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DYM Chapter 482

Although he thought about it all night, Ye Mo didn’t come up with any result after all.

The next morning, after Ye Mo and Han Yan had breakfast, Wang Xiyue once again drove the two to Broken Top Mountain.

The foot of Broken Top Mountain became lively again, completely devoid of the gloom and eeriness of last night. When Ye Mo arrived at the top of the mountain, she paid deliberate attention and she found that the cool woman had actually come too. There was still not the slightest expression on her face, as if the person who went to raid the tomb last night was not her at all.

After the first day of the tournament, the order of the second day was obviously much better. Although many people had already lost yesterday, most of them did not leave, but chose to continue watching the match.

Xiang Ming Wang swept a glance at Ye Mo who acted as if nothing had happened, walked to the podium to face the microphone and said, “Dear guests, and fellow members of the ancient martial arts community. Today is the second day of our Hidden Sect Grand Competition, although some people were injured yesterday, the overall situation is still very good, the following is for Sect Master Feng to speak about the rules of today’s competition.”

Feng Wu pa*sed in front of Ye Mo but smiled politely and nodded while Zeng Zhen Man whispered in Ye Mo’s ear, “Last night Xiang Ming Wang and Vice President Feng talked all night, I reckon it should have something to do with you, after the Grand Competition, you should be more careful. But I’m sure they won’t dare to make a move in the Grand Competition, I’m just afraid they’ll make a move on the crystals.”

Ye Mo smiled slightly, patted Zeng Zhen Man’s shoulder and said, “Brother Zeng, don’t worry, if I can kill Wang Leng Chan, I can kill him, Xiang Ming Wang. Still, I’m just afraid that he won’t come.”

Zeng Zhen Man rubbed his chin and smiled bitterly, he knew some of Ye Mo’s style of form affairs in general, he guessed that Gai Cheng’s failure to come over was also related to Ye Mo, he should have been killed by Ye Mo.

“No matter what, if there is something you need help with, Brother Ye, just give the order.” Zeng Zhenman said to Ye Mo without hesitation.

Ye Mo nodded, he already knew some things without having to say them. Although Zeng Zhenman did not say anything to thank himself for the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, Ye Mo saw his grateful expression, and at the same time knew that his internal injuries had all gone, this must be because the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ had worked.

Perhaps a great kindness is not thanked is what Zeng Zhenman was thinking now.

Feng Wu walked onto the stage, but instead of the serious, stone-like face of King Xiang Ming, he said with a relaxed expression, “I would like to begin by congratulating the top eighty players who have entered today. The first two rounds will still be elimination rounds, and the final twenty will be selected for the group stage. My thinking was that it would be best to finish the elimination rounds this morning. The good thing is that our tournament is straightforward, there is no round system, whoever gets knocked off the stage loses, simple and straightforward. Because of some circumstances that have arisen in the middle of this grand tournament, the original intention was to reward the top thirty, but now it has been changed to reward the top twenty ……”

The first thirty people were already very few, but now it has been compressed to twenty people.

Zeng Zhenman frowned, it was obvious that he was unaware of this. From this, it was clear that Huludao Valley and Jiu Ming Academy had not listened to him, Zeng Zhenman, in making this decision at all.

Feng Wu pressed his hand, then said loudly, “In order to compensate everyone, so we have decided that the twenty disciples eliminated from the final round of elimination will each receive a bonus of one hundred million.”

Although it was only one hundred million, after all, it added ten people to those receiving the prize money, and it was only when the scene became less rowdy that the noise diminished. Many of the smaller sects had actually come here just for some prize money, so there was no need to dwell on it at this point.

“Good, the competition will now begin.” With a wave of Feng Wu’s hand, the second day of the tournament officially began.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know why the ranking of the winners had to be changed, he did know that it must have something to do with Wang Leng Chan’s death. It was estimated that King Xiang Ming and Feng Wu had discussed something yesterday and must have wanted to end it earlier.

Although there were fewer and fewer people in the competition, the intensity and excitement was increasing. Han Yan was still lucky enough to meet a Yellow ranked martial artist and won without much effort.

What caught Ye Mo’s attention was a teenager with peak Yellow level cultivation, his opponent was a mid Xuan level, so it could be said that there was no suspense in this kind of match. However, the others had already fought three or four matches, and this teenager was still fighting with that mid Xuan level opponent.

Ye Mo noticed that this teenager’s internal qi was very thick, not inferior to Han Yan’s, and his swordsmanship was very intensive with very few breakdowns. Ye Mo felt that this teenager’s master must be a very powerful person.

Not only did Ye Mo notice the match, but the rest of the people did too.

Zeng Zhenman whispered in Ye Mo’s ear, “That mid Xuan level one is the ninth ranked seeded player called Peng Bei Gui, a disciple of Hulu Valley. That teenager is really remarkable, a mere yellow ranked martial artist has fought against the mid Xuan ranked Peng Bei Gui for so long without losing out in the slightest.”

“Is it a temporary seeded contestant?” Ye Mo thought about how Han Yan was also considered a seeded contestant on the first day.

