more this time of year the less you should be afraid, so that the yang energy is strong. And we definitely won’t be able to get through the burglary hole today, I’m conservative enough to estimate that three days would be good.”

Ye Mo had to admire these two guys, they didn’t have any cultivation skills, but they dug the hole very fast. The two men were also extremely skilled at working together, and baskets of earth were poured out.

Ye Mo noticed the woman with a cool expression, she carefully hid to the side but did not come forward, not knowing what she really wanted, whether she wanted to make a fortune by the hands of these two tomb robbers, or whether she was also interested in the relics of Yuan Tiangang’s descendants.

An hour later, Two Teeth climbed out and took a ** down, and a moment later, Two Teeth came up and pulled Gang Hu far away and ran to the side.

With a muffled sound, Ye Mo’s divine sense had observed that that Second Tooth’s explosives had actually blown out an old robber’s hole, so it turned out that someone had come here to rob it a long time ago. However, Ye Mo’s divine sense soon found that the end of this robber hole was not opened and two corpses were lying inside the robber hole.

It looked like the two corpses were also tomb robbers, but they didn’t know why they had died in here. This really proves that people die for money and birds die for food.

The two of them had only been inside for a while when they let out a surprise cry: “Tiger, we’re in luck. There’s a ready-made robber’s cave here and it’s not dug through, we just have to keep digging a few more times. Two seniors died in there, Tiger, take two black donkey hooves and give me one in case there are big dumplings.”