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DYM Chapter 500

Just now, Ye Mo didn’t even come out in order to save her, and now Song Yingzhu could think with her toes that Ye Mo was buried by the collapse of the mountain rocks. This kind of mountain rock collapse, coupled with that horrible disgusting fish in the river, Ye Mo wouldn’t be able to get out without thinking about it.

She was standing at the foot of this snowy mountain, looking at the still roaring stream of rocks in front of her, and she actually felt some faint sadness in her heart. She didn’t want to cry for Ye Mo, but she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Why should she cry for an enemy, why? She did not understand.

The temperature of Ye Mo still seemed to remain inside her body, and there was still a night pearl in her hand. Last night the two were still lingering together, and today she was alone.

Vengeance had been avenged, and there was no way for grace to be repaid. Although she could not live without him herself, he was her enemy after all. Although he was her enemy, he was still her man after all.

When Song Yingzhu thought of her man, she was a little dumbfounded. She sat at the foot of this mountain for a whole day and night, and she cried at the foot of this mountain for a whole day and night. She didn’t know whether she was crying for her Song family’s revenge to be finally avenged, or for that dead man. Perhaps it was both; she had no way of understanding her own mind at this point.

It was not until the daylight of the third day that she trudged out of the place. Hunger was no longer the most torturous thing for her; she didn’t even know what she was doing, whether she was doing it right or wrong.

If she didn’t spend her days thinking about revenge, how could she have done so much?

What was past was past, and it was best not to ever think about it. Song Yingzhu murmured, “There will never be a Song Yingzhu again, I have avenged the Song family, I am leaving.”

A hobbling figure faded away, slowly disappearing into the outskirts of Meinei Snow Mountain.


That rumbling sound came, Ye Mo immediately knew it was not good, although he did not know what was going on, the condition of the earth and rocks falling on his head Ye Mo was still very clear.

He knew that if he didn’t leave at this time, he wouldn’t have the chance to leave again. Ye Mo grabbed the wooden board and just wanted to throw it down, but he found that the stone ladder that came down was already flooded with dirt and sand stones.

Without thinking, Ye Mo immediately threw the plank down in the opposite direction. As expected, he was right, just as he stepped onto the plank, those strange-headed and sharp-toothed fish ate it up, but by now Ye Mo had already borrowed strength from the plank and landed on top of the opposite stone wall. At the same time he flew and used the flying sword in his hand to plunge into the stone wall and control his body.

The earth and rocks kept falling, many hitting Ye Mo’s body, and some huge rocks fell and smashed on the river, splashing water that could even hit Ye Mo’s body.

Ye Mo hurriedly climbed some more distance and took his flying sword and quickly dug holes in the stone wall. If it was usual, he would not have been able to use his flying sword to dig into the stone wall, but at this time, he could not care less, his life was at stake.

Ye Mo had just dug a hole for shelter and went in when more and bigger rocks fell down and brushed past his eyes, so he could imagine that if he was just a little bit slow, he would be hit by the watery rocks.

There was another loud “rumble ……” as more and more rocks fell down. Ye Mo’s heart sank, he knew that something must have happened. He felt that the whole mountain was shaking, and in another moment, he doubted if his side of the stone wall would collapse as well.

No, he could not save himself if he went on like this. Ye Mo quickly took his flying sword and dug in the middle of the mountain wall. He did not dare to play with his own life.

Another hour pa*sed and the sound of the collapse outside seemed to have diminished, but the rumbling sound still kept coming. Ye Mo reckoned that he should be in the middle of the mountain belly at this point. It was really bad luck that an ancient tomb was such a mechanism. He wondered if Song Yingzhu had already gone out. Ye Mo sighed, it would be best if the two of them did not cross paths in the future. But deep inside, there was another nagging feeling, Song Yingzhu was at least considered his woman, he simply did not want his woman to have anything to do with other men.

“Isn’t that a bit too domineering.” Ye Mo said to himself. But immediately he patted his head, right now he didn’t know what happened to his little life, what was the point of thinking about all this nonsense?

The sound outside seemed to have diminished quite a bit, and Ye Mo was about to stop when he found that the stone wall he was digging had actually worn through. In front of him was a canyon that was actually a huge canyon, or rather a canyon with stone walls on all sides and even the top, and a small section of the underground river in the middle.

What an odd place, Ye Mo carefully climbed down, he turned around along this section of the underground river and found that he also occasionally saw some of those disgusting fish inside this underground river, just not as many as outside. What kind of a place was this that had such ugly things?

This place was like a box, if you couldn’t find a way out, you could only be shut up alive in a place like this.

After Ye Mo circled twice more along the perimeter of the underground river, he found a place and continued to start digging. He knew that if he didn’t dig through this place, he wouldn’t be able to get out.

Only Ye Mo didn’t use his own flying sword to dig anymore, although it was impossible for the flying sword to break the dig, Ye Mo still used it just in case. This was his only magic treasure, and it was even where half of his life lay. If he dug into another canyon, he might have to rely on his flying sword to fly out.

