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DYM Chapter 481

“It was my fault for sneaking up on you yesterday, and you also killed my yin pet, I wish to end this, and go my own way, not to have anything to do with each other.” This black-clothed old woman said after a long time before she made up her mind, although her yin pet was half of her life, if she didn’t have her yin pet, a random mid-earth level martial artist could kill her. But now she didn’t dare to talk to Ye Mo, the situation was too much stronger than her.

Although she did not dare to watch the fight between Ye Mo and Wang Leng Chan from the sidelines last night, she went to see the scene of the fight afterwards. She believed that even a few of herself would not be Ye Mo’s match. Although she did not know how this young man had cultivated and had such a high cultivation level at such a young age, she still chose to avoid it. Because what scares her the most is that Ye Mo can discover her hidden pet.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Sneaking up on me, taking my life, then coming back to me without pain and saying that it was your fault and asking me to let you off the hook. Treating me like a rotten good guy?”

“Then what more do you want? I’ve already admitted defeat and promised to let you go, do you still want to kill me? We in China have always been a nation of etiquette, do you want to do what the barbarians do?” This old woman in black immediately screamed again when she saw that Ye Mo did not seem to have the intention to let her go.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “You are right, I just want to kill everything, not to mention that you are from the September View, even if you are not from the September View, it is your bad luck that you have messed with me, Ye Mo. You’ve killed quite a few people in Ghost City over the years, right? And that Yin Soul of yours has eaten quite a few souls in Ghost City I reckon. You should feel that enough is enough for me to kill you.”

“Don’t kill me, I will give you the gongfu of my September view.” After saying this a sheepskin booklet was already taken out by this old woman and grabbed in her hand.

Ye Mo didn’t even bother to look at the sheepskin booklet, he had already seen it once, it didn’t have any appeal to him at all, and didn’t reply, he casually killed it with a few wind blades.

The old woman was at least a mid-earth level martial arts practitioner, and when she saw Ye Mo’s wind blades coming, although she didn’t know what kind of concealed weapon could be invisible, she grabbed the black stick in her hand and kept blocking the wind blades several times. However, Ye Mo’s wind blades were too many and in the end, if he wasn’t careful, he was cut into two by a wind blade from Ye Mo.

Ye Mo raised his hand and burned the old woman in black with a fireball, before picking up the parchment booklet on the ground. It was indeed the ‘September Evergreen Dictate’, but Ye Mo flipped through it and found that this ‘September Evergreen Dictate’ was different except for the general outline which was the same as the one he had given to Nie Shuang Shuang, it seemed to be much deeper than the one he had seen.

Ye Mo flipped through this booklet in its entirety and immediately understood that this turned out to be the next book of the ‘September Evergreen Dictate’. It seemed that the one he had given to Nie Shuang Shuang last time should have been the upper book.

The introduction at the end of the ‘September Evergreen Duel’ finally allowed Ye Mo to understand what was going on; the owner of this book was indeed a woman. It was just that she had been brought to the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness Sect’ since she was a child and was cultivating the Daoist Duel of the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness’ sect. The ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness’ belonged to the Dao Sect’s Earth Grade Ancient Martial Art, which was originally nothing.

It was just that this woman met the man she loved during one of her trips to the mountains and then fell in love at first sight. But to practise ‘Tai Shang Yi Yi’ one cannot be in love, and if one is in love one must break it off. But this woman was a person of the utmost love, and although she was one of the most gifted disciples ever to come out of the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness’, she still fell out with the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness Sect’ for the man she loved, and as a result she turned out in a fit of rage ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness Sect’.

Because she was the most talented disciple the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness Sect’ had ever had, in order to get her back into the sect. As a result, the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness Sect’ sent an expert to kill her beloved. This angered this woman of utmost emotion and publicly declared that ‘Tai Shang Yi Yi’ was not an ancient martial art at all, and that a martial art that could not be cultivated to the end would only be considered rubbish.

After saying this, she disappeared from the sight of others, and twenty years later, she started the Nine Moons Sect in Qingqia Mountain in Sichuan and deduced a new cultivation technique, the ‘September Evergreen Dao’. She then rushed to the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness Sect’ and wiped out the sect completely.

This led to the claim that the September Sect belonged to an evil sect being pa*sed down, and some even later said that the September Sect was the September Forgetfulness Sect. One reference to forgetfulness is that the woman was from the ‘Tai Shang Forgetfulness Sect’, and another is that she was vengeful.

Closing the next book of the ‘September Evergreen Duel’ in his hand, Ye Mo sighed in his heart, this woman was really a strange woman. Not only was she a woman of great pa*sion, but she was also a woman of revenge. The most powerful thing is that this ‘September Evergreen Duel’ that she started is by no means ordinary, it is really remarkable.

Ye Mo also reckoned that the reason why the descendants of the September View had cultivated the ‘September Evergreen Duel’ into an evil technique was because it had something to do with this evil legend. Probably those disciples did not understand the opening chapter and thought that their sect was evil and the method of cultivation must also be evil.

Shaking his head, Ye Mo put away the ‘September Evergreen Duel’ in his hand, before entering the underground chamber again.

