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DYM Chapter 484

At this moment, the teenager on top of the ring had already slowed down, he knew that if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, he would have been crippled even if he didn’t die. The teenager walked down from the ring, came to Ye Mo and saluted and said, “Junior Wudang Guang Yao Temple Zhang Hua, thank you for saving my senior’s life.”

“Well, you continue to prepare for the next match.” Ye Mo nodded and said, he knew that many places were not famous, but it did not mean that there was no heritage. Although he had heard of Wudang Mountain, it was just the first time he had heard of this Guang Yao Temple. From this name Ye Mo could also roughly guess that this place should have something to do with medicine, no wonder he had pills to restore his internal qi.

Although Ye Mo didn’t look at Xiang Ming Wang’s face, he also knew that Huludao Valley would definitely not stop after eating such a stifling loss, he just didn’t know how they were going to do it.

Even though Feng Wu stood out and said that he wanted everyone to be as gentle as possible in the following matches. However, since there were only twenty people in the competition, instead of being gentle, the competition became even more intense. By the end of the round, seven people had been slightly injured, five were seriously injured and one had even died.

However, no one cared about this, and Ye Mo certainly did not care. Although some sects were eager for Ye Mo to jump out and take charge, but Ye Mo acted as if he didn’t see it. If he wanted to take care of it, he would have to take care of Hulu Valley, as for the other sects, since they chose to participate, they had to be responsible for it themselves.


It was already around one in the afternoon when they took a break for lunch.

“Big brother Ye, I feel as if you’ve purposely targeted Huludao Valley, do you have a grudge against them?” Han Yan asked in a whisper as she ate.

Ye Mo nodded, “I’ve killed quite a few people from the Hidden Sect, he Huludao Valley wants to come out on top, this Xiang Ming Wang person definitely doesn’t want to let me go. Likewise I won’t let him go either, but today Xiang Ming Wang held back. So I reckon that even if they want to make a move, it will be after this Grand Competition.”

“Big brother Ye, you have to be careful, my master said that Huludao Valley is the number one outer concealment sect, and there are many experts within the sect, far from being comparable to the Hop School.” Han Yan said worriedly.

“You don’t have to worry, if he didn’t scare me, he would have had to make his move during the match this morning. You can just mind your own game, well ……” Ye Mo stopped here.

Han Yan looked at Ye Mo worriedly and asked, “What’s wrong? Big brother Ye.” She knew how powerful Huludao Valley was, and Ye Mo was only one person even if he was powerful.

Ye Mo frowned and suddenly said, “Hulu Valley’s Xiang Ming King has a violent temper, today Hulu Valley lost a lot of face, they can’t help me …… Han Yan, I suspect that they might make a move on you this afternoon.”

“Make a move on me? I’ve been with you, how can they make a move?” Han Yan asked in amazement.

Ye Mo said cautiously, “With Hulu Valley’s ability, surely they can arrange a Hulu Valley expert to fight against you. How really, your match this afternoon is not promising. They hold a grudge against me, and may come down hard on you. You may perhaps choose to withdraw from the match ……”

Han Yan shook her head and said, “Brother Ye, I’ve seen clearly in the few days I’ve been in Ghost City, and this world is still, to put it bluntly, a world where strength is paramount. I can back out once not twice, there are some things I have to face sooner or later. Originally, my aim was the ‘Ascending Xuan Pill’, but now that I have advanced to the Xuan level, the pill is not needed. It’s just that if I shy away from battle, it won’t do my future cultivation any good. Besides, I’m certain that even if I were to face the disciples of Huludao Valley, I wouldn’t necessarily do well.”

Han Yan was not just talking big with these words, she could already perform the three sword stances that Ye Mo had taught her initially.

Ye Mo nodded, he thought that what Han Yan said was right. It was indeed not good to shy away from battle without knowing your opponent.

Thinking of this Ye Mo took out the materials and made two wind blade talismans on the spot and handed them to Han Yan, “Take these two talismans, in case the situation is critical, just throw these two talismans over and say a ‘pro’.”

Ye Mo was afraid that the fireball talisman would cause too much commotion, so he got two wind blade talismans.

Han Yan took Ye Mo’s talismans with a puzzled look and said somewhat awkwardly, “Brother Ye, would this be too superstitious?”

Han Yan trained in ancient martial arts, although she also knew about the Daoist talismans, but using talismans to fight against the enemy this was simply a bit too childish. If this wasn’t brought out by Ye Mo, she would have even thought she had met a charlatan.

Most of the talismans of the Daoist Sect were peace talismans, and they had never heard of talismans that could attack.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “If you trust me, you can keep it against the enemy.”

Han Yan smiled and collected the two talismans, “Thank you, Brother Ye, apart from my grandfather and my master, you are the one I trust the most.”

“If Huludao Valley’s disciples kill you, feel free to do so, don’t worry.” Ye Mo suddenly added.


There were only forty participants in the afternoon’s competition, and these forty people had to go through a round of elimination. Han Yan’s match was at the back, and Ye Mo noticed that the cool woman he had saved from inside the tomb last night seemed to be a bit more powerful, and had simply beaten down an opponent with a similar cultivation level as her.

