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DYM Chapter 511

“Well, without further ado, Brother Ye, let’s go in together, I have to go see Erhu after dinner.” Said Yang Yi who had already dragged Ye Mo away without a word.

Ye Mo shook his head, just have a meal, he was going to stay in Luo Cang for a long time today, there was plenty of time for that.

“Yang Yi, who is this.” The petite girl who had just called Yang Yi asked as she looked at Ye Mo, if Liu Shang hadn’t also been with her, Yang Yi’s cla*smates might have thought that Ye Mo was Yang Yi’s new boyfriend.

Yang Yi let go of Ye Mo and said, “It’s a cousin of mine, that pretty girl is interested I can introduce ah, hehehe.”

Hearing Yang Yi’s words, some girls immediately came over and asked Yang Yi in a whisper what Ye Mo did, how much he earned, and his family background, seeing that Ye Mo’s appearance was indeed somewhat attractive.

Ye Mo quickly said to Yang Yi, “Yang Yi, don’t talk nonsense.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the group of people laughed, all feeling that Ye Mo was somewhat tender-faced. There were even two girls who had already taken the initiative to come over and talk to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, although he had also spent some time at Ninghai University, but as a despised existence, where would any girl come forward to strike up a conversation. Think about how fast time pa*ses, it’s already two years since the turn of an eye.

A group of people talking and laughing had already entered the ‘Pearl on the Cloud’ hotel.

The ‘Pearl on the Cloud’ was indeed luxurious and compared to the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ which was also a five-star hotel, the ‘Pearl on the Cloud’ was obviously much better.

The party for Yang Yi’s cla*s was on the ninth floor, the gathering was on the ninth floor to be exact. After Yang Yi brought Ye Mo and her cla*smates into the ninth floor, a dozen people were already inside the private room.

When they saw Yang Yi and the others enter, they greeted each other, and then soon everyone talked about Gu Mingnan’s found girlfriend.

In the end, Ye Mo also became curious, he also wanted to see what kind of woman was it that would cause such a big stir, and even rated so high in the mouths of these students.

After listening for half a day, Ye Mo only heard that the woman’s name was Lok Lok, and the rest he only knew was prettier than a movie star. Other than that, it was that Lok Lok was picked up in the area of the Hengduan Mountain Range.

I heard that that Lok Lok didn’t talk much when she woke up, and her expression was always very melancholy.

“Brother Ye, if it wasn’t Gu Mingnan’s that picked her up, I think that Lok Lok and you would be somewhat compatible. She seems to have an aura on her that is the same as yours. Well, that feeling is indefinable, we went to the hospital once.” Yang Yi whispered in Ye Mo’s ear.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and didn’t interfere.

Liu Shang, however, hurriedly whispered, “Xiao Yi, you must not talk nonsense, in case Gu Mingnan finds out, he will definitely not be happy in his heart.”

“Hey, I say Liu Shang, you are too timid. Afraid of the east and the west, do you still want to talk.” Yang Yi immediately objected loudly, and Yang Yi’s voice immediately drew the attention of many students.

Liu Shang blushed and did not continue to speak.

Instead, Ye Mo hurriedly waved his hand and let Yang Yi sit down, he could see that Liu Shang was a cautious person. And very much in the interest of Yang Yi, the two of them, it should be Yang Yi who had the dominant position.

“Mingnan and his girlfriend Lok Lok are here, let’s applaud …….” Just at this time, someone immediately applauded and said, and sure enough these words immediately drove all the students to applaud.

Obviously, this Gu Mingnan has a certain status here, and moreover this party was all paid for by him alone, so he has a certain influence in the cla*s.

A young man and a woman in her twenties came in at the door. The woman’s face was covered with a light white veil, and although she was wearing a skirt, her figure was well defined, her waist was only a grip, and her skin was even fairer.

This should be Gu Mingnan and the woman he picked up. Ye Mo shifted his gaze to that woman and immediately his heart fluttered. This woman was familiar to him, and soon Ye Mo remembered who this woman was. Surprisingly, it was her, Ye Mo was immediately relieved when he thought that it was this woman, no wonder she was picked up in the mountain.

“Mingnan, let fall take down the sarong ah, let us also look at the beautiful woman ……,” a time the whole house has been up in arms.

Gu Mingnan said with a big smile, “Lu Lu originally did not want to come, but today is the day we are together for the graduation party, so what, she also came to see everyone, and after seeing, immediately have to leave.”

“Lok Lok, take the sarong ……” Gu Mingnan turned around and was about to ask Lok Lok to take the sarong off when he noticed that her eyes were dead set on a person in the middle of her cla*smates, Gu Mingnan immediately moved his gaze over as well.

Ye Mo shook his head, he knew that this woman should have recognised him as well and had to stand up.

Ye Mo was just about to speak when the woman beside Gu Mingnan suddenly ran to Ye Mo’s side and grabbed Ye Mo’s hand, as if she wanted to say something, but her eyes were red again and she couldn’t say anything, as if she had a great deal of grievance in her heart.

