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DYM Chapter Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53

The Song family of Yanjing is definitely one of the few powerful families in China. In fact, the Song family is indeed also one of the five great families of China.

But the atmosphere at the Song family compound at this moment was not relaxed, for no other reason than that the Song family could handle anything else. Rather, it was because the Song family’s head, Song Qiming’s only son, Song Shaowen, had died because of a car race at night.

But everyone in the Song family understands at this point that Song Shaowen’s death had nothing to do with racing, and if he had to race, he wouldn’t have driven his car to that sh*tty place in the Seven Ridges Cliff. Why would he drive his car to the Fengjin Expressway in the middle of the night?

And if others don’t know about Song Shaowen, don’t the Song family know about him? Song Shaowen is typically a person who doesn’t like trouble, if he had to go through the Fengjin Expressway, he would only go during the day, never at 3 or 4 am.

“What is the result of the thorough investigation?” With Elder Song not present, what Song Qiming said inside this room represented the authority of the Song family. But although his expression was calm, the way his hands were bruised up thoroughly showed his anger and unwillingness. An only son had actually been a*sa*sinated just like that. Who was it that was so bold as to even dare to touch someone from the Song family.

A middle-aged man stood up and said, ”Family head, we have found out clearly. Shao Wen went to He Feng a week ago, but he only stayed in He Feng for a day before leaving, and then took Ah Fat and Wang Boat to Ninghai I think. But there is no video of Shaowen’s car on this section of the Ninghai Highway, or rather the cameras on the roads around Ninghai were turned off during the time Shaowen entered and left Ninghai.

We went to Ninghai to check and the cameras were turned off by Shaowen. Shaowen went to Ninghai for no reason other than Ning Qingxue. But Ning Qingxue did not leave Ninghai, but went to Yuzhou two days later. The man who married Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo, however, also disappeared that night and there was no trace of him.

We checked the wreckage of the car thoroughly and there was no body of Ye Mo, which means that Ye Mo was not in the car at all, or he got off midway. According to the cameras on the Seven Lurches Cliff Highway, Shaowen’s BMW was indeed driving properly when it suddenly ran off the road and fell into the cliff.”

“Could it be that someone forced the driver to drink some kind of drug?” A man in his fifties on the side said.

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “No, because according to the road video, except for the Ninghai section where there was no video, the rest of the way, Shaowen’s car was driving normally. There wasn’t anything unusual happening, it was just that this suddenly happened at the Seven Messing Cliffs.”

“Do we know Ye Mo’s whereabouts now?” Song Qiming asked again.

The middle-aged man below shook his head and said, “No trace of Ye Mo has been found yet, but we found a surveillance computer inside the courtyard where Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue lived, but the information inside has been deleted and is currently being restored.”

At this moment, a man in his twenties hurriedly walked in, holding a USB stick in his hand and handed it to the middle-aged man and said, “Uncle Hai, the stuff has been recovered.”

“Check it out immediately.” Before the middle-aged man could say anything, Song Qiming said with a cold snort.

The USB stick was inserted on top of the computer, and the huge screen showed the course of Ye Mo’s life, as well as the final image of him leaving with Song Shaowen and the others.

“It’s true that he’s involved.” The original man, who was in his fifties, immediately said angrily after watching the fast and fast-pulling screen. He didn’t even consider who had run into someone’s house in the middle of the night, his heart was only angry about Song Shaowen’s death after he left from here.

“It looks like that b*tch from the Ning family didn’t know at the time, this video should have been deleted by her later.” A lean man sitting on the lower side of Song Qiming said.

“It’s that she didn’t know that this matter had something to do with her, and it would never be possible to think that my Song family would let her off so easily.” Uncle Hai, who was in charge of investigating the matter, said.

Song Qiming’s face was very ugly, but waved his hand and said, “I won’t let the Ning Family go, but it’s not a matter of a mere Ning Qingxue, I want to make the Ning Family never be able to turn back. For now, don’t move the Ning family, first arrest that trash from the Ye family. It’s best to bring him back to Yanjing in secret, I want him to know that the people of my Song family are not that easy to kill.”

After saying that, he took a breath and said again, “Song Hai, you are responsible for investigating where Ye Mo has gone and try to bring him back to Yanjing in the shortest possible time, if not, it is better to bring his head back to pay tribute to Shao Wen. Another thing is that you immediately go and find out how this Ye Mo made Shao Wen’s car drive off the cliff.”

“Yes, Family Head.” Song Hai immediately replied in a crisp and clear manner.

The old man, who was in his fifties, however, frowned and said, “But this Ye Mo is rather strange, he’s married to that girl from the Ning family, why does he keep sitting under the tree? Could it be that he can cultivate qigong? I heard that some ancient martial families like to sit and practice qigong, so if he really has a master who is an ancient martial practitioner, it’s a bit difficult to do.”