And yet, Ye Mo felt that her internal qi seemed a bit different from yesterday, Ye Mo frowned, did it have something to do with that Yin Yang Fish magic artifact or that jade slip that she took yesterday? No, he had carefully checked those two items with his divine sense and there was nothing strange about them.

Although he was a bit confused, Ye Mo couldn’t ask the woman to bring the things and look at them again.

But the other woman called Zi Shuo was not so lucky, she met a Xuan level cultivated martial artist and in the end, despite all her flying daggers, she was still knocked out of the ring and was not in the top twenty.

Zeng Zhenman said in a low voice in front of Ye Mo at this time, “I just got the list, Han Yan is playing against Hulu Valley’s Record Ran, who is the second ranked seeded player. I’m sure Huludao Valley’s intention is to poison Han Yan. Han Yan is not optimistic about this battle, as he is at the late Xuan level and is about to cross over to the peak of the Xuan level. I said how come King Xiang Ming didn’t speak yesterday, so that’s what happened.”

Ye Mo secretly sneered, as expected.

“Brother Zeng don’t need to worry, even if Han Yan is undefeated, that Record Ran shouldn’t be able to do anything to her. I just don’t believe that a mere Hulu Valley and I will fight for my family ……,” the last sentence Ye Mo equated to talking to himself. What he said was true, he had given Han Yan two wind blade talismans, although such talismans were of no use against earth level cultivation experts, they could still be used to surprise Xuan level cultivators.

What’s more, he had also taught Han Yan a few killer moves. He was sure that once Han Yan became familiar with these swords, even if he couldn’t beat them, he wouldn’t lose ugly. Furthermore, Han Yan also had a defensive bracelet, so there was definitely no way to a*sa*sinate Han Yan to do so. With these few protections, Ye Mo didn’t believe how powerful that Recorded Ran was.

The next match was that teenager named Zhang Wow versus a late peak Yellow level martial artist. Although that martial artist was very good, he was also defeated against Zhang Wow’s crazy blade shadows.

After Zhang Wow went down, the next match was Han Yan’s. Although Ye Mo didn’t know Record Ran, after Record Ran took the field, Ye Mo immediately knew that this was a powerful fellow.

In the past few days, although he didn’t know the names of these people, Ye Mo had watched their matches on the field clearly. Apart from Recorded Ran, whose name Ye Mo originally did not know, there were two others whose names Ye Mo knew, one was Shi Zhongzhi from the Nine Brightness School and the other was Zeng Xixhou, Zeng Zhenman’s personal disciple. These three could be ranked among the top five.

As soon as Han Yan saw Record Ran take the field, she immediately knew that Ye Mo’s speculation should turn out to be true. She had been watching from below for two days, and of course she knew which people were powerful. This Record Ran was one of the most powerful ones.

Originally, Han Yan would clasp her fist and say hello every time she came on stage to compete, but she knew that Record Ran was a disciple of Huludao Valley. But knowing that she was a disciple of Huludao Valley, and that she had been specially sent out to harm her, she didn’t even bother to hug her fist.

She didn’t even bother to hug her fist. I didn’t expect that a palm-sized place like the Guang Han Sect could break into the top twenty. This is your luck, but it’s also your misfortune, and you’re unfortunate because you met me. But for the sake of you being a woman, you can drill under my stride and I’ll let you go this time.”

Han Yan laughed coldly, as if she hadn’t heard a thing, and the long sword in her hand brought up several sword blows and stabbed at Ruo Ran.

Seeing that Han Yan didn’t even bother to say anything, Ruo Ran’s face turned cold, “You have no shame, go to hell.”

After saying that, he brought up the long sword in his hand and similarly stabbed out several sword blows. Han Yan’s sword blossoms met with Lu Ran’s sword aura and scattered, as if the ice and snow met the sun and dissolved.

The face of Zeng Zhenman, who was watching from the judges’ table, changed and immediately said, “The sword used by Lu Ran is the ‘De-dusting Sword’, which is one of the three famous swords of Huludao Valley, Han Yan’s longsword must not strike with his sword …… ”

As if to verify Zeng Zhenman’s words, his words had not yet fallen when “a clanging …… sound of long swords striking each other came.

The first thing that happened was that Han Yan’s longsword clashed with the ‘Dust Removal Sword’ in Lu Ran’s hand one after another, but to Zeng Zhen Man’s surprise, the longsword in Han Yan’s hand was not damaged at all.

Zeng Zhenman breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Ye Mo and said, “I forgot that Brother Ye has many good weapons, huh ……”

Although Han Yan’s longsword was not cut, Han Yan’s heart was sinking at this point, not only was Record Ran’s sword skill much higher than hers, but his internal qi was also far beyond what she could do against him. It was these few blows that almost made her spit out a mouthful of blood.

He let out a fierce laugh, “Go to hell, b*tch ……,” and his sword blade came out again before Han Yan’s stance was finished and her internal qi had not yet slowed down, and stabbed Han Yan directly in the chest.