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DYM Chapter 51-52

Chapter 51

After entering the flowing snake, the Audi stopped in front of a stone house. What interested Ye Mo a little was that the shape of the stone house was very peculiar. It was semi-circular in shape, somewhat like a yurt, and although there were windows, they fit in with the stone walls of the house in a very compact way.

Zhuo Aiguo did not let his driver Xiao Xiao and Xiao Lei go in together, but only let Ye Mo accompany him into the stone house.

The space inside the house was not small, and there were more than twenty people in the hall, all of whom were formidable and even had a murderous aura about them. It was the uninitiated who knew that these were all outlaws. However, apart from the two men beside the long-haired man with a fierce look sitting at the top who had guns, the rest of them were holding controlled knives like machetes.

Seeing Zhuo Aiguo and Ye Mo walk in, before the long-haired man above could say anything, two tough young men came up at the door wanting to search Ye Mo and Zhuo Aiguo. However, just as these two walked next to Ye Mo, Ye Mo threw them out with one hand, like catching a chicken. The two men were like cannonballs and accurately flew backwards out of the doorway.

Seeing this, the surrounding people with machetes raised the machetes in their own hands, just waiting for the words of the big man with hair at the top. The big man sitting at the top saw that Ye Mo actually threw the two strong men out with such a light weight, a trace of shock appeared in his eyes, but he immediately reacted and quickly waved his hand, telling his men not to be impulsive. Then he said to the men on either side, “You guys go down first, Stone and Shadow stay behind.”

In a moment’s time there were only Zhuo Aiguo and Ye Mo inside this room, except for the long-haired big man and two of his men.

The long-haired big man understood in his heart that this young man was not a presence to be messed with at first glance, and although he had many men, he estimated that he might not be a match for this man, so he might as well just be generous. Throwing two strong men out at will was not something an ordinary man could do. Moreover, he had no intention of eating black, and seeing this, he quickly cupped his fist and said, “Boss Zhuo, nice to meet you, nice to meet you! May I ask if this is ……”

After saying that, he looked at Ye Mo.

Zhuo Aiguo’s heart was like a clear mirror, this person’s concern was Ye Mo, not him. Immediately, he waved his hand and said, “Chairman Fang, don’t mind others, he is my friend, he doesn’t like to talk much, he is just afraid that something will happen to me and accompanied me here. I have brought my things, where are Chairman Fang’s things?”

The long-haired youth gave Ye Mo a somewhat scrupulous look and took out a wooden box from inside a leather pouch.

As soon as this wooden box was taken out, Ye Mo felt an unusual aura, it was definitely not an ordinary thing, it actually carried a hint of pure Yuan Spirit Qi between heaven and earth.

Ye Mo’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura, he had an intuition that this thing would be of use to him.

“You bring the thing first and I’ll take a look.” The long-haired big man held the wooden box in his hand and looked at Zhuo Aiguo and said.

Before Zhuo Aiguo could say anything, Ye Mo suddenly moved his hand and the wooden box in the long-haired big man’s hand automatically flew up and fell into Ye Mo’s hand.

The long-haired big man was shocked in his heart and immediately stood up, but his shocked expression immediately narrowed down and he looked at Ye Mo with not just scruples anymore, but deep awe and fear.

Not only the long-haired big man, but also the two remaining men behind him, as well as Zhuo Aiguo, were also staring at Ye Mo with shocked disbelief. What kind of ability was this? The extraordinary power? With a single move of his hand, he actually brought something that was at least six or seven meters away from each other.

Ye Mo didn’t care about the shocked gazes of the few people around him, and reached out and opened the wooden box, which was just a dark section of rattan wood. Ye Mo picked up the vine wood and a faint aura fluctuation came from it.

Purple Heart Vine? Ye Mo immediately understood that this was actually a root from the Purple Heart Vine, the Purple Heart Vine was a spiritual wood, and Ye Mo was amazed that there was actually such a thing on Earth. He knew that there was a lack of spiritual energy on Earth, even if he found a ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, he was amazed, but now he had actually found a Purple Heart Vine. It was a pity that there was only this little bit, it would have been nice if there were more.

