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DYM Chapter 490

The helicopter soon flew up and there were only three people on top of the plane, Ye Mo and Xiang Ming Wang plus the pilot. Ye Mo and Xiang Ming Wang didn’t have anything to say, he felt that something was odd today. The two planes were arranged to be boarded by Xiang Ming Wang, and finally Feng Wu was also supported by Xiang Ming Wang. Ye Mo reckoned that King Xiang Ming should have some kind of conspiracy, but even if there was some kind of conspiracy, he was not afraid. Even if Xiang Ming Wang wanted to crash the plane and die with himself, he did not care, the big deal was to step on the flying sword and leave.

If it wasn’t for the need to find the crystal, Ye Mo would want to kill Xiang Ming Wang right now.

However, King Xiang Ming obviously did not intend to die with Ye Mo, but sat down and did not say anything. An hour later, Ye Mo found that below the plane was a snowy mountain that looked like a white train. Looking down from above, one could not even see the edge. Ye Mo estimated that the snowy mountain was at least tens of thousands of metres long.

The tens of thousands of metres of snowy mountain line, with the peaks cragging against the white snow and the clouds steaming in the sky. The glaciers in the valley stretched for several kilometres, a spectacular sight. Ye Mo couldn’t help but feel relaxed and happy, when he got the crystal stone he must step on his sword to have a good look over this snowy mountain.

“Could this be the Menai Snow Mountain?” Ye Mo subconsciously said, he suddenly remembered the location of that ancient tomb, he heard the Fu brothers say that it was on the outskirts of the Menai Snow Mountain, could that spirit pool be here too?

Although Ye Mo was talking to himself, Xiang Ming Wang still said calmly, “Not bad, this is the Meinei Snow Mountain, and the Spirit Pool is also here. After we wait for Brother Feng and Sect Master Zeng to come together, we can join forces to open the entrance to the Spirit Pool.”

Ye Mo nodded, not caring. It was fine if Xiang Ming Wang didn’t mothball, once he did, don’t blame him for being ungracious. Even if he killed him, Feng Wu still knew where the Spirit Pool was located.

Looking down from the plane, Ye Mo saw a long winding river that could not see its head in the distance of the Meinei Snow Mountain. Ye Mo had heard the Fu brothers say that it was probably either the Nujiang River or the Lancang River.

The plane crossed over numerous high peaks and rushed directly into the depths of the snowy mountains, and in the blink of an eye, it was lost between the white clouds. After traversing between the white clouds for nearly an hour, the plane stopped at a platform on the side of a snow-capped mountain. The middle-aged man named Yan Kai had been waiting for a long time, but apart from Yan Kai, Ye Mo did not find anyone else.

When Ye Mo stepped off the plane, he found that the mountainside was at least three to four thousand meters above sea level, with snow on all sides. The snow-capped peaks were like clouds.

What an immortal place, Ye Mo sighed. This place was really incomparably spiritual, if there was a hidden sect developing here, it would definitely be a good place.

“The Spirit Pool is here?” Ye Mo looked back at Xiang Ming Wang suspiciously, if he played tricks, he would immediately kill him. Others trapped in this land of snowy mountains might not have a way to leave, but trying to trap him, Ye Mo, here was absolutely impossible.

Xiang Ming Wang said in a cold voice, “The Spirit Pool is not here, but the origin of my Huludao Valley is here. That deep cloud below is my Huludao Valley.”

Ye Mo’s tone immediately turned icy cold, “Xiang Ming Wang, do you think I don’t dare to kill you, or can’t kill you?”

Xiang Ming Wang seemed to have the slightest bit of his fiery temper invisible at this point, but instead, he still said to himself, “If you are afraid, you can immediately ask the pilot to fill up the plane with fuel and send you out. Because the pa*sage to the Spirit Pool is what I found in Huludao Valley. To be exact, the Spirit Pool should be my Huludao Valley’s private property.”

Ye Mo harrumphed, he didn’t believe that the people of Hulou Valley were so high-minded that they would take out their own Spirit Pool and share it with others.

Xiang Ming Wang seemed not to see Ye Mo’s sneer in general, but said to himself, “Because the Spirit Pool must be opened by an Innate expert, or four experts beyond the peak of the Earth level at the same time, and it can only be opened for three days. The master of my Gourd Valley has been in seclusion for more than ten years, and it is impossible to open the Spirit Pool alone by relying on my Gourd Valley, so every time we will join hands with the rest of the sects and open it together. In the past, apart from me and Brother Feng, there were also Wang Leng Chan of the Wang Clan and Bian Shuai Hai of the Dou Cang Clan who came to participate in the opening of the Spirit Pool. It’s just that the two of them didn’t participate in the grand competition these two times, so they invited you and Zeng Zhenman.”

So that was the case, Ye Mo nodded his head. The credibility of Xiang Ming Wang’s words was rather higher, but Ye Mo always felt that there was something conspiratorial about Xiang Ming Wang branching out Feng Wu. No matter what the conspiracy is, it is good to be cautious yourself.

When Ye Mo thought of his own pride in killing the Point Cang Sect, his heart could not help but rise again with a sense of pride. So what if the Huludao Valley? Even if it was the number one hidden sect and wanted to turn against him, Ye Mo, he would still not be afraid.

However, Xiang Ming Wang turned his head to Yan Kai and said, “Yan Kai, you take Ye Mo into the land of the Spirit Pool first, I will go and meet Brother Feng.”

