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DYM Chapter 496

“Get lost ……” These two guys were actually smoking in front of their tent, and the smell of cigarettes was all pouring into their tent. Song Yingzhu couldn’t hold back any longer, even if she had a good temper, she was determined to teach these two guys a lesson.

Jiang Chuanwu suddenly puffed out a mouthful of smoke into Song Yingzhu’s face and said with a grim smile, “Sister, this barren mountain and snowy mountain, it’s not very good for us to live together and get warm ……”

Song Yingzhu’s face suddenly appeared murderous, although she had not killed anyone, but it does not mean that she did not dare to kill.

“Boom ……” Song Yingzhu lifted her foot and kicked Jiang Chuanwu ten meters away, falling to the ground, unable to get up for half a day. Turning around Song Yingzhu once again kicked Exxon’s body, who fell backwards as far as he could and fell on top of Jiang Chuanwu.

Just two kicks later, Song Yingzhu felt that something was wrong, a feeling of weakness and powerlessness came over him, and there was even an extreme feeling of *** coming up. Immediately, Song Yingzhu knew it was no good, her sanity was clear and she knew for sure that there was something wrong with the cigarette. But now she didn’t even have the strength to stomp out the cigarette on the ground.

“Ghost, didn’t your mother say that the cigarette had ……” Jiang Chuanwu saw Song Yingzhu stumble before he could utter a single curse. He immediately knew that he had wrongly blamed Exxon, the effect of the ecstasy inside the cigarette had come out.

“Hey, hey, I used tobacco made from African big red snake gra*s, even the most steadfast can’t stand it.” Exxon laughed heatedly, rubbed his waist and slowly climbed up, “But this woman is really scary, this kick is surprisingly strong.”

Jiang Chuanping was also secretly afraid, if it wasn’t for Exxon’s cigarette, if they came hard, even two people combined would not be a match for this woman.


Ye Mo stood up, after more than a day of healing, his external injuries were all gone and his bones had healed. The divine sense was also half restored, but the true qi was only less than one percent restored. Ye Mo knew that this had something to do with the injury to his dantian, and the only way to recover all his true qi was to let his dantian recover first.

However, he also knew that it was not that simple to have his dantian recovered without the ‘Lotus Life Pill’. If he didn’t have to find his flying sword, Ye Mo would want to leave this place now and find a quiet and stable place to heal his injuries.

Although he was sure that the people of Huludao Valley, except for Xiang Ming Wang and Ren Ping Chuan who could possibly escape the explosive blast, there was definitely no way for the rest of them to survive. Moreover, Xiang Ming Wang was definitely killed by the explosion, as he was the one holding the bomb at that time. The only thing that worried Ye Mo was Ren Pingchuan, if he hadn’t been blown up, he would have been dead if he had met Ren Pingchuan at this time. It would be better if they were all blown up to death.

But even if he wanted to leave, he had to find his flying sword, without it he would not be able to leave at all. His flying sword was extremely precious, and it would not be easy to find the materials to refine another one.

Ye Mo searched for several hours by the Lancang River, but there was no sense of anything. Although Ye Mo was no longer seriously injured except for his internal injuries, his true qi was insufficient and he felt a little tired after searching with his divine sense for half a day.

A snow-white animal hurriedly pa*sed by Ye Mo’s eyes, so fast that Ye Mo almost didn’t notice it.

What a beautiful little thing, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately noticed that it was actually a fox. He knew that such animals were very rare on Earth, let alone this beautiful white fox.

Ye Mo immediately became fond of it, he thought of how Light Snow had silver, if he caught this fox and gave it to Luo Ying, she would definitely like it a lot.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately followed. The snow-white fox seemed to know that Ye Mo was chasing it, and it ran even faster. If Ye Mo had a flying sword, or if his true qi hadn’t disappeared, it really wouldn’t take much time to chase a fox like that.

But now he was just that little bit stronger than an ordinary person, and this chase turned out to be several hours, and even Ye Mo didn’t notice that he had already arrived at the depths of the snowy mountain. When Ye Mo was so tired that he was panting, he was finally close to catching up with the little white fox.

When he saw that the fox was about to be caught by Ye Mo, Ye Mo suddenly stopped his body, he unexpectedly felt the scent of a flying sword in the depths of the snowy mountain.

His own flying sword had clearly landed by the Lancang River, how could it be here?

No matter what the reason was, since his flying sword was here, Ye Mo had to make a trip over there. Ye Mo put his divine sense to the maximum and quickly ran over along the place where the flying sword’s scent was.

When the snow-white fox saw that Ye Mo was suddenly not chasing him, he actually stopped and stared at Ye Mo’s back constantly.


Song Yingzhu immediately knew something was wrong when her body went weak, she already regretted kicking the two out just now, she should have killed them.

There was definitely something wrong with that cigarette, but at this point it was too late to regret it. How could she have imagined that the most ordinary action of lighting a cigarette would have got her trapped?

As she watched Jiang Chuanwu and Exxon slowly get up, Song Yingzhu’s heart grew more and more anxious. Her heart sank lower and lower, even turning cold, knowing that once these two men reached her tent, it would be all over.

