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DYM Chapter 489

The man in black’s face became increasingly ugly as the two iron rulers in his hands suddenly clashed together, and just when everyone didn’t understand what he meant, he unexpectedly disappeared in the same place.

It turned out that his two iron rulers had just clashed together as a way of attracting others’ attention, and when they noticed his weapons, he had already disappeared.

In an instant, those watching the battle felt a cold chill run through their bodies, what kind of kung fu was this that could make a person disappear for a short period of time. This gave anyone no defence, ah, although Ye Mo was powerful, could he dodge such an attack without any traces?

Even Zeng Zhen Man, who had immense trust in Ye Mo, was worried, this Tian Si Koro’s attack was a little too bizarre, it seemed a little like a legendary ninjutsu, and one of the highest realm.

Before the crowd’s thoughts had fully turned, a scream of “Ah ……” came from the crowd.

The ring, which had just made the crowd dazzled, resumed with the two facing each other, while Ye Mo stood still and did not move, while one of Tian Si Koro’s arms fell on top of the ring. There was still blood dripping down from the broken arm, hitting the ring looking somewhat eerie.

After a few moments of silence, a burst of applause erupted from below the ring. Although most of the people in the venue were self-serving martial artists of the Hidden Sect, Tian Si Koro had come with such an arrogant attitude, and what he said had brought almost the entire Chinese martial artists into it. His disciple even killed two people in a row, and now that he, Ye Mo, had his arm cut off, it was surprising that it made the people present happy.

Although no one saw clearly how Ye Mo had cut off Tian Si Ke Lang’s arm, none of this mattered now. Only King Xiang Ming’s face became even more gloomy, he could not imagine that Ye Mo was so powerful.

This Tian Si Kolang he was sure was hardly an opponent, but he never thought that Ye Mo could cut off his arm in the blink of an eye. Xiang Ming Wang didn’t know that in fact, when he really fought against the enemy, in Ye Mo’s eyes he was far more powerful than this Tian Si Kolang.

At this time, Yan Kai, who had left for a long time, suddenly came over and spoke in Xiang Ming Wang’s ears for a while. Hearing Yan Kai’s words, King Xiang Ming’s face became even more ugly. But after a while, he let out a long breath and nodded.

Tian Si Ke Lang didn’t even notice that one of his arms had been cut off, but he stared deadly at Ye Mo and said, “You can actually recognize where my real body is, and you can see my movements?”

Ye Mo laughed coldly, even the Yin Soul had nothing to hide under his divine sense, this Japanese ghost who was using a kind of body technique was even trying to hide in front of himself.

“I am no match for you, what is your name? I, Tensikoro, will definitely come to repay you later.” The corner of Tian Si Koro’s mouth showed a hint of icy ruthlessness.

Ye Mo said in a light voice: “You have no future, since you are here, you don’t have to leave.”

“You, China, are also a big country, is this how you treat your guests, the match is just an exchange, do you have to stay for the opponent who lost the match? How can this be called an etiquette ……” When Tian Si Koro was still chattering, Ye Mo had already casually pa*sed by with a wind blade.

“The last time the plane Light Snow was hijacked by the Japanese, he never had time to settle the score and when he met the Japanese, he would let it go.

A sudden sneer from Tensikoro, “Want to kill me, dream on, Lord Kuroyang will not let you go …….”

At the same time as the words disappeared, Tenshiro disappeared from the ring. All the people in the venue stared dumbfounded at the ring where only Ye Mo was alone.

What kind of martial art was this? How could it be possible to just play disappearing?

Ye Mo still said unhurriedly, “A Japanese, you dare to play this in front of me.”

After saying that, Ye Mo kicked an iron ruler on top of the ring, which flew out like a meteor and nailed Tian Si Koro, who had fled to the entrance of the venue, to a wooden pillar.

The ruler penetrated the back of Tenshikoro’s neck and nailed him to the wooden post, the latter half of which continued to shake.

Everyone in the room stared at the post in shock, wondering when Tenshikoro had made it to the entrance of the venue.

Tian Si Koro was nailed by the iron ruler and his two hands were clutching the wooden pillar, his throat was whimpering and struggling to say something, but all he could hear was “uh, uh ……”.

Ye Mo walked up to him and said coldly, “You are so powerful in borrowing earth, I think you’d better remove the first word of your name before you do.”

When Tian Si Koro heard Ye Mo’s words, his eyes rolled over and he completely died of breath.

Ye Mo reached out and pulled off a black sun emblem from the top of his neck in his heart he already knew where this Tian Si Kolang came from. I didn’t expect that before he had the chance to find them, they would come to his door first.

Ye Mo pondered for a moment and put the black sun badge away. Only the doubts in his heart deepened a little deeper, he wondered what these people wanted the crystals of the Spirit Pool for? Also how did they know that there were crystals in the Spirit Pool?

But one thing Ye Mo was sure of was that these people were now just like him, they didn’t know where the Spirit Pool actually was. If they knew where the Spirit Pool was perhaps Tian Si Koro would not have come directly to ask for the crystals, but would have gone directly to the Spirit Pool himself.

