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DYM Chapter 495

After another two days, Song Yingzhu stood at the bottom of a snowy mountain valley, and deep inside she was filled with joy. She knew that she had found it, the ancient tomb was up from here, only a dozen metres from the bottom of the snowy mountain.

At the same time as she was joyful, she felt a sense of gratitude that if she had not had a map in her hand, she might never have found this place. Even if someone had told her there was a graveyard here, she would not have been able to find it, the place was simply too hidden.

Song Yingzhu wanted to find a location to dig a temporary place to stay, her intention was that she could cultivate while digging the ancient tomb. Just at this time, the sound of someone speaking came.

In the depths of this snowy mountain, there were voices speaking? Song Yingzhu turned around immediately with a shock in her heart, but saw two men carrying large bags and with hunting rifles in their hands, walking along her side as they talked.

Were they two hunters? What were the hunters doing in this snowy mountain wilderness? Song Yingzhu did not continue to move towards the location of the cemetery but stood still, she could not expose the location of the cemetery in front of others.

When Song Yingzhu saw the two men, the two men saw Song Yingzhu at the same time, and after they had spoken a few words, they walked over with the guns in their hands.

It was only when they got close that Song Yingzhu saw clearly that one of the two men was a white-skinned foreigner with a tall and strong body. The other was from China, short in stature, but just as sturdy, with a flat head and several scars on his face, which made him look a bit hideous.

These two were obviously just as surprised to meet Song Yingzhu here.

“What are you, and why are you alone in the depths of Mount Menai Snow?” The shorter man stared at Song Yingzhu and asked, with a wary look inside his eyes, as if he was about to shoot at the drop of a hat.

“Who are you guys again?” Song Yingzhu had already put her heart down, these two should really be hunters, and from the smell of blood in their bags, she knew that these two were indeed here for hunting.

However, Song Yingzhu was soon confused, if they were hunting what were they doing in the depths of the snowy mountains?

Seemingly sensing that Song Yingzhu was no threat, the short man with a scarred face dropped the gun in his hand and said, “My name is Jiang Chuanwu, and this is my friend Exxon, who came to Mount Menai Snow Mountain to hunt.”

“Hunting ……” Song Yingzhu took another puzzled look at the two men and suddenly said, “You’re here to hunt snow foxes?”

After saying that Song Yingzhu became more and more certain that these two people must have come to hunt snow velvet foxes. Snow foxes were extremely rare, and it was rumoured that only the Meinei Snow Mountain had such animals. Not only is the fleece of the snow fox hard to find, but a single skin of the snow fox is worth millions. But the snow fox is so hard to find that sometimes it is not always possible to see one in a year, and when you do find one, it is not always possible to catch up. So although this kind of thing is valuable, it is not always hunted.

The snow fox is not only a national special grade protected animal, but also a protected animal in the world.

Jiang Chuanwu’s face looked a bit uncomfortable, but he still said, “Is the snow fox that easy to find? We’re just here to hunt some ordinary animals.”

Song Yingzhu did not continue to ask, as to whether these two people were here to hunt snow foxes or not had nothing to do with her. As long as these two weren’t coming for the ancient tomb, it was fine.

“What are you doing here?” Jiang Chuanwu asked, staring at Song Yingzhu suspiciously, such a young, pretty and very innocent woman appeared alone in a place deep in the snowy mountains of Meinei, this matter was a bit bizarre.

“I was just hiking, I just got lost temporarily.” After Song Yingzhu finished speaking, she no longer bothered to pay attention to Jiang Chuanwu and Exxon, turned around and left. Now that these two people were here, she had no way to dig up the tomb, so she could only come back after these two people had left.

Seeing Song Yingzhu leave, Jiang Chuanwu did not call her, but turned to the foreigner and said, “Exxon, do you believe what she said?”

The tall foreigner, who was still staring at Song Yingzhu’s back as she walked away, said with a heated smile, “Mr Chuanwu, this woman is really beautiful.”

Hearing Exxon’s words, Jiang Chuanwu’s heart moved and he was just about to speak when Exxon continued, “Mr. Chuanwu, we have been wandering around the Menai Snow Mountain for half a month, but we still haven’t seen the snow fox, so if we go on like this, I feel that it is too uneconomical.”

Jiang Chuanwu immediately understood what Exxon meant, he was hired by Exxon, he had a large sum of silver for finding the fox, what he got for not finding it was just a guide’s money. In other words, Exxon was his golden master, and once Exxon gave up and wanted to go back, he would be in a basket.

