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DYM Chapter 480

After the two tomb-robbing men entered the cave, Ye Mo found that the cool woman also followed them in, but Ye Mo strangely found that his divine sense could not penetrate the tomb door. Ye Mo looked at the gate of this tomb and it was surprisingly made tightly. With his current divine sense, he could penetrate 20 to 30 metres under the hou solid soil, and if it was sandy soil, he could even penetrate nearly 100 metres away. This tomb door should be of hou lime stone, much more hou than the one at September View. After thinking for a while, Ye Mo also followed him in.

Ertuan and Gang Hu were very nimble, besides it was a pa*sage that had already been dug. A chicken was thrown into the pa*sage by Gang Hu, and after a long time, Two Teeth nodded and said, “It’s alright, you can go in.”

Two Teeth picked up a small folded blower and placed it at the entrance where the pa*sage articulated. The two of them walked up to the two corpses, and Two Tooth paid his respects and said, “Two seniors, we are forced to borrow the pa*sage opened by the seniors for a while, and when I come out, I will let the two seniors be buried in peace.”

Gang Hu also paid his respects, then followed behind Two Teeth and asked, “Don’t you need hooves?”

Second Tooth shook his head and said, “Don’t bother with the dry dumplings, it’s just a pity about those two shovels, they were good things at first glance, just that they definitely can’t be used now.”

Ye Mo followed behind and found that the cool woman followed the two tomb robbers, surprisingly, she did not have the slightest emotion of fear, but stared deadly at the two people in front of her, not even willing to pull down one step.

That tomb door Ye Mo had noticed long ago that it had in fact been dug, but with his experience, Two Teeth could actually know that the place was about to be dug through, so it was clear that he was indeed very experienced.

After a few simple ploughs, the thin layer of mud in front of the door was removed, revealing the blackened green stone door. The second tooth just cut another small hole on top of the tomb door, then put in the explosives and finally sealed the explosives.

Although Ye Mo knew that these tomb robbers must have a way to blow up the tomb door without causing a collapse or anything, Ye Mo still retreated to a far away place. In case the place collapsed, even if he were to get out, it would take a lot of effort, besides he didn’t want to be buried underground.

Luckily, Second Tooth was good at it and he still believed in his skills. After a muffled sound, the very hou green stone slab tomb door was blown open with a big hole of three or four feet square.

Two Teeth picked up the blower again, then put the chicken inside and placed the blower at the door of the tomb. Only after a while did Second Tooth see the intact rooster, then he turned off the blower and carefully felt his way in with Gang Hu.

At this time the cold woman had already arrived at the door of the tomb, but she did not go in, but carefully watched for the movement of the second tooth.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept in, and rather than a tomb, it was more like a stone chamber. In the middle of the stone chamber was a coffin, and above the stone wall in the middle of the graveyard hung a dark half-moon shaped object.

Two Teeth scanned the inside of the cemetery and was a little disappointed that it didn’t seem to be what he was expecting.

“Tiger, you light a candle in the southeast corner first, then come and help me.” After finishing his sentence, Erya took out a black donkey’s hoof and walked over to the coffin first, knocking on the top of the lid with his finger as if he was confirming what kind of material it was.

By now Gang Hu had already lit the candle and came over, “Two Tooth, I do feel that there is a little less Yin inside than outside.

“Well, don’t talk nonsense, come and help.” Second Tooth called out casually.

Although Ye Mo did not go inside at this time, his divine sense viewed that there was an old man in his fifties inside the coffin, and the body had not decayed yet. This old man’s clothes should be very luxurious, that is, after so many years, there were still some golden threads falling on all sides. A yin and yang fish magic weapon was placed on the old man’s feet, and apart from that, there were two jade pendants on this old man’s body. What caught Ye Mo’s attention was a piece of jade slip in his hand.

Gang Hu took an iron awl and pried open the lid of the coffin with great force. The second tooth’s mining lamp had then swept in, but Ye Mo clearly saw the old man’s hand in the coffin seemed to move a little.

But Gang Hu didn’t notice it at all, he saw the two jade pendants and several porcelain flower dishes at first glance, and obviously Two Teeth saw them too. Only Gang Hu’s control was much less than Two Teeth’s, and he immediately screamed out, “Two Teeth, there are porcelain and jade pets, they’re meat dumplings ……”

“Meat dumplings my a*s ……” Two Teeth’s face was ugly, and without thinking, he shoved the black donkey’s hoof in his hand on top of the old man’s mouth.

Ye Mo’s divine sense, however, found that the old man’s arm, which was still moving a moment ago, miraculously fell down after the black donkey’s hoof was put on it, and he could not help but be amazed. Two Teeth seemed relieved, “Tiger, hurry up and get the stuff and leave, this is not a good place.”

Ye Mo’s divine sense, however, clearly swept a shadow rising up inside the coffin.

