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DYM Chapter 483

Zeng Zhenman looked at Ye Mo in amazement, he felt that after a few days of contact, he still kind of knew Ye Mo as a person. He was not arrogant in what he did or said, provided that he did not provoke him, and once he did, he would show no mercy. But he was not a person who liked to meddle in things, let alone offend the powerful Huludao Valley because of an unnamed teenager?

Even if he were to say a fair word because he was the judge, given Ye Mo’s character, he wouldn’t have spoken so arrogantly, would he? However, Zeng Zhen Man realized in a flash that Ye Mo was doing it on purpose, he was provoking the Huludao Valley’s Xiang Ming Wang to make a move, maybe he even had in mind to destroy the Huludao Valley and the Nanshan Wang Family in general, all of them.

Thinking of this, Zeng Zhen Man winced, so ruthless, so bold, he actually intended to exterminate Huludani’s Xiang Ming Wang. Zeng Zhen Man guessed in his heart that if Xiang Ming Wang had known that Ye Mo was so powerful and so decisive, he would definitely not have targeted him on top of the exchange meeting.

Feng Wu’s eyes flashed with a hint of essence, but he dropped his eyes in the blink of an eye. It seemed that he did not hear Ye Mo’s words.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, his thoughts were not all that Zeng Zhen Man had guessed, but they were **not far off. He did want to exterminate Xiang Ming Wang, and if Huludao Valley dared to make a move, he didn’t mind exterminating the entire Huludao Valley. This was a good opportunity, Ye Mo was not so arrogant that he could resist the whole Hidden Sect joining forces by himself, but he was sure that there would not be many fellow helpers from Huludao Valley on this matter, as they were doing too much domination.

So without the help of others, even if Xiang Ming Wang was even more powerful than Wang Leng Chan, he would still have no problem exterminating these dozen people from Huludao Valley.

“Brush”, almost all eyes looked at Ye Mo, many people knew about Ye Mo, but almost no one thought that Ye Mo would dare to openly stand out and slap Huludao Valley. And it was a loud slap.

The Huludani referee, who was going to chop off one of the youngster’s arms in the ring, also had a gloomy face as he stopped in his tracks, neither advancing nor retreating. Others didn’t know how powerful Ye Mo was, but as a senior member of Huludao Valley, he couldn’t possibly not know. So at this moment, his gaze looked towards Xiang Ming Wang, who was waiting for his valley master’s order.

The entire venue of nearly 10,000 people was suddenly silent, and even the competition in the other ring was temporarily stopped. Not all of those who came to this Grand Tournament were from the Hidden Sect, most of them were celebrities and bigwigs from around the world who had some reputation. Many of these people did not know Ye Mo, and had never even heard of him. All of them were eager to see just what kind of deity could ignore Huludao Valley.

Although it was clear that the kind of judgement the elders of Huludao Valley made was not very impartial, everyone present knew that impartiality and injustice were only based on strength. A disciple of Huludao Valley could accidentally kill his opponent, but his opponent could not accidentally touch a disciple of Huludao Valley.

Xiang Ming Wang’s face turned blue with anger, he suddenly stood up and pointed his finger at Ye Mo and said in a stern voice, “Ye Mo, you are the judge, using recovery pills at the competition site is obviously something unfair, why did you stop the judge from going up there?”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, using recovery pills is unfair, that’s because you don’t have recovery pills in Huludao Valley, right?

“Xiang Ming Wang, I am the judge, how come I don’t see any rule that you can’t use recovery pills? Do you have to restrict your opponents from taking recovery pills when you fight them to death?” Ye Mo sneered and said.

At this moment, the middle-aged man who had been following behind Xiang Ming Wang whispered a few more words, and Xiang Ming Wang grunted and sat down. The middle-aged man, however, clasped his fist and said, “Brother Ye, I am Yan Kai, the outer elder of Huludao Valley. It is definitely not right to use pills in the middle of a competition, even in international sporting competitions nowadays, doping is prohibited. The pills used by this little brother are similar to stimulants, so it is not wrong to call him a foul.”

After saying that Yan Kai’s eyes looked towards Feng Wu, he was expecting Feng Wu to help say a few words as well. But Feng Wu didn’t seem to notice him, still looking at the match material in his hand.

Ye Mo still said lazily, “It’s nice that doping is banned in international sports competitions, but the first family’s competition regulations clearly state that it is banned. How come I don’t see any prohibition in this Hidden Sect Competition? Secondly, what about the weight cla*ses in international competitions? Why do I see a mid Xuan level and a late Yellow level teenager competing? Thirdly, which one of your eyes saw that the referee of an international tournament can go into the ring and teach the tournament players a lesson? He thinks he’s the king of hell.”

Although he said so, Ye Mo was disappointed in his heart that a fiery temper like Xiang Ming Wang had not rushed up to fight him. It gave him no excuse to kill this old thing, but he was bound to not be able to take the initiative to go up to Xiang Ming Wang.

“Humph, I am the referee, can’t I do something if a player of the match commits a foul?” The Hulu Valley referee who was in the middle of the in and out said with a red face, he was also an elder of Hulu Valley, he didn’t expect to lose all his face today.

Ye Mo stood up and smiled faintly, “Good, you reminded me. I’m a judge, of course I can take care of it if the referee commits a foul.”

