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DYM Chapter 498

Ye Mo turned around and saw this snow-white fox was a bit strange, this fox did not catch up with itself during the day, why did it come again? Was it not afraid that he would chase it again?

The little fox found out that Ye Mo had noticed it and once again turned around and ran away, disappearing without a trace in a moment’s time.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t go after the little fox again, instead he walked inside the remaining tent and started to repair his dantian. He had just gained some insight, and taking this opportunity to cultivate would definitely be much more effective.


Song Yingzhu was a bit bewildered as she came on top of the graveyard that she wanted to dig during the day, she didn’t know what she should go and do now. The first thing you should do is to continue digging up the graveyard to find a way to advance and then go kill Ye Mo, or not to kill him.

Of course she knew that Ye Mo had saved her, but she couldn’t bear the torment. To be saved by an enemy again, and to **give it to him, it made Song Yingzhu a little confused. But not going to seek revenge on Ye Mo, she unexpectedly lost her direction.

If Master still treated her as he did before, perhaps she could still go back and continue to clear her mind and cultivate. After her master distanced himself from her, the only motivation she had was to take revenge, but now this only motivation was surprisingly blurred again and she had no way to find an answer.

Song Yingzhu did not continue her cultivation, nor did she bother to take that ‘Ascending Xuan Pill’.

She didn’t want to think about what happened with Ye Mo, and would even rather nothing had happened. She could only roll those things that happened with Ye Mo into a thick cocoon and bury it deep in her heart, preferably never to be touched. She even had a hope in her heart that it would be best if she never saw that enemy who had taken her body again.

Song Yingzhu sat above the grave for a long time before she picked up her tools and started digging. For she found that she now had no idea what she should do or where she should go except to do what she had planned.

Seemingly unaware of fatigue, it was only a little over two hours before Song Yingzhu had actually dug through the cemetery pa*sage indicated on the map. She stopped in surprise, not because she had dug through this pa*sage, but because the cemetery had actually been excavated as well. The pa*sage she had dug was obviously blocked by a landslide, but in fact, if she dug through the landslide, she could enter the pa*sage that someone else had dug through.

Song Yingzhu put on her backpack and carefully climbed into the pa*sage. She had never robbed a tomb before, nor did she know any of the rules of tomb robbing, not even that you have to check if you have enough oxygen to enter a tomb pa*sage, let alone that ‘people light candles, ghosts blow lamps, roosters crow their lamps and don’t touch gold ……’.

But the good thing is that Song Yingzhu still knows that this kind of ancient tomb has some dangers, and she has experienced it once. So she also knows to take a long sword to defend herself.

The pa*sage of the tomb was dark and seemed to be extending upwards. Song Yingzhu took out a mining lamp from her backpack and put it on her head, because with the light, the eerie atmosphere of the tomb’s pa*sageway became even more eerie. Song Yingzhu felt her scalp tingling a bit, it was obviously an ancient tomb pa*sage in the belly of the mountain, but she could feel some gloomy wind blowing through.

The wind blew past Song Yingzhu and she stopped in her tracks, suddenly she thought of what she was doing in this tomb. To continue to improve her cultivation to kill Ye Mo? If she saw Ye Mo, would she really be able to do it?

Song Yingzhu didn’t dare to think about it anymore, she felt that after that incident, Ye Mo had changed in her heart in some subtle ways. She wanted to avoid Ye Mo as much as possible and not think about him, she seemed to feel that her killing intent towards him was decreasing, yet he was still the enemy of her Song family.

Go out, find a place and live your life like this, never see him again, never see those people you once knew again.

Song Yingzhu no longer had that motivation to take revenge, nor did she have the idea to continue exploring the tomb; her only thought now was to leave this place and find a place to live in seclusion for the rest of her life.

But before Song Yingzhu could turn around, she felt a cold chill come from behind her. Subconsciously, she turned back with a sword. At this moment, Song Yingzhu was much stronger than the Fu brothers back then.

A scream so thin that it was almost inaudible disappeared, and Song Yingzhu broke out in a cold sweat of fear, sure that her longsword seemed to have just cut into something.

“The pa*sage behind her felt like it had collapsed once again, and Song Yingzhu was so shocked that she didn’t think twice about it.

But before Song Yingzhu could start digging, a cold chill came from behind her again. Song Yingzhu put down the shovel and turned around to give another sword.

The coldness disappeared, and Song Yingzhu dared not turn around to dig, as if the moment she turned around, something like that would come up behind her, unseen and untouchable.

Song Yingzhu didn’t dig any further, she held her longsword and stared into the empty pa*sage of the tomb, where there was nothing else but her and the light from the single mineral lamp.

Song Yingzhu carefully picked up her shovel again, but before she could exert herself, her shovel broke. Song Yingzhu stared blankly at the very good quality shovel, wondering why it had broken.

