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DYM Chapter 488

A man jumped onto the stage and drew his longsword to kill the man called Xihu, only before his longsword could be thrust out, this Xihu disappeared once again.

By the time everyone could see clearly, the man who had jumped into the ring was already dead, and his fatal spot was a large hole in the back of his head.

It was so bizarre that no one could see clearly how the young man called Xihu had done it. Even Feng Wu and Zeng Zhen Man could only see the slightest hint of what had happened.

The scene fell silent, this master and disciple pair was just too weird, other people could at least see the moves and movements. But this master and disciple’s moves were impossible to see clearly, and they didn’t even know how they died when they were killed. The main thing is that this master and disciple are ruthless and have no mercy at all.

Although Zeng Tuo Man was cynical, he was silent and was indeed inferior to the others. Feng Wu also fell silent, even the incredibly angry Xiang Ming Wang fell silent.

“What, are there only two people coming up? Is it true that no one from the Chinese martial arts community dares to come up?” The man in black stood on top of an open space below the ring and said coldly.

“I’ll go up.” A handsome and handsome young man stood up, his face was filled with anger. This young man Ye Mo knew, was Shi Zhongzhi of the Nine Ming Academy, the number one ranked seeded contestant.

Feng Wu snorted coldly, “Without my orders, the Nine Brightness Academy is not allowed to fight.”

Ye Mo said to Zeng Zhen Man, “Brother Zeng, call your personal disciple Zeng Xihou here, I will teach him a move and then let him go up.”

Zeng Zhenman did not hesitate in the slightest and had someone call Zeng Xihou here, if someone else had said this, he would have thought it was an attempt to harm his disciple. But Ye Mo was different, he believed in Ye Mo, and since Ye Mo had said this, he was sure of it.

Zeng Xihou was already eager to try, and now that his master told him to go up, he was even more unhesitating and was about to rush towards the ring. However, he was stopped by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took out a stack of wind blade talismans and handed them to Zeng Xihou, saying, “Don’t talk nonsense to him when you go up to the stage, his cultivation is not as deep as yours hou, he is only relying on a set of weird body techniques. You just smash this stack of talismans directly over and say the word ‘formation’.”

“Yes, Senior Uncle.” Zeng Xihou respectfully took the talisman handed to him by Ye Mo, because of his master’s relationship, the entire ‘Thirty-six Rivers,’ people were very respectful to Ye Mo.

What Ye Mo had made this time was a set of wind blade talismans, which was far from a single talisman. He was moved to kill this ruthless Xi Hu, and it would be best to let Zeng Xihou go and kill this guy.

Zeng Xihou walked towards the ring and Xi Hu looked at him coldly, “Not bad, having the courage to come and die is better than being a coward. At last, there are one or two martial artists in China.”

Zeng Xihou stretched out two fingers in the air and squeezed them gently, as if he had squeezed an ant to death.

Seeing that he was being belittled by Zeng Xihou, a trace of hostility immediately appeared on Xihu’s face, “I will kill you first, see if you still dare to be calm.”

Almost at the same time, Zeng Xihou smashed the group of talismans in his hand and at the same time shouted, “Formation”.

Zeng Xihou could only feel the countless sword aura and sword qi criss-crossing in front of his eyes, at this moment he only had one feeling in his heart, what a powerful sword qi.

“Poof …….” Several times in a row, blood arrows shot out in all directions above the entire ring, even Zeng Xihou froze. He knew that the talisman Ye Mo had given him was useful, as he had seen Han Yan use it. He didn’t expect it to be so powerful, this guy called Xi Hu was killed without the slightest resistance, he didn’t need to see what happened to Xi Hu, just by looking at the blood arrows that splashed up, he knew that this man would never escape well.

After the arrows of blood, Zeng Xijou was even more disgusted, for the man who had just been so magnificent had been dismembered in several pieces, his head, arms and legs all separated.

Zeng Xihou was stunned, he knew the talisman should have a use, but never thought the talisman was so vicious.

“Ah ……” The man in black under the ring took a moment to wake up to the fact that his beloved disciple had been dismantled in pieces.

In a fit of rage, the man rushed up to the ring, raised the iron ruler in his hand and smashed it down on Zeng Xihou. Only after he smashed it down did he realise that the blow had come up empty. He reacted and looked at Ye Mo who had pulled Zeng Xihou away, but did not continue to rush up to strike.

Ye Mo coldly looked at this black-clothed man, “You want to come out and be arrogant with these few strikes, and you want crystals, when did a Japanese bandit enter the nationality of the Yelang Kingdom.”

The man in black calmed down, his face no longer showing the sadness and anger he had earlier. He slowly lifted the iron ruler in his hand and said in an incomparably cold tone, “I, Tian Si Koro, now challenge you, if you lose I can not kill you, just hand him over to me.” After saying that, he pointed at Zeng Xihou.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Let’s talk about it after you win, you can’t win just by your mouth.”

