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DYM Chapter 492

Even the Huludao disciples who had retreated to a distance were unable to breathe because of the pressure, not to mention Ye Mo who was the first to bear the brunt.

The tornado-like fierce pressure came, and Ye Mo’s heart sank, he knew that Ren Pingchuan wanted to completely ruin both of his legs. It was certain that if his legs were hit by this kind of violent energy, even if he immediately became a Foundation Establishment cultivator, he would not be able to recover.

At this moment, Ye Mo no longer cared about his killer weapon, knowing that he could not hurt Ren Pingchuan even a little bit by using his flying sword, but Ye Mo did not hesitate to use his flying sword. At the same time, he gathered his whole body’s true qi and blasted out with both fists against the tornado energy sweeping in.

He could see Ren Pingchuan’s anger this time, and if his legs were not turned into smithereens, it would be impossible for him to retrieve his energy. If Ren Pingchuan’s qi did not withdraw and pressed down on him in such a continuous stream, there was no way for him to block it no matter what.

This was still Ren Pingchuan not wanting to kill him, if he were to kill him, his entire body would be crushed into a meat cake.

“Boom …….”

Ye Mo’s true qi and Ren Pingchuan’s strong qi clashed together, swirling up a sky of debris and loud bursting sounds. This kind of commotion was really nothing to a cultivator, but to a secular martial artist it was already astonishingly loud.

“Imperial Sword …….” Ren Pingchuan uttered in shock, he actually saw the flying sword in Ye Mo’s hand stabbing towards him with a bizarre route. He was not Wang Leng Chan, of course he could see that the flying sword was a kind of force control in conjunction with his internal qi.

Surprisingly, something could control his weapon to attack his opponent as he wanted, Ren Pingchuan’s heart was already in a state of shock. In an instant, he withdrew the force he continued to send out and the force in his hand changed into several channels and clashed with Ye Mo’s flying sword continuously.

Ye Mo’s flying sword with true qi attacked the enemy under the control of his divine sense, not to mention that at this moment, Ye Mo was already at the end of his strength, even when he was at his full strength, his flying sword would not be able to hurt Ren Pingchuan.

Ren Pingchuan’s internal qi kept hitting on top of Ye Mo’s flying sword, and he felt a mysterious power and control energy. In the end, Ren Pingchuan actually closed his eyes, a kind of enlightenment rose from his heart, and his two hands even involuntarily exchanged blows with Ye Mo’s flying sword.

It was obvious that he was just comprehending something on top of Ye Mo’s flying sword, if not, perhaps Ye Mo’s flying sword would have been caught by him long ago.

“Scuffle ……” Ye Mo gave this powerful force a shock farther out and once again hit the stone wall.

Ye Mo felt that his hands were going to be unable to withstand it and started to break, even though most of the strong qi was blocked, his legs were still squatted down by the pressure, a kind of crunching sound of bones breaking came again…

Ye Mo was horrified and hurriedly took out the ‘Lotus Life Dan, no longer caring how much it was, he poured it all into his mouth.

“Ka-nah… … “Ye Mo had just poured the pills into his mouth when his hand immediately broke all over and the jade bottle in his hand fell to the ground. After a few more ‘clicks,’ Ye Mo could no longer control the breaking of his leg bones and sat down on the ground.

Although the Lotus Life Pill was a first-cla*s pill for healing injuries, it was not an immortal pill after all. The effects of the Lotus Life Pill came into play so quickly that it only just started to mend Ye Mo’s bones before they were immediately crushed again.

The first thing that happened to him was that he was able to get out of his flying sword early, as the force of the qi was no longer followed by the power, if he hadn’t taken the opportunity to get out of his flying sword, his feet and hands would have been completely shattered as long as Ren Pingchuan kept gushing out internal qi.

Flying swords, Ye Mo’s face turned ugly just as he thought of this. His flying sword was not posing a threat to Ren Pingchuan, who was obviously sitting on the ground with his eyes closed, comprehending something from inside his flying sword. This old thing, without even thinking, Ye Mo immediately withdrew his flying sword.

However, Ren Pingchuan was still sitting there with his two hands constantly scratching and moving. If Ren Pingchuan had an epiphany and advanced to Xiantian, would he still be alive?

Ye Mo was no longer willing to let Ren Pingchuan continue his epiphany, so he did not care about his still broken hand and foot, and controlled the flying sword, forcing it to stab out sharply. The flying sword quickly pa*sed through Ren Pingchuan’s shoulder, bringing up a trail of blood. But Ren Pingchuan still sat there unconcerned, his two hands gesticulating continuously.

A powerful aura suddenly surged up from Ren Pingchuan’s body, and Ye Mo’s heart was shocked that he had started to advance to Xiantian. It turned out that the sound of advancing to Xiantian was so loud, it looked like Tanjiao should not be a Xiantian or there was something else going on.

Just as Ye Mo wanted to continue to sacrifice his flying sword, Xiang Ming Wang let out a loud shout, “Lord Gu is going to advance, Ye Mo is at the end of his rope at this point, let’s rush up together and kill him.”

Not to mention that Ye Mo was already seriously injured now, even if he was not injured, he would still have enough trouble facing so many experts. Ye Mo could see that these Huludao Valley disciples who were besieging him were much stronger than the two earth level experts that Wang Leng Chan had brought with him, not to mention that there was a Xiang Ming Wang who was no less than Wang Leng Chan.

“Pffff …….” Several sounds of swords piercing blood and flesh rang out, Ye Mo with his flying sword had already killed five or six Xuan and Earth level experts at the same time, but his internal qi and divine sense were also too depleted.