He understood that Exxon had a lust for the woman he had just met, and that no one would know what had happened to a woman deep in these snowy mountains. But Jiang Chuanwu had his own scruples, a beautiful young woman dared to wander around alone deep in the snowy mountains, if he said she didn’t have a few tricks up her sleeve, he would never believe it.

“Mr. Exxon, this woman who can wander around deep in the snowy mountains by herself must not be simple. We have many capable people in China, in case she is someone with great power, we ……” Jiang Chuanwu said worriedly.

Exxon again said with a heated smile, “you Chinese private capture ‘snow fox’ to jail, right, now our purpose has been guessed by her, in case she goes back a report, I am no matter drops, Mr. Chuanwu you will… …”

Jiang Chuanwu knew what Exxon meant, not to mention Exxon, he was suffocating in his heart after half a month of turning around in the depths of these snowy mountains without a woman. In his heart, he wanted to push this beautiful woman as much as he did and enjoy herself. But Jiang Chuanwu had been in the jianghu for more than a day or two. He had heard of ancient martial arts, and he knew that there were many masters who could fight a large group of people by themselves. This woman dared to wander around in the deep mountains by herself, there was no guarantee that she was not an expert.

Exxon took out a packet of cigarettes and shook it and said, “I know what you are worried about, this cigarette of mine can make the person who smells it initially weak, and at a later stage, although he regains his strength, he has a better effect, even losing his sanity ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for. He came out with himself to look for the snow fox, why did he bring such a thing? I think I should be more careful of him.

Although he thought this, Jiang Chuanwu did not show it at all, but said with a smile, “This is really good, but once we smell the smoke, won’t we have no energy ourselves?”

“Don’t worry, I have the antidote here.” Said Exxon as he took a green capsule and handed it to Jiang Chuanwu.

Seeing Jiang Chuanwu take the capsule, Exxon said with another heated smile, “Mr. Chuanwu, that woman I can let you go on first ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. This is not in line with his cunning and arrogant character ah, thinking of this Jiang Chuanwu heart is more cautious up.

Seeing that Jiang Chuanwu seemed to be a bit wary of himself, Exxon quickly waved his hand and said, “Mr. Chuanwu, don’t misunderstand me, I have conditions. I also took out that cigarette, and the antidote is also mine. You are on first and must give me that short sword you picked up.”

Jiang Chuanwu listened to Exxon’s words and took out a short sword about a foot long from inside his own backpack, asking somewhat strangely, “You want this short sword?”

This short sword was one he had picked up yesterday by the Lancang River, and he did not understand why Exxon wanted such an ordinary short sword.

“Yes drops, yes drops ……” Exxon immediately said happily, and even reached for the short sword.

Jiang Chuanwu immediately put the short sword away and said as if nothing had happened, “Mr. Exxon, the woman hasn’t arrived yet, so you don’t need to rush.”

“Yes, yes ……” Exxon hurriedly rubbed his hands and said with some embarra*sment.


Song Yingzhu found a sheltered place to clean up, and only then did she set up her tent. She now had to wait for these two people to leave before she could go digging for the ancient tomb, and if these two people hadn’t left, she definitely wouldn’t have gone digging for the ancient tomb. Unless she killed these two people to silence them.

However, Song Yingzhu could not do such a thing, even if it was a place where no one could see her, killing two unrelated people to silence them, she was not that cruel.

What Song Yingzhu couldn’t have imagined was that after she had set everything up, the two men walked over to her. Song Yingzhu immediately became wary, she and these two hunters did not want to talk much at all, and she even took the initiative to move out of the way, what were these two people doing here?

What Song Yingzhu didn’t expect was that Jiang Chuanping and Exxon had set up another tent near her tent. Song Yingzhu frowned as she decided to put away her tent and move out of the way. She was not a combative person at heart, and if she let herself go again and these two still followed her, she would not be blamed for being ungracious.

But before she could get out, the man called Jiang Chuanwu came over and stood at the door of the tent and said, “Hello sister, I think there are a lot of wild animals in the Menai Snow Mountain, and there are also a lot of money leopards and cloud leopards. I think there are a lot of wild animals in the Mui Ne Snowy Mountains and a lot of money leopards and clouded leopards. We’ve roasted some rabbit meat, let’s go and have some together later.”

Song Yingzhu said coldly, “No, I’m not used to being with strangers, so since you like being here, I’ll move out of the way.”

“Hi, how are you, my name is Exxon, very nice to meet you.” Exxon had walked over and greeted politely, and extended his hand.

Song Yingzhu’s expression was cold, as if she didn’t see Exxon’s hand.

Exxon sarcastically withdrew his hand, as if to cover up his embarra*sment, he took out a packet of cigarettes and handed one to Jiang Chuanwu and lit one for himself.