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DYM Chapter 486

Xiang Ming Wang felt a little impulsive, but now there was no way back.

When Ye Mo saw Feng Wu rushing up, he knew that his plan to kill Xiang Ming Wang today had once again fallen through. With Xiang Ming Wang’s ability, it was impossible for him to kill in a very short time, so he simply did not make a move.

Feng Wu stopped Xiang Ming Wang and said with some regret, “Brother Xiang, there was a mistake in ruling a semi-initiative to go on stage to make a move on a junior disciple during the Grand Competition. Now that Brother Xiang is presiding over the competition on behalf of the Hidden Sect, you must be sensible and not be impulsive. After all, almost all the fellow disciples of the Hidden Sect are here, even if you have any discomfort, you have to wait until after this Grand Competition to discuss it slowly.”

After saying that Feng Wu also said to Ye Mo, “Brother Ye, give me Feng Wu a face, let’s talk about this matter later, let’s first discuss it slowly after this grand competition.”

Zeng Zhenman also came to the top of the ring at this time, only he merely gave a fist hug to Ye Mo but did not say anything.

However, Ye Mo knew what he meant, once he fought with Huludao Valley, he, Zeng Zhenman, would definitely be on Ye Mo’s side.

Xiang Ming Wang stared at Ye Mo with hatred one more time, snorted coldly, returned his sword to its sheath and retreated with Huludao Valley’s men.

Many of the people present were even more shocked that Xiang Ming Wang had retreated for the second time. Some of the older generation in the Hidden Sect knew Xiang Ming Wang very well as a person with a fiery temper and was extremely irritable. The fact that he had repeatedly retreated in the face of a young man showed that he was not very sure of himself when he went up against Ye Mo.

Watching Xiang Ming Wang retreat with the people from Huludao Valley, Feng Wu was relieved, he also knew that Xiang Ming Wang did not have any certainty about Ye Mo, which was why he retreated. If he was sure of killing Ye Mo, with his Xiang Ming Wang’s temper he would never have retreated, let alone give him Feng Wu this face.

Although Ye Mo also wanted to kill Xiang Ming Wang but taking the initiative to challenge in this ring was an irrational act. Not to mention that the Huludao Valley was the number one sect of the Hidden Sect, or if Ye Mo killed someone from the Huludao Valley in front of so many fellow Steady Sect members, he would be offending a large group of people.

A big fight was talked down, and many people secretly regretted that there were not just one or two who wanted to watch Ye Mo and Xiang Ming Wang fight. After the bloody scene just now the atmosphere on the scene was even hotter. The following matches were getting less and less reserved, but fortunately the top twenty were soon decided.

What surprised Ye Mo and many others was that eight of the top twenty had given up the competition. It looked like these eight people were not coming for the top three, but for the ‘Ascending Xuan Dan’.

Han Yan gave up the competition and Ye Mo understood that her ability could only end here. The ones behind her were all masters among masters, and with her having just advanced to the Xuan level without any foundation, she really wasn’t a match for those veteran Xuan level martial artists. Moreover, she had suffered some injuries, plus the three sword techniques that Ye Mo had taught her had not been learnt completely.

Apart from Han Yan giving up the competition, there was also that teenager called Zhang Wow and that cold woman who also gave up the competition. Most of the others who gave up the competition were Yellow level martial artists, it looked like they were all here for the ‘Ascending Xuan Pill’, after getting this pill, there was no need to compete for the top three and they didn’t have the strength to do so.

The remaining twelve players had to compete for the top three, and the competition was divided into three groups, with each group taking only the first place. Originally the twenty were to be divided into four groups, with the top two in each group going into the top eight, but with eight withdrawals the competition was made simpler and clearer.

Because of the incident at Hulu Valley, the person presiding over the competition was not in the mood to decide on the top one, two or three, and simply decided on the top three. It can be said that this year’s Hidden Sect Competition was the most tigerish one, even without a first place.

But at this point, no one was in the mood to care about anything else, or knew that the top three would not be won by their own sects. At this moment, what many martial artists of the Hidden Sect were thinking about was what the fight between Huludao Valley and Ye Mo would be like after the competition was over.

If they said that Huludao Valley would just leave it at that, no one would believe them.

As it was getting late, the competition for the top three could only be put on the third day of the competition. After Ye Mo took Han Yan back to his residence, he let Han Yan heal herself, but he wanted to go to the place where the cold woman lived to see if he had misread that Yin Yang Fish magic artifact and jade slip last night.

For the ‘Ascending Xuan Dan’ that Han Yan got, Ye Mo also took a look at it and was very disappointed. It was more like a pill than a pill, only the herbs used seemed to be somewhat precious.

Han Yan was not seriously injured however she knew that Ye Mo had to go out every night, so she did not bother to ask him.

The location of the hotel was also good, so it could be said that it belonged to a lively and busy commercial area.