“Brother Ye …… you ……” Zhuo Aiguo was shocked by Ye Mo’s ability to take things from space, and his speech stuttered a little. Originally, Ye Mo’s ability to beat many people with one and sharp movements was only great in his opinion. But now this kind of spacing fetching could not be distinguished by the size of the ability at all, it was simply a little too outrageous.

“Brother Zhuo, this thing is useful to me, I don’t know if you can cut it out.” If it was a billion dollars, Ye Mo could not even look at it, but although this item was as plentiful as an ox’s hair in the original place where he was, it was not visible and not available here. If it wasn’t for chance, he might not have been able to find such a Purple Heart Vine in his lifetime.

“Ah ……” Zhuo Aiguo seemed to have not yet sobered up from Ye Mo’s action just now, and now when he heard Ye Mo’s words, he gave an ah and immediately reacted, quickly saying, “Since Brother Ye likes it, you can take it Take it, this Black Violet Root is indeed very rare, and it was only by chance that I knew that President Liu Shi Fang had a section here.”

Ye Mo saw that Zhuo Aiguo called the Purple Heart Vine the Black Violet Root, and did not point it out, perhaps that was the way it was called here.

Zhuo Aiguo finished picking up an envelope and took a few steps to hand it to the long-haired big man and said, “This is a cheque inside, check it.”

The long-haired big man had already responded and immediately came down and walked up to Ye Mo and cupped his fist and said, “I, Fang Nan, am now considered the head of a small gang, I have not yet asked you for your name.”

He had already seen that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person and had gotten up the idea of making friends. Although Ye Mo was definitely younger than him, he addressed Ye Mo as Brother Ye.

Ye Mo looked at the long-haired man and said to himself that this man didn’t know where he got this from, he would have to ask him about it later. Besides, he was planning to stay in the Flowing Serpent for a while, it was necessary to make good relations with the local snake here.

“My name is Ye Mo, I plan to live in Flowing Snake for a while afterwards.” Ye Mo then said.

“Ah, that’s great, if Brother Ye has any trivial matters that need to be taken care of, just look for our Nan directly in the future. This Black Violet Root will be given to Brother Ye as a meet and greet gift, Brother Zhuo, I’m sorry, please take back this cheque.” After saying this, Fang Nan pushed the envelope to Zhuo Aiguo.

Zhuo Aiguo immediately became upset and pushed the cheque to Fang Nan again and said, “It was all said and done, this is my gift to Brother Ye, how can I not pay for it.”

Seeing that the two were arguing a little, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Chairman Fang just accept the cheque, you have many brothers under you and you need to spend money. By the way, what is the use of this Black Violet Root that Brother Zhuo wants?”

Zhuo Aiguo sighed and said, “It’s because when my son was eight years old, for some unknown reason, he suddenly became demented. In the past two years, we have been to many hospitals and hired many specialists, but nothing could be done. Then an old Chinese doctor told me that drinking black violet root in water for three years would probably cure the disease. I made a lot of enquiries and learnt that President Fang had a cut of it here, so I rushed here in a hurry.

Originally, my eldest uncle met a divine doctor in Ninghai a few months ago, but later when I rushed there on purpose, that divine doctor had gone to nowhere. I thought that the miracle doctor could even treat my uncle’s illness, so my son’s illness must have been solved by hand. Besides, this Black Violet Root may not necessarily cure my family’s Hua Tang’s illness, that Chinese doctor only said it might, so there is no harm in Brother Ye taking it.”

“Ninghai?” Ye Mo repeated, thinking to himself that he had just come from Ninghai, so he wouldn’t be talking about the old man he saved last time, right?

“Yes, Ninghai, it was the one I met by chance at the Likang Hospital, you know my eldest uncle’s illness had dragged on for several years, even many experts had jumped to conclusions, and that godly doctor still managed to save my eldest uncle by force. Unfortunately, it’s already a great chance to meet such a miracle man once, and it’s hard to find him again.” Zhuo Aiguo said with some sadness.

