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DYM Chapter 507

“Luo Ying?” Void Yuehua didn’t know what Luo Ying meant by Ye Mo’s mouth and asked it casually.

Ye Mo took the photo and looked at it carefully, he had completely ignored that ‘Northern Sand’ escaped technician, and only noticed a back figure in the corner of the photo. It was slim and slender, vaguely the same Luo Susu that he had seen in the middle of the desert, wearing a pale yellow dress.

Ye Mo’s mind had already flown away, on the boundless desert, under the horrendous hot sun. The woman in the pale yellow dress, holding a long white ling in her hand, pulled herself up from the sinking desert vortex. Her face was covered with a white veil and her eyes were soulful and clear. She stood far above the windless desert ethereal and spiritual, and like an eternal goddess ……

Looking at Ye Mo who seemed a little dazed, Void Yuehua did not say anything, she knew that Ye Mo should have remembered something, she just waited for Ye Mo to come back to his senses.

“Sister Yuehua, do you know where these pictures were taken from?” Ye Mo took a breath and asked as he came back to his senses. The date on the photos was two months ago, although he knew that even if he found the place where they were taken, he might not be able to see Luo Ying, but if that back was really Luo Ying, he must go and see.

Void Yuehua shook his head, “These photos were searched from that ‘Northern Sand’ organization’s people, but I don’t know exactly where they were taken.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Okay, thank you Sister Yuehua, the ‘Northern Sand’ situation continues to be collected. But now put the main focus on building a city, we must build a city of our own.”

However, Void Yuehua said, “Ye Dong, the current power system of the Flowing Serpent still comes from your forest, and now because of our vigorous construction, the power is already somewhat in short supply. I think if we want to turn Flowing Snake into our own place, the electricity system can no longer rely on others.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, he had never considered these things, not only electricity but also some other civil facilities, one cannot always rely on others, if one keeps relying on others, if there are disputes over interests in the future, one will have to be subject to others.

Thinking of this Ye Mo immediately said: “We continue to recruit a large number of scientific and technological personnel, and at the same time develop our own civilian facilities. We will strive to keep all of these in our own hands.”

“But our funds are …… now,” said Void Yuehua with some concern, although the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was now making money at a great rate, it was spending money at an even greater rate.

The issue of funds was indeed a big problem, Ye Mo frowned and pondered for a long time before saying, “I will solve the matter of funds, you can go ahead and do it like this.”

After Void Yuehua left, Ye Mo was still sitting in the conference room thinking about how to go about making money. He had the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ and the Night Pearl, but it was all a one-shot deal. When it was sold out, it was gone, far less powerful than the ‘Face Restoring Pill’ which kept coming in far more money.

But it is better to sell them all, even though they are not available, than not to sell them at all. However, if you take it to an ordinary auction, your own stuff won’t sell for much, the ‘Face Restoring Pill’ that Mo Hai helped auction last time was only one or two hundred million a piece, this price Ye Mo was far from satisfied. It looked like he needed to go to Qixia Temple to find that ‘Yu Hui’ organization, only they could sell it for a high price.

Just as Ye Mo was still thinking about how to make money, Ye Ling ran over with red eyes and a slightly anxious look.

“Brother, something has happened to second brother, second brother disappeared yesterday, and today someone sent a letter to the flowing snake. It said it was to be given to you, and that it had something to do with second brother.” Ye Ling sobbed as she handed the letter in her hand to Ye Mo.

Wasn’t his reputation loud enough? How dare someone touch Ye Zifeng? Ye Mo said that both Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng were his relatives, so since someone dared to touch Ye Zifeng, don’t blame him for opening a killing spree.

At the same time, Ye Mo was also greatly dissatisfied with Tanjiao and Luan Qingfeng, it was because these two people had promised to protect the Ye family that he spared Tanjiao’s life in the first place, but in the blink of an eye, Ye Zifeng had been kidnapped.

“Don’t rush yet, wait for me to see what’s going on.” Ye Mo comforted Ye Ling and opened the letter in his hand.

The letter was written in a polite manner, or rather a little too polite.

“Your Excellency Ye Mo, your great name is like thunder to our ears, and if we could, I swear we would not want to provoke you. To avoid any misunderstanding on your part, so we did not take your sister away, but chose to take your brother Ye Zifeng instead, please forgive us.

Ye Zifeng is doing very well with us now and we will not treat him badly. Please rest a*sured that there are just some matters that we need to discuss with you in person now, but we are unable to see you in person, so we have to resort to this. If you are interested, please come to the ‘Extra-terrestrial Leisure’ in Lokura City in three days to meet.”

The letter was only a few lines long, with no signature, no threat, no reason, just a location, and a very generous time frame.