Luckily, there were plenty of long and short swords and long and short swords inside the ring, all of which were good weapons. The weapons of ordinary Xuan-level martial artists Ye Mo didn’t bother to collect, and the ones he retrieved were all things of Earth-level martial artists.

Digging while healing and cultivating, this had become a habit for Ye Mo. Luckily, he had food and drink inside his ring. A week later, Ye Mo’s injuries had completely recovered, and at the same time, his cultivation level was really as he had expected, he had once again advanced a level to the middle of the fourth level, just one step away from directly crossing over to the late level.

In a happy mood, Ye Mo intensified his digging speed. Another day later, he once again dug through this stone wall and came to a new canyon.

The difference was that this canyon could actually see the sky, and Ye Mo’s heart was overjoyed, now he could already fly with his sword, as long as he could see the sky, it meant he was out of the trap. He could step on his sword and fly up at any time.

Ye Mo stood at the edge of the cliff he had dug, and let out a long breath, he had finally survived. Although he didn’t get the crystals, he didn’t lose his life after all, and his cultivation level had advanced a small level.

However, before Ye Mo stepped onto the flying sword, he was frozen, the cliff he was standing under was a mess, there were even some bricks and stones and numerous broken limbs.

This place was too familiar to him, it was the Hulu Valley that he had just escaped from a few days ago. He dug around and dug up the ground of Huludao Valley, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept down, the Huludao Valley was full of corpses, he even saw Xiang Ming Wang’s head.

Ye Mo’s heart was happy, that bomb was really powerful, the Hulu Valley was really destroyed by him.

However, Ye Mo immediately paused again, he didn’t see Ren Pingchuan, meaning that Ren Pingchuan was gone. No bomb killed Ren Pingchuan? Ye Mo’s surprise immediately disappeared, Ren Pingchuan was his great enemy. He would rather have only one person blown up in Huludao Valley, and that person was Ren Pingchuan.

But Ren Pingchuan couldn’t fly, so how would he get away? It was just that Ren Pingchuan could not fly how did he, Ye Mo, know? He hadn’t seen the abilities of an innate, and that Tam Kok was definitely not a true innate.

Although Ye Mo guessed that Ren Pingchuan did not know how to fly, an Innate expert should have no problem escaping from this deep cliff valley.

Ye Mo landed on top of the wrecked square in Huludao Valley with a Royal Wind Technique, and his divine sense swept through carefully once again, and indeed, he did not find Ren Pingchuan’s corpse. However, Ye Mo likewise did not find a single living person, this could not be possible.

Although most of the disciples of Huludao Valley were in the square, there were still some who had not come out. Those who had not come out, even if they were going to die, they would have to wait until later to die of hunger, right? How could it be that only a few days ago there were none left? Is there another way out of here?

The main hall of Huludao Valley was half collapsed by the bomb, but it was still possible to enter inside. Ye Mo took his flying sword and walked into the hall, while his divine sense was all out. If Ren Pingchuan didn’t die, he would have a lump in his heart.

Moreover, he had no way to cultivate to the fifth or even the sixth Qi cultivation level before coming back to look for Ren Pingchuan’s trouble, because there were no resources here, and he could not advance to the next level whenever he wanted to. The reason why he could advance a small layer this time was also related to Song Yingzhu.

The Huludao Valley’s main hall looked a little old, and when Ye Mo walked into the hall, there was no one there. It looked like there was indeed none of the disciples of Huludao Valley, and Ye Mo’s heart became more and more puzzled, could there be an exit here?

In the middle of the hall was a vermilion lacquered platform about two metres high, on top of which was an ordinary black lacquered wooden chair, but behind it was a carved dragon screen. This screen was much more luxurious than the wooden chair, and there were six tall ordinary wooden pillars on either side of the square platform, each with a very odd animal coiled around it.

When Ye Mo saw this animal, his heart immediately twitched, he had seen this kind of animal before. Although the carving out on top of this wooden pillar looked very imposing, this thing really looked very disgusting. It was the same kind of strange fish he had seen inside that river with Song Yingzhu a few days ago.

This kind of disgusting monster fish had been openly carved by Huludao Valley inside the main hall, so Ye Mo really couldn’t figure it out. Could it be that this strange fish was raised by Huludao Valley? Or did this strange fish represent something?

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and two hundred metres behind the main hall was a stone cave, which seemed a bit odd. Ye Mo turned into the back hall and walked directly towards the stone cave.

Suddenly he stopped his pace, even wanting to turn around and flee immediately.

“You’re here.” An incomparably old voice came out, and Ye Mo only felt his scalp explode once again. Surprisingly, it was that old guy Ren Pingchuan, not only did this old guy not blow up, he was still here waiting for him. How did he know he was coming? He wouldn’t have come here at all if he didn’t know that he couldn’t escape.

But his own divine sense had been radiating out, and he still didn’t find out until he was only a few dozen metres away from him, how on earth had he managed to do that?