Zeng Zhenman shook his head and said, “No, these ten seeded contestants had already been roughly ranked by others before the Grand Tournament, without any basis, just based on their cultivation and performance. Among them were three from Huludao Valley, two from Jiuming Academy, one from our 36 Rivers, one from the Wang Family, and three from some smaller sects. But this ranking isn’t accurate either, as none of them have seen their hands, it’s just a simple ranking based on their cultivation.”

Just in the gap between the two of them talking, Ye Mo noticed that the teenager took a pill or something and threw it into his mouth. Only then did it dawn on Ye Mo that he had used a pill to restore his internal qi. This should be somewhat like the ‘Qi Restoration Pill’ that Lok Hustle had lent him back then, except that such Qi Restoration Pills were all very precious, so I wonder where this teenager had found it.

“Ye Mo noticed that the teenager’s sword was not damaged in the slightest, but Peng Bei Gui’s sword kept increasing its gaping holes.

Being forced by such a yellow-ranked teenager to have no way of retreat, Peng Bei Gui seemed to feel very humiliated, and with a sinister expression on his face, he actually used the long sword in his hand as a sword and slashed directly from the top of the teenager’s head.

The teenager also did not let go of his sword and slashed hard at the sword, surprisingly attacking against attacking. Ye Mo smiled faintly, he already knew what the teenager was thinking. This teenager should have relied on the fact that his willow leaf blade was of better quality than Peng Bei Gui’s sword, and used nearly 90% of his strength in this slash. If this slash had been successful, it was estimated that Peng Beigui would have lost his arm, even if he didn’t die.

“What a vicious boy.” It was obvious that Ye Mo was not the only one who saw that the teenager’s slash was killing, Xiang Ming Wang immediately snorted coldly, if the two were not in a competition, maybe he would have made a move.

Ye Mo sneered, others were just ruthless and the disciples under their discipline were just tricks. Ye Mo knew that the one who was really vicious was Peng Bei Gui, the teenager’s slash would only cost him an arm at most, but Peng Bei Gui wanted to kill the teenager.

“There was a clanging sound, not to everyone’s surprise, and when the swords met, Peng Bei Gui’s sword immediately broke into two pieces, while the teenager’s long sword did not pause at all.

Ye Mo saw that the teenager’s long knife seemed to have intentionally deflected a bit after cutting down, obviously he did not want to kill Peng Bei Gui’s arm. If it was himself, this slash would never be deflected outwards, or if it was, it would be towards his opponent’s neck. If he were himself, he would never have deflected the blade outwards.

As expected, Ye Mo was not the least bit wrong. After Peng Bei Gui’s longsword broke, instead of being alerted, he was delighted and threw the remaining half of his longsword directly at the boy’s heart. The speed was as fast as lightning, and Ye Mo was sure that there was no way for the boy to avoid it.

The boy’s face changed and the willow leaf sword in his hand stalled for a moment, but it still slashed down.

With a “poof” sound, the willow leaf blade in the teenager’s hand was like slicing tofu, removing one of Peng Bei Gui’s arms, and blood spurted out sharply.

“Boom” almost at the same time, Peng Bei Gui’s broken sword pierced the teenager’s chest, only that Ye Mo found that the broken sword did not pierce in, but hit the teenager’s chest and then fell down.

Although the broken sword did not go in, the teenager was smashed by the broken sword and spurted out a mouthful of blood directly, his face was a bit stuck white. He stood on the stage and swayed a little.

Ye Mo’s heart twitched, he actually wore a protective soft armour? This young man’s heritage is not bad. The cultivation technique was good not to mention that he had a good willow leaf blade and even something like a ‘Qi Return Pill’, plus a soft armour. However, Ye Mo was still a little surprised that there was a soft armour that could block a long sword here. Although it was a broken sword, it was not something that could simply be blocked by a mid Xuan level martial artist throwing it out.

“You ……” Peng Bei Gui looked at the fact that he had actually had his arm broken, while this Yellow-ranked teenager he was fighting against did not have the slightest problem, he was so anxious and angry that he could not speak. He was as pale as a sheet of paper when he lost some blood.

“What a treacherous kid, not only is he wearing armour in the middle of the competition, but he also carries a potion to restore his internal energy. Who told you that you could use the inner qi restoration pills in the middle of the tournament. Didn’t your master teach you that? This is a competition, not a fight to the death. You have repeatedly broken the rules, and you have even struck with such viciousness. Today, I will cut off one of your arms to see how arrogant you are now that you have grown some guts. ……” An old man in his sixties on the referee’s stand stood up and pointed at the teenager, shouting a rebuke.

After saying that, he actually drew his long sword and walked towards the ring, looking like he was really going to make a move. But looking at the clothes on him, it was clear that this referee was also from Hulu Valley.

The scene was silent, no one dared to say anything at this time, one side was the number one Huludao Valley of the Six Outer Hidden Sects, and the other side was just a teenager from a small sect. The teenager even bit his lips and gripped his willow leaf sword tightly, not saying a word.

“I also want to see how much guts you old pipsqueak has grown, daring to go into the ring and chop off one of the competition disciples’ arms. Today I am standing here, if you have the guts to take one step into the ring, I will let you have no return.” A lazy voice rang out.