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DYM Chapter 497

“Poof ……” Blood spilled down as if a line of water had suddenly broken a water pipe, and it took a few seconds for Exxon’s headless body to collapse.

Jiang Chuanwu looked dumbfounded at a head that had rolled a good distance away, and he knew it was Exxon’s. But he didn’t know how this young man had killed Exxon, obviously the two were so far apart, he even forgot to ask Ye Mo not to kill him.

Ye Mo, however, felt a little tired, he had very little true qi and had been chasing the little fox for a long time, although his divine sense was still there, the amount of true qi he could use was too little.

“Big brother, that woman is for you first ……” Jiang Chuanwu responded, only before he could finish a sentence begging for mercy, Ye Mo’s flying sword had already pa*sed through his neck, bringing up a human head once again.

At the foot of this near dusk snowy mountain, the two heads gradually rolled together, looking somewhat bizarre.

Ye Mo had the intention to send out a fireball to incinerate all of these two people, but he felt that his True Qi was just not enough.

Seeing that Song Yingzhu inside the tent was already approaching a state of madness, Ye Mo dared not delay any longer and hurriedly sprinted over. He stepped into the tent and was just about to take out the golden needle to help Song Yingzhu try to force away the poison, but Song Yingzhu had already pounced on him, wrapped her arms tightly around Ye Mo and started pulling at his clothes.

Ye Mo sighed and didn’t pull her away, he just took out the golden needle and stabbed it directly into Song Yingzhu’s Spiritual Terrace point on her back. The golden needle had just stabbed into Song Yingzhu’s back when Ye Mo’s face changed, he just remembered that now he had no true qi, how could he force the poison?

The way Song Yingzhu looked was clearly struck by an extremely powerful lewd poison, just by looking at her eyes which were already a little red, he knew that she would definitely not be able to support herself for long.

Ye Mo was secretly angry, the poison these two guys used was a bit too insidious. Although it would have been fine to remove the poison when his true qi was not gone, now it could not be dispelled in any way.

Moreover, even if he and Song Yingzhu did that kind of thing, it might not be possible to completely dispel the poison. But if he didn’t do it, Song Yingzhu would immediately have problems. But if there was just a little bit of toxin left, as long as she was not disoriented, with Song Yingzhu’s peak Yellow level cultivation, she could completely dispel it herself.

In the middle of Ye Mo’s tussle, his outer clothing had already been ripped off. Unlike Song Yingzhu, the clothes on Ye Mo’s body were very thin, just a shirt.

Now that his shirt was ripped off, Song Yingzhu’s hot body was pressed against it, and Ye Mo, who had never been close to a woman before, was instantly on fire. He had a lot of heart-clearing techniques, but they could only be used in conjunction with his true qi. Now that his true qi was drained, how could Ye Mo endure this fiery attack from Song Yingzhu?

Although Ye Mo still had the ability to push Song Yingzhu away, but now Song Yingzhu was indeed in danger without him, and there was also the fact that deep inside his heart he was already so hotly provoked by Song Yingzhu that he was simply unwilling to push Song Yingzhu away, and even pulled out the golden needles he had already inserted.

Ye Mo felt somewhat sorry for Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying, but he could only deceive himself by telling himself that Song Yingzhu had saved him once. He knew that this was an excuse, but he still came up with it to comfort himself.

“Boom,” when Song Yingzhu’s small hand grabbed his fiery heat, Ye Mo could think of nothing else, he was equally overwhelmed by Song Yingzhu.

Not caring about anything else, Ye Mo reached out and wrapped his arms completely around the soft and delicate Song Yingzhu, two novices, but they didn’t need to be taught, there was an instinct there.

Although he did not touch it with his hands, Ye Mo already felt a kind of muddy unbearable. As he was surrounded by that warmth and fire, a beastly growl escaped from inside his throat, and he even lost himself briefly.

As Song Yingzhu clumsily pushed up, a wave of pain briefly brought her to her senses; it was her first time, and that pain was not only a *** pain, but also a mental torment.

Briefly awake, Song Yingzhu glanced at Ye Mo, tears suddenly flowing from her eyes, she tried to try to control her thoughts, but that brief moment of clarity was once again overwhelmed by a **. She forgot everything and became a tiny sailboat bobbing in a sea of gale force waves, a little raw and confused.

Ye Mo picked up Song Yingzhu, even if his first time was taken away by this woman, he was not willing to be pa*sive and be done by a woman. He began to take the initiative, even placing Song Yingzhu on top of the clothes on the floor. Under Song Yingzhu’s clumsy catering, he forgot who the woman beneath him was.

**There was always a time to leave, and when Song Yingzhu felt a hot ball, she opened her eyes. Ye Mo stopped moving and looked at Song Yingzhu who was staring at him. Ye Mo felt his face was hot and uncomfortable, like a child who had done something wrong and didn’t dare to move again.

Song Yingzhu’s face was wooden, and her gaze looked a little dull. But she didn’t even move, she didn’t even feel that the two were still together.

Ye Mo saw Song Yingzhu’s face and panicked a little in his heart, he hadn’t experienced this kind of thing before. This was the first time, he had thought about it countless times for the first time, he had thought about being with Luo Ying, he had thought about being with Ning Qingxue, he had even thought about both of them being together at the same time. But the only thing he hadn’t thought about was being with another woman, even with a woman from his enemy’s family.

