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DYM Chapter 506

“And there shouldn’t be any outside forces interfering with us ……,” Eugene continued to add after a moment’s hesitation.

Hemmer single shook his head and said, “That’s not what I mean, although the Flowing Serpent doesn’t explicitly state who it belongs to, everyone tacitly agrees that the west of the Thin River in the Flowing Serpent belongs to us. What I am worried about is that if that Ye Mo is really a wizard, even if our army is powerful, he can have our commanders die at any time, so what kind of war are we fighting?”

Mohanje said disdainfully, “If he was really that powerful, he would be here by now. Didn’t he ask McShane to bring back a letter saying he would come by night? How come we haven’t seen any of his men yet? I suggest that a council meeting be held tomorrow to discuss the matter of the Quicksnake garrison ……”

No one echoed Mohanje’s words, and he himself only spoke halfway before not continuing, because there was suddenly a man in this heavily guarded room, a young man out of thin air to be exact. Everyone inside the room stared at him in disbelief, no one knew where he had come from, nor did anyone know what to say now.

Ye Mo came to this meeting room and listened for a while, but he couldn’t understand a single word, so he could only walk out.

“He, he is that Chairman Ye of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, he is really a wizard, really a wizard …… he is really here, really here …… “Mai Shower let out a scream and stared in horror at Ye Mo who had suddenly appeared.

Hearing a horrified scream from McShane, the two guards guarding the entrance thought that something had happened and immediately rushed in. However, just as they stepped into this room, Ye Mo threw two fireballs at them. The two guards were turned into some dust in a few moments and didn’t even have time to scream.

After killing the two guards, Ye Mo found a seat and sat down as if nothing had happened, and said indifferently, “McShane, it looks like you guys didn’t take my words to heart. It’s not long now since we left the twenty-four hours, so if you don’t do anything, don’t blame me for not being polite. I’ll kill you all first, then go and kill those border troops, then come back and I’ll kill anyone I see alive.”

A threat, it was a **naked threat. Ye Mo was here to threaten, to kill all of a country’s army was impossible with his current cultivation level. Even a small country like Luther had a hundred or two hundred thousand people.

No one could have reacted. It was one thing to hear what McShane had said, but it was another to see it with your own eyes. It was only then that the few people in the room realised that McShane was not talking nonsense. The man in front of them was even more terrifying than McShane had said, waving his hand and two people were gone.

Mai Shower was the first to react, and he relayed Ye Mo’s words to the rest of them as quickly as he could.

Not only did Hemmer Shan and Eugene’s faces stuck white, even Mohan Jie did not dare to continue to say that he wanted to fight, the same shocked gestures appeared on his face.

They were already sure that this Director Ye was a sorcerer, a legendary sorcerer. Legend has it that a powerful sorcerer can even curse a country to extinction, let alone a small country like Luther.

“Agree, agree ……” With barely any words, Hemmer single continually stated that he agreed to Ye Mo’s request. At the same time, they secretly regretted for their greed for money, that sh*tty place of the flowing snake, if there was no ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ they wouldn’t even think about it, let alone garrison it.

I didn’t expect to offend a wizard because of a thought. The country of Luther was a monarchy a decade ago, and the current presidential model was only a decade old, so Hemmer Single had a lot more power than the president of a normal country.

“Our president has expressed his agreement, our troops will be withdrawn soon, please rest a*sured ……” McShane was like a nodding worm.

Although Ye Mo felt that under his threat these top bra*s of the Lutheran country should not dare to oppose, he did not expect it to be so easy and simple, it was a little too easy. Ye Mo did not expect these people to treat him as an omnipotent sorcerer.

Since he had already agreed, there was no need for Ye Mo to kill to establish his authority, he looked at McShane and said, “Do you still need us to give up ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’?”

“No, no, we will immediately hand over the management of Flowing Serpent to you ……” This time, Mai Shower answered directly without waiting to ask Haimo alone.

This is also too easy, Ye Mo originally wanted to kill one or two high level people, did not expect this even before the request was made, these guys agreed.

“After signing this land purchase agreement, send it directly to Flowing Snake tomorrow.” Ye Mo took out a copy of the agreement and threw it on top of the table. Then he shook his head, and with a stealth spell, he directly crossed out of the window. Of course this was also setting up a threat, just to make these people afraid, only what they didn’t understand would make them afraid.

The four people inside the room watched Ye Mo disappear and looked at each other with blank faces. Not a single person spoke for ten minutes, and if it wasn’t for the fact that there was still an agreement on top of the table, they would have thought that what they had just seen was an illusion, a dream.


Ning Qingxue was in a daze when she suddenly felt herself being hugged, she was shocked, but that familiar smell she immediately knew it was Ye Mo who had returned. Under the surprise, Ning Qingxue even squeezed into Ye Mo’s arms.