Of course Ye Mo knew about the ‘extra-territorial leisure’ in Luocang City, this was the lair of ‘Iron River’ in the beginning, which was finally terminated by him, why did these people choose this place? And also chose to be in the city of Luocang?

Ye Mo thought that this matter should be 100% related to himself, and Ye Zifeng should just be implicated. Who exactly had offended? The people he had offended himself had all been exterminated, even some people who had a ghost in their hearts towards him, Ye Mo, would not dare to be so bold as to touch the people around him.

“Ye Ling, you don’t need to worry, learn some Qi training techniques from your sister-in-law Qingxue when you have time in the future.” Ye Mo patted Ye Ling’s shoulder and said.

This incident showed Ye Mo that even if he was powerful without his own territory and a safe lair, the people around him would not be safe. As long as interests were involved, there would still be people who would make a move against him.

Ning Qingxue also learned about Ye Zifeng’s matter and put down the work she was doing and followed him in. After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Ning Qingxue knew that Ye Mo was going to let her teach Ye Ling to cultivate. She thought of Tang Beiwei in Ninghai, and although she had some doubts in her heart, she did not ask.

To Ning Qingxue Ye Mo was not very worried anymore, now she was already at the peak of the second level of Qi cultivation, and she had newly learned the fireball technique, so she should be able to protect herself.

“Qingxue, I’ll leave this place to you, tell second brother to take more responsibility for the safety of the flowing snake. I’ll go and bring Zifeng back.” Ye Mo stood up and said, he knew that it was impossible not to attract jealousy.

No matter what these people’s intentions were and how sincere their tone was, but kidnapping Ye Zifeng was the same as declaring war with him, Ye Mo. Ye Mo didn’t believe that these people kidnapped Ye Zifeng because they couldn’t find him. Although the letter they wrote didn’t threaten, their actions already indicated a threat. The implication was that if you don’t compromise, we can kidnap your family at any time.

They had many ways to contact Ye Mo, but the purpose of choosing this method was obvious at a glance.

Ye Mo had only just planned to stay in Flowing Serpent for a while, to keep Light Snow company while also getting some money for Flowing Serpent, and even to participate in the building of a city for Flowing Serpent, and then this kind of thing happened. It was impossible to say that he wasn’t furious, he simply didn’t stop.

If this went on, not to mention cultivation, it was impossible to even be quiet. For the first time, Ye Mo felt that although he had more and more people around him and was sharing more and more things for him, the ones who could really carry the load were only a few people like Void Yuehua and Yu Miaotong.

Moreover, he did not have a strong arm under him, such as the original Thousand Dragon Heads, who was a gangster, but if he did not meet himself, he would be a fearful presence wherever he was. Even at his word, the gangs that wanted to target him had given way.

Was he a little too kind? Ye Mo asked to himself. This was the first time that Ye Mo felt that he needed his own arms, his own army, and more strength.

“Maybe I need to make a trip to Sena when I’m free, it might be a good choice if I garrison there.” Ye Mo muttered to himself, since there was no way to cultivate to a higher realm, he should pull up his own army and build up his own territory.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo abruptly stood up, although it was difficult to build his own army and establish his own city when the pattern of this world was already formed, but since he had made up his mind, he must do it.

The fate of those who follow him, Ye Mo, can never be left to outsiders to control.


Luo Cang.

It was only when Ye Mo returned to this place again that he remembered that he hadn’t been here for a long time. When he first brought Erhu to open a small clinic here, he even purchased a villa in the suburbs.

As soon as he arrived at this place, Ye Mo remembered Ji Wanqing, that youthful and energetic girl. Thinking that he hadn’t seen her for over a year, he wondered how she was doing now.

‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ was once again much more luxurious than the last time Ye Mo came, it was evident that the place had once again been redecorated since the ‘Iron River’ forces had withdrawn.

Ye Mo had just walked into ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ when a clean-cut service lady immediately came, “May I ask if you are Mr. Ye?”

Ye Mo nodded and did not speak.

“Mr. Ye, please follow me.” This service lady’s tone was crisp and clear, and her demeanor was also very respectful, so she was obviously waiting for Ye Mo here.

“Lead the way.” Ye Mo’s tone was calm, his divine sense had already swept to the top floor where thirty people were standing inside the lobby, but Ye Zifeng was not here.

The service lady led Ye Mo into a special lift, which quickly stopped at the top floor, that service lady did not follow him out, and there were two more men in black at the lift entrance, reaching out to invite Ye Mo into the lobby.

Ye Mo casually scanned the lobby, this top floor had at least two hundred square feet and twenty-three men in black. Although they were all empty-handed, Ye Mo could still tell that each of them had a rifle on their backs. Although Ye Mo did not know much about guns, he knew that these guns were definitely not simple.