Another ‘poof’ sound, Xiang Ming Wang’s long sword went straight through Ye Mo’s chest.

Under Ye Mo’s true qi operation, the effects of the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ quickly dissolved, but his injuries were too heavy, even with several ‘Lotus Life Pills’, he couldn’t withstand such injuries. What’s more, his injuries continued to increase in the middle of the battle, and Ye Mo knew that when his true qi was completely depleted, that was when he would be killed.

The flying swords were 80% dealing with Xiang Ming Wang, and only 20% were dealing with the rest, but the injuries on Ye Mo’s body were getting heavier and heavier, while the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ in his body was getting thinner and thinner. When he could move one of his hands, the effect of the Lotus Life Pill was completely gone.

Was he going to die here? A trace of despair flashed through Ye Mo’s heart.

At this moment, Ren Pingchuan suddenly let out a long whistle, and his aura climbed steeply. Now if Ren Pingchuan had advanced to Xiantian, he would be even worse off. Not to mention that he couldn’t even stand up now.

Menai Snow Mountain, ah, I never thought that the place he had heard about from the Fu brothers in the first place would have to cost him his life.

Just thinking about the Fu brothers, Ye Mo’s heart suddenly moved, he reached out and took out a wooden box from inside his ring, without thinking he threw the wooden box to Xiang Ming Wang, “My inheritance, you keep it.”

Ye Mo saw that Xiang Ming Wang had already taken the wooden box and immediately said, “Xiang Ming Wang what you are holding is a bomb, tell your people to stop or I will let the bomb explode immediately.”

Ye Mo was holding a remote control in his hand, this bomb was originally snatched by him from the Fu brothers, he didn’t expect it to come in handy today. Although he didn’t know how powerful the bomb was, but since this bomb was prepared by the Fu brothers against himself, it meant that it must not be bad.

Even if he died, he could still drag the whole Huludao Valley to be buried with him, at least he would not have to worry about these guys going to the Flowing Snakes to seek revenge on his family and friends.

Xiang Ming Wang subconsciously grabbed the wooden box and looked at the remote control in Ye Mo’s hand with some surprise for a few seconds before he slowly said, “You’re an ancient martial arts practitioner and you’re using such a lowly means like bombs?” For a moment, he actually forgot to ask Ye Mo where he had taken out this small wooden box from.

Ye Mo sat on the ground and smiled coldly, “As soon as you put down the bomb in your hand I will press the detonation button, try it if you don’t believe me. So what if it’s a bomb? Can’t you use more advanced means to cultivate ancient martial arts?”

Xiang Ming Wang didn’t know if it was because he was worried that Ye Mo would really press the button or something else, he said with a self-effacing expression, “Ye Mo, if you think that this bomb can help me, Xiang Ming Wang, you are wrong. Even if you have a submachine gun, I’m sure you can’t help me. If you know what’s right, hand over your inheritance and the remote control in your hand, and then kill yourself. I promise not to look for trouble with your family.”

Ye Mo was tempted to sneer back, but a burst of fiery pain came from his dantian and he could no longer hold back another mouthful of fresh blood. He knew that even if Xiang Ming Wang didn’t look for trouble with him, he wouldn’t last much longer. Unfortunately, the Lotus Life Pill had already been used up.

Ye Mo also knew that Xiang Ming Wang was not talking nonsense, if this was just an ordinary bomb, it might have at most injured Xiang Ming Wang, or at most killed Xiang Ming Wang alone. At this moment, he could only hope that this bomb was not ordinary.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t say anything, Xiang Ming Wang thought that Ye Mo had conceded, and he was planning to carefully put the bomb aside. But just as he did, Ye Mo said coldly, “Xiang Ming Wang, if you dare to put the bomb aside, I will immediately press the detonation button.

Xiang Ming Wang’s face showed anger, but he really did not dare to disobey Ye Mo. In case this bomb was not ordinary and he threw it out, the whole Huludao Valley’s foundation would be destroyed.

Ye Mo was secretly gathering his true qi at this moment, he only needed a little bit of true qi to do so, but he just couldn’t gather it.

“Xiang Ming Wang, tell all of your Hulou Valley people to retreat to the side of the gate, or I will not be polite.” Ye Mo said coldly as he gathered his true qi. Once Xiang Ming Wang’s people retreated to a certain distance, he would have the opportunity to fly his sword and vanish.

Xiang Ming Wang had the intention not to do so, but when faced with Ye Mo’s threat, he could only say hatefully to the Huludao Valley disciples next to him to retreat back. He did not want to joke with his own little life and the foundation of Huludao Valley.

Ren Pingchuan’s aura was getting more and more majestic, and Ye Mo was secretly anxious in his heart, he knew that Ren Pingchuan’s breakthrough was imminent. In his anxiety, Ye Mo bit his tongue and spurted out a mouthful of blood, forcibly gathering a mouthful of true qi. Then without even thinking, he summoned his flying sword to land under his buttocks and dashed straight up to the top of the canyon, quickly piercing out through the gap of white clouds.

Before the disciples of Huludao Valley could wake up, Ye Mo had already pressed the button in his hand. He knew that once Ren Pingchuan woke up, he would no longer be able to escape.

“Hahaha, I’ve finally advanced to Xiantian…” Before the words of Ren Pingchuan’s surprised laughter fell, a monstrous loud sound rang out in the valley.

“Boom, boom, boom …….” Stunning explosions rang out behind Ye Mo, interspersed with blindingly bright lights, causing Ye Mo to feel a wave of dizziness.

Ye Mo could no longer control his flying sword and fainted directly on top of it, which plunged directly into the Lancang River as if it was a kite with a broken string.