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DYM Chapter 491

When Ye Mo saw this pale faced old man, his heart sank, for the first time he couldn’t see through the other’s cultivation level. Moreover, this old man gave him a threat of death, this was the first time he had this feeling. Even when he had been intercepted by the Earth-level expert Zhang Zhihui after attending the auction, he hadn’t felt this way.

This old man was a strong enemy, one that he had never met before. The vastness of his aura almost made Ye Mo think of the mighty pressure of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. If Ye Mo didn’t know that there couldn’t be any cultivators in Huludao Valley, he might have turned around and run away, this old man, was too terrifying. Ye Mo immediately gathered his whole body’s true qi to be on guard, ready to break out at any time.

Careless, I didn’t expect that there was such a terrifying existence in Xiang Ming Wang’s lair. If Ye Mo had known that there was such an old man here, he would have killed Xiang Ming Wang at Broken Top Mountain. It was only because he thought that even if Xiang Ming Wang had any conspiracy, he would not be able to reckon with him. Now he had understood that what Xiang Ming Wang used was not a conspiracy at all, but a Yang plot.

King Xiang Ming had calculated that even if Ye Mo knew that he had some little plot, he would definitely not care. If Ye Mo could kill Wang Leng Chan, if he could kill Yao Si Ke Lang, he could kill him, Xiang Ming Wang. The truth was that he really did not miscalculate, Ye Mo still came to Huludao Valley knowing that he had a plot.

“I am the Ye Mo who killed your Huludao Valley disciple.” Ye Mo slowly breathed a sigh of relief, since he was already here, he had to face it. Even if he couldn’t escape, he had to pull a few back.

“You have a lot of guts to kill a disciple of my Hulou Valley and still dare to come to my Hulou Valley empty-handed.” This old man with a pale face said flatly, taking a step forward without thinking when he finished.

He felt as if a large iron cone had hammered his chest with a ‘boom’, he subconsciously ran his true qi, which calmed him down.

But his heart was in shock, was this old man an Innate? If he was an Innate, then what was Tanjiao’s Innate? It was worse than a slag. Didn’t they say that there were no more experts with Innate cultivation? How did this old man get out?

These great sects are really extraordinary, so it seems that the Jiu Ming Academy and the South Mountain Wang Family might also have this kind of old immortal existence, in case this is the case, but one has truly underestimated the heroes of the world.

“Huh ……” This old man saw that Ye Mo didn’t move at all and withstood a bit of his internal qi impact, he couldn’t help but let out a eek. His own blow looked simple, but one who could withstand it without retreating even half a step or reacting in any way was definitely not an ordinary person. Ye Mo made him feel odd for the first time.

This old man sighed and seemed to strain a bit as he said, “Ye Mo, you were originally great, but it’s a pity ……”

“Valley Master, Ye Mo killed my Hulu Valley elders and insulted my Hulu Valley, moreover, my Hulu Valley’s genius disciple, Record Ran, was killed by his men, and Peng Miao Gui had his arm broken, which he also told someone to do …… If the Valley Master had not come out in time, my Hulu Valley’s hundred-year foundation and thousand-year heritage would have been cut short. And the Spirit Pool is even more impossible to keep ……,” Xiang Ming Wang said respectfully at this time as he walked up to this old man, without any trace of that fiery look.

“You are the valley master of Hulu Valley?” Ye Mo was startled in his heart, he remembered what Zeng Zhen Man said, there was a valley master of Huludao Valley who had been in seclusion for more than ten years, he didn’t expect him to come out of seclusion.

“Not bad, I am the Valley Master of Hulu Valley, Ren Pingchuan, since you killed so many disciples of my Hulu Valley, even if you are a genius, you must stay here today.” Ren Pingchuan said indifferently.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, he was completely open-minded, it was a blessing not a curse, but a curse that could not be avoided. He stared at the incomparably pale old man and said in a cold voice, “Master Ren Gu, it is not your character that I admire, it is your kung fu. You Huludao Valley took the initiative to provoke me, can’t I still fight back?”

Ren Pingchuan said slowly, “As the number one sect of the Hidden Sect, I don’t need you to teach me how to do things in Huludao Valley. Not to mention that King Xiang Ming is only asking you to hand over your inheritance, even if he kills one of your juniors, you, an ordinary person out of the secular world, cannot go against my Hulou Valley ……”

Ye Mo laughed, “Old man, how shameless, I said how come people out of Hulou Valley are so skinny hou, it turns out that they have an inheritance. Old thing, don’t think you can do anything to me just because you’ve advanced to the innate level.”

Ren Pingchuan didn’t seem to notice Ye Mo’s cursing as he raised his head somewhat melancholy and looked towards a white cloud in the distance and said indifferently, “I’ve been in seclusion for eighteen years, but I haven’t broken through to the Ascendant. It’s a pity, I don’t have much time left, alas ……”

“Old thing, you’re not an Innate?” Ye Mo immediately said in astonishment, he thought that this Ren Pingchuan must be an Innate cultivator, but it turned out that after half a day, he was still not an Innate.

Ren Pingchuan said indifferently, “You can kill a half-step Innate expert at a young age, which means that your inheritance is very good, since that’s the case, you can hand it over. Perhaps with your inheritance, I can step out of this step.”

After saying that Ren Pingchuan once again took a step forward and raised his hand to slap at Ye Mo.

If he didn’t know that this Ren Pingchuan was a practitioner of ancient martial arts, Ye Mo would have thought that Ren Pingchuan was a cultivator, he was five or six meters away from himself, but this step actually landed directly in front of him. Before that palm had fully fallen, the sizzling palm wind and the harsh killing machine loomed over.