Although Ye Mo wanted to ask her why she was here, he knew that now was not the time.

Gu Mingnan looked at Ye Mo and his Lok Lok somewhat dumbfounded, not knowing what to say for a while, it was only after a long time that he reacted and hurriedly asked, “Lok Lok, who is he and what are you doing?”

“Sorry, Mingnan, I just saw my brother here already remembered something, thanks for taking care of you for the recent period of time, I’m going back with my brother.” The woman called Lok Lok said thankfully to Gu Mingnan in a hurry and took off the silk scarf from her face.

Many people had completely ignored what she said and instead were staring at her face. Although she was not incomparably beautiful, her pretty face, which was noble and unpretentious with a kind of fairy charm, did make people unable to take their eyes off her.

Ye Mo touched his nose and did not object, although he did not know why this elder sister of Lu Hustle, Lu Yue, had fallen into such a state and had no internal qi left in her body, but since she wanted to let herself take her away, Ye Mo did not fall into the well and say that he did not know her.

Even if it was for the sake of Lok Hustle, he would help her out if he could. Moreover, Ye Mo still suspected that the Our Luo Sutra was in her possession, something he would have to ask about later. At least now that Fei Lu was already helping him, he couldn’t help Fei Lu a little.

“You said he’s your brother?” Gu Mingnan took a long time to react, pointing at Ye Mo in some shock and uncertainty as he asked Falling Hustle’s Eldest Sister.

Luo Yue nodded and said, “Yes, I never thought of it before, but just now when I saw my brother I remembered.”

Gu Mingnan looked at Ye Mo with some confusion, Ye Mo’s expression was not quite as happy as when he had just met his missing sister, but he was now unable to forcefully keep Lok Yue by his side again. What was hateful was that he had saved her and when she woke up, he hadn’t even touched her little hand. No, this woman must be gotten, with his Gu family’s power in Luo Cang, so what if she found her brother?

At this moment, Gu Mingnan was already secretly hating the person who had brought Ye Mo in, only now he didn’t know who had brought Ye Mo in.

Ye Mo immediately understood the key, Lu Yue must have been seriously injured when she was picked up by Gu Mingnan, and then her external injuries healed, but her internal injuries still had not healed. An ancient martial cultivator without internal qi was no different from an ordinary person, so she could only stay in the Gu family. Once she left the Gu family, there was no way for her to live without money. Now that she saw herself, she must want her to take her away, maybe that Gu Mingnan always wanted to take advantage of her.

Thinking of this Ye Mo secretly laughed at Gu Mingnan for not knowing what he was doing, these ancient martial cultivators, all of them were cold-blooded and heartless people. Although Gu Mingnan had saved Lu Yue, once he tried to put his hands on her, Lu Yue would have killed him. The reason why she didn’t kill him now is because Lu Yue’s internal injuries were very serious and her internal qi cultivation was lost.

Yang Yi and all the people in the room were frozen, they didn’t expect Ye Mo to be Lu Yue’s brother either, which made many people react for a while, this was a bit too dramatic. But those who were careful had already seen the problem, the sibling reunion didn’t sparkle, but seemed a little too bland.

“Ye Mo, you’re Lu Hustle’s boyfriend, can’t you just act happy and cheerful when you see me?” Luo Yue was obviously also very dissatisfied with this attitude of Ye Mo.

It was fine if Lu Yue didn’t say anything, once she talked about Lu Hustle, Ye Mo’s heart was immediately shocked, Lu Yue was injured like this, how was Lu Hustle. In the beginning, he had sent Lu Hustle to Lu Yue’s hand and then let her take her away. She had left Ye Mo two very important golden pieces of paper and was willing to jump off the building with him. It could be said that in Ye Mo’s heart, Lok Hustle’s safety was not worse than Ye Ling and Tang Beiwei’s at all.

“How is Lok Hustle doing?” Ye Mo reached out and grabbed Lu Yue with a worried look in his eyes.

A trace of gloom flashed among Lu Yue’s expression, if only there was someone who was so worried about herself. When Ye Mo saw her just now, he was only surprised for a moment and did not show any worry. But now he was so worried about Lok Yue, and although she knew she was not familiar with Ye Mo, the difference still made her a little sad.

Thinking about this, Lu Yue’s heart was even more shocked. What’s wrong with me? How can one think about this as a monk? Isn’t cultivation just about cutting off the dust? If someone is worried, or if they are worried about others, they have already failed in their own monasticism.

Ye Mo did not know that in the twinkling of an eye, Lu Yue had already turned so many thoughts, he was still waiting for Lu Yue to answer his words.

“Luo Rui is fine, don’t worry, Luo Rui didn’t know when I had the accident, if there was nothing unexpected, she would have returned to safety by now.” Lu Yue said in a low voice as she returned to her senses.

But Ye Mo was not at ease, he had a lot of things to ask Luo Yue, but he also knew that this was not the place to ask questions.