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DYM Chapter 508

These twenty-three men in black were all strong men with strong qi and blood, and were not simple people at first glance. But in Ye Mo’s eyes, these men were no different from ants, as the highest of their cultivation levels was only at the early Yellow level.

Apart from that, there were four men of Xuan level cultivation who stood at the top of these twenty-three men in black, and Ye Mo reckoned that they were the leaders of these men. This would not have caught Ye Mo’s attention either. The only thing that caught Ye Mo’s attention a little was the three people sitting on top of the podium.

The man in the middle in white did not have any cultivation and should be an ordinary person, while next to this man there were two people who caught Ye Mo’s attention. The one on the left of them was tall, with a high nose and blue eyes, and was surprisingly a foreigner. The energy fluctuations on his body were strange, Ye Mo did not see his cultivation level, but Ye Mo knew that this man was somewhat similar to the two foreigners he had killed last time at Flowing Snake, so it seemed that this was also a foreigner.

A man on the right was of medium build, with a hawkish nose and very dark eyes, surprisingly, he was a peak earth level martial artist. Although none of these people would bother Ye Mo, Ye Mo still felt that this organisation was somewhat uncomplicated. Just talking to himself about a contract in one place in Luo Cang, so many good people had come. Ye Mo had dealt with the Hidden Sect quite a few times, and he knew that peak earth level experts didn’t just happen, even for an outer Hidden Sect like the fourth ranked one in Point Cang, only one of the sect leaders was just a peak earth level expert.

Ye Mo would not be foolish enough to think that these people were the entire power of this organization, much less that the man in white was the boss of this organization. For an organisation to send out such a line-up for one negotiation underneath it, it was clear how strong this organisation was.

It was just that Ye Mo had even killed a terrifying figure like Ren Pingchuan, how could he be afraid of these people, if he started a fight, he was sure that he could finish all of them off in a short time, although the current Ye Mo did not want to get into a life and death feud with this kind of organisation either. If he killed these people, there would be more behind him, who knows how many such people there are? But Ye Mo also knew that he had to kill someone today, if he didn’t kill them today, these people would get more and more rampant in the future.

Ye Mo also knew that even if he wanted to kill, the three people at the top could not be killed. If he did, there would be no more room for manoeuvre, he would have to fight to the death. Ye Mo knew very well how rare earth-level experts were, and that psychic was not simple either. So these two people must have a certain position in this organization, and that white-clothed Ren in the middle must have a bigger position.

Of course this was only Ye Mo’s intention, once these people went too far, he wouldn’t be afraid to offend to the end.

When that white-clothed man saw Ye Mo enter, he didn’t speak at first. When he saw that Ye Mo looked at ease and didn’t even have the slightest expression of fear, he immediately nodded and stood up and said, “You are Ye Mo’s friend? I have heard so much about your great name. When I see you today, you are indeed a dragon among men, please sit down. I, Liang Shiguo, am very honoured to meet you.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, this white-clothed man was sitting at the top but made him sit at the bottom, still more than ten metres apart, obviously trying to give him a downward spiral. He did not sit down, but said coldly, “My patience is limited, have someone bring my brother Ye Zifeng. And the men in black on both sides of this, I’m uncomfortable watching them, tell them to get lost.”

Liang Shiguo seemed to have not heard what Ye Mo said, but said to himself, “We deeply regret bringing Mr. Ye Zifeng here this time. It’s just that I have one thing to ask of you, so I apologise in advance for this offence.”

Liang Shiguo’s tone was sincere and his attitude was humble, if he hadn’t pretended not to hear Ye Mo’s words just now, and his condescending posture, others would have thought that he really had respect for Ye Mo.

“You didn’t hear what I just said?” Ye Mo had not seen Ye Zifeng now, and he wanted to hold back a little longer.

Liang Shiguo, however, did not continue to play dumb this time, but said with a difficult face, “Mr. Ye Mo could kill Black Sun’s ninja Yai Si Koro on top of the ring, so it is evident that his divine skills are unparalleled. It’s just that these two sides are not under my control, and I don’t have the authority to command them ……”

Ye Mo suddenly laughed, “So Mr. Liang doesn’t mind if I let them sleep down?”

“Haha ……” Liang Shiguo laughed harshly, “Of course I don’t mind, it’s just that it’s not for me to understand what they would reflect. Although I know that Ye Mo’s friend has gaijin skills, but they are twenty three people, not two or three.”

After saying that, Liang Shiguo looked at Ye Mo as if he had a meaningful look, the corner of his mouth showed a hint of sarcasm, and there was one more thing he didn’t say, which was that these people were all armed. On this empty hall, even if Ye Mo was powerful, it was impossible for him to kill all twenty-three first-cla*s trained warriors within a few seconds. They could even choose to shoot within a second and no one could dodge.

Although ancient martial arts training up to Xuan level could catch an ordinary bullet, but these guns were specially made, and that bullet could not be stopped even by peak earth level, let alone so many guns firing together.

As if to verify Liang Shiguo’s words, as soon as his words fell, these twenty-three men immediately picked up the rifles on their backs.

“Since Mr. Liang doesn’t mind it’s good ……,” Ye Mo’s words had just fallen, and his men had already taken to the air.

