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DYM Chapter 493

On the outskirts of Mount Mui Ne, a woman is persistently trekking towards the snowy mountain. The woman is wearing a sky blue down jacket and carrying a large hiking backpack.

Not to mention that this season is not a good time for hiking, what is even more strange is that she is the only one hiking on the outskirts of this boundless snowy mountain, and her hair seems to have been somewhat dishevelled by the wind. Her hair seemed to be a bit dishevelled by the wind, but her cold face was resolute, as if she would not rest until she had reached the highest peak, Borgkawa.

However, she also knew that she was still far away from Bogkawa Peak, and was even on the outer periphery at this time.

If Ye Mo saw this woman here, he would immediately recognise her as the woman named Yingzhu whom he had saved twice, and was even a little hostile towards him.

Although she hated Ye Mo to the core, Song Yingzhu still had to admit that it was Ye Mo who saved her last night. Moreover, she had a vague feeling that Ye Mo also had some ill intentions towards her.

Whether her feeling was true or not, she left the Ghost City that night. She didn’t go back to Yanjing, she knew that Master Tanjiao, who could protect her on site in Yanjing, had already closed down again, and Master Uncle Luan Qingfeng didn’t know what was going on, and hadn’t come back since he left last time.

Moreover, even if her master was not in seclusion, Song Yingzhu did not count too much on Tanjiao. She felt that ever since Master had returned from the Ye family last time, his attitude towards her had plummeted, even to a point of indifference. She knew that Master must be because of Ye Mo, or some other reason, and could never treat her the same as before. In the future, she could only rely on herself.

Without her master’s support behind her, at this time, she was carrying the ‘Ascending Xuan Dan’, so she naturally did not dare to return to Yanjing. Others did not understand, but she, Song Yingzhu, knew very well that those laws were only for ordinary people. If someone from the Hidden Sect wanted to take advantage of her ‘Ascension Pill’, the police would be useless.

Not to mention the people of the Hidden Sect taking action against her, even if the children of the powerful clan in Yanjing wanted to do something to her, she would not have any power to fight back. Song Yingzhu knew this saying very well. Her master no longer sees her, and the Song family is gone, so she is now a lonely ghost.

She didn’t believe that she would be able to meet Ye Mo by chance when someone made a move against her in Yanjing, and then block a disaster. So Song Yingzhu left Ghost City in the night but did not go anywhere else, instead she came to the Meinei Snow Mountain.

Song Yingzhu had her own plans for why she came to the Snow Mountain. She knew that she was at a low level of cultivation and it would definitely not be a simple matter to kill Ye Mo to take revenge, it would even be impossible to accomplish. Ye Mo was someone that even King Xiang Ming did not dare to provoke, so there was no difference between her going to seek revenge on Ye Mo and seeking death.

Last time at the Broken Top Mountain Cemetery in Ghost City, she obtained three things, one was a jade slip and a Yin Yang Fish magic weapon. Apart from that, she also found a map from those two tomb robbers, which at a glance was a graveyard. And the location of the graveyard was the Meinei Snow Mountain.

If before, Song Yingzhu would not have cared about a map of a graveyard at all, let alone come to Mount Mui Ne Xue because of a map of a graveyard. But what she got from the Broken Top Mountain cemetery made her change her mind.

That night, when she had overheard that Twotooth and the tiger were tomb robbers, she hadn’t cared much. But after hearing about the tomb of Yuan Tiangang’s descendants that they had robbed, she immediately kept an eye out. Yuan Tiangang was a warlock of the Tang Dynasty, and she had heard that he still had Taoist teachings, so if there was some heritage in the tomb of his descendants, she might be able to obtain it. On top of that, she had heard from the two tomb robbers that the owner of that tomb was a person who was proficient in fortune telling. Even if she didn’t get the inheritance, she could still tell if she could get her revenge or not, if she knew some fortune telling.

As it turned out, she was right, and she was given a jade slip and a Yin Yang Fish magic weapon. The magic weapon was no big deal, she had studied it for half a day and hadn’t found anything. But the jade slip, after she had studied it for two hours, she seemed to have somehow gotten the know-how to run her internal qi inside the jade slip.

When she concentrated, that jade slip seemed to turn out to be quite normal again. She thought it was her own illusion, but after she had followed the know-how she had obtained and practised, she found that in just one night, her internal qi cultivation had become a little deeper. This discovery made Song Yingzhu happy and she felt that the jade slip was extraordinary. But to her disappointment, when she focused on it, she found nothing.

But Song Yingzhu understood that it was not her illusion, if it was, she would not have been able to get that kind of luck trick. This made Song Yingzhu even more keen on the ancient tomb at Mount Meinei Snow, but it was impossible to tell anyone about such things. Plus, she had to find a place to break through to the Xuan level without worrying, so she simply brought her things with her and prepared to cultivate at Mount Menai Snow while digging up that ancient tomb.

