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DYM Chapter 494

Ye Mo opened his eyes, but found that the woman who saved him in front of him he actually knew, it was the cool woman he had saved twice, it seemed to be called Ying Zhu.

Ye Mo did not realize that this woman wanted to kill him, after all, this woman only seemed to have some opinions about him at first, but there was no life and death feud, those opinions might still be the way he acted in that special corps that made her angry. Even if it was a stranger, since he met her by chance, it was right to save her life.

So he couldn’t even imagine that Song Yingzhu was trying to kill him, he thought in his heart that Song Yingzhu had saved him. The moment he saw Song Yingzhu, he breathed a sigh of relief, it was true that good people have good rewards, he had saved her twice, it was finally her turn to save him once. Thinking of this Ye Mo held back the pain in his dantian and barely smiled, “It seems I have good luck today ……”

After saying these words, Ye Mo immediately closed his eyes and forced his internal qi to start healing his injuries. He no longer had the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, so he could only rely on himself to continuously perform the circumferential movement to heal his injuries.

Song Yingzhu heard Ye Mo’s words but was struck by lightning, her hand holding the dagger was frozen, it was him, it was him?

She remembered the night she was in the cemetery, she had fainted from the shock and attack, but she still had a little instinctive awareness, as if she had been picked up and brought out by someone. She had no idea who it was, but she only vaguely remembered the words in her ear, ‘I’m in a good mood today, so count yourself lucky and I’ll take you out.’

When she woke up and found herself in the hotel room, she knew it wasn’t a dream, she just didn’t know who had saved her. It was only at this moment that she realized that the one who brought herself out, or saved her, was actually Ye Mo. The words Ye Mo had just said, ‘I’m in a good mood today’, were the same as the words she remembered, ‘I’m in a good mood today, count your luck’. Surprisingly, the accent was the same, exactly the same person said them.

Song Yingzhu was frozen, she couldn’t imagine that the person she was going to kill, or her enemy, would be her saviour. And he had even saved her twice. The second time she could completely ignore it and think that Cheng Ye Mo had just met the situation she was forced into. But what about the first time? From this it seemed 100% that he had saved herself.

An enemy? A benefactor? An enemy? A benefactor?

Song Yingzhu’s hand trembled a little as she held the dagger, she didn’t know if she should kill Ye Mo. What should she do? Song Yingzhu was caught in a situation where she could not choose.

Of course, Ye Mo did not know what was on Song Yingzhu’s mind, as he was intensively healing his wounds. This injury was an accident, not caused by his carelessness, in fact, he did not expect a person who had been in seclusion for more than ten years to suddenly come out of seclusion, not to mention he did not expect it, perhaps Feng Wu and Zeng Zhen Man could not have thought of it either.

Ye Mo knew that his strength was already at the top among the ancient martial arts of the Outer Hidden Sect, but he also had his own difficulties. Without the chance, it was impossible to continue to improve here by cultivation.

That Ren Pingchuan was so powerful, but that bomb of his own should also be very powerful, even Ren Pingchuan might not be able to survive, it would be better if he blew up. As for the other disciples of Huludao Valley, Ye Mo must have been completely blown up, in that place, with such powerful bombs, who else could walk except some perverts? Last time, if he hadn’t stepped on his sword and flew up, he might have been a*sa*sinated by Ren Kill’s bomb in Hong Kong, and today’s bomb seemed to be a bit more powerful than the last one, so Ye Mo still had his heart pounding at the power of that bomb.

Looking at the unconscious Ye Mo, Song Yingzhu struggled inwardly for a long time before kneeling down by the PeaC*ck River and praying: “Grandpa, Ye Mo is my Song family’s enemy, but he saved me once again. I can’t wait to kill him right now, but I really can’t do it to kill someone who pa*sed out and saved me once. Grandpa, what should I do? What should I do ……”

Song Yingzhu unexpectedly cried helplessly and painfully by the river.

Ye Mo, however, did not pa*s out, but tried to perform a circumstance run, while he heard Song Yingzhu’s words clearly. It turned out that she was actually from the Song family. Ye Mo’s heart suddenly went cold and his true qi almost forked his meridians. Only he hurriedly calmed down, but his heart gradually turned colder and colder, not knowing whether it was a blessing or a curse.

The only thing he could do now was to pray that Song Yingzhu would not bear to kill him, not to mention that now he had no true qi and his divine sense could not be released, even if he had true qi and his divine sense could be released, he would not be able to kill Song Yingzhu. This was because he could not move, and he did not have a flying sword now.

His flying sword had fallen into the Lancang River, so the first thing Ye Mo did after he recovered was to look for his flying sword. Without his flying sword, even if he had fully recovered, his strength would have to be discounted.

Song Yingzhu’s eyes were red with tears as she picked up her dagger and walked up to Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s heart suddenly contracted, still couldn’t escape?