Although Song Yingzhu tried hard to force the poisonous mist out of her body, she could not muster any strength.

Seemingly embarra*sed that she had almost scolded Exxon, Jiang Chuanwu smiled and took out the short sword he had found and threw it to Exxon, “This is for you, I’ll go first.”

Exxon smiled back, but ignored Jiang Chuanwu, who was walking up to him, and instead focused on the short sword in his hand. Suddenly he slashed the short sword at a nearby stone, which was cut in half as if it were tofu.

Exxon was even more surprised, for him women could be found anywhere, but he had never seen such a short sword before. There was such a powerful sword, was it one of the ten famous swords inherited from China? Even if he couldn’t get the Snow Velvet Fox this time, he would still have made a profit with this short sword. It was just that Jiang Chuanwu, that fool, did not know the value of this item.

Seeing Jiang Chuanwu walking over, Song Yingzhu was trembling, not sure if he was trembling with anger or fear.

“I said that it’s not alright for everyone to cooperate a little, look. It’s not like I’m the only one comfortable with this kind of thing, we’re all just having fun, you won’t lose a piece of meat, why take it seriously.” Jiang Chuanwu said with both hands, as if nothing was wrong.

“b*****d, if you dare to come over, I will kill you.” Song Yingzhu leaned against the corner of the tent and shouted sternly, she had the intention to pick up her long sword and kill this dwarf, but she only felt weak, without a single ounce of strength.

When Jiang Chuanwu heard Song Yingzhu’s words, he suddenly laughed, “Dare to threaten Laozi, I’ll kill you after I f*ck you, b*tch, you don’t know what’s good for you.”

Although Jiang Chuanwu’s words carried a threat, he might not have really wanted to kill this woman. How far this woman had kicked him and Exxon out with just one kick showed that this woman was really powerful. He didn’t dare to let her go because he didn’t dare to play with his own little life.

Song Yingzhu was already getting desperate when she suddenly felt a little more strength in her body. She was so happy that she immediately tried to draw her longsword from her bag, but before she could move, she felt a dry heat come out from deep inside her.

A feeling that made her want to die of shame rose up in her heart, and she had a strong **, which made Song Yingzhu feel so shameless.

Jiang Chuanwu had by now taken off his coat and eagerly walked up to Song Yingzhu. Song Yingzhu’s eyes were already glowing red and her skin had a feeling of wariness all over her body. She knew of Jiang Chuanwu’s ill intentions, but she surprisingly had no way to refuse.

“Hey, hey, you’ll know it tastes good later.” Jiang Chuanwu grabbed Song Yingzhu’s shoulders and was about to help her undress. Song Yingzhu’s heart sent out a shudder, and that flicker of sanity made her bite at the tip of her tongue, which sprang up with a salty taste of blood. Song Yingzhu kicked Jiang Chuanwu in the small of his back and he was kicked out again.

But Song Yingzhu rolled his eyes and fell back into a deep s**t, even starting to rip off his outer shirt himself and then his inner shirt again.

“Exxon ……” Jiang Chuanwu was just about to ask Exxon again how the medicine was so ineffective when he saw Song Yingzhu, who had already taken off her trousers and was even a bit frantic, and immediately withdrew his words, as it looked like the medicine was still a post-emergency.

From Song Yingzhu’s resistance action, Jiang Chuanwu knew that this medicine must be very powerful, and Song Yingzhu’s spiritual will is also very high indeed. It looked like when this matter was over, it was time to ask Exxon for some of these cigarettes. Once this was available, what kind of martyr girl couldn’t handle it?

When he heard Jiang Chuanwu’s shout, Exxon took his short sword and said leisurely, “You should hurry up and get on, that medicine is very powerful, the woman will be burned by the power of the medicine after a long time.

Even if Exxon didn’t say it, Jiang Chuanwu couldn’t help himself, he took off his outer clothes while rushing towards the tent again.


Ye Mo just walked to this sheltered canyon, his divine sense immediately spotted Jiang Chuanwu who was rushing towards the tent, and what surprised Ye Mo even more was that inside the tent was Song Yingzhu who was frantically undressing. Ye Mo couldn’t help but sigh, this world is really small.

From a distance, Ye Mo immediately knew that Song Yingzhu was controlled by the medicine, and whether Song Yingzhu was from the Song family or not, he was not used to seeing such things. Moreover, Song Yingzhu had saved him once, Ye Mo immediately sneered and said, “Good ability, to bully a woman in the deep mountains.”

Jiang Chuanwu was startled when he heard Ye Mo’s voice, and immediately stopped to stare at Ye Mo who was walking over. However, he quickly reacted and immediately called out, “Exxon, hurry up and fire to kill him.”

Ye Mo had long seen his flying sword in Exxon’s hand, and Exxon didn’t wait for Jiang Chuanwu to shout, he had already put down his flying sword and picked up his shotgun at the same time.

Ye Mo sneered, and with a movement of his divine sense, his flying sword brought up an arc directly across Exxon’s neck.