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DYM Chapter 487

“Senior, junior, both juniors are disciples of the ‘Xuandu Sect, please senior spare us once for the sake of the junior’s division ……” The Xuan-ranked man immediately begged for mercy in a trembling voice, his tone surprisingly devoid of that grim tone.

Xuandu Sect? Ye Mo felt that this name was so familiar. He remembered a sign with the word ‘Xuan Du,’ which he had received after killing the Idle Daoist, so they were from the same sect as that Idle Daoist.

When he thought of this, Ye Mo was no longer in the mood to ask questions, he casually used two fireballs, and the two men were killed by Ye Mo without the slightest sound inside the fireballs.

After killing the two disciples of the Xuandu Sect, Ye Mo immediately turned around again and headed for the cold woman’s residence.

As soon as Ye Mo arrived at the woman’s room, he felt that something was wrong, this woman had not come back at all, that is to say, after he had saved her, she had directly run away.

Did she know that she wanted to see what she had gotten last night? That couldn’t be possible, she definitely didn’t know who brought her back last night. Ye Mo frowned and his mood turned considerably worse, what a treacherous woman. Ye Mo always felt that this woman had some animosity towards him, but why was this, he couldn’t think of a reason.

Ye Mo shook his head and did not continue to think about it, with this woman’s cultivation level she was still unable to pose any threat to him. To take a step back, even if the things she obtained had something to do with cultivation, without resources she was just as unthreatening to him.

After waiting for a while longer, Ye Mo confirmed that this woman would not come back, and only then disappointedly returned to the ‘Xiyue Hotel”

When Ye Mo returned to the penthouse on the roof of the hotel, he found Zhang Wow sitting in the courtyard in front of the penthouse talking to Han Yan. Both of them stood up when they saw Ye Mo return.

“Zhang Wow why are you here?” Ye Mo asked curiously. A young man in his twenties came in and walked straight towards the ring. It looked like he was the one who had just said the words.

The man walked to the front of the ring and cupped his fist and said, “I heard that all the heroes and heroines of China are gathered here today, I am not talented and I also brought my disciples to come and have a competition. Let’s see if the so-called masters of China boast themselves or are they really great.”

Feng Wu frowned, the fact that this man could walk here calmly and comfortably meant that the people outside who were stopping him had all been beaten by him, this should not be a simple character. Just why did he have to speak in such a provocative tone?

However, Feng Wu didn’t believe that anyone could be as perverted as Ye Mo, thinking of this he immediately refused, “I’m sorry, there is a quota for our competition, and it’s also the final today, if you want to watch the competition then please sit down on the stage, if you are here to cause trouble then don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

Feng Wu said these few words without being condescending, and Ye Mo nodded secretly. This man was mouthing your Chinese, so he was not from China at first glance, but this man’s Chinese language was very fluent.

“Does this mean that you Bi Xia martial artists don’t dare to accept my challenge?” The man in black said, still unhurriedly.

“So you are here to pick a fight, declare your name, no matter what you are from that corner, I, Feng Wu, will take it.” Feng Wu’s voice was cold as he said in a chilling voice.

“Good, have the guts, it doesn’t matter where I’m from. I heard that there are twelve more people in your final today, and now my disciple is one.

Your twelve geniuses can take turns, and as long as they can knock my disciple out of the ring, I will concede defeat. If all twelve of you are no match for my disciple, then my request is simple ……” the man in black said arrogantly, as if his disciple was already a sure winner.

Feng Wu’s eyes narrowed as he said coldly, “Your disciple is not qualified to compete on the stage, and our quota for the competition has already been set. If Your Excellency wishes to compete, I can instead have a few strokes with you.”

“You ……” The man in black’s eyes glanced at Feng Wu with some contempt and said in a faint voice, “You are not my opponent, if you must compete it is fine, I need the colour. ”

“Is that what you just said you wanted?” Feng Wu said disdainfully.

This man in black laughed, “Good, that’s what I just asked, if we hide today, I don’t want anything either, I just want the four crystals.”

“You dream ……” Xiang Ming Wang, who had been watching coldly, suddenly stood up, surprising the guy who had come to hit the cold pool crystal stones.

This black-clothed man still did not change colour in the slightest, but said slowly, “So, you guys are not confident to win me? Haha, China is known as a country with an ancient martial heritage, but you don’t even have the re-qi to compete with me, ridiculous, it’s really startable…

“Good, you are indeed arrogant, I will come to learn from you, a powerful man today.” Feng Wu finished by throwing the hem of his coat and was about to make his move.

A middle-aged man suddenly leapt out and said in front of Feng Wu, “Brother, you don’t need to fight this kind of flea, just leave it to junior brother.”

When Feng Wu saw that the person who came was Zheng Chao, he immediately nodded, although this senior brother was fond of showing off in the limelight, his skills were really good. Even if he were to take him down himself, it would take some effort. Thinking of this he withdrew his momentum to make a move and said, “You be careful.”

