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DYM Chapter 499

Ye Mo entered the pa*sage with a sweep of his divine sense and immediately swept up a Yin Soul hiding at the corner. If he had entered this place alone, he would not have cared about this kind of Yin Soul that did not violate him. It was just that Song Yingzhu had just come in not long ago, and this Yin Soul might have sneaked up on her.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo casually sent a fireball over, and that Yin soul immediately dissipated into thin air. The cold and gloomy aura inside the entire ancient tomb pa*sage seemed to have faded.

Ye Mo walked quickly, and in just a moment, he saw a stone door, and there were two corpses at the stone door. On top of the stone door there were night pearls ……

Well, no, Ye Mo suddenly remembered what the Fu brothers said, the night pearls should be nine, but why are there only eight here? There is also the fact that at that time the Fu brothers said that apart from these two corpses, there was also a person among them who was killed by random arrows, why didn’t they see that person’s corpses?

What he cared about was where did Song Yingzhu go? How come he didn’t see her inside the pa*sage?

Ye Mo knew that the stone door could fire arrows, so he dug a stone and smashed it, but no arrows were fired, had the arrows already been fired?

Whether or not they had already been fired, Ye Mo did not hesitate to dig down the remaining eight night pearls first. These night pearls were all things of great value and had ornamental value. He would definitely not leave them here for others.

After digging down the night pearls, Ye Mo walked over to the stone door, and he intended to use his flying sword to cut through the stone door directly. However, after he reached out and pushed the stone door with a little force, the stone door opened strangely.

Ye Mo walked into the stone door, only to find that he was standing on a platform that was only about one metre in circumference, beyond which was an unfathomable cliff. In this dark place, if one was not careful, he would fall off the platform and off the cliff. Luckily, directly in front of the platform was a downward staircase.

This place was a bit of a pitfall. He had no mining lamp and was lucky to have his divine sense, otherwise one step in the air would have been a tragedy for him. At this moment, his true qi had not yet recovered, so he could not even step on his sword and fly up.

Ye Mo just wanted to go down the steps, but the stone door behind him unexpectedly closed again. Ye Mo turned back and reached out and pushed on top of the stone door, but there was not the slightest movement, the stone door seemed to have been locked.

Ye Mo was furious, this was really too pitiful, closing the stone door after tricking people in, how could there be such a good thing?

Without even thinking about it, Ye Mo took out his flying sword and was about to slash the stone door open. But when his flying sword hacked half a foot into the stone door, he immediately knew that it was not a stone door, but a one-foot thick steel plate, which was wrapped with half a foot thick green stone in front and behind.

If it was someone else, he would never be able to dig through this steel plate in his lifetime, but it was Ye Mo. Ye Mo lifted his flying sword and dug a three-foot square hole in the middle of the steel plate. Only then did he put the flying sword away.

Looking at the hole that he had cut out of the stone door, Ye Mo was satisfied in his heart. I guess the guy who built the steel plate stone door did not expect that someone could cut such a big hole out of the stone door in a short time. The person who made this stone door was very sinister, but he met himself by chance.

Ye Mo chopped this steel plate stone door, and only then did he carefully walk down the steps, while his divine sense radiated out, now his divine sense was damaged and he could only see things within a range of two hundred meters.

After Ye Mo had walked a hundred metres or so, he saw Song Yingzhu, who was at the bottom of the valley about a hundred metres down, and in the middle of an underground river, looking like he was not in a good condition.

Song Yingzhu’s face was pale and she was standing on a raised rock in the middle of a river at the bottom of a mountain. The long sword in Song Yingzhu’s hand kept slashing around, but there was nothing around her.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo rushed down, took out a wooden board and threw it in the river, then stepped onto it and rushed towards Song Yingzhu.

However, as soon as Ye Mo stepped onto the board, countless black and strange heads suddenly appeared around the board. These strange heads opened their mouths to bite at the board, and some of them even came up to bite Ye Mo’s feet. With so many big black mouths, revealing sharp fangs to bite, a fishy and incomparable smell came up immediately.

Ye Mo was shocked, he had never seen such a disgusting fish, not to mention the strange head and sharp teeth, and the scales on its body flipped backwards to reveal the flowery green colour. There was even some slime sticking to each other between the scales, which was ugly and disgusting.

Ye Mo hurriedly took out a long knife and slashed down, the fishy blood immediately stained the surrounding river water, and the dead strange fish was immediately devoured by other fish. Despite this, the strange heads grew in number. The wooden board beneath Ye Mo’s feet disappeared into thin air in the blink of an eye, and Ye Mo hurriedly leapt up and landed on top of the rock where Song Yingzhu was. Even if these fish couldn’t do anything to him, he didn’t want to touch them, not to mention that at a glance these fish were not good. If he fell into the water, there was no way he could survive.