Liang Shiguo’s face changed, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo really dared to make a move, did he not want to die? Even a god couldn’t get away if more than 20 people shot at the same time. Even if the ninja Yai Shi Korang could borrow the earth, he would not be able to escape on top of this concrete slab.

However, Liang Shiguo did not want Ye Mo to die, if he let Ye Mo die he had many ways, of course this was only the way he thought. What he wanted now was that Ye Mo could cooperate with him, and even if he didn’t, he could still help him on top of this matter. He also understood that Ye Mo was very powerful, so he did not intend to really offend Ye Mo to death, which was why he chose to kidnap Ye Zifeng.

This was because he had heard that Ye Mo cared a lot about his woman, and the Song family was destroyed because he wanted to touch his wife, Ning Qingxue. The reason why Dongfang Qiu was taken out by Ye Mo was also because he intended to kill Ye Mo and his sister. This time, Liang Shi Guo’s kidnapping of Ye Zifeng was after much deliberation, as it would not offend Ye Mo too much, but would also let him know their strength and energy.

If in the end they lowered their stance and took out some of the money, they might even be able to establish a friendship relationship with Ye Mo. This would be very beneficial to them, and Ye Mo already had a certain amount of influence in Huaxia.

But what he could not have imagined was that in Ye Mo’s heart Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling had the same status. What he couldn’t have imagined was that Ye Mo was so hot-tempered that he would strike when he said he would.

“Ping ping ……” gunshots rang out chaotically, these black-clothed men moved very quickly, so fast that they fired even a second after Ye Mo flew up.

Just as fast as the gunshots rang out, they also stopped.

Immediately after the chaotic gunshots rang out, they stopped as if they had made an appointment. Liang Shiguo, however, was frozen, Ye Mo was still standing in place, looking as if he hadn’t moved. But on both sides in front of him, twenty-three men in black and four Xuan level martial artists had fallen to the ground, and if it wasn’t for the blood flowing out from underneath them, Liang Shiguo would have thought that these men had just fallen asleep.

“You, you, you ……” Liang Shiguo was so dumbfounded that he couldn’t even utter a complete sentence. This time, so many people had died in one go, even he could not deliver.

Not only did twenty three elite members die this time, but four Xuan level martial practitioners also died. These Xuan-level ancient martial practitioners were the treasures of the organization, and the death of one of them was a great loss, let alone the death of four of them.

Liang Shiguo did not expect Ye Mo’s resistance to be so great, he knew that Ye Mo was very powerful, but even if he was powerful, it was better to negotiate now, couldn’t you make a move and say something first?

The two remaining people around Liang Shiguo also reacted at the same time and immediately wanted to make a move. Liang Shiguo hurriedly pulled these two people back, he knew that Ye Mo had the strength to kill the peak of the earth level, in case the peak earth level martial artist on his side died again, he, Liang Shiguo, could only commit suicide.

“How can you kill so many of us?” Liang Shiguo tried to force himself to calm down, but he was unable to do so.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “I asked you and you said you didn’t mind, so I killed.”

“Ye Mo, I know you are very powerful, but you can’t kill my people before you even start negotiating. You are the one who killed all of our people today, can you still kill our entire ‘Northern Sands’?” Liang Shiguo had slowly calmed down, he felt that he had to let Ye Mo know what kind of organisation ‘Northern Sands’ was, to show him that he was only one person even if he was powerful alone.

It turned out to be people from ‘North Sand’, he was still investigating them, but he didn’t expect them to come to his door. But he didn’t have any dispute of interest with the ‘Northern Sand’, even if he was investigating the ‘Northern Sand’, Ye Mo believed that Void Moon Hua would definitely not let others know about it.

Since there was no dispute of interest, what was the need to kidnap people around him, Ye Mo? Was he Ye Mo easy to bully?

Hearing Liang Shiguo’s words, Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Negotiation, when did I say I wanted to negotiate with you? Did you kidnap Ye Zifeng with my consent? I’ll say it again, if you want to negotiate, you can send my brother here first, that’s number one, and number two don’t sit so high, you’ll die if you accidentally fall down.”

“Aren’t you afraid that we will kill your brother? Moreover, we have invited you here today, we just have to discuss cooperation, why should your Excellency be so aggressive? Although I know that you, Ye Mo, are very powerful, but we, ‘Northern Sands’, are not at the mercy of anyone to kill.” Liang Shiguo’s tone rose harshly, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo would be so insensitive. He had already revealed the energy behind him, and Ye Mo was still so arrogant.

Ye Mo sneered, “You can kill Ye Zifeng and I guarantee that the three of you won’t be able to walk out of this meeting room. And from now on, I will specialize in killing ‘Bei Sha’ people, and I will not stop until I kill all of ‘Bei Sha’ I, Ye Mo, swear.”

“Humph ……” The white man beside Liang Shiguo, who obviously understood Ye Mo’s words, immediately snorted coldly and stood up to make a move.

Liang Shiguo stopped the man who was about to make a move, knowing that if he were to start a fight, the two men on his side would definitely have losses even if they could beat Ye Mo. Ye Mo could even kill that ninja from Black Sun, and although these two men on his side were powerful, they were not powerful enough to kill Yao Si Koro by themselves.