Seeing Feng Wu retreat from the ring, the man in black said to the teenager, “Xihu, you are on the side to see how my master teaches people a lesson.”

“Yes Master.” The teenager called Xihu also retreated from the ring and stood to the side.

Zheng Chao looked at the man in black and sneered, pulling down the long sword on his back, “Shrinking turtle egg who doesn’t dare to say where he came from, show me the sword.”

With his inner qi, Zheng Chao’s long sword swept up a harsh sword qi, killing the man in black in an overwhelming manner. If Zheng Chao was not moved to kill the man in black, it was his natural inclination to show off.

The man in black once again smiled proudly and two foot-long iron rulers appeared in his hands. Just when all the people were wondering if there were still such weapons in the world, the man in black’s iron rulers and Zheng Chao’s long swords had already clashed together intensively.

After a shower of sparks and clanging sounds, the black-clothed man’s body twisted into a twist in an unbelievable way, and then an iron ruler slapped Zheng Chao on the back.

Zheng Chao could not have imagined that the man in black could make a move at such an angle, so he was immediately struck by the iron ruler on his back, immediately spurting out a mouthful of blood, and before he could fall to the ground, he was kicked out of the ring by the man in black, and his life and death were unknown.

In less than two moves, a late stage Earth rank expert was beaten and fell out of the ring spitting blood, this man in black was a bit too powerful.

Zhang Wow hurriedly saluted and said: “Senior, because I got the ‘Ascending Xuan Dan’ I know if I don’t come here, I have no place to go tonight.

Ye Mo immediately understood, wasn’t the cool woman called Ying Zhu just now being targeted because of this elixir. However, this Zhang Wow was smart enough to think of coming to where he lived, he knew that where he lived, no one would dare to come and rob something.

Ye Mo nodded and said “Alright then, you can stay here.” He didn’t mind being lent a hand by this teenager, it didn’t affect him in the slightest.

“Senior Ye, junior was originally a disciple of Wudang Guang Yao Temple, only that the master has already left. I reckon that if I go back now, someone will definitely covet my sword technique, so now I have nowhere to go. If senior’s sect needs disciples, junior is willing to join senior’s sect.” Zhang Wow said respectfully and seriously.

So it’s another soloist, this Zhang Wow is not stupid, he knows that although he has made a name for himself this time but the risk is also great. This smart young man is a good seedling, his own flowing snake needs this kind of talent, thinking here Ye Mo then said: “I don’t have any sect, but I have a pharmaceutical company called ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ if you want to join, you can go to the flowing snake. But I’m not older than you by a few years, so don’t call me any seniors.”

“Yes, Brother Ye, I am willing to join Flowing Serpent’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, and I am also proficient in pill refining.” Zhang Wow immediately replied, and looking at the decisiveness of his answer, Ye Mo knew that he should have known that Flowing Serpent’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was his own long time ago.

“Good, in that case, you guys will leave tomorrow. Zhang Wow will go to Flowing Snake, and Han Yan will go straight back to Yanjing as well. I reckon there should be some things happening tomorrow and I might not be able to take care of you guys, so it’s good for you guys to leave early.

“Ye Mo immediately decided to let the two go first, since neither of them needed to participate in the Grand Competition anymore, there was no point in continuing to stay in Ghost City. Ye Mo was afraid that Xiang Ming Wang would make a direct move once he did he would have no way to take care of the two Han Yan.

The next morning, Ye Mo sent Zhang Wow and Han Yan away before returning to the top of Broken Peak. If it wasn’t for that cold pool, he might not have come back at all.

On the third day of the competition venue, the number of people had obviously decreased a bit, Ye Mo reckoned that it was because those sects that had obtained the ‘Ascending Xuan Pill, had all left Ghost City overnight.

Ye Mo swept a glance at the elders of Huludao Valley and found that there were not fewer mouths to feed but thought it was normal, if Huludao Valley had not killed him Ye Mo would not have gone to make a move on Han Yan and the others.

Feng Wu stood up and walked to the top of the ring and cupped his fist, “Today is the last day of our Hidden Sect Competition, those who can participate in this last day of competition are the elites of the sect, geniuses among geniuses. Each and every genius is our treasure, so I hope that we will not cause any unnecessary damage. Alright, without further ado, the competition will now begin.”

“Hold on ……” Before Feng Wu could get down from the top of the ring, an abrupt voice interrupted his words.

Almost everyone’s eyes looked towards this person who interrupted Feng Wu, wondering who this was. Yesterday there was a Ye Mo who came out to fight against Xiang Ming Wang of Huludao Valley, and today another person came out to fight against Feng Wu of Jiu Ming Academy, which immediately caught the attention of many people.

A man in black, with a