Ye Mo wanted very much to avoid it, but he unexpectedly found his figure completely enveloped by Ren Pingchuan’s palm wind. There was nothing he could do except resist it.

The flying sword instantly appeared in Ye Mo’s hand, bringing up 90% of Ye Mo’s true qi and stabbing directly at Ren Pingchuan’s palm.

“The ground was knocked into a crater of several meters, and Ye Mo was smashed far away by the hot palm wind and crashed into a disciple of Huludao Valley, who was directly killed by Ye Mo without even grunting.

“Good sword, I can’t believe I didn’t see where your sword was taken from, good skill.” Ren Pingchuan didn’t even notice that a disciple had already died at Ye Mo’s hands, but stared at the flying sword in Ye Mo’s hand and sighed in admiration. He didn’t even notice his palm that had been cut by the flying sword.

Ye Mo forced himself to hold back the churning in his dantian and swallowed the mouthful of blood that was about to spurt out, marvelling in his heart at this old man’s deep hou internal qi. A few days ago he had felt that Wang Leng Chan’s internal qi was almost comparable to his, but now he realised that if Wang Leng Chan was compared to this old man, he was simply a few streets behind.

“At such a young age, you have such deep hou internal qi and such a sharp magic weapon, your heritage is indeed good. Young man, you hand over your heritage and kill yourself. I can promise to let the disciples of Huludao Valley not to seek revenge on your family, or even not to go to that whatever flowing snake of yours ……” A hint of redness appeared on Ren Pingchuan’s face, and his tone had some movement. If originally Ye Mo did not mean anything in his eyes, now he also had his heart set on Ye Mo’s heritage.

Ye Mo mobilised ten percent of his true qi, and the flying sword in his hand seemed to transform into a huge door slab, rolling up endless killing qi and slashing directly at the old man. At the same time, he coldly snorted, “Old man, your promises are fart in the eyes of little master.”

He knew that Ren Pingchuan had taken a fancy to what he had, just as he had taken a fancy to the Spirit Pool, and if he didn’t kill Ren Pingchuan, he would definitely not be able to escape with his life. Or in other words, if he didn’t destroy Huludao Valley, he just couldn’t escape if he could.

Ren Pingchuan’s words had already threatened his bottom line, the flowing snake and his family this old thing dared to threaten. Moreover, Ye Mo felt that although Ren Pingchuan’s internal qi was too deep hou than him, he did not have no chance of winning because he was too old.

Ye Mo knew that to an expert like Ren Pingchuan, his fireball and wind blade techniques were equal to a pose. There was no threat to him, and if he used such small spells, it would just be a flat waste of true essence.

Seeing Ye Mo suddenly slash over the huge door slab-like sword, Ren Pingchuan’s face suddenly became ji, his face rose more and more red as he muttered, “Surprisingly, it is a real magic weapon, the legend is actually true ……”

Ren Pingchuan wiped at his waist, and a weapon with a pitch-black as if it was a long stick appeared in his hand.

“Boom, boom ……” Ye Mo’s flying sword and the long stick in Ren Pingchuan’s hand clashed together, once again rolling up huge waves of internal qi, the Huludao Valley disciples with low cultivation were directly shaken and fainted to the ground, scaring the other disciples to retreat.

Ye Mo was once again knocked several feet away and crashed against a stone wall, his body covered in blood. Ye Mo felt his bones shattering, and his dantian even tended to shatter. Without thinking, he took out two ‘Lotus Life Pills’ and swallowed them. After the pills were consumed, the shattered bones and injuries quickly healed.

Fortunately, he had the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, otherwise this was the one that would have completely finished him off. His own means of attack were still too few ah, after all, resources were limited here, and many of his means required true qi to match. Without true qi, even if he had more means, he couldn’t execute them.

The only means of imperial sword, Ye Mo did not want to take it out at this time, that was something to protect his life, this Ren Pingchuan was just a bit too powerful, in front of his muddy hou internal qi, Ye Mo did not have the slightest way to take advantage of it.

This time, Ren Pingchuan was equally bad, a trace of blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t have the kind of pills Ye Mo had.

“Young man, you’ve completely angered me.” Ren Pingchuan did not see Ye Mo swallowing the pills, and even if he did, he would not care. Ye Mo was so badly injured, there was no elixir that would allow him to recover in a short time.

“You go and cut off his legs and carry him over. With that blow just now, he shouldn’t be able to move.” Ren Pingchuan pointed to a late Xuan-rank martial artist beside him and said.

“Yes, Master.” This disciple was called by the valley master, and with a joyful heart, he immediately rushed up with his sword.

Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the place where he was looking at the path, but found that the incoming path had actually been blocked. Thinking that Ye Mo wanted to wait for Feng Wu and the others to come over, Xiang Ming Wang said with a cold smile, “Feng Wu and Zeng Zhen Man are not going to come, so don’t count on it. Even if they do come, they won’t help you.”

Ye Mo ignored Xiang Ming Wang, the flying sword in his hand suddenly cut out a sword practice again, the martial artist who had been ordered by Ren Pingchuan to kill Ye Mo was split in half by Ye Mo’s sword.

“How dare you ……” Ren Pingchuan shouted, and the soft stick-like weapon in his hand brought up a tornado-like killing intent, smashing into Ye Mo’s legs in an overwhelming manner.

When he saw that Ye Mo had the ability to raise his sword and was even so ferocious, he finally couldn’t hold back his anger and could no longer remain calm.