Ye Mo was as unsure of what he should say, and the two people just looked at each other for a few dozen seconds.

Song Yingzhu’s eyes seemed to have some mist in them, and two lines of tears once again slid down along the corners of her eyes, silent but seemingly never stopping.

She reached out and pushed Ye Mo away, but Ye Mo felt her hand trembling a little, no, it was very trembling. Ye Mo couldn’t find the words he should say to comfort Song Yingzhu, what should he say? I am doing this to save you? But if he was saving her, why did he have to take the initiative?

Song Yingzhu struggled to get up, took out a towel from her bag and wiped the blood on her legs, then slowly put on her own clothes, gathered her things, put on her huge backpack and staggered out, not even asking for her tent.

From the beginning to the end, she didn’t say a word to Ye Mo, and Ye Mo didn’t know what he should say to her. It was only when Song Yingzhu walked out that Ye Mo patted himself on the head and got up to clean himself up. Then he hurriedly put Song Yingzhu’s tent away and chased after her.

Although he had no impression or thoughts about Song Yingzhu, and she was even his enemy, this woman was after all his first woman. Ye Mo was a man of nature, even if he knew that this matter had nothing to do with him, but he still didn’t have any way to be oblivious.

“Don’t you come over ……” Song Yingzhu turned back to stare at Ye Mo with eyes that were even a little crazy, and her shout was even a little torn. Ye Mo believed that if he went over, maybe Song Yingzhu would fight him regardless of everything.

Even though Ye Mo knew that he now had a flying sword, even if his true qi was only so much, it would be impossible for Song Yingzhu to kill him. Yet he did not want to make a move on a woman he had just slept with, he could not do it. Even if this woman was his enemy, he couldn’t do the same.

Ye Mo and Song Yingzhu had not spent much time together, they had only met a few times. However, he knew that Song Yingzhu was a woman who was clear about her grudges and was not the kind of person who was crazy to the extreme. It could be seen from her single-mindedness to kill Ye Mo, she could even give up a chance to kill Ye Mo just because he saved her once. She didn’t go to Yanjing to seek revenge on the rest of the Ye family, and likewise didn’t go to the Flowing Serpent to strike at Ye Mo’s estate. She just wanted to kill Ye Mo, or maybe in her heart there was a reason for injustice.

Ye Mo sighed in his heart and threw the tent in his hand over, “This is your stuff.”

Song Yingzhu silently picked up her tent, the madness inside her eyes gradually becoming lowered as she once again turned around and slowly left.

The night was already filling in, and although the moon had not yet come out, the moonlight reflected off the snowy mountains, bringing up a faint circle of soft white light, making the foot of the snowy mountains seem peaceful and restful at this time.

But Song Yingzhu’s figure slowly disappeared from Ye Mo’s sight, into the depths of the snowy mountain. Ye Mo stood in the same place for a long time without moving a step, his heart felt a faint melancholy that he couldn’t even tell.

The moon finally climbed up and the canyon deep inside the snowy mountain looked even brighter, but Ye Mo still stood still and did not move. After experiencing that kind of thing with Song Yingzhu, he felt that his mentality had changed a little bit.

After coming here, he had killed many people. But did each and every one of them deserve to die? As Ye Mo counted over, those people he killed did deserve to die. But after he killed the Hall Master of the Broken Fist Hall in the first place, he then let Zhang Zhihui go to the Broken Fist Hall to exterminate the door, and in the end, he also cut off Zhang Zhihui’s life.

A few days ago, he exterminated the entire Hulu Valley with one bomb. Xiang Ming Wang and Ren Pingchuan of the Hulu Valley were the people he wanted to kill, but what about the rest of them? Did every single one of them deserve to die?

Had his own heart turned soft? Ye Mo frowned, in the Cultivation World strength was respected, and here the same strength was respected. If he didn’t have the ability, he would have been swallowed with his bones long ago.

The Song family he killed was right, the Song family’s people wanted to kill him, why couldn’t he do so? Broken Fist Hall was right to exterminate, Broken Fist Hall made the first move against him, and if he didn’t exterminate it, he would be irresponsible to himself. Or irresponsible to the people around him. It was even more right for Huludao Valley to be exterminated. Could it be that the disciples of Huludao Valley would spare him, Ye Mo, when he had no way to act?

How could he move his own heart because of such an incident? Cultivation was originally for the pursuit of the heaven-reversing dao. If one did not strengthen one’s original heart, how could one go through the heavens? Not to mention in this resource-poor place?

After thinking about this, Ye Mo was enlightened, and his feelings towards Song Yingzhu disappeared without a trace. Standing at this canyon, Ye Mo let out a long whistle as he felt that his injuries were once again a few percent better. He was sure that once his injuries were healed, his realm would rise again.

When Song Yingzhu heard Ye Mo’s long whistle, her body stalled for a moment, she paused until Ye Mo’s whistle pa*sed, then she slowly left again.

A small snow-white fox was hiding in a corner of the canyon, and when it heard Ye Mo’s long whistle it actually cautiously peeked out, staring at Ye Mo not too far away without blinking its eyes.