Only after entering did Ye Mo realise that so many things had happened in the short time he had been gone. The cold woman was clutching that Yin Yang Fish spell in her hand and fell down at the entrance of the tomb room, and there seemed to be a jade slip inside her pocket.

The two tomb robbers, who were foaming at the mouth and blue in the face, were also planted next to the coffin, and Ye Mo’s divine sense swept over, and it was obvious that these two were dead. Ye Mo’s divine sense once again returned to the cold woman’s body, only to find a cold aura on her body.

Ye Mo immediately understood that she should have been invaded by Yin Qi, but because she was practicing Ancient Martial Arts and was still at the peak of Yellow Level cultivation, the invading Yin Qi was somewhat weak and there was no way to help the cool woman for a while. Looking at the shocked look on her face, she should have been scared by something before she pa*sed out.

Ye Mo shook his head, he didn’t know this woman, but she seemed to have some opinions about himself. Although he didn’t know why, but since he met her and did it casually, it would be good to save her for once.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo raised his hand and slapped it on the woman’s eyebrow, a cold aura was forced out by Ye Mo, which was then turned into nothingness by Ye Mo’s true fire. The fright and pallor on this cold woman’s face however gradually disappeared, and soon a hint of redness appeared.

Ye Mo noticed the chamber once again, only to find that the corpse inside the chamber had already come out from inside the coffin, only that it was now positioned in a corner of the chamber. A faint Yin spirit aura rose again from above that corpse, looking like it was going to pounce on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and casually pa*sed a fireball, the spirit was burned into nothingness without the slightest resistance by the fireball. The two jade pendants inside the stone room should be worth some money, but Ye Mo didn’t even bother to pick them up and look at them, his divine sense swept to the black half-moon shaped object that was hung on the wall.

After taking down the half-moon, Ye Mo examined it carefully for half a day, but found that the blackness on the outside was just an outer layer of skin, which should be artificially wrapped.

Ye Mo broke the outer skin open and inside was a half-moon shaped, yellowish coloured wood with a faint fragrance coming from it.

A faint fragrance came from it. Ye Mo was surprised, he didn’t expect that he had met such a good thing inside this chamber.

Not only could the God Raising Wood be used for refining pills, but it could also be made into pendants to cultivate and strengthen the soul. It could be said that God-raising wood was not only a good material for cultivating gods for cultivators, but also a good thing for ghost cultivators to pursue. Ye Mo didn’t think about why there was a god nurturing wood here, he immediately took out a piece of cloth to wrap the god nurturing wood in his hand and put it away in his ring.

It was not a bad trip, I never thought I could meet such a good thing here. Because he had obtained the God Raising Wood, Ye Mo’s mood also improved. He took a look at the cold woman at the door, and at the same time swept his divine sense to the yin and yang fish in her hand and the jade slip in his pocket, feeling that they were both nothing.

Ye Mo walked up to the woman, picked her up and said casually, “I’m in a good mood today, count yourself lucky, I’ll take you out.”

After saying that, Ye Mo quickly leaped out of the tomb and turned back to bury the robber hole with a palm before stepping onto his flying sword and leaving the place. Just as Ye Mo left, an identical shadowy spirit appeared next to this tomb, but this shadowy spirit didn’t stay at all, it just drifted towards the opposite of where Ye Mo went, and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

If Ye Mo had been here to see it, he would have known that it was also a Yin Soul that could evade through the earth, needless to say it was the second Yin Soul that the old woman had kept. It was just that this Yin Soul was surprisingly still highly intelligent, knowing that it could not come out early and that once it did, it would be detected by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo, who was carrying this cool woman, was momentarily worried. He didn’t know where this woman lived, so he couldn’t just throw her out onto the street. But Ye Mo definitely did not want to take her back to his place, where should he put her?

Right, let’s see if she had a key on her. Thinking of this, Ye Mo searched inside her pockets and quickly took out a door card. The trousers this cool woman wore were very thin, allowing Ye Mo to feel that her skin was very elastic. This made Ye Mo’s heart a little hot, but what he wanted was not this woman in his hand, what he wanted was to find Luo Ying early and then bring Luo Ying and Qing Xue into the bridal chamber together ……

“Luo Ying and Qing Xue ……” Ye Mo couldn’t help but murmur a word to himself, then shook his head. Whether it was not informing Luo Ying and Qing Xue to enter the bridal chamber first, or not going through Qing Xue to enter the bridal chamber with Luo Ying first, Ye Mo felt sorry for the other person. If they were to have a big wedding, it would be better to do it together.

Gathering his mood, Ye Mo picked up the magnetic card in his hand, the magnetic card had ‘Yuanzheng Hotel’ room 303 written on it.

A few minutes later, Ye Mo brought the cool woman to the Yuancheng Hotel. After throwing her onto the bed, Ye Mo returned to his own place.

When he returned to his place, Han Yan was already asleep. Ye Mo took a shower and took out the God Raising Wood to take a closer look at it. Although the night was a bit hard, Ye Mo was in a good mood, after all, the God Raising Wood was not something that anyone could meet. It looked like it was better for people to be diligent.

Ye Mo played with the God Raising Wood in his hand and suddenly remembered a very strange question. This God-raising wood is for cultivation, what is the point of hanging it inside a cemetery? And there was something wrapped up so tightly? If it was known to be valuable for burial, why wasn’t it placed inside the coffin?