“Uncle Zhan, I don’t think that’s possible, Ye Mo is a wastrel, even the Ye family doesn’t want him, could it be that the legendary ancient martial arts cultivator would look at such a person. Besides, even if he was looked at, he has such a master, how come there is no sign of that person in the video for a month? Uncle Zhan, you should be overly concerned.” Song Hai said in a hurry.

The man called Uncle Zhan nodded and said, “It would be best if that was the case. In case there is really an ancient martial cultivator backing us up, even if my Song family is one of the five great clans, I guess it would be hard to take revenge for this.”


The day the Song family took Ning Hai’s surveillance computer away, Ning Qingxue knew about it and was immediately distraught. She began to regret that she should have destroyed the hard drive of that computer if she had known, but she didn’t expect that the Song family would really investigate. The only way was to inform Ye Mo immediately and tell him that the Song family already knew that he had killed Song Shaowen.

But she didn’t have a way for Ye Mo to contact her, and no one else had Ye Mo’s contact method either.

Ning Qingxue felt that she should tell her parents about this matter and after thinking about it, she told her mother about it and said that she wanted to go out to look for Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue’s mother was shocked, she didn’t expect so many things to happen in the middle of this, and even Song Shaowen’s death had something to do with the Ning family.

“Qingxue, now it’s not about you going to look for Ye Mo, now it’s how our family will face the Song family’s revenge. It’s obvious that with the kind of character Song Qiming has, it’s never possible to expect him to spare my Ning family, especially you.” Ning Qingxue’s mother saw this matter very thoroughly.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “I’m sorry to Ye Mo, and now I’ve dragged you all into this, I’m really useless. It’s my own fault for being too willful and naive in my thoughts at times, I’m sorry mum.”

Ning Qingxue’s mother said with a soft sigh, “Although my family has separated from the Ning family, it’s not as easy to deal with my family as the Song family thought. Qingxue, you don’t need to worry, tell me first what is going on between you and Ye Mo?”


Chapter 54

Although Fang Nan had given the general direction, he could not remember it clearly because it had been many years since the incident. Although Fang Nan was going to accompany him to find it, however, Ye Mo knew that it was still unknown how many days it would take to find it. Besides, the ‘Thirteen Tai Bao’ had only been destroyed, the interests of the Flowing Snakes had to be redistributed, and Fang Nan still had a lot to do, so he didn’t ask Fang Nan to come along, not to mention that it might be a little faster to be in the jungle by himself.

Ye Mo had already searched the boundless jungle for three days, but still had not found the place where Fang Nan said the lama was buried. He had encountered many dangers, once a wild leopard, more than twenty times various poisonous snakes, and twice a wild wolf.

Among the information Fang Nan provided, the most important thing was the two ‘Wanqing’ trees. After a few days, Ye Mo did not see a single ‘Wanqing’ plant, not to mention two.

However, Ye Mo was not lacking in patience, and although he was already deep in the jungle, on the fourth day he decided to look deeper inside. But before he went in, he needed to fill his stomach.

Ye Mo was roasting a wild rabbit while tidying up the places he had already searched, when a few crisp gunshots interrupted his thoughts. Ye Mo had just raised his head when he saw a tough man in his thirties stumbling over, with a three-pronged military spike in his hand.

The man’s body was almost covered in wounds, and his clothes were torn and tattered, but in Ye Mo’s opinion, the heaviest wound on his body was the shot to his waist, and although the shot was somewhat close to the edge, the blood had already stained his long-unseemly clothes.

At the same time Ye Mo saw the man, the man also saw Ye Mo. He froze for a moment then, he probably didn’t expect that in this primitive mountain forest in the middle of nowhere, there was still someone roasting a wild rabbit for dinner in a leisurely and relaxed manner. But even though he was still on the run, his hungry stomach couldn’t help but growl a little.

As soon as Ye Mo saw the injured fleeing man, he immediately sensed a familiar aura on him. The aura of his practice and the murderous aura on his body were somewhat similar to the Wang Xue he had met at Su Jingwen’s birthday party.

They were in cahoots, Ye Mo immediately came to this conclusion. This man in his thirties was in a gang with Wang Xue, but he didn’t know what kind of people he was being chased by that was so terrified. Just as Ye Mo was thinking about Wang Xue, sharp footsteps rang out behind him again and soon three men with guns in their hands appeared in front of Ye Mo’s eyes.

The man who was heavily wounded gave Ye Mo an apologetic look and did not speak.

When the three men with guns saw that the wounded man did not continue to flee, they all stopped and looked at Ye Mo who was roasting a rabbit and were a little surprised. After all, roasting a rabbit casually inside such a primitive jungle was not something anyone could do. This jungle was not safe, and even if they wanted to roast something, they would have chosen a secluded place, not in this place where there was nowhere to hide on all sides.