Ye Mo was already sure that the divine doctor he was talking about was himself.


Chapter 52

There was a moment of silence before Ye Mo said, “Old Brother Zhuo, if you believe me, leave me an address, when I’m done with my side of things, I’ll go and help your family Huatang, maybe I can treat it. And I have to tell you this, this black purple root you mentioned does not cure dementia type symptoms, that old Chinese doctor didn’t know where he heard it from, it’s absolutely fallacious.”

“Ah ……” with a startled cry, Zhuo Aiguo grabbed Ye Mo’s hand with a surprised look and said, “Brother Ye, you can really help my family Huatang with the treatment?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “There shouldn’t be any major problems.”

“Of course I believe you, of course …….” Zhuo Aiguo, whose words were incoherent, hurriedly took out an exquisite business card and handed it to Ye Mo, “This is my family’s address and contact number, as well as my mobile phone number are on it, I’m paying my respects to Brother Ye.”

He didn’t think Ye Mo was telling lies, not to mention seeing Ye Mo’s fabulous performance today, even if he didn’t see it, he still felt that Ye Mo wasn’t a person who liked to brag. Moreover, although he had not spent a lot of time with Ye Mo, he felt that Ye Mo was a stable and trustworthy person, and was a friend worth making friends with.

Ye Mo looked at the business card, nodded and said, “But I can’t go to Yanjing yet, it will most likely be six months or even a year from now.” Ye Mo certainly knew that going to Yanjing at this time would probably be throwing himself into the net.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as Brother Ye remembers.” Zhuo Aiguo didn’t have the slightest intention of being unhappy, instead he was extremely happy. Even if the ‘Black Violet Root’ could cure his son, it would still take two to three years, and besides, Ye Mo said that he could not cure it yet. Whereas Ye Mo meant that as long as he went, he should be able to fix it. The contrast in between was clear to him.

As for why Ye Mo didn’t go with him now, he didn’t have any idea, one Ye Mo was a high ranking person, he had his own business. Secondly, he, Zhuo Aiguo, was not the first day outside, Ye Mo had run to such a remote place near the border of the country, he must have his own difficulties, as a friend there was no need to ask about every thing.

“Haha, Brother Ye, I will immediately order someone to arrange wine for you and Brother Zhuo to clean up the dust.” What Fang Nan was most happy about was not that he had made a business deal today, but that he had met a capable person like Ye Mo. The main thing was that Ye Mo would still be here for a while.

Just as Xiao Lei was waiting a little anxiously, Ye Mo and Zhuo Aiguo came out and were followed by a big man with long hair.

A meal was served, but Xiao Lei could see that both Zhuo Aiguo and the tough-looking long-haired man had a lot of respect for the plainly dressed Ye Mo, and that respect came from the bottom of her heart. Zhuo Aiguo was not to mention, the head of a big enterprise in Yanjing, a rich master. But this big man was not a good person at first glance, but he was also very respectful to Ye Mo.

Although there were many things she wanted to ask, Xiao Lei knew that she and Ye Mo were not yet familiar with each other, and she had just asked the driver less than half a day, but less than knew nothing.

Several people’s accommodation was arranged by Fang Nan, Ye Mo had dinner but went out in the evening, as to where he went, no one knew except Zhuo Aiguo who guessed some of it.

Ye Mo went to that 13 Taibao’s lair that night, what upset Ye Mo was that there was nothing in there, I really don’t know how these guys had no savings at all after doing no business for so long. It dashed Ye Mo’s wish to make a fortune.

Fang Nan came to Ye Mo and the others’ place early in the morning. Now Fang Nan’s ‘Park Blade Society’ was one of the three major gangs of the Flowing Serpent. The worst of the three major gangs of the Flowing Serpent was the ‘Thirteen Tai Bao’, but now the Thirteen Tai Bao were no more, and the remaining few had been completely wiped out by Ye Mo. So the ‘Park Blade Society’ was already one of the second largest gangs of the Flowing Snakes.

