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DYM Chapter 509

Liang Shiguo’s face was very ugly, this Ye Mo was too arrogant. It was just that he could not yet not follow what Ye Mo said, the fact that Ye Mo dared to do so meant that he had already eaten up the few people on his side, or that he was completely sure of killing the remaining three.

Although he was very unhappy that his men had been killed and the negotiation power had to fall into Ye Mo’s hands, Liang Shiguo had no choice at this moment and finally pressed the button in front of the table and said to the top, “Bring Ye Zifeng here immediately.”

After doing this, Liang Shiguo said once again, “Mr. Ye, we sincerely invited you to negotiate, but you killed twenty-seven of our elites as soon as you arrived, is this the way you act? My ‘Northern Sands’ is not an existence where people are left to fleece, even if you Ye Mo has great abilities, but you can’t protect your entire Ye family and your entire Flowing Serpent by yourself, right?”

Although he had compromised on the surface, Liang Shiguo was really uncomfortable in his heart.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “If you sincerely ask me to negotiate, don’t have other thoughts, and I’ll say it again, don’t threaten me. You ‘Northern Sands’ are powerful, but that is your business, I, Ye Mo, have no intention of being an enemy of you ‘Northern Sands’, but I won’t be afraid of you either.”

Ye Mo understood that Liang Shiguo was not at all a person who gave in to softness and compromise, the reason he was like this was not because he was afraid of death, but definitely because the matter they wanted to talk to him about was important.

“You are arrogant, but if you think that you can flaunt your power in my ‘Northern Sands’ just because you killed Yai Si Koro, you are wrong, Yai Si Koro is nothing at all, I, Chen Crash, can equally kill him in a very short period of time. Ye Mo, we ‘Northern Sands’ have no intention of becoming a deadly enemy with you, it’s not that we are afraid of you, but we have no disputes of interest, it’s better to have an ally than one more enemy.” Out of Ye Mo’s expectation, the one who spoke this time was the man with a medium build and hawk nose, with a peak Earth level cultivation.

When Liang Shiguo heard the words of the man beside him, he frowned slightly, but did not say anything. In his opinion, there was certainly some bragging in this statement, the might of that Yao Si Koro was said to be able to easily kill a peak Earth level expert.

Ye Mo, however, looked at the man called Chen Drop with some surprise, he did not think that Chen Drop was lying. Because it was true that Yai Si Koro was only powerful in his body technique, those who fought him for the first time would easily suffer a loss. But once he had figured out his stance, he was at most equivalent to a mid-earth level martial artist, or even worse. Nowhere near as deep as someone like Wang Leng Chan or Feng Wu.

Ye Mo already knew at this point that Ye Zifeng had entered the ‘Extra-terrestrial Leisure’, he did not allow Ye Zifeng to come in and see the bloody scene, he just swept a glance at Liang Shiguo and said, “Have your people release Ye Zifeng now and let him leave alone.”

Knowing Ye Mo’s thoughts, Liang Shiguo did not hesitate to press the call again and let Ye Zifeng go. Ye Mo was already here, there was no point in keeping Ye Zifeng, he understood this. Ye Mo of course also knew that ‘Bei Sha”s main purpose was on his own body, now that he didn’t have anything going on, ‘Bei Sha’ still didn’t dare to speak about the rest of the people.

“Well, now that your brother has left, is it now time for Mr. Ye to negotiate with us? If Mr. Ye Mo is willing to have an open negotiation with us, please enter the secret room of Satomi.” Liang Shiguo stood up and said.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and did not point out that Liang Shiguo did not dare to be condescending anymore, but said, “In that case Mr. Liang, please.”

Killing twenty-seven people in a row, including four Xuan-level martial artists did not make Liang Shiguo angry, so it could be seen that if either this matter was not trivial, or the ‘Northern Sands’ was so huge that these small losses were not even on his mind. Perhaps it was both.

It seemed that nothing had happened in general, as if the bloody lobby outside was even more irrelevant to Ye Mo. Liang Shiguo once again resumed his breezy demeanour and introduced Ye Mo to the small private room inside.

The small private room was not big, only a dozen square feet at most. As soon as Ye Mo entered, he scanned three cameras, three very concealed cameras to be exact, and even a pinhole type camera. But even if they were hidden, they could not escape from Ye Mo’s divine sense. Without hesitation, he picked up three golden needles and directly destroyed the three cameras, all this happened in an instant and none of the three people who came in with Ye Mo could find out.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know what Liang Shiguo wanted to bring himself into this place with cameras to negotiate, he didn’t like to leave a trail no matter what he did. Since he didn’t know, it would be better to just destroy it.

“Mr Ye, let me introduce myself, you already know me, Liang Shiguo. These two are Chen Crash and Pierre, I hope you all enjoy the rest of the conversation.” Liang Shiguo briefly introduced the two people around him and did not say their identities. However, Ye Mo could tell that these two people should also have a certain status in the ‘Northern Sands’.

Ye Mo sat down directly and opened the door and said, “Mr. Liang, just say what you have to say, there is no need to waste time.”