A Yin Soul? Ye Mo had seen Yin souls more than once, he couldn’t imagine that there could be Yin souls surviving in this place. However, Ye Mo knew that even if it was a Yin Soul, once these two tomb robbers disturbed it and this stone chamber was opened, it would have no place to live and would sooner or later disappear.

However, what surprised Ye Mo was that this ghost had a mind and floated directly to the candle lit by Gang Hu, then there seemed to be a breeze blowing through and the light of this candle actually swayed.

A ghost blowing the light? Ye Mo had heard that it was dangerous for tomb robbers to encounter a ghost blowing lantern, but he did not expect to be swept by his divine sense. Surprisingly, there was really such a thing. If it was Ye Mo, he would have been able to destroy this Yin spirit with just a fireball technique, this Yin spirit was really too weak.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to see what this Yin Soul was going to do next, his face suddenly changed, a harsh and cold cold wind swept over the side of the robber hole that Er Ya and Gang Hu had dug out, this familiar feeling, Ye Mo immediately knew that this was the same cold and harsh wind that had sneaked up on him last night.

A shadowy spirit that was many times more powerful than the shadow inside the stone chamber coalesced, and this shadowy spirit seemed to contain too much resentment and unwillingness.

Compared to this chamber, Ye Mo was more concerned about this thing that had sneaked up on him. He almost didn’t even think about it before he flew out of this robber’s cave, while several fireballs struck at the already coalescing Yin Soul outside the cave.

After a scream, the Yin Soul was scorched by Ye Mo’s fireballs and immediately became much darker. This Yin Soul seemed to have never seen anyone else who could see it and could even kill it easily. The darkened soul immediately fell into the earth and looked like it was about to disappear.

It turned out that it would also enter the earth. Ye Mo suddenly realized that no wonder his divine sense did not find its trail last night. But since he had found it, how could he let the spirit go?

After a faint scream, this Yin Soul was already burnt without a trace by Ye Mo’s fireballs.

Before Ye Mo had time to check what kind of Yin Soul this was, a harsh fishy wind came down on his head. Someone had made a secret attack, and Ye Mo didn’t even offer his flying sword, he directly struck out with a fist.

With a “boom”, a man whose whole body was wrapped in black clothes was sent flying by Ye Mo’s punch and crashed far above a rock, then spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Ye Mo raised his hand and the flying sword had already appeared in his hand, but he did not continue to attack the black-clothed man he had sent flying, instead he used his divine sense to observe.

This turned out to be an old woman, her whole body was deadly heavy and her nails were almost an inch long. The weapon that had just sneaked up on Ye Mo was a dark stick, except that it was still emitting a fishy smell, not knowing what kind of material it was made of.

If it was someone else who saw this old woman, they would definitely think that this was another evil ghost. Ye Mo, however, knew that she was not a ghost, but a person, or rather a person who belonged to the same kind of person as the woman in red that he had killed in the first place.

“Who the hell are you, I was at Broken Top Mountain and did not provoke Your Excellency, why did you kill my yin pet?” This old woman’s voice was surprisingly clear and crisp, only her tone was somewhat grim. If one just heard her voice speaking, one would most likely think of her as a two-eighths girl in the first place.

Yin pets? Ye Mo thought of the woman in red who raised the ghost pet, and then asked in a cold voice, “Are you also from the September View?”

“What I am also from the September View? I’m the only one from September View. That b*tch just took over my September View because she is more powerful than me, sooner or later I will take it back.” This old woman said in a stern voice, only her brittle voice made her stern voice seem a bit stern and stubborn.

Ye Mo was speechless, why were all these people who cultivated ghosts from the September View. Hearing this old woman’s tone, it seemed that she had lost a power struggle with the original September View Master, and then only lived in this place at a snail’s pace.

That a good cultivation technique had been practiced to produce something so inhuman and ghostly, Ye Mo really could not figure it out. However, since it was from the September View, Ye Mo also understood why that Yin pet would drill the earth. If there was another cultivation technique in this place, Ye Mo knew that it must be that ‘September Evergreen Duel’ of the September View.

A cultivation technique that had a way to evade the earth wasn’t that unusual, let alone a Yin soul without a body. To put it bluntly, this Yin soul was just a soul that hadn’t dissipated and was a bit stronger.

Looking at the old woman in black with a resentful face, Ye Mo said indifferently, “You didn’t provoke me? Do you dare to say that the one who sneaked up on me last night was not your Yin pet? Since you have provoked me, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“……” The old woman in black was momentarily speechless, she had wanted to kill Ye Mo yesterday because she sensed that Ye Mo’s soul was very powerful and would be of much benefit to her yin pet. It’s just that she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so powerful, even more powerful than any ancient martial cultivator here. This old woman was sure that if she came out of the mountain, except for that senior sister of hers, she guessed that no one would be her opponent, because she had a Yin pet.

But today when she met Ye Mo, she realized what it was that there were people outside the mountains.