The only thing that puzzled her, or made her anxious, was that she had clearly pa*sed out inside the tomb that day, who had saved her? Who even brought her back to the house? Song Yingzhu knew that she had fainted that day in the cemetery because she had been in severe shock, whether it was a hallucination or a real one, and that she had indeed seen a ghost. But when she woke up at her place, she found a warm and soothing feeling in her body, not at all like she had been frightened.

This was something that stuck in Song Yingzhu’s mind, but there was no way to express it to anyone else. Because she knew that she was truly alone now, and that none of the Song family’s straw men could be counted on.

The Lancang River was so beautiful that Song Yingzhu had even forgotten the main purpose of her visit when she walked here.

The place where she stopped now was a tributary of the Lancang River, the water of this tributary looked somewhat dark red from afar, and this tributary also had a name, the PeaC*ck River. At the bend of the PeaC*ck River, there is a very large stone shrinking in one corner, and anyone who has been to the PeaC*ck River knows that that stone is called the ‘Negative Heart Stone’.

According to legend, in the early years of the Western Han Dynasty, there was a woman called PeaC*ck who was a very delicate person, except that her father’s surname was Xiang, a descendant of Xiang Yu. Although Liu Bang won Xiang Yu and took over the kingdom, he still had a soft spot in his heart for Xiang Yu. So Xiang Yu’s descendants were decimated under an order from him.

PeaC*ck’s father took PeaC*ck and her brother into hiding in Yizhou, where PeaC*ck met a local man called Fang Pei and fell head over heels in love with him. After a long encounter, Fangpei learns from PeaC*ck that the family is actually descended from the Xiang clan. After receiving this news, Fang Pei went to the government to tell them about the matter for the sake of his future. As a result, both PeaC*ck’s father and brother were arrested and sentenced to death, but Fangpei was promoted to a full official position for his report.

He was very fond of PeaC*ck and did not want him to be killed like this. He asked PeaC*ck to wait for him by the Lancang River to avoid the arrest. PeaC*ck waited by the Lancang River until Fangpei came to tell her that her father and brother had been killed. PeaC*ck knew immediately that it was Fangpei’s fault. But Fang Pei was the one she loved, and with her heart in her hands, she pushed Fang Pei into the Lancang River.

Having killed her father and brother, and having killed her lover with her own hands. The peaC*ck fell to her knees by the river and wept continuously, crying out blood when her tears were done. Eventually her blood turned into a tributary of the Lancang River, the ‘PeaC*ck River’, and to this day the water in the ‘PeaC*ck River’ is still somewhat dark red. Fang Pei, however, shrank into a corner of the PeaC*ck River and became a ‘negative stone’.

Although the PeaC*ck River is a tributary, the current is just as strong and the banks are full of large, uneven rocks. In the distance, the scenery is varied and jagged. The green water and green hills reflect each other, and there are faint cries of birds and animals, making one feel drunk, as if one has fallen into a natural painting. The river is indeed a bit dark red against the surrounding scenery.

At this moment, Song Yingzhu was standing in the middle reaches of the PeaC*ck River, gazing at the ‘PeaC*ck River’ in front of her. She was thinking how happy it would be if she was not carrying a deep grudge and could come here to swim in the river and mountains with someone she loved.

“What a beautiful place.” Song Yingzhu murmured, then put down the backpack on her back, she decided to borrow a night here by the river tonight and continue on tomorrow.

Although she was alone in the wilderness for the night, Song Yingzhu believed that with her peak Yellow level cultivation, she would have no problem with her safety.

Song Yingzhu set up a simple tent by the PeaC*ck River and walked to the river to wash her face. After several days of high tension, she was now able to relax a little bit.

But Song Yingzhu was shocked when she walked to the river. Just now she was standing here with nothing, but now a corpse suddenly appeared, a man who had flung himself on the river.

Was this person alive or dead? After Song Yingzhu dragged the man who had flung himself at the river up, she realised that his body was covered in sword wounds. Only those wounds had been soaked white by the water.

Song Yingzhu was not an ordinary person, a man with so many sword wounds on his body, perhaps this man was also an ancient martial arts practitioner. And with such serious injuries, I guess he should be dead. Thinking of this, Song Yingzhu picked up the branch in his hand and turned the man who had flung himself on the ground over.

Ye Mo knew it was no good when he pa*sed out on his flying sword, because without True Qi, he had no way to stop it. He woke up briefly as his flying sword plunged straight down the Lancang River and was soaked in the cold river water.

Ye Mo had no way to save himself, he couldn’t even move and the only way he could do so was to change his breathing to internal breathing, but this would only last him a few more days.

He was pulled up and turned over by Song Yingzhu, but with his powerful spiritual breath as a cultivator, he had already woken up temporarily. Yet he knew that it was only for a moment, and that in just a few moments he would fall into a coma again.

“It’s you?” Song Yingzhu looked dumbly at Ye Mo on the ground, she couldn’t imagine that the person she had tried everything to kill had fallen into her hands, and had become a being that was at her mercy.

Was this the will of heaven in the underworld? God had sent him to her, so that she could kill him to take revenge? At this moment, Song Yingzhu could no longer calm down inside, and she did not hesitate to pull out the dagger from the place where her leg was tied.