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DYM Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

“Mom, it’s Jingwen, can you hear me? Mum ……” Su Jingwen excitedly grabbed the sleeping woman’s hand on the bed and kept calling out.

The woman in bed moved her hand, then her eyebrows wrinkled again and actually slowly opened her eyes. She looked blankly at her daughter, whose eyes were already filled with tears of joy, and was about to speak. Su Jingwen, however, excitedly jumped into the woman’s arms and cried, “Mom, you’re finally awake, I …….”

“Wen Wen ……” The woman on the bed had gradually come to her senses, and she felt a faint fresh gas slowly flowing through her body, allowing her spirit to gradually recover.

“What is happening to me, Wen.” The woman in the bed came completely awake and was about to struggle to sit up, only the numbness of being bedridden for so long prevented her from sitting up for a moment. She even felt the fresh gas still restoring her limbs.

Su Jianzhong opened his mouth wide to look at the unbelievable everything in front of him, even forgot to speak, for the first time he found that this kind of indefinable thing really existed in this world, was this an illusion?


Ye Mo was very satisfied with his new residence, and now he still had tens of thousands of yuan on him, so he didn’t need to continue to go out to earn money for the time being. He just stayed inside the courtyard every day to cultivate, and also to carefully plant that one ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ inside a separate flower bed.

After a month, Xie Xing also knew that a woman in her twenties lived in the west room. However, Ye Mo cultivated every night and went inside the small courtyard in the morning to practise martial arts. The woman across the room, on the other hand, seemed to go to work early every day, and every day when she returned, Ye Mo had already started to cultivate inside his room. So for a month, the two of them had actually not met each other.

Ye Mo didn’t care at all about what kind of woman lived in the west house, although he lived a monotonous life, he didn’t have enough time to cultivate every day, so how could he have time to gossip.

Although Xu Wei knew that the landlord had rented out the east side of the house as well, she didn’t know what kind of person came to rent the house, only that it was a young man not too different from her in age. However, she went to work every day and went out at six in the morning, and when she came back it was already almost seven in the evening, but she had never seen this man. She hadn’t even had time to take a day off at weekends this month because the provincial health centre leader had come to inspect her.

And this young man never came out after work or before work. If it wasn’t for the daily changes in the flowers and plants inside the flowerbeds in the yard, she would have thought that this man didn’t exist at all. As time went on, she came to understand that this guy who lived across the street from her was a geek, and a super geek at that.

There was still half a month before school started again, this month of cultivation only made Ye Mo’s true qi a little more pure, it was still far away from the second level of qi cultivation, so it was clear how great the influence of heaven and earth’s yuan qi on cultivation was. However, his worldly martial arts had not been left behind and was becoming more and more pure.

Ye Mo also knew that if he wanted to reach the second level of Qi training in this place, he could never do so without the help of external substances, and those Chinese herbs in the Chinese medicine shop had no way to help him advance to the second level, so his only hope was to put his trust in the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ inside the courtyard.

There was only one ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, so Ye Mo wanted to keep this barely spiritual gra*s alive, preferably after it had set seeds, and then cultivate it in bulk.

However, the growth cycle of ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was two years, and this Silver Heart Gra*s might be self-growing, it was still only a year old. Even if Ye Mo cultivated it carefully, when this gra*s matured and set seeds and then planted new ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, there would still be at least three years before he could really harvest it, but it was better to have hope than nothing.

Ye Mo walked out of his room and actually saw a twenty something woman washing clothes in the courtyard, he knew at first glance that this woman was the one who lived next door, she used to wash clothes at night, how come today she was not working and washing clothes during the day?

When Xu Wei saw Ye Mo walking to the courtyard, a small smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. This dead geek, after living under the same roof with him for a month, he hadn’t seen him in person, it was only when he helped his married colleague take the evening shift for a few days that he saw this geek, this guy was really nerdy. But he’s not ugly either, why doesn’t he come out? I wonder what he does for a living.

“Hello, my name is Xu Wei, I live next door to you and I work at Lekang Hospital.”

Xu Wei greeted Ye Mo graciously.

Ye Mo also smiled and nodded his head and said, “My name is Ye Mo, I’m unemployed.”

Ye Mo also met Xu Wei for the first time, it was a gentle and lovely woman, the smile on her face was sincere, her hair was coiled up, it was hard to see how long it was, but her skin was very fair, although not as pretty as the woman who bought her talisman, but it was not as bad as there, it was considered a small family-like beauty.