Ye Mo knew that he already had a gap with ‘Bei Sha’, even if he was polite, he would not make ‘Bei Sha’ give up his revenge on him. But he was sure that even if ‘North Sand’ wanted to retaliate, they would have to kill him, Ye Mo, before they could do so.

‘Northern Sand’ was an organisation that Ye Mo had not only heard Wen Dong talk about, but Han Zai Xin had also said. It was a very ambitious organisation, or at least far more ambitious than his Ye Mo. It would definitely not offend an expert like Ye Mo because of a mere 20 or 30 insignificant people.

If Ye Mo didn’t have the ability, Liang Shiguo would have taken Ye Mo down long ago, where was the need to turn the corner and kidnap Ye Zifeng. Or if Ye Mo didn’t have the ability, with the arrogance of the ‘Northern Sand’, he might have even gone straight to kill the Flowing Serpent.

The ‘Northern Sands’ was an international organisation, not an individual organisation, and would not use their personal hot-blooded impulses to anger a formidable opponent who would do no good to their organisation. Even if they were to exterminate this opponent, they would have to do it with guaranteed benefits.

Therefore, Ye Mo was not worried that Bei Sha would retaliate against the people behind him now, at least not until this negotiation was over and until Ye Mo was killed.

“Then I’ll get straight to the point, Mr. Ye, I think Mr. Ye should know about what happened to the He Feng Yuan family some time ago, right? Although Mr. Ye didn’t come forward, we know that that incident should be related to your ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.” Liang Shiguo finished staring at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, there was no need to deny this matter, with the strength of ‘Bei Sha’ to find out behind the scenes that this matter was planned by him, Ye Mo must not have any doubt.

“Not bad, the Yuan family was done away with by me.” Ye Mo said blandly.

“Good, I appreciate Mr. Ye’s daring and courageous character.” Liang Shiguo said as he clapped his fearful hand. Only his words immediately turned, “Yuan Zhirong is also considered a peripheral member of my ‘Northern Sand’, of course he deserves to die for going against your ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. We had one thing that was temporarily placed in the Yuan family at that time for some reason, but we later failed to find this thing on Yuan Zhirong.”

After Liang Shiguo finished speaking, he stared directly at Ye Mo, he wanted to see what was going on in Ye Mo’s mind from his expression.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and said, “With my once Foundation Establishment stage divine sense cultivation and strong mind, if I let you see something, I wouldn’t need to cultivate.

As expected, after looking at Liang Shiguo for a while, he found that he did not get the answer he wanted, so he had to continue: “Later, we thought that the item had fallen into the hands of the government, but after our investigation, the item was not in the hands of the government, which means that it must have been taken away by someone. Therefore, we brought Mr. Ye here today, wanting to ask Mr. Ye if he had seen this item.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, and he roughly guessed that the thing Liang Shiguo was talking about should be the thing in the golden box he found by the wreckage of Yuan Zhi Rong’s plane. However, after listening to Liang Shiguo’s words, he immediately understood in his heart why Qian Fang Han had watched Yuan Zhirong leave in the plane but did not stop him in the first place. It turned out that there were people from the ‘Northern Sands’ in the top echelons, otherwise how could Liang Shiguo say that they knew that this item was not in the hands of the government? This ‘Northern Sand’ is really terrifying, it is simply pervasive.

“I wonder what kind of thing Mr. Liang is talking about?” Ye Mo frowned and asked, his expression showing not only that he didn’t know in the slightest, but he was even a little impatient.

Liang Shiguo’s heart sank, he could say that he had read thousands of people and was extremely deep-hearted, otherwise the above would not have sent him to be in charge of this matter. However, he did not get any answer from Ye Mo’s expression. In fact, as long as he got an answer from Ye Mo’s expression, even if Ye Mo did not hand it over, they would definitely have other ways. The fear was that the item was not in Ye Mo’s possession at all.

If it was someone else, they would just arrest him and force him to give a confession, but at this moment, Liang Shiguo realized why the top didn’t do that, but let himself go through other methods. Trying to capture Ye Mo was not an easy task.

When he thought that it was too easy to kill Ye Mo, even if Ye Mo’s cultivation was powerful, he was only in his twenties. However, after what happened not long ago, Liang Shiguo felt that he was too naive, and he even felt that it was not a good idea for him to kidnap Ye Zifeng to put pressure on Ye Mo. If he were to do it again, he, Liang Shiguo, would definitely go directly to the Flowing Serpent and Ye Mo to open the city for negotiations.

It was just that there was only one chance, and now when he heard Ye Mo ask over, he had no choice but to say, “Inside that gold chest was a fist-sized triangular crystal stone that looked somewhat like a diamond, but it was definitely not a diamond, but a sample of an ore. It is of no use to anyone else, but only useful to us, the ‘Northern Sands’. If Mr. Ye can find this ore, we, ‘North Sand’, are willing to pay ten billion dollars to buy it.”

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, even diamonds were far from worth this price, this crystal stone was actually worth so much? What exactly is it? When he first got this crystal stone, he casually threw it inside his ring and didn’t bother to check it out, but it looked like he should take a good look at it.

Since this item is so valuable, it is necessary to find out from Liang Shi Guo what this crystal stone is actually used for.