When Feng Wu saw Ye Mo stand up, he immediately knew it was not good, he didn’t even think about stopping in front of that elder from Huludao Valley first and immediately said loudly, “Ye Mo is the judge, you are the referee, go back down. Judge Ye, for my sake, let’s forget it this time.”

That elder certainly understood what Ye Mo meant, and now that Feng Wu had helped him block a calamity, how could he dare to say more, he hurriedly retreated back in an ashy manner.

Ye Mo said in a cold voice, “This time, for the sake of Sect Master Feng’s face, I’ll spare you once. You won’t have such a good chance next time.”

Feng Wu knew very well in his heart that once Ye Mo injured the Huludao Valley’s elder, that would be a deadly knot. And with his Jiu Ming School still here, he had nothing to gain from Ye Mo fighting with Huludao Valley at this time.

“Alright, now the match continues. Everyone try not to hit hard in the later matches, let’s be merciful.” Feng Wu said with a wave of his hand.

Seeing that Feng Wu did not speak up for himself, Xiang Ming Wang’s face was even more unpleasant. The reason he held back from standing up to Ye Mo was because he knew Wang Leng Chan’s ability. With Wang Leng Chan’s greatness, it was surprising that he was killed by Ye Mo without a sound, and the entire Wang family was wiped out.

He, Xiang Ming Wang, thought he was more powerful than Wang Leng Chan, but he couldn’t kill him silently and still be unharmed himself. This time he was not alone in Huludao Valley, a total of five core disciples had come, which was the future of Huludao Valley. There was even a genius among geniuses, in case all these people were killed by this madman Ye Mo, he would be the sinner of Huludao Valley.

Underestimating him, Xiang Ming Wang did not expect Ye Mo to be powerful enough to kill Wang Leng Chan. Moreover, because of the killing of Wang Leng Chan, Feng Wu’s thoughts of standing on the same line as him were not firm, which was the reason why Xiang Ming Wang hesitated. Xiang Ming Wang now regrets that he should have known that he should have stopped him from leaving the night before last, at the exchange meeting. At that time, with Wang Leng Chan and himself joining forces, even many people above the exchange meeting would have come up to besiege Ye Mo.

But the opportunity was fleeting, and that kind of opportunity was no longer available. If he made a move with Ye Mo now, Xiang Ming Wang was sure that there would not be more than ten people who could help Huludao Valley. This was why after Yan Kai’s persuasion, he endured it raw despite his anger.

He agreed with what Lu Kai said, Ye Mo had to kill, but not now, he had to do it in a deserted place.

“Senior brother, let that Ye Mo be arrogant now, there’s another round of competition in the afternoon, I can let Record Ran take the field against that Han Yan. With Record Ran’s skills, he can completely kill Han Yan before she can react, this is a ring match, even if Han Yan is killed, there is no way for him Ye Mo to jump out of the sky.” Yan Kai saw that Xiang Ming Wang’s face was terribly gloomy, but he offered advice in a small voice.

King Xiang Ming nodded, ‘Good, let’s kill that Han Yan first this afternoon, I’ll see how he does. As for Ye Mo himself ……”

Yan Kai, however, said even more sinisterly, “Ye Mo doesn’t need to rush, we’ll talk about it when we return at night, I have a way to make him die without a body, and that flowing snake of his will also go to my Huludao Valley’s secular estate in the future.”


At this moment, the scene was also dumbfounded, even if Ye Mo dared to stand out and provoke Huludao Valley. What surprised everyone even more was that Huludao Valley had suffered such a big loss, and the always fiery nature of Xiang Ming Wang had endured it, who was this Ye Mo? For a while, everyone inquired about it.

Han Yan, who was sitting in the ‘Thirty-six Rivers’ position, also looked at Ye Mo incredulously, she knew that Ye Mo was very capable and could even befriend people like Zeng Zhen Man. But it was also unexpected that after Ye Mo had publicly slapped Huludani, Huludani had extinguished his fire.

After seeing Ye Mo, Zi Shuo in the far back corner of the hilltop venue subconsciously touched the arm that had been broken once and said in a heartfelt whisper to a beautiful Daoist nun next to her, “Master, what exactly is the origin of that Ye Mo? Even Xiang Ming Wang of Huludao Valley doesn’t dare to do anything to him? What if he recognizes me, will he ……”

The beautiful Daoist nun also drew in a breath of cold air, she knew that Ye Mo wasn’t something they could mess with, but she also didn’t expect that even Hulou Valley wouldn’t want to mess with him.

Now hearing Zi Shuo ask, this Daoist nun pondered for a moment and said, “He should have recognized you a long time ago, but he didn’t make a move, or he already didn’t care to do so. I suspect that he recognized the two of us last time we went to the auction, this young man, he’s really good.”

“Master, you did the right thing last time, it’s lucky that you refused Thousand Dragons in time and took me away from Sena, otherwise we might have died long ago.” Hearing Master’s words, Zi Shuo whispered afterwards in fear.

Apart from these two women talking in a loud voice, inside another corner, a cool woman was staring deadly at Ye Mo while sighing in her heart, “He’s too powerful, but I’m still fighting for a ‘Ascending Xuan Dan’. I really don’t know, why does the Song family’s revenge need me to take revenge? Is it because my surname is also Song? Why is it that so many of the first-born sons of the Song family out of Yanjing are not going to take revenge, but me instead?”