No one saw what move the man in black used to kick Zheng Chao down, and Feng Wu even looked at the man in black in disbelief. He was sure that even if he knew Zheng Chao by heart, he would not be able to kick him down so simply.

Ye Mo frowned for a moment, he saw very clearly that this man in black’s stance was bizarre, and his internal qi was also bizarre. His internal qi was not necessarily as deep as Zheng Chao’s hou, but this bizarre fighting style was clearly uncomfortable for Zheng Chao. Just now, this man in black’s whole body twisted into a twist for a very brief period of time, others didn’t notice, but under Ye Mo’s divine sense there was nothing to hide.

Ye Mo was certain that if Zheng Chao was familiar with his opponent’s moves and striking style, victory or defeat would be hard to predict. However, if it were himself, this man in black would be far less of a threat to himself than Wang Leng Chan. This was because under his own divine sense, any of the black-clothed man’s bizarre moves were just floating clouds. It was simply not as great a threat to oneself as Wang Leng Chan’s deep hou internal qi.

But for others, it was different. Even if Wang Leng Chan opposed the man in black, without being familiar with him, it would still be difficult to predict victory or defeat. Unless Wang Leng Chan came up with the kind of killing move that was at the bottom of his box. But who would come up here and use a move that would have consequences for them as well?

“How dare you come up here to present yourself with such a skill.” The man in black seemed to have done something insignificant and clapped his hands, his tone full of disdain.

Feng Wu’s eyes were cold, even if he was no match for this man, he still had to go up. Otherwise, where else could he put his face in the Jiu Ming School?

Seeing that Feng Wu was coming to compete with him, the man in black said indifferently, “Since your Excellency has agreed to compete with me, that means you have agreed to hand over the crystals if you lose?”

Feng Wu said in a cold voice, “You are well informed, but the crystals are not mine alone, and it is absolutely impossible to want them.”

If it was before Zheng Chao came onto the stage, Feng Wu would not have put this man in black in his eyes, but now that Zheng Chao had been knocked out of the ring so easily, he had to be a little cautious.

The man in black laughed coldly, “Could it be that China, which is known as the country with the largest ancient martial heritage, does not even dare to place a bet? I’ll be frank today, I’m here for the crystals. If you don’t want to compete, that’s fine, as long as you say that your Chinese martial artists are no match for me.”

“Shameless thing, I’ll try you, just how powerful you are.” Zeng Zhenman stood up haughtily and drew the short sword he had obtained from Ye Mo and was about to take the field.

“Hmph, I am ready for you, but whoever comes on the field I will consider as accepting my challenge, and if you lose, you must take out the crystals.” The man in black waved the two iron rulers in his hands, not fearing Zeng Zhen Man in the slightest.

Feng Wu waved his hand and said, “Since your Excellency is so confident in himself, let your disciple come on stage first, and we will choose a disciple from our side to come on stage as well.”

“Good, Xihu, you come up here to learn how a genius disciple of China is really a genius method.” This man in black said with a cold smile.

Feng Wu stopped Zeng Zhen Man and whispered, “There’s something weird about this man, we didn’t even see how he knocked Zheng Chao down just now. I suggest we see his disciple’s moves first before we strike.”

Seeing that Feng Wu had already agreed to let his disciple compete first, Zeng Zhen Man could not go back on his word, so he could only retreat.

Ye Mo, however, secretly sighed, since the moves were so bizarre, this black-clothed man’s disciple came up and probably had the majority of the winning chances. Other people would be fine but Zeng Zhen Man had a personal disciple up there in case there was any problem, he would have to help out a bit.

The first time I saw him, I had to make a wind blade talisman again.

At this moment, the disciple called Xihu walked up to the ring and said loudly, “Does anyone dare to come up and fight?”

As soon as his words fell, a youth with an early Xuan level cultivation jumped onto the ring, “A shrinking turtle who doesn’t dare to say where he came from, how dare he come to my China to challenge, he doesn’t know how to live or die.”

This youth was also one of the final twelve finalists, and as soon as he came up and sneered, the long whip in his hand brought a whistle of wind and smashed into that Xihu.

When Xihu heard the youth’s words, his face immediately turned gloomy and he likewise took out two iron rulers. At this moment, the long whip in the hand of the youth on the stage was already sweeping diagonally over if he could not avoid it he might be swept in half by this whip.

Ye Mo’s divine sense noticed that the youth called Xihu suddenly fell to the ground along the whip, looking as if he had been struck down by the whip. However, Ye Mo knew that the whip had definitely not touched him. Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart that the youth with the whip was bad.

As expected, the youth with the long whip did not have time to laugh out loud before an expression of horror appeared on his face. Then he flopped down on top of the ring dead.

Ye Mo, however, clearly saw this youth called Xi Hu, after falling to the ground his body seemed to become much longer, even as flexible as mercury, then extended and twisted to the back of the martial artist with the long whip, and smashed a foot directly into his back heart.

“Master Yu …….” A cry of sorrow was heard from under the ring, the