Song Yingzhu had lost the large backpack she was carrying, and she didn’t know where it had gone. At this moment, she was like a madman and just kept slashing and stabbing with the long sword in her hand, not paying any attention to Ye Mo’s arrival and even stabbing him directly.

It was a good thing that her sword techniques were disorganised and Ye Mo reached out and restrained her. At the same time, he felt the cold and gloomy Qi inside Song Yingzhu’s body and knew that she had once again met something unclean. Ye Mo did not hesitate to dissolve the Yin cold aura within her body, and Song Yingzhu then quieted down.

Although she had lost her mining lamp, the familiar smell of Ye Mo’s body made her stop resisting. She fell silent, she didn’t know how Ye Mo had come inside here as well.

Ye Mo didn’t have time to speak before there were more and more of those sharp-toothed, monster-headed fish, seemingly attracted by those bloody smells.

Ye Mo casually took out a night pearl, and Song Yingzhu immediately saw the situation around her and screamed out in fright. She didn’t scream when she met the ghosts, nor did she scream when Ye Mo invaded her, but when she saw these ugly black fish with strange heads and sharp teeth, she couldn’t contain her inner fear, these fish were just too disgusting.

The rocks in the heart of the river were too small, and it seemed that the river was still slowly rising, neither Ye Mo nor Song Yingzhu wanted to fall into the water. The things in this water really made people not even want to think about it. Ye Mo would rather meet a thousand Yin souls than one of these disgusting fish.

But now Ye Mo had no way to sacrifice his flying sword, and he knew he had to think of something.

Thinking of this, the long knife in Ye Mo’s hand quickly slashed out, and the disgusting fish surrounding the stone were instantly killed by dozens of them, not waiting for the remaining fish to continue to rush up, Ye Mo stuffed the night pearl in his hand and gave one to Song Yingzhu, “I’ll send you up first later, and once you’re up there, you’ll go out immediately.”

“Then you ……” Song Yingzhu subconsciously asked out, at this point she surprisingly did not think that Ye Mo was the person she wanted to kill.

“You go first, I’ll be right up.” After Ye Mo finished grabbing Song Yingzhu, under the operation of true qi, he threw her up and landed on top of the ladder without bias.

Ye Mo kept killing fish, but there was no good way to leave the heart of the river. He still had a wooden board, but the fish were many times more numerous than just now.

Song Yingzhu stood dumbfounded at the top of the stairs, and in the distance, Ye Mo’s killing figure looked a little blurry under the misty light of the night pearl.

Ye Mo was pondering how to get out of here when he discovered something even more gruesome, that originally those strange fish could only stick their heads out in the water. Or when there were more strange fish, they came up one on top of the other. And now after eating the corpses of their kind, some of these strange fish had even grown legs and were even able to slowly climb up the rocks.

Ye Mo felt his scalp explode a little, should he sacrifice his flying sword? But in case his true qi was insufficient and he fell into the water again like last time, he would be completely finished. These fish reminded him of those sand worms in the desert, also because they immediately became more powerful after eating the corpses, what the hell were these things?

“Why don’t you still roll and stand here?” Ye Mo saw that Song Yingzhu was actually standing still on top of the steps as if she was a dullard, he instantly got angry, what time is it, this woman is not even moving.

“You ……” When Song Yingzhu saw that Ye Mo dared to tell her to get lost, the anger that she had suppressed all night could not be contained, and at that moment, she even wanted to rush up with her long sword and give Ye Mo a sword.

But Song Yingzhu saw in an instant the strange fish slowly climbing up the steps, and there were more and more of them. This kind of disgusting to the extreme strange fish was too much for her to bear, and she would rather die right away than to run into such fish.

Song Yingzhu turned her head and left. She quickly walked to the platform to cross the stone door before she realised that the stone door had been chopped out with a big hole of three feet square. It must have been chopped by Ye Mo, Song Yingzhu thought of Ye Mo and immediately tried to turn around to take a look.

“Rumble ……” came a loud sound behind him, and a steady stream of mud fell on Song Yingzhu. The stone door that she had just pa*sed through also seemed to have collapsed, and it was certain that if she stayed a few moments longer, she would be covered by the falling earth and rocks.

Song Yingzhu subconsciously kept running forward as the dirt and rocks continued to fall behind her. When she quickly rushed out along the tomb pa*sage, the ancient tomb behind her made an even louder “boom ……” and collapsed completely.

It seemed as if the entire snowy mountain was shaking.

Song Yingzhu ran far away to a safe place to look at the large collapsed mountain rocks in the distance, secretly glad that if only she was a little late, she would have been buried alive.

Only a moment later she was frozen, she had come out, where was Ye Mo?

Ye Mo didn’t come out, he dropped himself out when the rocks started falling. Song Yingzhu surprisingly felt a little blank inside her head for a moment.