Was there really a ghost? Even though she was already a peak Yellow-ranked ancient martial arts practitioner, Song Yingzhu was still a little frightened. She recalled her encounter with the ghost on Broken Peak Mountain, which she originally thought was her own hallucination and ended up fainting out of fear. Today, it seems that it was not an illusion, it should be real. And the two tomb robbers must have seen it too, so they too fainted from fear.

But if it was real, why could he not see it clearly until he fainted? And why was Ye Mo okay and saved himself?

After standing for a long time, Song Yingzhu felt a little drowsy, and she bit the tip of her tongue before she remembered the lack of oxygen. Would this pa*sage close up and die if there was not enough oxygen?

Why should one be afraid of dying? Song Yingzhu suddenly winced again, what else could she do alive? Suddenly she no longer went to dig the collapsed pa*sage leading outside, but carried her long sword and walked into the pa*sage inside the cemetery.

Seemingly afraid of the sword in Song Yingzhu’s hand, she walked for a long time without encountering any more of the insidious cold.

After walking up the pa*sage again, Song Yingzhu seemed to see a faint soft light emanating from inside. Song Yingzhu thought of this and quickened her pace even more. Even if she had to die, she did not want to die in this dark tomb pa*sage.

Seeing the bright light, Song Yingzhu was dumbfounded. Since she was born, she had only heard of night pearls in fairy tales, but today she had actually seen them. Not just one, but eight luminous pearls. So many nightingale pearls were set in the upper layer of an ancient stone door, giving off a soft glow that surprisingly gave an ancient tomb some noble aura.

In front of the stone door, however, were two entangled dead bones and some messy iron arrows on the ground. Other than that, there were no other traces.

Song Yingzhu subconsciously walked to the front side of the stone door and reached out towards it to push it open.


The first time I woke up, the sky was already bright, his true qi had recovered some more, although he was still unable to step on his sword and leave, but at the current rate of progress, maybe in a few days, he will be fully recovered.

He shot several fireballs to burn all the corpses and tents on the ground, and only then did Ye Mo walk out of this secluded canyon. Although he did not know what Song Yingzhu’s visit to the depths of the snowy mountains was about, since she had already left, there was no need to think about it.

Although Ye Mo was a little embarra*sed about that incident at the time, there was no guilt deep in his heart. If he hadn’t done that, something might have happened to Song Yingzhu. Since she had chosen to leave, let her leave.

Since he was at Mount Meinei Snow Mountain, Ye Mo still wanted to see where the ancient tomb that the Fu brothers had said was located at the beginning. When he took out the map that was handed over by the Fu brothers at the beginning, he froze in his tracks. Was there such a coincidence in the world? The place where he was standing was actually the location of the ancient tomb on the map.

If the ancient tomb was somewhere else, Ye Mo might not have gone there now, or if he had to, he would have waited until he had fully recovered from his injuries before going there. But now that the ancient tomb site was right under his nose, wouldn’t it be a waste of time if he didn’t go.

Ye Mo walked up the foot of the snowy mountain for just a dozen metres and immediately stopped, he saw the robber hole of the ancient tomb, and it was fresh, even dug just a few hours ago.

What a coincidence again? He had just found this place himself, and someone had entered it? No, Ye Mo suddenly remembered Song Yingzhu, she was the only one around yesterday. What was she doing here? Ye Mo thought of the ancient tomb under Broken Top Mountain, Song Yingzhu had also followed the two tomb robbers into the tomb.

Could it be that she was interested in ancient tombs again? It was the first time Ye Mo had met a woman who liked to rob tombs. Should he follow them down and take a look?

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept in, and his face immediately changed when he found the condition of the tomb, which had just been dug up and collapsed again. That is, if Song Yingzhu was inside, wouldn’t he be buried in the tomb?

If it was before, Ye Mo might have gone in to take a look, but mainly to see the remains of the ancient tomb for sure, but now, he was a little worried about Song Yingzhu. This subtle psychological change was not even felt by Ye Mo.

When he started to keep digging the collapsed hole, Ye Mo suddenly remembered that he had met Song Yingzhu for so long without even thinking about taking that jade slip and yin-yang fish from her.


Although Ye Mo’s true qi had only recovered a bit, he dug up much faster than Song Yingzhu. In just under an hour, he had once again dug through the collapsed section and entered the pa*sage of the ancient tomb.

Ye Mo had heard the Fu brothers say that this ancient tomb seemed to have a back-catching ghost, but in fact it was just a Yin spirit to Ye Mo. Some low level Yin spirits, even those who hadn’t cultivated, as long as the Yang energy in their bodies was strong, it wouldn’t dare to come close, let alone a cultivator with strong Yang energy like Ye Mo.