None of the five people on the scene spoke, and the atmosphere was surprisingly at a standstill for a while, even with only the loud sound of Ye Mo flipping and roasting the rabbit and the scent of rabbit meat in the air.

The three men looked at each other and nodded, and the slightly dark-faced man among them said out loud, “This friend, this is none of your business here, so get out of the way first, we just want to catch the one who escaped over here just now.”

The accent was surprisingly a bit odd, Ye Mo stared at the guy who spoke somewhat puzzled, and was about to say that this place was not your home, so why should I let it go when the other man suddenly raised his gun and was about to shoot Ye Mo.

However, before his finger could pull the trigger, a few inaudible cracking sounds interrupted his movements. All three men’s eyebrows were a little red, followed by large streams of blood coming out, and all three of them fell down at the same time with their eyes wide open in disbelief as they stared at Ye Mo. It was only a breath of time at most in between.

Ye Mo did not like to kill, but he would never show mercy to those who threatened his life. The iron spike in his hand was to prevent someone from pointing a gun at him again.

The man who was extremely injured, with his eyes wide open, could not believe for half a day that the three men with guns who had been chasing him for half a day had been killed so easily by this man who was roasting wild rabbits. No wonder he dared to roast the hare here, he was actually such an unbelievable existence.

“The hare is ready, have some.” Ye Mo said with a faint smile as he looked at the Han who had not spoken for half a day. He had a good impression of Wang Xue, this man was probably related to Wang Xue, so it didn’t matter if he asked him to eat something.

“Ah, okay, thanks …… my name is Guo Qi, thank you for saving my life just now.” Guo Qi said with a fist clasp and his face regained its calmness.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said with a smile, “It’s nothing, meeting each other is fate, my name is Ye Mo.”

After saying this, he cut off half of the hare and took out a few herbs from inside his backpack, rubbing them into crumbs and scattering them on. Guo Qi looked a bit puzzled, this looked like a bit unhygienic.

Although he finished, Ye Mo did not hand the half of the hare in his hand to Guo Qi, but said, “Come here for a moment, I will help you look at the wound.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words and looking at Ye Mo’s actions, Guo Qi seemed to understand that Ye Mo was getting herbs to help him heal his wounds and hurriedly walked over.

When Guo Qi walked in front of him, Ye Mo raised his hand and struck a palm opposite Guo Qi’s wound from the gunshot wound. A bullet flew out like a meteor and landed far away.

Guo Qi didn’t even feel the pain before he found that the bullet in his waist had been taken out. How could this man be so bullish? It was the first time he had met someone who had taken out a bullet like that.

Seemingly not seeing Guo Qi’s surprise, Ye Mo handed over the half of the wild rabbit in his hand, then took out two more herbs and handed them to Guo Qi and said, “First chew the herbs and put them on top of the bullet wound. Then eat this hare, and you should be fine.”

After saying that, Ye Mo no longer cared about Guo Qi, but gnawed on the other half of the hare by himself.

Guo Qi, however, was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did his wound not hurt anymore, but it also had a cool sensation. What kind of herb was this? The effect was actually so good. At once Ye Mo’s image in his eyes mysteriously rose, it was no longer just gratitude, but also an inexplicable awe.

A crisis-ridden primitive jungle, not only was he leisurely roasting a wild rabbit, he could also treat his gunshot wound at will, and even the bullet was taken out with just a slap.

This man was so capable and did not even bat an eyelid when he killed the Southern Ghost’s special forces soldier, so he was definitely not a Vietcong, could he not ask for his help? Guo Qi’s mind moved and he immediately said, “Those three people just now should be Vietcong brats, our squad was ambushed by them because of the mission. Apart from me breaking out here, the rest of my teammates had two of them killed in action, and three others were trapped in a cave, I reckon they’ve fallen into their hands now, I’m just trying to break out now to find rescue.”

Ye Mo frowned and didn’t say anything, he knew what Guo Qi meant, but he wasn’t a soldier. Moreover, Ye Mo was very unimpressed with the team that was beaten like this by a few Southern Ghosts.

Although he was very reluctant to help, Ye Mo had a bad impression of these Vietcong ghosts, he was blocked by these guys as soon as he came to the flowing snake, and although he ended up killing all these guys, he was disgusted with the Vietcong.

“As much as I want to help you, I still have things to do though, I need to find something here.” Ye Mo stood up and said, he was ready to go. He didn’t know Guo Qi at all, and he had just saved his life, besides, he had things to do. If it was in pa*sing, it didn’t matter if he helped out a bit, but to purposely go and help out, he felt it was a bit troublesome.