“You don’t work?” Hearing Ye Mo say that he was jobless, Xu Wei couldn’t help but feel a little nervous in her heart. What did it mean for a young man, who was in his prime, to not work and rent a house to stay at home every day? There was no broadband internet connection here either, so he couldn’t be playing games at home. And the way he looked at himself wasn’t like the usual geeks who ducked and dodged, instead he stared and looked carefully, this man couldn’t be a criminal.

For a moment Xu Wei’s heart began to beat a drum.

Ye Mo did not bother to pay attention to what Xu Wei thought, he first went to see the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ he had planted, and then trimmed the rest of the flowers and plants, before he was ready to play a set of boxing, but stopped when he thought about Xu Wei next to him, instead he said hello to Xu Wei and went out.

Xu Wei looked at Ye Mo’s figure and was relieved to see that he was so focused on the flowers and plants that he thought to himself that he had been overly concerned.

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of money out of the house, so I don’t know what he does every day.


The most important thing is that it is not only a small area, but also a clear water lake. Many elderly people, or people who like to exercise, come to this place, and Ye Mo has also come here, but he used to like to box inside the courtyard, today is the first time to come to Qingdu Lake Park to box.

The air here was good, and the environment was obviously better than the small courtyard. After a set of punches, Ye Mo was very satisfied, his true qi had actually been refined a bit again, although it was still far away from leaving the second level, but as long as there was progress, it was good.

“Good fist technique my friend, but I’ve seen many fist techniques, yet I can’t tell what kind of set of fist you are fighting, it’s a shame.” As Ye Mo closed his fist, a middle-aged man in his thirties came over and exclaimed.


Chapter 8

This middle-aged man was also practicing his boxing in a nearby place just now, and Ye Mo also saw him, but his boxing skills Ye Mo thought were some fancy fists and legs, so he didn’t pay too much attention to them. At this time, when he saw people coming over and taking the initiative to greet him, he couldn’t ignore them. He could only say with a slight smile, “He fought haphazardly by himself, it’s not good either.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, this middle-aged man smiled awkwardly, it was obvious that Ye Mo did not intend to get to know him. However, he did feel that Ye Mo’s boxing skills were good, and should not be worse than his own, making him feel like making friends, which was why he took the initiative to come forward to greet him.

“My name is Fang Yucheng, at a glance I can tell that you are famous for your mastery, a momentary itch, how about we spar?” After this middle-aged man’s words were spoken, Ye Mo realised that this man was looking for him to come and fight.

After looking at Fang Yucheng, Ye Mo shook his head and said, “You are not my opponent, a sparring session is exempted.”

Fang Yucheng froze, he had just listened to this young man’s words and thought he was modest, how could he turn around and talk so big? He could not help but say that although this young man’s boxing skills had caught his attention, but to say that he was no match for him was too high.

He joined the army at the age of seventeen and was only discharged at the age of thirty-two. Although he had become a driver after his discharge, he had never put down his kung fu skills. This young man was only in his early twenties at most, to say that he was not a match for a young man in his early twenties was something he did not believe.

He wanted to spar with this young man because he felt that his opponent’s fists were not fancy, and his own were not fancy, and it should be to his advantage to fight him.

“How do you know that I’m no match for you? To be honest, I haven’t met an opponent since I was demobilised from the army, so since you’re so confident, let’s give it a try.” Fang Yucheng’s face was a little pale.

Ye Mo shook his head and said helplessly, “Alright, since you want to try, you can do it.”

“Right here? Not going to a bigger place?” Fang Yucheng looked around.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “It’s just a few moves anyway, there’s no need for that, right?”

“You ……” Fang Yucheng almost choked on Ye Mo’s words, his anger was building up in his heart and he said with some fire, “In that case, watch the fist.”

A moderate black tiger hollowing out the heart, Fang Yucheng’s idea was that although this move of black tiger hollowing out the heart looked simple, when this young man moved, his move immediately changed to let him know how powerful he was.

Fang Yucheng’s fist had just been struck and before he could change his move, Ye Mo suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Fang Yucheng’s fist in a flash, his hand was raised and Fang Yucheng’s nearly two hundred pounds body was brought up by Ye Mo’s hand, his brain suddenly buzzed.

