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DYM Chapter 485

Han Yan’s heart was cold, she had tried her best to overestimate Ruo Ran, but she found that she was still a little too far behind him. Just now, she was at a disadvantage with one move.

He had been able to spit out a second sword strike before she had even finished her first move. But she didn’t even have the ability to dodge at this time, she could only see the sword mane stabbing over and hadn’t had time to use any killing moves yet.

Just as Han Yan was desperate, a pale white bright aura suddenly popped out of her wrist automatically, forming a protective shield in front of her. Although this shield was short-lived, it blocked Record Ran’s sword mane in time. The sword mane paused, and then the level continued to pierce the shield, which disappeared.

It was this moment of time that allowed Han Yan to re-gather her internal qi and the first sword move Ye Mo had taught her, ‘Ten Sword Stance’, was performed by her.

Originally, the moment his own sword arrows were blocked by the protective shield that had inexplicably appeared, Ruo Ran was shocked in his heart, but the shield seemed to be short-lived, which made Ruo Ran breathe a sigh of relief. Although the stance was old, he was certain that Han Yan still could not dodge it.

Han Yan’s ‘Ten Sword Stance’ exploded into action, sending a dozen sword lights straight down at him. Because Ruo Ran’s stance was already old, Han Yan’s dozen sword lights blocked Ruo Ran’s sword completely and continued forward without any pause.

He did not expect Han Yan to be able to perform such a powerful sword technique, so in his haste, he backed up and withdrew his sword to block back. He had to say that his reflexes and ability to respond were much better than Han Yan’s, as he was able to retreat and defend quickly, and the dozen or so sword lights only strangled his body with a few bloodstains.

He was shocked and enraged as he withdrew from the range of the sword light, not to mention how his own sword light had somehow been blocked for a moment, and how Han Yan had such a powerful sword skill. And it had stabbed him.

Never giving her a second chance, Record Ran simply ignored his own injury and directly rolled up a cloud of sword light, lunging at Han Yan with a sound like running thunder.

Ye Mo sighed in his heart as he watched, although this ‘Ten Sword Style’ that he had taught Han Yan was powerful, she had only learnt the skin of it. Otherwise, no matter how powerful Recorded Ran was, she would not have been able to dodge it. This showed that she was even less familiar with the ‘Hundred Sword Stance’ and the ‘Chaotic Sword Stance’ that followed.

Han Yan already knew the gap between herself and Lu Ran, and she knew in her heart that the three swords that Ye Mo had taught her, she had only learnt a skinny one, not even a skinny one. She already knew that with ordinary sword moves, she was definitely no match for Lu Ran, so after the first sword killed and retreated Lu Ran, she didn’t even think about following with the second sword.

Although the ‘Hundred Sword Style’ could send out hundreds of sword qi as if they were substantial, Han Yan could only send out 20 or so, a few more than the ‘Ten Sword Style’.

Because Han Yan knew that her cultivation level was much inferior to that of Lu Ran, she did not use her first sword and used the second move directly. However, because he did not expect Han Yan to be able to block his sword for a moment in his haste, and even used the kind of sword technique that sends out a dozen sword qi in a row, he was forced back and even suffered some light injuries.

However, he reacted very quickly, and the moment he retreated, he launched his own killer weapon, also bringing up sword light to lunge at Han Yan, and finally collided with the sword qi Han Yan sent out in no particular order. The sword qi was in full swing.

Han Yan’s internal qi was too inferior, so she felt an overwhelming pressure coming on her, and the fierce pressure of the sword qi made her spit out a mouthful of blood. However, Han Yan gritted her teeth and did not retreat half a step, knowing that once she retreated, she had lost. She definitely did not have the ability to offer a third sword, her internal qi was depleted at this point, and Record Ran was just a little too powerful.

Although Recorded Ran completely blocked Han Yan’s move and even had the upper hand, Han Yan’s sword Qi was at a tricky angle and by the time he had completely dissolved Han Yan’s sword Qi, Han Yan had similarly stabilised his stance.

“Lin, Lin ……” Regardless of whether the talisman given by Ye Mo was useful or not, Han Yan immediately smashed out her last killer move, throwing out all two wind blade talismans. She had already thought that the faint protective light shield just now should have been emitted from the bracelet given by Ye Mo, so she had a little more confidence in the talisman given by Ye Mo.

Recording Ran defused Han Yan’s second sword and surprisingly did not suffer the slightest damage. It was evident that if he had not been lightly defeated by the first sword, or if he had not used the same old moves, he would not have been lightly injured.

Now when he saw Han Yan throwing out two talismans against his opponent, Recorded Ran let out a cold laugh, he even used the talisman used to catch ghosts, simply looking for death. He reached out and grabbed the two talismans while gathering his sword aura and shouted coldly, “B*tch, let Laozi get hurt, I will not split you into several halves today ……”

However, the words of Ruo Ran were only half spoken before they came to an abrupt end. He originally wanted to kill Han Yan before he could say that he had admitted defeat, but he was only halfway through his sentence when he felt that the two wind blade talismans that Han Yan had thrown over carried a harsh blade aura, as if they were substantial blades.

