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DYM Chapter 510

Ten billion dollars, just to take it to build the Flowing Serpent could be used for a long time. ‘North Sand’ is so generous, if he destroyed North Sand, wouldn’t all that money be his Ye Mo’s?

Thinking about this Ye Mo actually got a little eager, but on second thought, this seemed a little unlikely. It was said that there were several bases of the ‘North Sand’, and he, Ye Mo, was only one person, how could he destroy them all at once?

After all, this time Ye Mo was justified in killing people because ‘North Sand’ had provoked him. If he really enraged ‘Beisha’ completely, with his current ability he would definitely not be able to protect his people.

Thinking about this Ye Mo was greatly frustrated, he was a cultivator, even a mid Qi practitioner who could fly on a sword, but he couldn’t even protect the people around him. It seemed that he had to speed up not only his cultivation progress, but also the building of his own men’s strength.

However, no matter what he was going to do, the use of this triangular crystal stone, Ye Mo had to find out. It was definitely impossible to ask for clarification here at this time, so he could only find the man surnamed Liang alone at night. In addition, the ten billion US dollars also made Ye Mo’s heart flutter, no matter what, this ten billion US dollars could not be let go, he was very short of money now.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly said, “Mr. Liang, this crystal stone is only the size of a fist, did Yuan Zhi Rong hide it in a secret place so that you guys neglected it for a while?”

Liang Shiguo immediately shook his head and said, “This is absolutely impossible, I have a detection instrument, when this crystal stone is within a range of one thousand meters, the detection instrument can have a sense, no matter if it is hidden in any confined place, there is no way to hide from it, but we did not detect it in the Yuan family.”

Ye Mo suddenly realized that this was the case, it looked like these people had not only detected it at the Yuan Family, but even went to the Flowing Snake to check it out. No wonder that with such a strong ‘Northern Sand’, although they suspected themselves, they still didn’t make a direct move, because they were also sure that the crystal stone was not in their hands.

It was still good to have a ring, and Ye Mo knew that no matter how high-tech a detector he was, it would never be possible to detect the contents of his ring. Ye Mo suddenly made a contemplative expression, as if he had something difficult to decide.

“Mr. Ye, although we don’t know why Yuan Zhirong blew up his villa, but the video of their secret meeting can be transmitted, so it should have something to do with your Excellency, right? It means that Mr. Ye has been to the Yuan family, that’s why we thought of asking Mr. Ye about the whereabouts of that thing.” Liang Shiguo still didn’t let go of all of Ye Mo’s expressions, he felt that Ye Mo’s expression just now seemed to be somewhat hesitant, which lifted his spirits.

Ye Mo said with a bland smile, “Those bombs were moved outside the Yuan family villa by me, and you are right, the video was also taken by me. It’s just that I really don’t know about what that crystal stone is. Of course, I will definitely try my best to find it, for no other reason than that ten billion dollars.” Ye Mo knew that since Liang Shiguo was asking this, he was suspecting that Yuan Zhirong should have something to do with him for blowing up the villa, so he might as well just admit it. What’s more, he believed that with his hesitant expression, Liang Shiguo’s old and cunning face should think about it afterwards.

Liang Shiguo frowned, he didn’t hear the meaning of Ye Mo’s words, what Ye Mo said was that he didn’t know what the crystal stone was, Liang Shiguo thought that Ye Mo didn’t know where the crystal stone was.

“In that case, we won’t disturb Mr. Ye, I regret the misunderstanding this time. Of course Mr. Ye if you can find the crystal stone, please contact us at the first opportunity, here is my business card.” Liang Shiguo stood up and said, and took out a golden business card.

Ye Mo suddenly extended his hand to Liang Shiguo and said, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Liang, I didn’t expect it to be such a simple little matter. If I had known, I would definitely not have offended the ‘Northern Sands’, I hope Mr. Liang can understand my eagerness at that time, and I also hope I can help Mr. Liang find that crystal as soon as possible.”

“Mr. Ye, this is considered a non-fight. If Mr. Ye can really find the crystal stone, not to mention this small beam, even if it is even bigger, I, Liang Shiguo, will give it a pick.” Liang Shiguo said with a leathery smile.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, Liang Shiguo’s meaning that he killed someone this matter is not over, if he finds the crystal stone is fine, if he can’t find it, he will have to bear the wrath of the ‘Northern Sand’ as well.

The purpose of Ye Mo’s handshake was just to make a divine sense mark on Liang Shiguo, not to mention that ‘Bei Sha’ would not let him go, he would likewise not let ‘Bei Sha’ go.

“Well said, well said, since I, Ye Mo, have decided to help your side to find the crystal stone, I will definitely search for it wholeheartedly, I just don’t know how much time your side can give me.” Ye Mo knew that he and the ‘Northern Sand’ had not completely torn their faces apart yet, at this moment he needed time, time to develop his strength, only when he had enough strength to call the battle with the ‘Northern Sand’, then it would not be too late to turn his face.

Liang Shiguo did freeze for a moment, he thought Ye Mo was just being perfunctory, but now hearing Ye Mo’s words he seemed like he was really willing to help them find the crystals. However, Liang Shiguo immediately said happily, “I think if Mr. Ye can find the crystals within a year, not only will the ten billion dollars be easily obtained, there are even other surprises ah.”