After saying this, he surprisingly got on the plane once again and it quickly took off into the air.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Yan Kai smiled and said to Ye Mo, “Sect Master Ye, please follow me.” After saying that, he walked down the stairs leading to the bottom of the valley first.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and followed without the slightest hesitation.

When he saw Ye Mo following him, Yan Kai’s smile became even bigger. He seemed to be trying to pa*s the time or was afraid that Ye Mo would be bored, and while walking, he introduced, “The Menai Snow Mountain, also known as the Prince of Snow Mountain, is located in the middle of the Hengduan Mountain Range between the Nujiang River and the Lancang River, and there are 13 peaks with an average elevation above 6500m, known as the “Prince 13 Prince 13.” The main peak, Bogkawa, is 7740m above sea level and is the highest peak in the clouds. A long time ago, some foreign tourists called Bogkawa Peak ‘the most beautiful mountain in the world’.”

Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to be listening to his words, Yan Kai said with a constant smile, “Our Gourd Valley is deep in the Menai Snow Mountain, and was named so because its shape looks like a sleeping gourd.”

Ye Mo was indifferent, he was not interested in any of this, there was no denying that the Menai Snow Mountain was indeed beautiful, but what he cared about now was not the scenery, but the Spirit Pool.

It was just that Yan Kai did not think in the slightest whether Ye Mo was willing to listen or not, as if he was still chattering away as if he was a resentful woman. An hour and a half later, the two of them walked through countless difficult and dangerous sections before they arrived next to an iron cable that could not be seen to the end at a glance. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept the length of this iron cable, which was at least 500 metres long, and his divine sense could not see the end of it at all.

His eyes were even more obscured by the white mist, and he could only see within a few dozen metres. It was not easy for Huludao Valley to pull up hundreds of meters of iron ropes like this, no wonder it could be called the first outer hidden gate.

Yan Kai turned back and smiled at Ye Mo and said, “After this iron rope, it will be faster.”

After saying that he jumped up first, and soon his figure was lost in the white mist of the iron rope. Ye Mo smiled coldly, no matter what moths Huludao Valley came up with, he took it all. At this moment, he was already sure that King Xiang Ming had brought him here not because of the Spirit Pool, but because he wanted to scheme him. If he wanted to trick him, then let’s do it.

Ye Mo was not afraid, as long as the Spirit Pool is in Huludao Valley, then you will spit it out for me. If the spirit pool is not here and you Huludao Valley will find me, then sorry, I have to recover my losses.

Yan Kai’s speed was fast, in just a few moments he had already crossed nearly seven hundred metres of iron ropes, he breathed a sigh of relief and subconsciously looked back behind him. But he found that Ye Mo was already standing on the platform staring at him with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth.

Yan Kai’s heart thudded, he actually didn’t know when Ye Mo was standing behind him, at least he was considered an expert of the middle rank of the earth level. When he thought that Ye Mo could stand behind him without a sound, he couldn’t help but feel a coldness all over his body, if Ye Mo had wanted to kill him just now, he would have been a corpse long ago.

Thinking of this, Yan Kai smiled somewhat ingratiatingly at Ye Mo, then said, “Along this path ahead, there are still ten minutes to go before we reach Hulu Valley.

Ye Mo said with a bland expression, “Just lead the way, don’t worry about the rest.”

“Yes, Sect Master Ye, please follow me.” Yan Kai didn’t dare to call Ye Mo directly, even though he didn’t know what kind of Sect Master Ye Mo was, he could only call him Sect Master Ye.

As Yan Kai turned into the pathway, after turning around a few times, it turned out to be clear in front of him. It turned out to be more and more open. Ye Mo could not help but secretly sigh at the miracle of the Creator, that there was such open terrain even in such a place.

At the same time, Ye Mo also sighed at the same time that these hidden sects really knew how to find them, whether it was the Point Cang Sect or the Jing Yi Sect that he found, they were both hidden beyond recognition. This Huludao Valley, if Yan Kai had not led the way, he might not have been able to find this place even if he had found half a month.

What surprised Ye Mo even more was that the terrain here was indeed like a gourd, small when he first entered, then becoming bigger followed by a narrower section of road. After pa*sing these narrow roads, there was again an incomparably wide area ahead, with some buildings already vaguely appearing and even lush trees appearing along the roadside for a while.

To have such a magical place in a land of snowy mountains was truly breathtaking.

After entering this, Ye Mo obviously felt the temperature rise quite a bit, and it suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that if one day he got tired of staying in the city, it would be nice to come to this place. Or if he came to this place to escape the summer heat on a hot summer day, it would simply be perfect.

It was just that this place was not his yet, and besides, another thing that Ye Mo didn’t like was that it was in the middle of a canyon and didn’t have that visual effect of being incredibly empty. From this point of view, Huludao Valley was not as good as the Point Cang Gate, which was slightly less concealing, but the feeling of standing at the gate with a panoramic view of the mountains made Ye Mo like it a bit more.

Ye Mo followed Yan Kai onto a stone paved road that stretched all the way to the entrance of a huge palace-like building, which had a not-so-small square in front of it.

Just as he walked up to the entrance of this building, Ye Mo’s face sank. More than thirty martial artists came out from all directions, and he saw that Xiang Ming Wang had even returned first, did they want to kill him just by themselves?

A pale faced old man slowly walked out from the main door in the middle, then stood in the square at the entrance of the main hall and looked at Ye Mo, saying in an even paler voice indifferently, “Are you the Ye Mo who killed several of my Huludao Valley disciples in a row?”