This was really a bit out of his perception, and when he came to his senses, he realized that he was still on top of a stone pier next to Ye Mo, as if he was originally sitting here, while the young man who had fought with him was no longer there.

“So powerful ……” It was only after a long time that Fang Yucheng reacted and muttered. It was his coach in the army who couldn’t have won him with such a heavy lift, right?


When Ye Mo walked into the small courtyard where he lived, Xu Wei was actually observing the flowers and plants he had planted. Although Ye Mo had planted many flowers and plants, it was mainly to conceal that one ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

Seeing Ye Mo walk in, Xu Wei was a little embarra*sed and quickly stood up and said without words, “I didn’t expect you to still like growing flowers and plants, usually men who grow flowers and plants are very meticulous people, it looks like you are also a very meticulous person. Oh, I’ve bought some food today, let’s eat together later, it’s a way to get to know each other as neighbours.”

Ye Mo had always eaten out, he didn’t expect someone to treat him today, of course he wouldn’t refuse to such a thing, he smiled and said, “Sure, thanks a lot then. I see that you leave early and return late every day, why didn’t you go to work today?”

“One of my colleagues took a leave of absence these few days, and I happened to be on transfer these few days, so I helped her with the evening shift.” Xu Wei didn’t expect this geek to be quite observant.

The food that Xu Wei cooked was not bad, at least it was quite better than what Ye Mo ate haphazardly when he went out every day.

“Good food today, thank you.” Ye Mo thought to himself that it would be nice if he could mix up his food every day, and he wouldn’t have to go out every day because of the food.

“We’re all neighbours, what’s there to thank you for, you can treat me to food in the future too.”

Xu Wei said somewhat playfully, she felt that Ye Mo didn’t quite look like a bad person.

Ye Mo laughed awkwardly and said, “I never cook my own food ……”

“Then let’s go to a restaurant.” Xu Wei thought this Ye Mo was a bit cute, usually when you invite girls you don’t know very well to dinner, how can you burn it yourself, don’t you always go to a restaurant.

Ye Mo said helplessly, “Okay, I’ll treat you to dinner later when I have the chance.” In his heart, he thought, “I knew there was no free lunch in the world, and sure enough, just after lunch on this side, he owed the next one.

“Ye Mo let’s exchange phone numbers, my number is 13XXXXXXXXXX, what’s yours?” Xu Wei took out a delicate pink phone and asked.

“I don’t have a phone, just knock on my door directly if you need anything in the future, I can still help you some with general things. I’m going back.” After saying that Ye Mo stood up and went back to his room.

Xu Wei froze for half a day, thinking that even a migrant worker had a mobile phone now, but this Ye Mo didn’t even have a phone, this guy was not doing well enough, it looked like the rent must not have been paid either, I really don’t know how the landlord let him live in the house.

But this guy still loves to save face, he actually said that he could help himself with general things. Xu Wei shook her head, this Ye Mo doesn’t seem to be a bad person, he just loves to save face, should she help him find a handyman at the hospital or something, it’s better than remaining a jobless person.

Xu Wei was still thinking that she was at least a beautiful woman, how come this Ye Mo didn’t even think of sitting down for a while, this is really a blow, as if he really came here for a meal. But Xu Wei quickly figured out that he should have an inferiority complex, after all, he was a hobo and couldn’t even afford a mobile phone, so of course he was too embarra*sed to sit and talk with himself, thinking about this, Xu Wei finally balanced a little.

Ye Mo went back to his room, but in his heart, he was wondering if he should buy a mobile phone, but he thought that there was no use for him to buy a mobile phone, he simply had no family here, who would he contact, so he thought better of it.

The 50,000 yuan he had on him was used to pay the rent and buy some herbs, plus his usual expenses, leaving him with less than 20,000 yuan.

However, this time he was not selling talismans, which were too difficult to sell. If he had not met that woman by chance last time and was in an eager mood, he might not have sold any of them by now.

What he wanted to set up this time was a night market wandering doctor’s stall. The reason for setting up a wandering doctor’s stall was still inspired by Xu Wei’s work.

Another reason was that setting up a small stall for travelling doctors was mobile, so that he would not be watched by others, and besides setting up a stall in the night market, apart from preventing the city police, he could also cultivate while setting up a stall. Of course the main reason is because traveling medicine is banned, the government does not allow it and it can only be set up at night.

Ye Mo played with the same idea as selling talismans, either not open, open and eat for a year.