What Liang Shiguo did not expect was that after shaking hands with him, Ye Mo shook hands with Pierre and then with Chen Crash. The demeanour and expression were not only warm but also expressed a deep apology, as if this misunderstanding was caused by him, Ye Mo.

Not only was Liang Shiguo surprised by the difference in Ye Mo’s attitude, but also Peer and Chen Zhan were surprised by the difference in Ye Mo’s attitude. In their opinion, Ye Mo was not the kind of person who was careful and afraid of things, right? But after thinking about it, only the ten billion dollars could explain it, otherwise with Ye Mo’s style of acting, how could he have become so careful and enthusiastic all of a sudden?

Ye Mo left the ‘Extra-terrestrial Leisure’, but did not leave Luo Cang, he still had things to do in the evening. He had already made divine sense marks on Liang Shiguo, Chen Crash and Pierre, so he wasn’t afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find them.

After being sure that no one was following him, Ye Mo left ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ far away and was just about to find a bar to go in and have a seat in the busy area of another district when he heard someone calling him.

“Brother Mo ……” a clear female voice rang out, Ye Mo was a bit surprised, who else in Luo Cang knew him?

“It’s you, Yang Yi?” Ye Mo immediately recognized the girl in front of him, when he first arrived in Luo Cang, he was on top of the same train with her. Although this girl was not very beautiful, she had decent features, and what impressed Ye Mo most was that she had a kind heart and was very warm and generous.

After learning that Ye Mo’s wallet had been stolen on the train, she immediately took out money and wanted to donate it to Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo did not ask her to donate money, she had already left an impression in Ye Mo’s heart.

“It’s really you, Brother Mo, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, you haven’t contacted me since you and Erhu left, you guys are really not enough.” Yang Yi immediately came up and said happily, it was really happy for her to meet an old friend.

Ye Mo looked at Yang Yi with some embarra*sment, if he hadn’t seen her here, he would have indeed forgotten about this very ordinary girl.

“Xiao Yi, who is he?” A medium-sized boy walked over and looked at Ye Mo with some confusion and asked.

Yang Yi hurriedly said, “He is big brother Mo Ying, he is very proficient in medicine, big brother Mo, this is my boyfriend Liu Shang, he is in the same department as me. By the way, big brother Mo, how is your clinic doing now?”

Yang Yi chattered for half a day, not even giving Ye Mo a chance to jack in. This made Ye Mo think of Wang Ying, the two of them had really similar personalities, they were both big-hearted and had no bad intentions.

“Hello, my name is Liu Shang.” Yang Yi’s boyfriend was friendly and said to Ye Mo as he extended his hand.

Ye Mo shook hands with Liu Shang and then said to Yang Yi with some embarra*sment, “I’m sorry, Yang Yi, I didn’t tell you my real name at first because of my own reasons. Actually, my name is Ye Mo, but my clinic is no longer open. Erhu is very good now, you can go to my place to play when you have time.”

“Ah ……” Before Yang Yi could wake up from the transformation of Big Brother Mo into Big Brother Ye, a group of people came once again and interrupted Yang Yi’s question.

“Yang Yi, Liu Shang, what are you still doing here? Let’s go ……” shouted a smaller girl in the middle of the crowd, with delicate features, just a little short in stature.

“Okay, okay, right away ……” Yang Yi responded, and turned back to Ye Mo, “Mo …… is not right, huh, I should call you big brother Ye up, we are going to graduate, now our cla*s is going to hold a graduation banquet, let’s go together.”

“This, forget it, it’s a bit inappropriate for me to go ……” Although Ye Mo still had to wait until the evening to find trouble with Liang Shiguo, there was still plenty of time, but he was really not interested in this kind of graduation banquet.

Yang Yi did not care in the slightest that she had a boyfriend with her, but came up to Ye Mo’s ear and whispered: “This time it’s the richest person in our cla*s, Gu Mingnan, who is treating us, at the ‘Pearl on the Cloud’ hotel in Luo Cang. It’s a wasted meal if you don’t go for nothing.”

Ye Mo had been in Luo Cang for a while, so of course he knew about the ‘Pearl on the Cloud’ hotel, which was a top five-star hotel, and a meal for a cla*s in it was indeed quite a lot of money. However, in Ye Mo’s opinion, even if it was an eight-star hotel, he didn’t want to go there.

Not waiting for Ye Mo to refuse again, Yang Yi said again, “Today, if you go over there, you can also see a stunning beauty. Hey, hey, it’s still the one Gu Mingnan picked up.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly and didn’t say anything.

“Brother Ye, don’t you believe me? When I say picked up I really picked up, I don’t mean anything else. Gu Mingnan picked it up in the deep mountains when he went out on a trip with some cla*smates last time. At that time, that beautiful girl didn’t know what she had met and fainted on the mountain, and she was also injured. It was Gu Mingnan who saved her, and then she stayed with the Gu family. I heard that she had recently recovered from her injuries and tonight Gu Mingnan said he would bring her along. I reckon Gu Mingnan brought her to the party just to show off that there’s a pretty girlfriend too.” Yang Yi was even a little unimpressed when she got to the end of her sentence.

Liu Shang saw that Yang Yi’s tone seemed to be somewhat dismissive of Gu Mingnan and quickly jumped in and said, “Xiao Yi, don’t talk nonsense, there are many cla*smates here and they are about to graduate, so why make everyone unhappy.”