Ye Mo even performed several heart-clearing spells in succession, which barely calmed down his restless heart. In his heart, he even secretly sighed, since the last incident with Song Yingzhu, his resistance to such things seemed to have lowered again.


The next morning, Ye Mo and Ning Qing Xue were still tangled up in bed when Ning Qing Xue’s phone rang, the call was from Yu Miaotong.

When Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue hurriedly arrived at the meeting room, Ye Mo realised that apart from him and Ning Qingxue, almost everyone had come. Ye Mo didn’t feel it yet, but Ning Qingxue felt her face burn a little, as if everyone was looking at her.

Luckily, Yu Miaotong’s words relieved her in time, Yu Miaotong’s face showed a joyful look bringing the folder in her hand in front of Ye Mo, “Luther’s side gave up the land of the flowing snake early in the morning without compensation and sent the contract, they didn’t make any demands.”

Ye Mo smiled slightly, this was to be expected, those few beards looked like they were still scared of him. It was a good thing that he was still kind at heart, if he had given it to a dark one he might have had to ask Luther to pay a compensation.

Just as Yu Miaotong finished speaking, Xu Yuehua stood up and said, “I also received another message this morning, the Vietnamese side has sent a condition, they agreed to transfer the land here in Flowing Snake to us. But they have conditions, the first is that they have a Vietnamese company that wants to invest here and they need us to give them tax exemption and provide all the facilities. The second is that we, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, need to open a specialty shop in Vietnam.”

Ye Mo nodded, “Good, both of these are good news. The Vietnamese side will agree to the terms, it doesn’t matter to us to have one more Vietnamese business here.”

The choice for Vietnam South South Ye Mo was very clear, Vietnam is a small area in Flowing Serpent, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ doesn’t even want it. That one enterprise that was about to settle in Flowing Serpent must also be an enterprise with a background, otherwise it would not have been taken out as a condition.

For the matter of building the city, Ye Mo completely left it to Void Moon Hua. The profits from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ were all set aside for Void Moon Hua to prepare for the building of the city, except for some of it being used to run. Ye Mo’s idea was tending towards the way of the city walls, and although there were some different ideas in the room, no one came out to oppose it though.

Of course Ye Mo knew what those who disagreed with the building of the city wall thought, it was because everyone thought that in this current era, the presence or absence of a city wall did not do much for the safety of a city.

But Ye Mo didn’t think so. Right now, his low cultivation level aside, once he could really advance to the Foundation Establishment level or even higher one day, he would be able to set up an array in this city. Then his city would become one of the strongest places on the planet.

After the meeting broke up, all the people ran to their own positions. The whole Flowing Serpent became even busier and hotter, as the Flowing Serpent had to build a city on one side and a factory on the other.

Ye Mo, however, thought that when the city planning of the Flowing Serpent was almost done, he would go and look for Feng Wu and ask him if he knew about the Spirit Pool in Huludao Valley. If those four crystals were really spirit stones, maybe he could go one step further so that he could go to the Inner Hidden Sect to look for some medicinal herbs. After seeing how powerful Ren Pingchuan was, Ye Mo, however, did not want to casually enter the Inner Concealment Sect like this and put himself in danger.

“Sister Yuehua, do you still have something to do?” Ye Mo saw that Void Yuehua did not leave and then asked.

Void Yuehua nodded as she said somewhat cautiously, “The ‘Northern Sand’ organization that you asked me to check last time, our people had some feedback back in the early hours of this morning, it came back together with the news from Vietnam.”

Ye Mo’s spirit was lifted, he had been thinking about the ‘Northern Sands’ for a long time and was thinking of going to Baiwei Gou in Vietnam sometime to take a look, as it was the sub-land base of the ‘Northern Sands’. I didn’t expect to find any news about the ‘Northern Sands’ now.

Xu Yuehua took out an envelope from the folder and said, “It seems that Beisha has lost an important item and the technician responsible for it has also fled. Now they are hunting around for this escaped technician, I have some information photos here.”

Said Void Yuehua, pushing the cowhide envelope in his hand to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the envelope and said with some admiration, “I didn’t expect the people you sent out to be really powerful, they even managed to get the photos.”

Void Yuehua smiled lightly and said, “This is also by chance, these photos were not taken by our people, but they met a ‘Northern Sand’ member who was seriously injured and about to die, and they learned about this from his mouth, moreover, these photos were also obtained from him, the person inside the photos was The escaped technician.”

The escaped technician? Ye Mo suddenly remembered the ’empty anemone design diagram’, if this technician was the one who designed this diagram, if he got this technician into his hands, let him come to the flowing snake …… Ye Mo didn’t dare to think further, he hurriedly opened the cow skin bag.

Most of these photos were very blurred, probably from a relatively long distance.

“Luo Ying?” Ye Mo took one of the photos and froze, he was not looking at the blurry technician’s face on top of the photo, but another back in the crowd.