Recorded Ran just wanted to use the long sword in his hand to block it, but the two sharp blade qi actually disappeared directly through his arms and chest.

“How could this happen ……” Record Ran’s eyes widened, dying in disbelief that he had been killed by the talisman.

“He fell on top of the ring, his arm removed and blood flowing from his chest like a stream.

Han Yan looked at the fallen Ruo Ran in the ring for a moment before vomiting, she could not imagine that she had actually killed him. She had never imagined that she had actually killed him, and she had even done it in such an ugly way. She had seen dead people before, and one had died in the morning, but this was the first time she had seen one die so horribly, let alone that she had done it.

The scene fell silent as she was killed, by a female disciple of the Guang Han Clan who was not well known. No one dared to believe this, but it was the truth. The top bra*s of the Huludao Valley were even frozen in silence, as Lu Ran was a genius disciple trained by the Huludao Valley and had died in the ring.

No one could bear this blow, and Xiang Ming Wang was trembling with anger. Yan Kai’s face was pale, it was his idea to let Ruo Ran into the ring to kill Han Yan, and it could be said that he had given away this genius disciple.

“B*tch, how dare you kill Lu Ran, you die for me ……” At this moment, the judge of Huludao Valley above the referee’s seat no longer cared about Ye Mo, directly leaping up and rushing towards the ring, while the long sword in his hand already brought up a cold and harsh sword qi to slash at Han Yan who was still standing frozen. The people below the stage saw the lunge.

When the people below the stage saw the Huludani Elder who had lunged onto the stage, they all sighed in disbelief. Han Yan was dead, even if that Ye Mo was powerful, there was no way he could save Han Yan.

It was only when the sword light fell that Han Yan reacted, and she instantly felt like she had fallen into an ice cave. The feeling was that even though she had gathered her entire body’s internal energy, she would still have a feeling of being unable to resist.

At this very moment, she suddenly felt the pressure of the sword qi all over her body disappear as a cold hum rang out. It was Brother Ye’s voice, and Han Yan’s heart fluttered with joy.

Not only Han Yan, but all those watching could only see the silhouette of a man sway for a moment before an arrow of blood splashed onto the ring.

There was another “flop”, and the Huludani elder who had just screamed that he wanted to kill Han Yan had already fallen next to Record Ran, dead as a doornail.

No one saw how Ye Mo had struck, nor did anyone see where the Huludani Elder who had rushed into the ring had fatally struck. All people could only guess that that Huludao Valley elder was killed by Ye Mo who came up after him because he wanted to kill Han Yan.

“You go down first.” Ye Mo said to the frozen Han Yan. Only when Han Yan got out of the ring did he say coldly, “As I said, if you have the guts to come into the ring, I will let you have no return.”

The venue of tens of thousands of people was even more silent, what a powerful, domineering young man. If many people thought in the morning that Ye Mo had a big backer, all of them now knew that Ye Mo relied on himself and could actually kill the Huludao Valley’s elders in an instant. Some ordinary people didn’t know, but who among the Hidden Sect didn’t know that the Huludao Valley’s elder had a cultivation level of at least mid-Earth level or above? At this moment, there was only one thought in the hearts of the people in the Hidden Sect, Ye Mo, it was too terrifying.

Shi Zhongzhi, a genius disciple of the Jiuming Academy, sucked in a cold breath and muttered, “This Ye Mo is so powerful, I was originally planning to compete with him, but it turns out that he has reached this point. How on earth did he cultivate? Senior sister Xiao Yu said that he killed Lone Wolf back then, I thought it was just a rumour, but now it seems that the world is really full of capable people.”

“Zhong Zhi, you don’t need to be presumptuous, you are only in your twenties now and you are already at the late Xuan level, give you ten more years, you may not be unable to catch up with Ye Mo. Don’t lose your fighting spirit before you fight.” The middle-aged woman from the Jiu Ming Academy said.

“Yes, Master Uncle Caiji, my disciple remembers.” Shi Zhongzhi bowed and was taught.

“Ye Mo, you deceive people too much ……” Xiang Ming Wang let out an angry shout, drew his long sword and leapt straight up and rushed towards the ring, surprisingly intending to kill Ye Mo immediately.

When Feng Wu saw that things had gotten out of control, he hurriedly shot a wink at Zeng Zhenman and leapt up to the ring at the same time. At this moment, several elders from Huludao Valley also stood up and rushed to the ring, seeing that the matter was about to come to an unmanageable point.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, a foot long short sword appeared in his hand at some point, he looked at Xiang Ming Wang and said indifferently, “I hope you won’t shrink back this time ……”

Xiang Ming Wang’s heart was cold, he obviously felt the killing chance in Ye Mo’s eyes. He felt that he had been impulsive, if he was sure that he could kill Ye Mo, he wouldn’t have to wait until now. But Ye Mo was really deceitful, he had even killed the Huludao Valley’s elder in front of him.

When he thought of Ye Mo killing the Huludao Valley’s elder, Xiang Ming Wang’s heart chilled and he completely calmed down. If given that short amount of time could he kill a late Earth level martial artist? Moreover, Ye Mo was still the first to arrive afterwards.

Thinking of this, Xiang Ming Wang’s heart grew colder and colder.