“Ye Mo, I, Song Yingzhu, am clear in my grudges, you saved me once, I won’t kill you today, you only brought me out of the cemetery in the first place, and I pulled you out of the PeaC*ck River today. As for whether you can live or not that is your own business, from now on we have nothing to do with each other. But my Song family was destroyed by your hands, the next time I meet you, I will kill you to avenge my grandfather.” Song Yingzhu almost sobbed as she finished these words, and after she finished, Song Yingzhu gathered up her things, but turned around and left without looking back. She did not know that Ye Mo was not unconscious and that her words were heard by Ye Mo without a word being said.

Perhaps deep down she wanted Ye Mo to lie here and be eaten by a pa*sing beast, or to die from his serious injuries.

Ye Mo felt Song Yingzhu’s footsteps fade away and he slowly sighed in relief. Although he would be dead if he could not regain his movement around this Meinei Snow Mountain as soon as possible, it was better than being killed with his eyes open.

Although Ye Mo knew that what Song Yingzhu said did not match reality, that is, he had even cleared the cold aura from Song Yingzhu’s body when he rescued her last time, but Song Yingzhu just dragged him up and left him alone. This was obviously not reciprocal, but Ye Mo thought that Song Yingzhu was a member of the Song family and did not expect her to do anything else, so it would be best if she did not kill him.

The faster Song Yingzhu walked, the farther she walked, knowing that her words were only deceiving herself. If it was really a matter of one life for one life, then she should not have left the unconscious Ye Mo at the river. Had she not thought in her heart that in case something happened to Ye Mo, it would be just what she wanted?

However, even if she had thought about it, Song Yingzhu forced herself not to think about it. She only thought that she had already dragged Ye Mo out, so the enmity between them was over, and the following encounter would be a matter of revenge.

Song Yingzhu suddenly stopped in her tracks, was Ye Mo really the one she saved? She had only dragged Ye Mo out of the water. Moreover, while she was dragging, half of Ye Mo’s body had already been washed to the river, maybe a few more rushes and he would be completely on the shore, meaning that it was the same whether she dragged or not.

“So what if that’s the case? I’ve repaid the favour by not killing him this time.”

Song Yingzhu muttered to herself, trying to throw these thoughts away and trying not to think about it for the time being.


The night by the Lancang River was extraordinarily cold, not to mention the fact that Ye Mo was lying by the cold river. But to Ye Mo, he was already grateful that Song Yingzhu didn’t kill him. He did not expect a Song family member to come to his rescue, and he was determined to let Song Yingzhu off the hook the next time she killed him.

He was also a man who was clear about his grudges and grievances. He had not killed anyone other than three or four members of the Song family, not to mention Song Yingzhu who had saved his life once. But the prerequisite was not to offend his scales, and once he did, he would have killed as many Song Yingzhu as he could.

From time to time, there were some strange cries in the PeaC*ck River, but Ye Mo was still lying motionless at the edge of the river. At this moment, he was much happier than he had been a few hours ago, as his true qi could already run around the sky. Once his true qi could run around the sky, the faster his injuries would turn out to be healed.

Fortunately, he had taken a bottle of ‘Lotus Life Pill’, otherwise he might not even be alive at this moment after a few slaps with that old thing.

A wild pheasant quail cried out a few times and flew away from Ye Mo, waking up Ye Mo who was still in the middle of healing.

Ye Mo opened his eyes, but found that the sky was already white and some ice crumbs had formed on top of his clothes. He struggled for a bit and found that his leg bones had started to heal and he could move both his hands, and his divine sense had also recovered a lot.

Ye Mo let out a long breath and took a few ordinary healing pills and swallowed them. As long as he slowly started to recover, even that was a good thing. Once he got to the point where he could use most of his true qi, he could go look for his flying sword, and when he found it, he would go collect some medicinal herbs and come back and refine a ‘Lotus Life Pill’. With the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ he would recover from his injuries even faster.

After refining the pill, Ye Mo knew that taking this ordinary healing pills would no longer help. He took out a long knife and supported himself to stand up, no matter if the people of Hulu Valley were blown away by him or not, this riverside was not a place to stay for long.

Ye Mo knew that at this point he was not even as good as an ordinary person, so he did not rush to find his flying sword, he believed that as long as his divine sense was restored, even if his true qi could not be restored, he could still sense where the flying sword was.

A few hours later, Ye Mo arrived at a mountain rock not far from the edge of the PeaC*ck River, found a stone cave and dug into it, and carefully dug a stone to block the entrance of the cave, before he began to heal wholeheartedly.

A few dozen miles away from Ye Mo, under a snowy mountain, Song Yingzhu was holding a map and looking extremely carefully for the entrance to the cemetery. Although she tried not to think about it, she knew that the injuries Ye Mo had sustained this time were not trivial, just by looking at his leg bones and the sword wounds on his body.

Even though she had left Ye Mo alone, she had a vague feeling that Ye Mo should not have died so easily. It just seemed to Song Yingzhu that even if Ye Mo didn’t die this time, his strength would definitely be greatly damaged. There was no telling who he had offended again to be so badly injured.

However, this would only benefit her, Song Yingzhu, no matter what the outcome was, she had already returned the favour. Once Ye Mo’s strength was greatly damaged, and her strength had increased greatly after the ancient tomb she found, she could kill him even if she met him again. And it was openly and honestly to tell him that she wanted to avenge the Song family.