Because of Fang Nan’s care, Zhuo Aiguo and the others were very peaceful in Flowing Snake Town and no one dared to come and hara*s them. The next day Zhuo Aiguo said goodbye to Ye Mo, he was leaving Flowing Serpent.

“I’ll send a few brothers to send you to the top of the national highway.” Seeing that Zhuo Aiguo and the others were leaving, Fang Nan took the initiative to ask to see them off.

Ye Mo didn’t stop, the ‘Thirteen Tai Bao’ who were specifically blocking that road had already been destroyed by him, that is, without someone to send them off, Zhuo Aiguo and the others were not in danger, but since Fang Nan took the initiative to ask to send him off, Ye Mo didn’t say much.

Xiao Lei walked up to Ye Mo and said somewhat stammeringly, “That, Ye Mo can you leave a phone number for me? I think, think in the future when you go to Yanjing, I can still thank you for saving my life.”

Although he stammered a bit at the beginning, he became very fluent at the end, after all, he was a journalist.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “No need to thank you, actually I don’t have a phone number either. So I don’t have a phone number to give you either, you don’t need to take this little thing to heart.”

Xiao Lei froze for a moment, in her opinion, if a beautiful woman like her asked Ye Mo for his phone number, he would definitely not refuse. No man would refuse a pretty woman’s invitation, but Ye Mo had refused. To say that Ye Mo didn’t have a phone, she would never believe it. In this day and age, who else would not have a mobile phone.

Seeing Xiao Lei’s embarra*sment, although Zhuo Aiguo knew that Ye Mo really didn’t have a phone, he still said, “Let’s hurry up or we won’t be able to catch the flight to Xianshan today.”

The helpless Xiao Lei could only leave with Zhuo Aiguo with a belly full of grievances. For arranging a place to cultivate, since there was Fang Nan, there was no need for Zhuo Aiguo’s help.

The place that Fang Nan helped Ye Mo to arrange was a temple close to the flowing snake for nearly 20 miles, where a wandering monk used to live. Three years ago this monk suddenly disappeared and left this temple behind.

If Ye Mo had not asked for a more remote place, Fang Nan was prepared to arrange a luxurious residence for Ye Mo at the Flowing Snake. On that day, Fang Nan called a few junior disciples to clean the temple and Ye Mo stayed there. His main purpose was to plant the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ and another was to find out the origin of the ‘Purple Heart Vine’.

According to Fang Nan, seven years ago, when he was fleeing, he found a Tibetan lama’s corpse in the middle of a valley at the Vietnam border, and found this wooden box on the corpse, and felt that it was something unusual, so he kept it, only to find out later that it was the Black Violet Root.

Because he had obtained the Black Violet Root, Fang Nan buried the lama’s corpse nearby.

Ye Mo asked Fang Nan for a map, and the exact location where he buried the lama, so he would go and take a look. Since this lama had the ‘Purple Heart Vine’, he might have something else on him, so it would never be wrong to go and take a look.

The temple where Ye Mo lived was not small, there were fifty to sixty square feet, the main thing was that around the temple Ye Mo made out a point of land or so, which was going to be used specifically for growing ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

Ye Mo did not dare to plant all thirty-nine seeds at once, because he still did not know if this place was suitable for growing this kind of gra*s, in case it was not suitable and rotted all his seeds, he would not even have a place to cry.

Although he was not sure if the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ seed in his hand was the only one, Ye Mo knew that even if there was still some elsewhere, he might not be able to find it.

After planting nineteen seeds and tidying up the area around the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ and making some protection, Ye Mo was ready to go to the mountain forest, after all, it would take more than a month for the seeds to germinate. He wanted to go and see where Fang Nan had buried the lama, as he was not making much progress in his cultivation.

After greeting Fang Nan, Ye Mo left the flowing snake and headed to the place where Fang Nan had escaped back then. To him now, improving his strength was the most important thing.