When Ye Mo came, it was just after dark when he entered the cool woman’s room, she had not yet returned. What disappointed Ye Mo was that there was nothing in her room except a few changes of underwear. It looked like she had taken the things with her, so if he wanted to check those two things, he could only wait until the woman came back.

Not far from the Yuancheng Hotel is a river in the city of ghosts called the Guangjiang River, which is said to be the place where the King of Qin Guang got his way. Ever since the haunting of Broken Peak began, this is the place where the residents of the ghost town gather at night to relax and enjoy themselves. There were many snack sellers, stalls and even some jugglers.

Since Ye Mo was waiting for the cold woman to return, he also came here and found a big stall to sit down.

As soon as Ye Mo sat down, his divine sense swept up the cool woman, carrying a modest backpack, but she looked a bit flustered. Soon Ye Mo knew why she looked flustered, a Xuan level cultivator and a peak Yellow level martial artist were following behind her.

The cool woman seemed to know that she was no match for the two and just kept on walking fast trying to escape. She frowned as if she didn’t know what direction she should flee to in order to do so.

As soon as he saw this stance Ye Mo immediately knew that these two martial artists should have taken a fancy to the ‘Ascending Xuan Dan’ on this woman. He stood up and also followed, he was curious to know how this woman would deal with these two people.

The ghost city at night, except for a few places like ‘Guang Jiang, there were many people, the rest of the places seemed very silent at night, the cold woman was soon stopped by the two men in a very isolated place.

“What do you want?” The cold woman gripped the cloth bag in her hand and faced the two men who had stopped her and asked in a cold voice, although the panic she felt inside could be heard in her slightly trembling tone.

“What do you think we’re going to do, little sister? Hehehe ……”” The yellow-ranked cultivated man smiled heatedly, his triangular eyes even more glowing.

The Xuan level martial artist said in a very feminine voice, “Miss Yingzhu, you know the current form, our demands are simple, firstly you take out the ‘Ascending Xuan Pill and give it to my senior brother, and secondly you accompany me for a few nights. This way we will be at peace, otherwise, you know the consequences ……”

The cold woman named Yingzhu sneered and stared at the two men and said coldly: “I can give you the Xuanxuan Pill, but let’s go our separate ways, if you want me to accompany you, you can dream about it. If you dare to take a step forward, I will immediately eat the pill.” After saying this the woman took out the elixir and poured it into her hand and placed it by her mouth.

The Xuan-ranked man still smiled grimly, seemingly not taking Ying Zhu’s words to heart in the slightest, while still saying unhurriedly, “You can eat it, but I don’t care, but it’s you who eats it, even if you kill yourself, I’ll still f*ck you. Who made you look so pretty? Miss Yingzhu, if you are sensible, follow me now, I guarantee that I can get you into the ‘Xuandu Sect’ it’s better than you being a lonely soul.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that this woman called Yingzhu had come alone to participate in the Grand Competition, and did not have any company. Just like Han Yan, if he did not accompany Han Yan, Han Yan would be equally alone.

The woman called Yingzhu froze, seeming to realise that there was nothing she could do to escape this disaster even if she took the pills, and a look of despair appeared in her eyes. She knew that even if she was powerful, she could not be a match for a Xuan level martial artist.

Seeing that the cool woman didn’t have any killing moves out, Ye Mo knew that there was no point in continuing to wait, and he slowly walked out.

“Senior brother, exterminate that rat that was pa*sing by.” This Xuan level man saw Ye Mo walking over from afar and immediately commanded grimly.

“Yes, senior brother, don’t worry about your work, leave anything that disturbs you to me.” This yellow-ranked cultivated triangle-eyed man immediately replied dryly. Only after he finished answering, he looked at the visitor in a dull manner, as if he had been nudged.

The Xuan-level man was about to ask why the triangle-eyed man was not moving, but before he could ask his question, he also saw Ye Mo who was walking over. He immediately swallowed the words he was about to ask.

The cold woman called Yingzhu obviously saw Ye Mo as well, and a glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes, but this glimmer of hope immediately turned into an icy coldness.

Ye Mo didn’t care what this woman thought of him, he had come to find her today for no other reason than to ask this woman to take out the two items from last night and examine them for him again.

“Qian, seniors ……” When the two men saw Ye Mo walking over, they were so scared that they didn’t even dare to move and hurriedly bowed in greeting.

The cold woman saw Ye Mo looking over, a complicated look flashed in her eyes, but she quickly regained her composure and surprisingly turned around and walked away.

Ye Mo froze for a moment, he had saved her, even if he wasn’t very grateful, he should at least say thank you, this woman was just a little too rude. If it wasn’t for that Yin Yang Fish magic artifact and jade slip, he wouldn’t even bother to pay attention to such a self-righteous woman.

But Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of how far she would go, she lived right here and would go straight to her room to find her later. Even if she didn’t give it, he had to reappraise those two items.

Ye Mo ignored the woman who left, and instead turned his head to look at the two men who didn’t dare to move.