The Daoist nun named Xiaoyu from the Lotus Voyage Meditation Sect looked at Ye Mo with an adoring face and carefully asked a female Daoist nun next to her, “Senior sister Yisheng, why did that Ye Mo ask Tian Si Ke Lang to remove the first word of his name?”

Her senior sister shook her head, “I don’t know either.”

Feng Wu found that he had tried his best to overestimate Ye Mo, but he felt that he had still underestimated him. With Tian Si Kolang’s bizarre stance and moves, even if he were to take the field himself, he would not be able to win so easily, and would most likely lose the match, and possibly even his life. Ye Mo, on the other hand, had won him so easily.

Seeing Ye Mo sitting back, Zeng Zhen Man laughed and said, “Well done Brother Ye for killing, a mere barbarian dares to come here and be arrogant.”

Feng Wu could only come up and muster joy as well, then stood up again and said, “Now the match continues.”

As another person had died, the rest of the competition was uneventful, and the top three were soon decided: Shi Zhongzhi from the Nine Ming Academy, Zeng Xihou from the Thirty-Six Rivers, and Yisheng from the Lotus Voyage Jingzhai.

Originally, the top three were definitely Lu Ran of Hulou Valley, but because Lu Ran was killed by Han Yan with a talisman. This made Xiang Ming Wang hate Ye Mo even more.

As for the next award, Ye Mo didn’t care, what he cared about was how to get to the Spirit Pool after the award was over. This Spirit Pool was somewhere, if it was really a place with spiritual energy, and if the crystal that Zeng Zhen Man said was really a spiritual stone, then don’t blame him, Ye Mo, for eating alone.

Here, there was a lack of resources stash and a lack of vital energy. He had only just advanced to the middle stage of Qi cultivation after all his efforts. If there was no chance and he just relied on non-stop cultivation, Ye Mo was sure that he might not be able to reach the fifth level of Qi cultivation even if he cultivated for another ten years.

Therefore, if there were any resources that would allow him to cultivate or even advance, he would have no problem taking possession of them. In this place, although there was some legal system and the international surface appeared to be peaceful, anyone could express their opinion. But Ye Mo knew that this was just a relative phenomenon. Once there is a conflict of interest, in the end, it is still a matter of strength. Without strength, you are a grandson, no matter if you are a person or a country.

In Ye Mo’s opinion, whether it was those powerful and rich countries or individuals. The vast majority of them are just b*tches who hold up their pagodas high, and they sell them while screaming about fairness and democracy.

So in Ye Mo’s philosophy, only strength was number one. Without strength, he was nothing. If he hadn’t advanced to the fourth level of Qi training, how many Ye Mo’s there were, they would have been swallowed up without even a scrap of bone.

As the Grand Competition came to an end, guests from all over the world left, and the lively Ghost City once again returned to its usual calm. This time, the Great Competition of the Hidden Sect was the most turbulent one yet, with too many things happening in between. This time, the competition had the highest number of deaths, which added to the conversation of many people and reflected the cruel struggle for limited resources.

Although there were many people who thought that the reason why so much happened this time had something to do with Ye Mo, none of them dared to say anything. And Ye Mo would not even care if it had anything to do with him, at this time he was already preparing to head to the Spirit Pool with Feng Wu, Xiang Ming Wang and Zeng Zhen Man.

Although the Grand Competition had ended, Ye Mo did not know the location of the Spirit Pool, and Xiang Ming Wang and Feng Wu did not have the slightest intention to say anything about it. In other words, the only two people who could know the exact location of the Spirit Pool were Xiang Ming Wang and Feng Wu.

All the people had left and only Ye Mo, Xiang Ming Wang, Feng Wu, Zeng Zhen Man and the top three disciples were left at the scene, a total of seven people.

Not long after, two helicopters landed directly here.

Feng Wu stood up and said, “No matter if everyone is a bit unhappy or not, I hope that this time the Spirit Pool is the main focus, the Spirit Pool is the hope for all of us to advance. The four of us must work together in order to open the Spirit Pool.”

Just as Feng Wu finished speaking, Xiang Ming Wang had already arranged for Zeng Zhen Man and the three disciples to get into a helicopter first.

When the helicopter left, Feng Wu was about to get on the second plane when Xiang Ming Wang suddenly said, “Brother Feng, we have stayed in Gui Cheng for so long, isn’t it a bit impolite to just leave like this for no apparent reason? In any case, the government has put in a lot of effort for our big competition this time, so I wonder if we should go and say hello to them? Why don’t you guys go ahead, Brother Feng, and I’ll go say hello and come back immediately.”

Hearing Xiang Ming Wang say this, Feng Wu pondered for a moment, then nodded and said, “Brother Xiang is right, it’s time to go and say hello, why don’t Brother Xiang and Brother Ye you go first, I’m a bit more suitable than you for this kind of thing.”

However, a strange feeling rose in Ye Mo’s heart, if it was Feng Wu who proposed this kind of greeting, he felt a bit more normal, but it was actually Xiang Ming Wang who proposed it.

After Feng Wu left, Ye Mo realized that he and Xiang Ming Wang were the only two people on top of the helicopter, plus one was the pilot.